John Loveridge – Another Phony Beirut Survivor -Updated

| March 3, 2023

John D. Loveridge

The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on John D. Loveridge. Loveridge has several current addresses that are in Rochester NH and Andover MA. At the time of this writing, he is 57 years old.

Some folks might be under the impression that he was in Beirut.  I do not know Johnny and I do not know any other Beirut Veteran that knows little Johnny. 

Loveridge marked the anniversary occasion of the 1983 Marine Barracks Bombing of 23 Oct 1983 by posting his thoughts on 23 Oct.

Someone got curious and struck up a conversation with Loveridge via Private Messaging (PM):

Dig around a bit and it seems he has been making these kind of claims for a long time. 



We searched the DoD Manpower Data Center database and found the following service listing for John D. Loveridge.

. . . . .


FOIA Results – NPRC – Summary Sheet – John Loveridge

. . . . .

FOIA Results – NPRC – Assignments – John Loveridge

. . . . .



Although the length of service is consistent with both the DoD Manpower Data Center and the NPRC Summary Sheet, there is something odd about the rank (E-1) and assignments. He claimed he was in from 1982-1988 so the length was correct, just not the years.


Both documents state that Loveridge was in the Marine Corps from February 8, 1984 to January 26, 1990.  Six years and got out as an E-1? He never claimed a rank that he achieved.


There are relatively few assignments for six years.  A lot of it was redacted.  There is a chance that he never reported for boot camp and things caught up with him later but we need more information.


Loveridge’s records do not support the claims that he was in Beirut.  No medals or awards, no Purple Heart, no assignments… in addition to the fact that he joined the Marine Corps in February 1984 and the bombing was in October 1983. He claimed he was in from 1982-1988 and perhaps that was to accommodate the plausibility of being in Beirut.

The summary sheet from NPRC shows no awards. Not even an NDSM.


If John Loveridge has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could violate the Stolen Valor Act.

. . . . .

According to his records, there is no way for him to have been in, near, or around Beirut Lebanon.  Our last group left for deployment in January of 84 and had the honor of deploying to Norway for a month before arriving in Beirut by March.   He didn’t even have time to complete the most basic training requirements to be deployed anywhere.

His records do not show an MOS listed until 1990 and then he was assigned to pick up cigarette butts and trash from around the base.  It could be that he never completed Basic Training or never even showed up for Basic Training.  If that is the case then John Loveridge is not and never was a Marine. It may be that his records are the only thing that showed up at Camp Lejeune and he was dropped as a Deserter exactly 30 days later.  Hard to tell for sure.  What I do know is he was not with us on that last deployment to Beirut.  

However, if you look up the official list of people who were there you will find this guy:

John Loveridge needs to stop telling people that he is, what he is not and that he has been, where he was not.  I do not know John Loveridge. 

He is not a Beirut Veteran. 


Never completed Basic Training, Not a United States Marine, Declared Deserted, Not a Beirut Veteran, but he did go to jail instead… so he has that going for him. 


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Daisy Cutter

He’s a lover, not a fighter, I kinda like it that way.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter

It looks like he may be a lover of cropping his head over the heads of people of specific images that fancy him. So, to help him along… If my suspicions are correct… I photoshopped his head onto another image, one more fitting of his actions.

Perhaps John Loveridge, phony Beirut survivor, mistook his experience with a psychedelic mushroom he called “Bay Root,” with the Beirut bombing.

John Loveridge most interesting man I do not always 20230303 B.jpg

In his defense, during my drinking days, I have woke up several times not knowing where I’ve been or what I’ve done.


Or where I was when I came to!


I hate waking up jay-bird naked at the top of a telephone pole in South Carolina and not remembering how that happened.


I seriously doubt you want to remember how that telephone pole got stuck way up in there.


Sort of like – they never explained the chicken in “The Hangover.”


Fuck him. I’m 57, and graduated HS in June 1983, so his timeline is ALL WRONG. I had a HS classmate go Devil Dog and he left for PI soon after graduation, and he was home on post-basic training leave when barracks was attacked. I left for Navy boot camp in Dec 83. I know people my age the graduated HS in 1984 too, so he’s absolutely full of shit.


He would have been 16 or 17 in 1983, 1982 is well out.


Concur. I’m almost his age and the earliest he could have graduated was 1983. Even if he was a HS dropout and joined on his 17th birthday (unlikely) he’d be about a 0.001% chance of having completed boot, SOI or MOS school, and be on deployment to Beirut.

Just my guess? That original date is DEP date, the date in Nov 1984 is when he failed to ship to PI, declared deserter, then finally either caught or turned himself in just long enough for the green weenie to give him his ELS and boot his useless ass.

Oh, and this fucker looks a lot like a shitty former pilot we all know.

I’ll have to keep an eye out at AL in case he shows up in my AOR.

Daisy Cutter

He probably got an enlistment bonus because the Marine Corps was sorely in need of people to pick up cigarette butts.


Being stuck in limbo that long as a sh*tbird, he could make up some better cheesy “classified” stories from the era that can’t be verified– just add “CIA,” stir and serve!

Daisy Cutter

Let’s just say it – he was Sheep-Dipped for the CIA.


I recognize the guy on skis. I taught him all those crux moves that he uses in that movie.
He came through Huck Creek in 1976 !!!

Daisy Cutter

Why was the forward roll necessary when wielding the machete?


Drama. Gotta look badass.

E-4 Mafia 4 Life

I heard that Steven Segal turned down the role.

Ron McCauley

I’m sure he will be first in line for the Camp Lajune toxic water cash feeding trough.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

“He is not a Beirut Marine.”

(Instead, he’s a lying cocksucker who needs to be outed and ridiculed in public until he apologizes, and then ridiculed again because he’ll start lying again.)

John Loveridge can eat a bowl of dicks.


Happy hour’s after that.

A Proud Infidel®™

Fuck him sideways with a syphilitic mule cock.


That’s awfully long hair for a Marine in the photo of that Hardin guy.


No pink bathroom?


Hairy ass? I am rolling from laughing..PRETTY? Nope, but handsome as hell…Too bad you’re so young..


There’s a drink with that name.


Would you like a Fuzzy Navel or a Hairy A$$?

Skivvy Stacker

Jesus Christ on a telephone pole, Hardin! Would you warn us the next time you put a horrible picture like that on the board?
I have CHILDREN in this house!


Dave, A bit off target, but I was with Lima 3/8 Weapons Plt and back in the Root in 84 after that Cold Weather exercise in Norway. I can’t recall what building we were holed up in, but we manned those sandbag bunkers all along the Corneish (sp). Were you nearby? Mike Kunkel


Ha, look at the hair on that grape!!!! Thanks Dave. I also got the copy of the Cruise book. What a gift. I never saw that book before. Awesome!!


Hairy ass and the USAF guys are wanting to sport beards these days??
I’m not saying there’s a connection but…. 😐  🤔 

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Hair today and gone tommoro is the saying


Photos of JD and DL in the same blog. I’ve reached sensory overload.


I’ll bet he has developed a great limp to go along with the eye patch.


“Argh, shipmate!” plus a parrot, he could use.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
The Parrot

Leave me out of this!

John Loveridge is a turd!
*Squawk* *Whistle*

Prior Service

Semper Turd


Is this him?

From 2019…

“Rochester Police Arrest Log for Sept. 13-16”–cms-12915

“LOVERIDGE, JOHN D Address: xxxxxxxxxx RD GONIC, NH Age: 54 Charges: Simple Assault; BI Simple Assault; Physical Contact or BI Obstruct Report of Crime/Injury Criminal Mischief”


Last edited 1 year ago by Dave Hardin

That is the puke.


Is this him?

“John Loveridge – Marketing Director”

“I was able to fulfill a life long dream and now, since 2014, live in the Great Northwoods of New Hampshire with my family. I’ve watched my children flourish into amazing adults, and I’m blessed with two beautiful grandchildren. Being a “Grandpy” Rocks!”

“I wake up every day to a new found beauty that surrounds me, energizes me, and in turn allows me to help others who need my help. My days are filled with eternal gratitude for what I’ve been given. I try to do my best to be humble, and to put the needs of others before my own as often as possible.”

“Denis Whately said it best: “Change the Changeable, Accept the Unchangeable, And Remove Yourself from the Unacceptable”. It is the mantra I live by.”


Deja Voo Doo.
2 posts, same link, 18 seconds apart.



Great Minds Think Alike!



Marketing Director???
Do his (2) bosses know?
Or his coworkers?


Loveridge is a souless shell of a man filled with anger and vitrol. But he neeeever went to Beirut, or anywhere else important.–cms-12915


Judge Clifton Newman sentenced Alex Murduch to 2 Life Sentences For The Rest Of His Natural Life for murdering his wife and son.

Judge Newman reminds us of Ben Carson when he spoke.


Concurrent or consecutive?


“Judge Clifton Newman announced a sentence of “the rest of your natural life” in prison for each of the two murder counts, to be served consecutively. Murdaugh, 54, wasn’t sentenced for the other charges because of the life sentence.”


That’s a Great picture of you, D.L. Hardin…


Daisy Cutter

We were soldiers once… and young.


Wonder why is Facebook name is John P. Loveridge…and NOT John D. Loveridge?


He shortened “Patch” in his facebook.

Name edited to protect PII.


He is listed as both. This is how it probably worked…

He signed his name John D. Loveridge on a police report but there was a trailing line with the D and made it look like a P. That becomes a permanent part of your record and recorded as a alias.


Not sure why HE would use the P vs D, however.


His facebook originally read “John Patch Loveridge” when first called out years ago he changed to the “P” only. His nickname he uses often is “Patch”

Green Thumb

I wonder if Phil Monkress has promoted him yet?

That eye path is a nice touch. Probably a picture from the annual All-Points Logistics Halloween party.

What a fucking clown.


He prefers a nickname of “Patch” — true, no joke.


🎶 “Patches, I’m dependin’ on you, son
To pull the family through
My son, it’s all left up to you”…🎶



Just over five years between first and second (last) assignments. Strange…


That eyepatch must be the result of a tragic gloryhole accident.



Daisy Cutter

It was the result of a “premmie” shot in the eye while in the brig.

You know what we’re doing here.


You fuck. I laughed WAY harder at this than I should have.

Here…you deserve the clap.  👏 



Loveridge is a puke. Back in 2013 I was made aware of him by a mutual acquaintance who knew I was in Beirut. My friend told me there was a local guy that was in the barracks at the time of the attack and that he heard Loveridge speaking about being in the bombing at an AA meeting. I got excited about another Marine from my neck of the woods who was there and survived. So I contacted Loveridge in 2013 just prior to the 30th Anniversary of the bombing. I asked if he was going to attend the Memorial at LeJeune, he said he had no money so I offered to let him stay in my room if he could make it down to J’ville. The conversation continued and I asked a couple of questions which is the point where the conversation degraded into Loveridge becoming very defensive and accusing me of wanting to have sex with him!
Anyway, I did an FOIA and the Chronological Record (attached) shows he joined in Feb 1984 (4 months AFTER the bombing), was assigned to LeJeune HQ BN on Nov 10,1984, our Birthday

John Patch Loveridge 2 small.jpg

Then ejected as E1 w GTFO discharge.

Daisy Cutter

They must have clipped that stuff off to protect his privacy.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

He could have been in Berut in 1983 via a time machine. I make time machines and I have one that can take you 2 hours into the future in 160 minutes.

Skivvy Stacker

I got one mounted in my bed that takes me to tomorrow while I sleep.

Daisy Cutter

My real name is “Clair.”

My last name is “Voyant.”

Patton: All right now, you sons of bitches, you know how I feel.

(Please don’t redact me, Ed. Sarcasm needs no PII protection.)


That blast inBeirut was so strong it knocked him for a loop and he lost all his senses which tells him that he was in Beirut..


Check what’s still up, on the Tube of You?
Courtesy of CBS Miami.

How many remember this guy, and his NHL on ice ovation?
Pulled out of Beirut bombing after 3 days !?!?!
Navy “LT” Daryl Edwards


The (saved) URL link
for the subsequent Daryl Edwards apology.
Full of tears and Jesus.

Turns out, Edwards was about as sorry as Howie Hamburger.
Is anyone surprised,
that his apology on the Tube of You…. is long gone??


VG #2, the apology.
Good call, IAS, who called him out on it.
Daryl Edwards Apology IAS | March 10, 2020


New on the Tube of You.
It’s over 3 hours long.

Celebration of Life – Daryl C. Edwards
07/22/61 – 1/27/23

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Question for Navy Veterans.

Between the photo and the wood box urn
are a pair of white shoes.

Are white shoes symbolic for all Navy Veterans?
Or perhaps only Navy Veterans of a certain rank?

Daryl Cleve Edwards Celebration of Life 2023 1.jpg

All CPO’s (E7-E9) and all officers wear white shoes with the summer dress white uniform (think Officer and a Gentleman). Nobody likes the white shoes as they are a bitch to keep looking good. Never seen them used as a symbol of anything but misery.


So, if I understand correctly,
funeral table display white shoes
are acceptable for officers and Sr. NCOs,
but NOT for an E-4 PO3 like Edwards?

Daryl Cleve Edwards Celebration of Life 2023 2.jpg

They sure liked their local phony.
The widow went on and on (and on) about his good looks.
Video and photo show.
Ministers and church goers finding ways of
maximizing the pos(itive), while
minimizing the POS (“troubles”, “challenges”, no details)

Navy mentions are brief, photos are few, and NO PHONYING.
They knew.
But they still made sure he got the Navy flag unfolding and refolding.

And of course, they’re all certain he’s going up there to Heaven.

Elko, Nevada could have learned a thing or two from Boca Raton, FL
about throwing a phony funeral and memorial service.
Alas, it appears they have, but 2 years too late.

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Patch…what an asshole. I can already see into the near future when 4 million people claim to be AFG vets…(most estimates put it at 800K between 2001-2021.

A Proud Infidel®™

Why the eyepatch, was he head-banging on another guy’s boner?



Army-Air Force Guy

Loveridge and Dan Wall encouraged each other while trapped under the debris waiting to be rescued.

Daisy Cutter

Yeah, and I bet they each said “No, you go first when they come for us – that way I can claim to be the last one pulled out of the rubble.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter
Army-Air Force Guy

Yeah I can definitely see that happening with these ‘Beirut Bombing Survivor’ doofuses.


Army-Air Force Guy and Daisy Cutter,

Daniel Wall’s Book of the Fake is still up.
Worse, with this…. under Life Events.

Daniel Wall Near Death Experience October 23 1983 FaceBook.jpg
Army-Air Force Guy

If that dude’s still alive at 900 lbs that’s nothing short of a friggin’ miracle!

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Observation: It appears the records are missing a Chronological page of assignments, since the NPRC shows his period of duty beginning in February 1984.

The missing entries are his join and transfer dates from recruit training (whichever MCRD he went to), and his MOS school, whatever it may have been, if he even reported.

It appears he went UA and subsequently became a deserter, joined at Lejeune, and shitcanned from there.


I swear, I leave you guys unsupervised for a few days and it all goes to Hell in a Handbasket. I can’t believe that after 3 days and 91 comments, NO ONE has yet to call for the deployment of the Vaunted TAH As(s)teroid of insults on the Cocksucking Asinine Piece of Shit (CAPOS), lying John P (Peter Puffing)/ D (Dickhead) Loveridege. If anyone deserves the deployment of said AOI, it would be this despicable scum that is standing on the bodies and in the blood of Warriors who have more Honor under their fingernails than this CAPOS has in his whole worthless body. May the Barb Cock of Satan have an extra ridge that he will love.

Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?

I just hope that I am not further disappointed,as I play catch up, that NO ONE has checked the DA Form 6 to see whose day it was to be “that guy” during my absence.