Monkeypox Fail? Release the Super Pigs!

| February 27, 2023

Canada, eh?

Population Explosion of Canadian “Super Pigs” Could Spread Into the Northern U.S.

A cross between wild boars and domestic pigs, these feral swine can survive cold climates and could create a whole new pig problem for northern states


The U.S. may soon have a new wild pig problem. Until now, the invasive species has largely proliferated in warm places like the southeast, Texas, and California. But in recent years, invasive pigs have started thriving in Canada and may spread into North Dakota, Montana, Michigan, and Minnesota.

How Did Wild Pigs Invade Canada?
According to Dr. Ryan Brook, who leads the University of Saskatchewan’s Canadian Wild Pig Research Project, Canada’s wild pig problem is relatively new. “The U.S. has a 400-plus year history with invasive wild pigs, but we didn’t have any here until the early 1980s,” he says. “There was a big push to diversify agriculture with species like wild boards and ostriches. Wild boars were brought in from Europe to be raised on farms across Canada.”

Most of those pigs were kept on meat farms, but some were used on high-fence hunting preserves. Many farmers and ranchers soon crossbred the wild boars with domestic pigs. According to Brook, the hybridization resulted in bigger “super pigs” that could survive in cold climates.

Field and Stream

Can’t really blame the pigs for fleeing Trudeau’s Socialist Paradise. I’ll even step up and invite some to my home.

Carolina Clear Sauce

  • 2 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt

Combine ingredients and mix well, let rest. A halved habo pepper falls into mine, YMMV. Hat tip to AW1 Rod for the inspiration.

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So will they be using drones and night vision to hunt these Trophies as well? Very destructive down here in Carolinas

Old tanker

Not in canukistan, that’s for sure.

Skivvy Stacker

“There was a big push to diversify agriculture with species like wild boards and ostriches. Wild boars were brought in from Europe to be raised on farms across Canada.”
Go woke get stomped by wild pigs.



That looks like a Sheepalo in the photo.


Looks like I’m gonna need to visit some friends in Montana. And get a bigger smoker.


Sounds like hunting opportunities…


Hog control with Tannerite?


“Put on PSYWAROP. Play it loud… Shall we dance”

{Ride of the Valkyries plays in the background}

AW1 Rod

Hope they didn’t waste all that meat!

A Proud Infidel®™

Looks like some good eatin’, FUCK being vegan!


I’m sure the Murder Hornets will keep them in check


What ever happened to those killer bees? Maybe they could be trained to take out these invading hogs.


The AR-10 was made for them.


Yep, but for every one you kill, 100 get born. Lot’s of good ol’ boys down here stay busy trying to thin the herd. It’s almost a losing battle for the hunters/trappers. Open season on ferals 24/7/365.


Missouri’s Fish & Game says shooting pigs leads to fragmenting sounders and actually INCREASED the population as the females in the new sounders breed, so they are not shooting theirs. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Eh, they just need more guns, ammo and the stones to use ’em.


Now if they look like this, I’m OUT!
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“I’ll even step up and invite some to my home.” – AW1Ed

And convert a part of them into bacon?  😀 

Texas wild boar bacon.jpg
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AW1 Rod

I just consumed the last pound of bacon from the boars I killed in SC back in January. Going back down for more next month!

George V

I am getting real tired of our self-proclaimed intellectual betters f^cking up the world. What I read about the pigs from western Canuckistan is that they were cross-bred deliberately to get a pig with the cold-tolerance of domestic pigs but the hardier constitution of the wild ones.

Well, that’s turned out well…. just like African-ized killer bees (cross-bred for hardiness also!), using Asian carp to clean up algae in ponds where fish are farmed, and creating non-naturally occurring viruses (can’t say Wuhan Flu, ya’ know). I’m sure the plan to release particles in the atmosphere to fight climate change will end equally well.

When will these people learn to stop totally screwing up the world?

In the interest of science, they can study what happens when an angry hybridized Canadian wild pig encounters, in an enclosed pen, the person who came up with the idea of cross-breeding these porkers.


Don’t forget that wonderful kudzu plant that swept over the South like Sherman.

Marketing opportunity for the wild hog harvest…

comment image

RGR 4-78

Don’t forget the snakehead that is screwing up fisheries in the U.S.

Also, the millions of dollars in extra maintenance necessary due to the zebra mussels.

Forest Bondurant

More reason to own an AR style rifle. These animals can be killed by the bushel, and often are in parts of Texas where another breed of wild pigs are known to cause significant damage to crops, property, and injure cattle.


Can i haz AR in .45-70?

There really exist some custom M-1 Garands in, I kid you not, .458 Winchester Magnum.

-Now- I know why the above M-1 exists!


Not .45-70, but .458 socom, or .450 bush have very similar ballistics..


If it’s anything like javelina, brine it in apple cider vinegar, coat it in a dry rub, and smoke it.


If you’re gonna go that far you might as well chop a few
lines out and snort it.


Not to get religious but just what happens when kosher salt meets a pig? Brimstone? Smoke? Maybe this explains the smokey flavor?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Not to Hog all the comments and be piggish about it but I just went Hog wild reading them


Unlimited hunting of free bacon? Trying to see the downside here and failing. There is no bag limit, open season and the license is a cheap small game lic for feral hogs in my state.

My only disappoint? Can not use Uber deadly 300BO suppressed pistol with brace because the ATFE say my pistol is now rifle and they are afraid I might shoot things with it and then where would be?

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

When I lived in Florida a neighbor shared some home-made wild boar sausage with us. Pretty tasty, and not as greasy as regular pork sausage.


I’m thinking about a 30.-30. and .357 revolver, up close and personal.

Hack Stone

The US Military is well aware of the Super Pig menace, witnessing the damage that they can inflict on an E-2’s credit score and Base Housing.


That must be a reference to that other raging creature, the dependapotamus.


What is that numbnutz David Hogg up to these days? Still crying in his pillow?


Still biting in his pillow… FIFY

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Let ’em roam around north Minnesota for awhile. Let the pigs scare off the feral ay-rabs and African sand people back to where they came from.