Chinese (gasp) hypocrisy

| February 8, 2023


Well, seems the Chinese do have their knickers a bit twisted over the Great Balloon Shoot-Down of 2023. Describing the US’ reactions as over-the-top:

 The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Monday that the US shooting down a suspected Chinese spy balloon Saturday was “unacceptable and irresponsible.”

China said both balloons were “of civilian nature and used for flight test.” Pentagon officials, however, have said both balloons are likely surveillance devices.

The other balloon is the one spotted over Costa Rica and Colombia – supposedly it was shadowed by local air forces who chose not to shoot it down, as it wasn’t posing an active threat. Reuters   Colombia has the resources to tag a balloon at 55,000 feet,  although its fighter force of Israeli Kfirs is a couple of decades old – they supposedly have an operational ceiling of 58,000 feet or so.

But China and the pro-Communist bloc (ie. Venezuela) are condemning the shoot down… what a surprise.

China is upset that the US shot down its balloon, a suspected surveillance asset, on Saturday, but a state TV video clip from 2020 features a segment boasting about how Chinese fighter pilots can locate and shoot down spy balloons.

The video from China Central Television (CCTV), translated by Insider, follows an apparent training exercise involving surveillance balloons.

In the video, an alarm bell prompts a fighter pilot to prepare and board a fighter jet that appears to be the Chinese J-10, a multi-role aircraft built for air-to-air combat and strike missions.

A CCTV narrator described the action, saying that loading missiles, powering up, checking the fuselage, and other procedures were all completed quickly.

A pilot is then ordered to shoot it down with a missile.

The CCTV documentary said “the white balloon exploded with the launch of a missile from the fighter jet’s left wing,” adding that it only took about 30 seconds for the pilot to lock onto and then destroy the target.

Business Insider

So they condemn our shooting their balloon down…yet brag about their ability to shoot someone else’s down. With that level of hypocrisy, you would think they were American politicians?

Speaking of hypocrisy – the Democrats are excoriating Trump about “three prior balloons over US airspace about which he did nothing” – we have seen that aired here at TAH as well. Well, seems there is some truth to that, in that it happened…BUT it was not discovered until after Biden took office. So when the the Trump folks say it was never reported to them, they are factually correct. And when Lars and company squeal that the previous administration did nothing, they are being ingenuous at best – although I think “hypocritical” is closer to the truth. Seems our missile detection systems have been set to pick up fast-moving intruders, like bombers and ICBMs, and to filter out large slow returns like flocks of geese, etc. The Chinese rather cleverly sent balloons whose signals’ returns our radar rejected, so until some bright boy said “let’s look at the records” no one was aware of said prior balloons. Gee, you would think that would make sense to an ex-MI officer.*

*Still remember seeing an officer candidate in the ’80s push-uping his way to China after his TAC officer, a female MI Captain, asked him why he was branching Infantry when his prior service was in an ASA/CEWI unit. “Because I think MI officers are wimps, Ma’am.”  The look on her face…

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Anna Puma

This is a “Do Nothing” administration when it comes to protecting actual American interests at home or around the globe.



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Only Army Mom

So, there were three times the Chinese floated a balloon across the lower 48 and no one on the ground saw it? Sorry, not believing it.

Were there 3 times the Chinese floated a balloon at the edge of our airspace to detect the speed at which it would not be picked up? Possible, even probable.

Regardless, no excuses for this humiliation. Yeah, it was shot down but over the wrong ocean.

Liberals favorite defense, whataboutisms, is the same as a full confession.
So, three times during the past administration it wasn’t a significant enough event to even notify anyone. Now, the Chinese scream and posture and no one will even dare tell them to shut up and sit down. What’s the over-under until an apology is issued?

Recently heard some retired flag officer predicted war with China in the next three years. In three years there will probably be a R in the WH, who will be blamed. Everything’s going according to plan.

Only Army Mom

One other thought…

Given the balloon over Costa Rica and Colombia, this really had more to do with demonstrations for others than spying on us. Maybe it really wasn’t operational, wasn’t capable of doing anything and was just for show. That could justify not shooting it down immediately.

Just as likely, intel (planted) said there was concern what it was carrying was unknown and could have posed a risk, like a chemical agent that dispersed in the west that would be carried by air currents. That would be a blatant act of aggression, like a leak of a bit of gain of function research from a substandard level 4 bio safety lab.

Does anyone really think our decision not to act was a sign of restraint?


We just look like punks.

Old tanker

Not “we” just the dementia in chief.

A Proud Infidel®™

For those parroting the DNC propaganda that ChiCom ballons floated over the USA during the Donald Trump Presidency i say hey dumbshits, you know the one just flown over our Nuclear Facilities WAS visible from the ground, thus why didn’t anyone else see any of those?


Because this one was huge and carried a payload the size of a bus.

The others were not visible to the naked eye and hard to spot even if looking for it with a telescope.

Almost 2000 weather and research balloons are launched every day worldwide, and most fly for several days.

Literally thousands are flying right now worldwide. A few hundred over the US alone.

The large ones get picked up early when we KNOW to look for them..,

Occasionally, one will be visible from the ground.

And even more rarely a country run by a paranoid ultra nationalistic dipshit will launch one the size of a bus.

Last edited 9 months ago by Commissar
USMC Steve

Foreign aircraft of some sort enters US airspace, shootdown. I am surprised that anyone would not be okay with that.


I’ve been on both sides of that- shooting down encroaching aircraft is a last resort, or you get a KAL-007. All the times I’ve had foreign fighters on the wing we were in international airspace, which would have been a great comfort to our families if we were shot down.


Ever been to Montana?


Hey, i ain’t thrilled ’bout it…


Just checked out the updated potential nuclear targets maps of the continental US released by FEMA.

Western Wyoming, Eastern Idaho, and Northern Maine are all looking really good right now.


Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho? Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole? Gotta ask why, other than the nuke site in the Arco desert.


comment image

I guess it’s due to the population density in the area (or lack of). Even without the threat of WW3, I’m becoming more drawn to the idea of moving somewhere out far and away from everyone else anyways.


I completely misread your statement. I thought you meant Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho were looking good as targets. Although a precision neutron bomb might do Jackson Hole a lot of good. I grew up on the WY/ID border. Nobody lives there and we liked it that way.


Oh yeah. I check Zillow on the regular for that area. Just waiting on the day that I win the lottery so I can decide where I want to purchase my 30-40 acres.


Look at the prices for Teton County Idaho and Teton County Wyoming. You’ll see why I couldn’t retire in the area I was raised in. It’s beyond fookin nuts.

Skivvy Stacker

There is an upside; New York, Chicago, LA, San Fran, and Seattle would no longer exist.


Big blobs tend to full of left/libtards.


How long do you think the ChiComs would wait before they blew a balloon traversing their airspace out of the sky? Yeah, not long at all. Some reports say that we knew there had been incursions before and Trump wasn’t told. Hell, who knows what to believe coming out of the Ministry of Propaganda any more? I’m sure the ChiComs know how good our radar tech is and even know that we filter out slow movers. You can hang all sorts of payloads from a balloon. You may recall that the ChiComs hung some hypersonic missiles on some a few years back and tested that it worked. Sending the balloons over Mexico or Central America keeps them out of our airspace, but would give them the ability to launch at primary targets such as McDill, Hood, or different points to place baby nukes and create localized EMP effects. Total grid shutdown means 90% casualties within a year or so. Kill the people but not hurt the land.


Me thinks the left is completely full of shit about it happening during the previous administration. Too delicious an incident and opportunity for those morons to have kept under wraps till now.


Latest report I saw said that they’d been filtering slow moving stuff, so never caught the previous incursions, but after this incident, they went back through and found multiple incidences that were likely balloons. So basically, it happened back then, but they didn’t know it till now, which is why they didn’t jump on Trump back then..

USMC Steve

If that had occurred, the propaganda media would have been trumpeting it to the skies, and yet more impeachments would have been the result.


It is hard to take any post that calls the Chinese “Chicoms” seriously.

That hasn’t been accurate for decades. It is literally Korean War era terminology.

Do you still call the Japanese “Japs”?


Air Force-

Navy be like-
sky dick




Your jealousy is showing.


No jelly here 🤪

Skivvy Stacker

I’d have been happier if they had popped that balloon with a giant, jet created DICK.
Would have been somehow….more satisfying, and would have made me want to smoke a cigarette and cuddle.


With apologies to Joni Mitchell:

Rows and flows of contrails there
My boyish giggles fill the air
And feathery peckers everywhere
I’ve made clouds look that way
But now the admirals block my fun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I could’ve done
But the brass gets in my way
I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s dicks and balls that I recall
I really don’t like clouds at all.





“– although I think “hypocritical” is closer to the truth”.

“Baldfaced liar” is the truth.

Last edited 9 months ago by SFC D
A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK communist China, all I gots right now.


Careful now… remember Commissar Shit-for-Brains doesn’t like it when you call his Chinese friends communists.


Don’t trust China! China is Asshole!


Eric Swalwell is all for it.