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| February 8, 2023

Browning Superposed

Houston lawyer killed after confronting homeowners about truck in Smith County, deputies say
Mark Correro was shot and killed after confronting a man and woman at their Smith County home and telling them that their truck belonged to him, deputies said.

Author: Cory McCord
A Houston lawyer who was shot and killed during a home invasion in Smith County, Texas, last weekend appeared to be having a mental breakdown at the time, according to authorities.

According to Smith County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Mark Anthony Correro, 50, entered a house on Treasure Cove just east of Bullard, Texas, on Saturday morning around 11:30 a.m. and confronted the homeowners. He said that their truck belonged to him, according to investigators.

The homeowners said they were able to kick Correro out of the house and lock the door, but he kept yelling, claiming their truck was his.

Before deputies got there, the homeowner said he took a shotgun outside as he went to check on his truck. That’s when he said Correro returned to the property and kept making claims that the truck was his. The homeowner told Correro to sit down, according to deputies, and said it appeared as if he was going through a mental episode because he kept saying an unknown woman’s name.

During this confrontation, the homeowner’s fianceé came outside, which seemed to anger Correro even more, according to investigators. That’s when they said Correro started moving toward them making threats.

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Another bizarre crime and KHOU is there.

Florida mass shooting suspect killed during police pursuit

A man suspected in a mass shooting in central Florida last month was fatally shot by a police officer following a long chase and a carjacking, authorities said.

The car driven by Alex Greene, 21, eventually crashed into a business in Winter Haven. That’s a short distance from Lakeland, where 11 people were injured in the Jan. 30 shooting, Lakeland Police Chief Sammy Taylor said.

“We are very confident he was in fact involved; to what extent we don’t know yet,” Taylor said.

Taylor said detectives had hoped to bring Greene in on an outstanding burglary warrant to talk to him about the shooting on Jan. 30 in a neighborhood near downtown Lakeland, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) east of Tampa.

As investigators from the Lakeland Police Department, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted surveillance, Greene got into a pickup truck and started to drive away, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said during a news conference.

Lakeland police went in pursuit along a heavily traveled road.

Police Capt. Eric Harper was driving an unmarked vehicle and tried to stop Greene “so that we don’t have this pursuit on a very busy road,” Judd said.

He did a successful pit maneuver, and Greene got out of the vehicle and started running into traffic.

“Why he and the captain weren’t run over is just the grace of God, because traffic was all over the place,” Judd said.

When Greene realized he couldn’t get away, he ran toward a restaurant where a woman was standing outside her car with the doors open, Judd said. The woman saw Greene, slammed the passenger door and tried to shut the driver’s side door.

Greene pushed the woman away and got into the car, Judd said. Harper approached with his gun drawn, yelling commands for Greene to stop and show his hands, police said in a news release Tuesday.

“Captain Harper was also loudly identifying himself as a police officer,” according to the release.

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Shooting at Roanoke supermarket reveals “substantial evidence” showing self-defense

WDBJ7 has learned new details about a shooting over the weekend at a Food Lion in Northwest Roanoke. Roanoke City’s commonwealth’s attorney told WDBJ7 the suspect was released because there is a substantial argument for self defense.

Saturday night, there was a disagreement at the store on Peters Creek Road. Investigators say one man threw a punch at another man, who then took out his gun and shot several times.

He hit the person who initiated the fight and a woman who was caught in the middle. The woman’s injuries were not life-threatening, but Roanoke Police said the man’s injuries were serious.

The commonwealth’s attorney explained the store’s surveillance video will help investigators determine if this was self defense.

”That’s where it becomes a fine line; does a person have to stand there and take a beating or get beat up, or if they are armed, can they use deadly force to repel the attack?” Donald Caldwell said. “That will be a decision that we’ll have to get the actual video from the Food Lion and watch and make those determinations.”

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Fine line between an ass beating and grievous bodily harm, counselor? Try it on yourself and let us know how it fits.  Thanks again for the links, Gun Bunny.

This republic was not established by cowards; and cowards will not preserve it.
– Elmer Davis

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After consulting with Tyre Nichols an ass beating can indeed justify deadly force.


The Browning Superposed is a very nice gun. The Citori is an affordable evolution of it. But if you like a good double, treat yourself to the original Browning version.


“he kept saying an unknown woman’s name”

Probably the trucks name




“…fired once, hitting him in the chest,…” And that’s the way you do it Girls and Boys. You notice the citizen didn’t fire his shotgun into the air.

Good job taking out the trash Captain.

Too old to fight, too tired to run, and yes, I CC in the grocery store myself. Little down down the road from me has an intersection of Peters and Dykes Streets. I giggle everytime I go thru there.

“…Pledge our lives, our fortunes, and out Sacred Honor…” Many of them did give up their lives and their fortunes and we should still honor them today. Some of us still do.

Seeing another example from the works of HMS JMB (HBHN) takes some of the sting out of seeing the plasticized abomination yesterday. All God’s Chill’ren needs them a good shottie. Gotta protect your truck, ya know.