Domestic Terror

| February 6, 2023


Mick sent us an article about an attack on a power station out in Oregon a month or so ago. I thought it a one-off and moved on. I was wrong.

FBI arrests man, woman with ‘extremist’ views in alleged power grid attack plot targeting 5 substations

Sarah Beth Clendaniel, of Maryland, and Brandon Clint Russell, of Florida, charged out of Baltimore in alleged energy grid attack plot

By Danielle Wallace , David Spunt , Jake Gibson

The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office officials in Baltimore announced they had arrested two individuals, a man and a woman, with extremist views who were allegedly attempting to attack the power grid in Maryland.

FBI officials told reporters they believe this was a “real threat” that had been thwarted.

Sarah Beth Clendaniel, 34, of Catonsville, Maryland, and Brandon Clint Russell, 27, of Orlando, Florida, are charged through a federal criminal complaint with conspiracy to destroy an energy facility, Erek L. Barron, U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland, and Special Agent in Charge Thomas J. Sobocinski, of the FBI Baltimore Field Office, announced Monday.

Clendaniel spoke to an FBI informant about her plan just last week, according to authorities. Russell is an alleged neo-Nazi figure who authorities say posted locations of substations.

Clendaniel allegedly told an FBI confidential source that she planned to target five substations…

Fox News

Russell is described as a neo-Nazi intent on exercising his “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist beliefs.” His co-terrorist, Clendaniel was in a Maryland prison for robbing convenience stores with a machete. There is no connection with prior power grid attacks, according to Sobocinski. It may even be true; pity there’s zero credibility at the agency.

Hat tip to Mick’s instincts.

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No big, no rush… but some dude wearing a buffalo costume:
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FBI Arrests Man, Woman in Alleged Power Grid Attack Plot Targeting 5 Substations


The headline if the accuseds’ professed views were woke enough 🤡

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I don’t know who I’m for on this, and who I’m against.
The FiBbIes for stopping a ((SUPPOSED)) attack on the power grid?
Or the perps, hopefully they can beat the rap on an entrapment?

I trust NO ONE on any info out of this.

Doesn’t say if she contacted the FBI or vice versa, entrapment would probably hinge on that. I did notice in the article the FBI showing off some of that scary terrorist equipment…an Eotech sight.


“robbing convenience stores with a machete”

Now if they would just go after substations with a machete
the problem would solve itself.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Thats like the saying we used to say in the Volly FD. If one used a pressurized water can on a live elecrical circuit then “His balls would bang together then play stormy weather and flames would shoot out of his asshole”.

Anna Puma

One suspect’s views have been published. But not the other.

I bet they were all Save the Erf drivel.


Yea, this sounds a bit too much like one of those “investigations” where the FBI looks for dupes to dupe, entices them to say stupid stuff on tape so they can be arrested and the Fibbies can tout how they saved the day again.

Wow, what a relief. I feel safer already.


The 2 couch-surfing meth heads that took out 4 power stations in Washington state around Christmas did it just to distract police while they broke into a store to raid the cash register.

3 million dollars damage to one power station alone. Both were identified via the license plate and “priors” and the FBI and Sheriff raided the houses where they were “couch surfing guests”. One was living in the renter’s camper trailer in front of a rental house a mile from me.

I happened to drive by that intersection and about 30 neighbors were standing across the street from the armored swat vehicle watching the fun. That meth head has since been released, despite being held without bail, by a liberal judge so he can go through “drug rehab” along with his girlfriend.

I don’t expect to see him back for his next hearing.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

People need to track these “released on their own recognizance by a Libtard judge” and deal with them…….privately. So even if they never come back for their appointed court date, they’ll never bother anyone else again, and their recidivism = 0.


But I heard drugs were a victimless crime?


“Stupid” rarely is victimless.


Hey, at least they didn’t try to kidnap the Governor, so there is that.

Another SPoTW Candidate?


I’ve heard of some questionable tactics, and borderline entrapments by that FBI investigation as well. Lead Agent from that case was fired about a year later:

And then the RAC from that case moved to the Washington DC Field Office position and now leading the January 6th investigation;

But nothing to see here folks. Move along….


I’d love to hear what these two rocket surgeons had in mind. I could use the laugh.


Moore County, NC: before Christmas half or more of the county was put in the dark when someone shot out radiators on two substations. See


No arrests.