Many Illegal aliens leaving New York City in favor of Canada

| February 6, 2023

Illegal aliens are taking advantage of taxpayer paid bus trips to head to Canada. New York City has received a lot of illegal aliens hoping to find a better life. Instead, many had to deal with conditions that motivated them to leave the U.S. For example, A whistleblower released a video showing illegal aliens trashing the Row Hotel and engaging in other improper conduct that the rest of society would frown on.

From Fox news:

But not all migrants are pleased with life in the city, telling the New York Post that they would rather accept “free tickets” for a ride up north to Canada and better opportunities in a country with lower rates of homelessness and drug abuse.

“The military gave me and my family free bus tickets,” one Venezuelan migrant told the New York Post.

“I am going to Canada for a better quality of life for my family,” one migrant, named Raymond Peña told The New York Post.

Another migrant said he was “kicked out” of the Row hotel near Times Square, after which he was sent to a homeless shelter in Brooklyn.

A whistleblower at the Row Hotel released video and photos last month of illegal immigrants trashing the hotel and leaving “good” food out to rot.

“The chaos that we see at the Row today is [caused] by migrants being drunk, drinking all day, smoking marijuana [and] consuming drugs,” Felipe Rodriguez said.

The whistleblower also said that the Row was struggling with “domestic violence” among migrants, young people “having sex in the stairs,” and a fight between a migrant and a hotel security officer.

Manuel Rodon, a migrant from Venezuela, told the New York Post that he was concerned about rampant drug use in New York City.

“A lot of the Americans used drugs there,” he said.

“I feel like Canada will be safer. It is a much quieter country than America,” he added.

This is but a sample of what communities in the U.S. southwest have to deal with. Fox News has the rest of this story.

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I grew up in an immigrant neighborhood in the 50s/60s. Italians, Poles, Greeks, Germans, Irish. My parents were both Irish immigrants. Hell, the majority of the adults I grew up with weren’t born here.

All of them, and I mean ALL of them, would be horrified at how these “immigrants” conduct themselves. They all came to the USA looking for opportunity and safety, and they treated our country with RESPECT. None of them ever acted this way.

And one more thing. Every single one of them would guffaw, not laugh, GUFFAW, at the idea that we here in the USA need to coddle “immigrants” by communicating with them in their language and not English.

I miss my parents, but I am so glad they don’t have to see the crap going on here.


Like Gutfeld and so many others are saying/seeing now — we (the US) gave them an incentive to migrate by dangling free shit in their faces at the taxpayer’s expense in hopes of pumping in more long-term democratic voters and turning the entire country blue. That the dems consistently claim there is no crisis (though they manufactured it), even going so far as to clean up before Biden’s [bullshit] visit to the border is complete insanity.

Immigrants of the past legitimately came here fleeing from problems at home or seeking opportunities, not handouts… and they for goddamn sure didnt dare trash any property on American soil — that would have been a ticket to a major ass beating and a boat home if they survived.

I do feel bad for those in this human wave seeking the same opportunity as those who came before them with full honesty, though I fear it isn’t many.

USMC Steve

It is not a complicated process to do legally. There are eight consulates and an embassy in Mexico alone. But you actually have to meet certain requirements, and they don’t see the need for all that.


Most immigrants back then came here with nothing and basically worked themselves to death. BUT, they set up a base structure (work ethic, family, pride in adopting American culture, etc.) for their children to utilize and grow from.

It’s a far cry from what’s being pushed today.


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A Proud Infidel®™

Willie Pete.


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Flame thrower?


When my father moved here in 1926, he moved “up” from building roads in Ireland to digging ditches. Didn’t work for 2 years during the Depression, lived on potatoes (like a good Paddy). Got a job finally and worked close to 120 hours a week.

When WW2 broke out, what was the first thing he did at 35 years of age? Enlisted. Because he owed the USA. 3 years in a combat zone from North Africa to Italy.

Some years after the war, my parents owned a deli and they both worked anywhere from 90 to close to 120 hours a week. I saw them do it cause I grew up in the apartment in the back of the store. I used to be ashamed of them (stupid me), but today I know I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to look up to.

And I knew plenty of others just like them. Salt of the earth.


Mine came from Czechoslovakia and went right to the coal mines or the office buildings as cleaning staff. Some never moved on from that but made damn sure their kids didn’t follow in their footsteps.

Saw in an old photo album that someone in the village our family came from moved to America with his parents as a small child in the 1890’s and by our entry into WW1 was a Lieutenant in the USNR. Imagine his personal pride and that of his parents?

In one lifetime society devolved to what it is today?! How in the actual fuck…?


How in the actual fuck…?”

That is the $64,000 question.

My answer to that is while we were chasing Soviets all over the world, our commies were doing their work in our schools. I thought we won the Cold War. Boy! Was I wrong!


McCarthy was right about a lot of that.


That’s why the left trashes him constantly


NYC getting trashed? How can you tell?

A Proud Infidel®™

Damn good question!


They cleared the way there years ago:

He is right about the rampant drug use making the cities unsafe. There is a direct correlation with crime. Cities have become even bigger dumps than they used to be even 3 years ago. Every city I have been in in the last year or so has been filled with weed smoke. Large masses of people are literally high all the time.

It’s not just the crime either, traffic fatalities are way up too.


“The military gave me and my family free bus tickets”

They gave me free bus tickets back in 1968.


Don’t forget the free clothes.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

And the travel opportunities to third world shitholes all around the globe…


Yeah, who wouldn’t want to visit scenic Helmand province in July!🤣

A Proud Infidel®™

We got that stuff too, even got three squares a day!


Someone please bring out the Baby Violen..🙄🤔

“Eric Adams Spends Coldest Winter Night In Shelter After Migrants Refused To Leave Hotel”

“New York City Mayor Eric Adams slept at a migrant facility in Brooklyn on the coldest night of 2023 to promote the new housing option after some migrants recently refused to leave a hotel.”

“Spent the coldest night of the year at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal with ‘Homeless Hero’ and advocate Shams DaBaron & @AMEddieGibbs,” Adams posted to Twitter on Saturday. “Our brothers are being kept warm and the team working here is giving new meaning to the words ‘love thy neighbor.'”

“The mayor’s post included video and photos of him at the facility, including showing him sleeping on a cot, dining with migrants and playing video games.”


I know many NYC cops who say he was corrupt as an officer and anti-cop from the get go (he wasn’t even a beat cop, as he portrays… he was transit.) Everything he does as Mayor is theatrics while he eyes higher office down the road. He loves the celebrity status and couldn’t care less about New Yorkers.

Rot in hell, Adams.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

How many new yorkers are sorry that they didn’t vote for Curtis Sliwa when he ran against adams.


To be honest, when I saw he was running I knew right away it was over.


Where he actually lives has been an open question for a while. Now we know.


“Eric Adams ‘Slept Like A Baby’ At NYC Migrant Shelter, Despite ‘Agitators’”

“Mayor Eric Adams “slept like a baby” in the city’s newest migrant shelter during one of the coldest recorded nights of the year — despite outside “agitators” who stirred up asylum seekers to oppose City Hall’s relocation efforts.”

“I slept like a baby, it was warm. I had my nice little blanket. That’s my favorite blanket. I’m like Linus, you know, on Charlie Brown,” Adams said on Fox 5’s “Good Day New York” Monday morning, describing his Friday night slumber in Red Hook’s Brooklyn Cruise Terminal relief center.”

“I have my favorite blanket that I just hug up on and I had pleasant dreams, got up the next day, had breakfast and sat down and spoke with asylum seekers.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey waitaminnit, didn’t hizzoner the mayor say that NYC couldn’t handle any more illegal aliens (*OOPS!*, migrants) as soon as they started getting bussed there from Red States despite NYC being declared a “Sanctuary City”?


ACTUALLY… what I was told…. was that Bussing illegal immigrants to other places was dehumanizing and racist. But now… Everyone is doing it.

How can that be?


Sleeping on a cot is not too bad Eric.
Try sleeping on the ground.

Forest Bondurant

I call horse-shit. I suspect Adams took a photo-op to pretend he stayed the night, and was home in his bed within an hour or two.

Fuck that guy.

Meanwhile, if illegal immigrants want to go to Canada, let Trudeau deal with them. (Unfortunately, the Canadian people have to deal with the mess first.)

AW1 Rod

Concur. This posturing douche-rocket was only there long enough for the photo-op.

I second, “Fuck that guy.”

Anna Puma



Don’t forget the MF part.


Eric try wrapping himself in the cloak of virtue signaling for his Sanctuary City?


Good! Begone, stupid selfish pendejos!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

jeff LPH 3 63-66

All the new york city peeps that voted for Herr biden and adams shoult take these ill eagles into their homes as part of their families and the same goes out to everyone else who voted for open borders, shutting down the oil, etc should also do the same.

A Proud Infidel®™

STARTING with the limousine/Learjet Liberals who live in gated communities starting with the bigtime D-rat campaign donors.

Last edited 1 year ago by A Proud Infidel®™
A Proud Infidel®™

BUH-BYE assholes! The US of A is the Land of Opportunity, NOT The Land of Handouts that you were told!
Please do not let the doorknob go up your ass as you leave.


Well don’t come to Florida. Got its own share of migrant problems via overloaded boats & rafts. Homeowners have to pay out of their own pockets to get migrant boats removed from their property. I think Gov. DeSantis has been reimbursing folks & in work to get laws changed.


I still say if the taxpayer was going to transport the ILLEGALS somewhere on this catch and release program, they should have been sent back to whence they came. The current crop of ILLEGALS are not like the examples that we have comments on here, or the examples of Valor stories Mason has given us, where the LEGAL immigrants adopted America, defended America, and became Americans.

The slimey mofos that trashed the places that the taxpayer provided? Immediate deportation and charge them for the damages.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I have a few Friends who legally immigrated to the USA and they’re dyed-in-the-wool ANTI-illegal alien!


Anyone who did it in compliance with our immigration laws will naturally have contempt for the illegals.


Or, at the very least, confiscate and re-sell their Iphone 14’s. I wonder how they managed to charge those Iphones on their perilous(s) trek northward.


The slimey mofos that trashed the places that the taxpayer provided? Immediate deportation “… Via HANO drop…


Now that I think of it, Adams is just following the recently established “Martha’s Vineyard Protocols”.


Yeah, saw that. The traitorous PINO administration is ignoring federal immigration laws & their constitutional oath to defend this country – foreign and domestic. Americans are being overrun, and they don’t care. These so-called migrants can go eat shit. Come through the proper ports of entry, and wait your turn to be heard. Y’know, like millions of others who are doing it the legal way.


So, if I read that correctly, the rancher has been charged with murder, even though Arizona law appears to say that he was justified in what he did? And, meanwhile, his wife is alone out in BFE while he sits in jail waiting for his attorney to find time to ask for a reduction in bail?


Exactly. Punish self-defense, let violent criminals… er, migrants… run wild to virtue signal– it’s the left/libtard way!
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