Wait for it – “GUNS TO INSANE VETS!”

| February 7, 2023

Expect to see liberal opposition to some common-sense (yeah, I had to use their words!) gun issues.

As part of the process of reporting problem children to the background check system (NCIS) such as felons, felony domestic abusers, et al, VA also reports veterans who needed fiduciary assistance in managing their money. So if you are one of those unlucky folks who need help with managing your cash flow (seemingly half the privates I ever knew, and I won’t even go into spouses), VA calls you insane and thinks you should be barred  from owning a gun. Of course, this is wrapped in pious do-goodism “we have to do something about the 68% of veteran suicides committed with gunz”, despite a decided lack of data connecting needing help managing money with gun suicides.

By law, veterans who are incapable of overseeing their own bills may be assigned a fiduciary who manages a veteran’s financial affairs — assistance the VA reports to the background check system as a disability that may preclude the veteran from purchasing a firearm.

Bost said VA staff’s ability to decide that a veteran who can’t manage their bills is a danger to themselves or society is a form of discrimination that he argues may actually hurt a veteran by preventing them from seeking care and benefits from the VA.

Rep. Mike Bost, R-IL has reintroduced legislation to force VA to add another layer in this process to evaluate whether this ‘disabled’ vet really is a danger to himself or others if he gets a gun. Seems logical, right?

“No VA bureaucrat should have the ability to instantly strip a veteran of their 2nd Amendment Rights simply because they use a fiduciary to help them manage their benefits. I have heard from veterans that this current policy stops them from going to the VA for care and services,” he said in a statement Friday.

Bost previously introduced the bill in 2021, but it was not considered by the House Veterans Affairs Committee in the majority Democrat House.

A version of the bill also passed the House in 2018 but was unable to get through the Senate.

Speaking on the House floor during debate on the legislation in 2017, Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., now the House Veterans Affairs Committee ranking member…”To be clear, there are veterans currently flagged in the background check system who should not be there, and we need to create a fair and streamlined process for veterans to appeal their status,” Takano said at the time. “But there is a balance between protecting veterans’ Second Amendment rights and protecting veterans who are a danger to themselves or others.”  Military Times

Usual thinking – someone may cause a problem with a gun, so none of them should have one. Expect to see the usual media push-back, “blood in the streets”, “gun-buying mentally defective vets” etc.  Oh, heck, let’s just say no one can have a gun at all. It’s all worked so well in all those other Utopias like China, Nazi Germany, Venezuela, etc.

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Fuck Hollyweird and their “all are broken veterans” bullshit.

The Left doesn’t believe in “rights”. Folks instead have various levels of privilege and entitlement. That us why they prefer “equity” to “equality”. They never actually believed in “equality”.

And that distinction explains all their tragic results and evil actions.


Oh, no, the ,”ticking timebomb” who’ll “snap” and start machinegunning the neighborhood! (Leftists love their lyin’– it’s how they achieve anyyhing.)


We had this deranged Vet pass through my home town of Hope, BC forty odd years ago. His name was John something.


“They drew first blood, not me!”

(In truth, that was the premise of the story.)

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RGR 4-78

Was he sKerry?


Amazing how quickly the left went back to the, “crazed vet” trope ala post-Vietnam when they could get away with it.
Oh, who the fuck am I kidding–they never gave that one up.


It’s their favorite sport.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’m fairly healthy (both body and mind), and manage my own finances….and I still won’t go to VA for anything.

Hear hear!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I took early retirement at 62, I was on Cobra for 18 months and was looking to get into the va which I never did back in 1966, so when I tried to apply I was told that I wasn’t eligible since I didn’t serve in Viet-Nam and after finally getting a hold of someone to talk to, I was told that back in 2003 then pres bush stopped some of the va funding so that was it and later down the line, then pres osama obama reinstated some of the funding and if I decided to go to the va I would have to pay co payments so to make a short story long, I’m happy with United Health care and affordable monthly payments. So now I’ll listen to “”To Make A long Story Short”” by Eddie and the Hilites 1959 on the Scepter label.


Reading “I was on Cobra for 18 months,” I immediately hoped you were talking about some PMC modeled on the GI Joe enemy. Kinda heartbroken to learn it was a healthcare thing.

I’d sign up, just for the name and the chance to meet the Baroness.

Ditto, here. But I did collect my GI bill money when I was in law school. That was my only involvement with the VA.


Everybody with a retirement or other financial planner often has a fiduciary, so imagine what Democrats are tryin’ to sneak in as a precedent– no guns if you want a retirement!


I went to school with Mike Bost, he is a good guy.


It’s quite a jump from not being able to manage your own financial decisions to not being able to defend yourself. But the jump isn’t too far. So one more step makes sense. Certain people, the Eddie Routh’s of the world, shouldn’t have guns.

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Forest Bondurant

It’s a miracle the VA hasn’t reported all the veteran’s who claim PTSD as a mechanism to prohibit firearm ownership.

USMC Steve

Don’t give them any ideas. They would do it.

Only Army Mom

The mechanism is already there, can be and has been exercised if the vet claims to have EVER had a thought about quitting, giving up, even your statement, “…Im hanging up my jock” as grounds to report. Found out your kids aren’t yours because wifey cheated? Tied one too many on and got a DWI? Your battle buddy who was catastrophically injured ended his pain? Finally purchased your dream car and some uninsured illegals totaled you?

Make an equally innocuous, in the moment but truly meaningless statement and the FOID card can be revoked. Yes, there will be a hearing in front of a civilian judge, who will defer to the supposed superior wisdom of the VA.

It doesn’t happen more than it does because they know that will guarantee no one will go to the VA. Think of the bureaucracy that would risk funding! They don’t care if you kill yourself, and if you kill someone else, that supports the agenda.


Although it does happen (not that caring, sensitive progressives would take that as reason to avoid shafting veterans, because they don’t):




Give it time.

And this is also why I will never have PTSD.


“…add another layer in the process to get more control over We, The People…” There, FIFY! I have been able to manage my money since I was about 6 years old. Same as having control of my firearms. Comes from proper home training. Full disclosure…I did use a financial planner to manage my 401K $ and that young man, who was trained in such matters, made me a nice chunk of change over the years. Telling the Company appointed guy to go piss up a rope and hiring the young lad was one of the best things I ever did.

Another full disclosure; I’m not insane but I sure am crazy about the Ms Auburn Haired Leggy Miss Thang. HONEY HUSH! I want her smoldering hot, sultry looking self. I gots a “gun” she can wrap her hand around and it won’t be some plasticized abomination.

As David has said, he gets to choose…and he does it so very well.

USMC Steve

There are a whole lot of things that stop veterans from going to the useless VA for help. If I ever get to the point where I need help from that bunch of useless cockwombles, I am hanging up my jock.


VA and post hospital at Fort Bliss used to share facilities and was eye-opening for many folk. While the military treated to you like a piece of equipment to get fixed and be put back to work (utilitarian, but okay) the VA’s attitude was totally F*ck You, I’m on My Coffebreak, Buddy!

Only Army Mom

The VA’s own research says 70% of vets who commit suicide did not go to the VA. Of course, the VA says this is proof vets need the VA rather than the real issue of why vets would rather suffer than go to the VA.

A PTSD diagnosis can trigger prevention of acquiring firearms. And we know how the VA loves to hand out that diagnosis, and a handful of pills, then another handful or two to manage the side effects of that first handful.

Also, VA research says the average age of a vet who commits suicide is 59.5 years old, though that age is dropping dramatically since Aug. 2021. Wonder why. So, let’s increase the percentage of vets who won’t go to the VA…issue a diagnosis that limits career options and Constitutional Rights, thin the herd of people who believe in the Constitution, reinforce the crazy vet narrative. A win-win for Loonie-Leftists. It’s a feature, not a bug.

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Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’ll never use the VA under any circumstances, I’m fortunate enough in life to have never needed or used any veteran benefit.

The more I’ve seen of VA negative outcomes the less interested I would be in using their services in any circumstance. It also makes it understandable that I am not alone in my opinion as the data suggests there’s a fair number of people who lack any sense of trust with the VA.

In my case that lack of trust extends to virtually every aspect of our government these days.


Anyone who clamors for socialized medicine should be forced to use the VA system first.


Gov’t-run healthcare, for all to see.


Immeduate prescriptions for highly addictive medication and six-month delays in seeing a shrink– it’s how the VA controls costs.

Deny, deny until veterans die!

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Your average age of 59.5 just confirms my suspicion that vets committing suicide are not young men who recently left active duty, with combat experience. So, I fail to see how service over 20 years earlier contributed to a suicide. If I off myself, it certainly won’t have anything to do with my combat service in Vietnam.


I’d be more interested in a veteran group median and mode than a mean and a break down by age groups. 59.5 might be meaningless if no one of that age actually does it.

Historically, suicides tend to peak gravitate towards middle age, 45-54. It is a leading cause of death for all ages groups below 55. Once you get above 55 suicide is no longer a leading cause of death for any group.

Having been through those ages recently and having gone through a number of unexpected life changes simultaneously I think I have a grasp of some of the problems that age group faces. My life certainly didn’t turn out the way I expected to, but in my case it may have been better. For most people the opposite is true and it makes them depressed. Some people struggle with health and mental health problems their whole life and then when they realize that those were their best years, they give up.


Lately the trend has been peeking towards young people 25-34. This is a significant aberration and one wonders what might be the cause.


RGR 4-78

They realize that their participation trophy years were the best years of their lives.


They still get a participation trophy.

It’s a pile of reality, welded to broken dreams and illusions. It’s inscribed with a $200K student loan that they can’t pay off for a degree that is worthless and provides no working knowledge of the world outside of some insane liberal degree factory.
This after they removed whatever gender assignment equipment they were born with.

Hell, I’d be tempted to check out too if that were my life.


F*d up.


Generational fads:

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Only Army Mom

Actually, it is more of a bimodal distribution. One peak at IIRC about 34(?)years of age but the second, statistically significantly higher around 70+(?).

The why of the higher age is not a surprise. We know untreated PTSD resembles dementia with the loss of hippocampus volume. So declining cognitive function and declining overall health after a lifetime of mental health symptoms and all that potentially entails, it’s not really a surprise.

It is why I so strongly advocate for treatment of “brain health” -hate the term mental health. Go from not being able to forget the worst to not being able to remember the good. It may seem like an acceptable trade-off but the numbers say otherwise. And yes, hippocampus volume loss due to PTSD can be reversed. They are using that fact to look for ways to do the same for other, dementia-related volume loss.

But I digress…the real issue is that bimodal distribution is switching, dramatically, since Aug. 2021.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Shit pay, shit disability payments if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer catastrophic injuries, shit working conditions, total lack of respect, and best of all being labeled a potential terrorist by Homeland Security all because you were dumb enough to volunteer to serve your nation.

And the higher ranking officials need a study to determine why recruiting numbers were off by about 25%?

No doubt that study will consume millions and not list of any the things I’ve written as problematic…

The world has changed, like it, don’t like it, doesn’t matter it’s the reality of where we are in time right now.

If the military doesn’t understand that, if the government doesn’t understand, and worst of all if the voters don’t understand and keep putting the same dumb bastards in office it doesn’t change the truth of it. Perhaps the sad reality is that the combination of these things won’t allow any of it to change until there is a disastrous moment that forces change.


Eventually, society will realize that democracy just doesn’t work.

Then, they’ll all get together and vote on a better approach.


That’d how Hitler did it. Look how that worked out.

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Hitler was elected.

Pecos Phil

Do you have contact information on the ” gun girl?” I think I just met my next ex wife!


“Usual thinking – someone may cause a problem with a gun, so none of them should have one. “… Unless it’s one of the lefts preferred groups.. try substituting “black male” or “muslim” for veteran and see if they’re still on board…


Leftists have their over-riding reasons:
comment image


Well, gang. Looks like the crazed veteran story is going to gain more traction with this here shit head whose supposedly a combat veteran, up in Pennsylvania. Been quite some time since I was last here. Hope all is well with you old timers and Hi to the nubbies…



The more society works to limit human capability, the more humanity will find ways to sidestep those controls.

Rely on a river as an obstacle, it becomes surprisingly easy to divert a river.

Make mines illegal, it’s surprisingly easy to build all sorts of other booby traps.

Make it illegal to acquire firearms… it’s far from impossible to divert the Potomac and flood Foggy Bottom. Every route out of there is canalized and sappers love nothing more than knowing where the enemy is gonna be.

This is obviously a thought experiment. I’m not about to turn on my nation – I’d walk away before I do anything revolutionary. Yet, I will never surrender my right to arms. Even if I build them myself, regardless of whether or not you believe I have the right to do so, I will keep and bear arms.

Go ahead, try to infringe on that. How did prohibition work out? Imagine if William McCoy was giving folks ammo instead of just getting them drunk. Pinkertons are pussies when outgunned.