A Modest Proposal II

| February 3, 2023

One of the unicorns of the gun-grabbing left is “universal background checks” – they want every gun transaction to have to be pre-approved by the government. They couch their version as a “gun safety” proposal to limit bad folks from getting  guns. Sort of like how the Brady bill was supposed to do it, and GCA ’68 too.  But their end goal is to make every transaction subject to government scrutiny – and to make that work, they say they need  universal gun registration – their REAL goal. The only way to effectively grab guns from citizens is to know who has them and who doesn’t. It’s an old routine, used by Russian Communists, German Nazis, Nicaraguan Sandinistas, Canadians, Chicoms, Australians, Norks, New Zealand gun-grabbers  – name an aspiring totalitarian  regime and I’ll show you a universal gun-registration-followed-by-confiscation scheme.

Now, these schemes are not always successful – note New York’s SAFE act, which demanded “assault weapon” registration and achieved minimal  (4%) compliance in its first three years. Hudson Valley One. 

But  the results are always the same… registration is followed by “we changed our minds, it’s time to turn them in.” Even here in the States, Connecticut maintains a record of sales, which has given them a de facto registration data base. And it only took them a few years before Gov. Ned Lamont started airing proposals to start confiscation:

The governor, however, did not include in his proposals a plan he talked about during his re-election campaign last year — eliminating an exception to the bans on certain semiautomatic rifles that allows people who owned such firearms before the bans took effect to keep them. AP via Yahoo

I think it’s time for a pre-emptive strike: take the gun grabbers at their word. Institute a universal background check. Everyone who aspires to buy a gun has to be background checked… but with one proviso: no record of what is purchased, no running the serial number via the 4473s (it does nothing anyway) – only check the PERSON, just like they say they want.

Say some young fella wants to shop guns – let’s call him KoB just for fun – first thing KoB does is wander down to his local FFL and get them to run a background check. KoB pays his $20, is given a clean bill of gun-buying health, with a serial numbered form valid for 90 days to prove it. Now young KoB goes out to do some shopping. He finds a fella who has a mint Singer Sewing Machine 1911A1 from WWII for sale. He shows his background check to the seller, who notes and keeps a record of the number. KoB gets his pistol, the seller knows KoB has been checked within the last 3 months.  No record of the gun’s serial number is retained in any database except the sellers,  and supposedly the gun grabbers are satisfied.

Note KoB doesn’t have to be buying a gun to get checked. Me, I’d do a check quarterly just to be able to satisfy impulse buys (and as camouflage, just to irritate ’em.) And there is even a little money to be made – right now, running 4473s is a freebie whose expense is borne by the dealers and the FBI. Let the FBI collect $5, the dealer $15, eliminate the 4473s, and everyone’s on board. Am I caving in? Possibly…but I think they are going to cram universal checks and registration down our throats as soon as they get one Squad or RINO vote to spare. Might as well take the wind out of their sails and propose something more palatable before they pass some BS universal registration scheme.


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Or just require that state IDs have a distinctive background for convicted felons and other prohibited persons.


But then you are denying that poor disenfranchised individual who is unable to obtain an ID the abiltiy to exercise his constitutionally guarenteed right…you know, like voting!

USMC Steve

I like that idea. It would accomplish the mission, deny the feds their illegal database, and leave the leftards with no valid complaints to be made.


“…a mint Singer Sewing Machine 1911A1…KoB gets his pistol…” This lap top just shifted in my lap. You trying to make me commit self inflicted sex? Mission accomplished! You’re doing a helluva job, Davy! Got a cigarette?

“…shall not be infringed…” Can’t get much plainer than that. The Founders hadn’t just returned from a hunting trip, they had just finished liberating a population from an oppressive government. And here we are being oppressed again…and taxed to death. Having had a CCL for decades, I can walk into any gunz store, show said CCL, lay my $ down and walk out, grinning like a Good Ol’ Boy eating sausage, gravy, and bisket.

Control of We, The People is the goal. Next thing you know, they’ll be requiring that you buy a boat repair kit to purchase a firearm.

Molon Labe, mofos!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Was thinking similar.
In Utah you can get a CCL (background check, fingerprints, etc), (used to be – I haven’t kept up) good for 5 years, and renewable.
Would that be close enough to this “Universal Background (People – not Guns) Check”?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Regardless of what SCOTUS or anyone else says no gun law is constitutional.

I think that unfortunately we’ve lost that battle, just like with speech…this nation will eventually cease to be distinguishable from its European Allies…which will be the day the Republic ceases to exist as the founders intended and instead be replaced by what we are close to now, a nation of tax slaves to be fleeced “for their own safety/good” and to be controlled “for national security”….

I am ever more grateful my days are numbered in truth, but I am disappointed in what kind of nation we leave our children and grandchildren.


I feel the same way, VOV.


Fuck ’em. Don’t give an inch. For decades the left has been pushing gun control with the mantra, “just compromise on this legislation and we won’t ask for more.” No sooner is the ink dry on that legislation than the left is screaming for more gun control. Their idea of compromise is “give us what we want.” Universal background checks will lead to licensing, then gun registration, then confiscation. We have seen it in the history of states that have instituted such measures. The left has told us this in their few honest moments. Remember Feinstein’s comment after the AWB? “If I could have gotten 51 votes…” I will not comply.

Last edited 3 months ago by ArmyATC

This x2. Guns laws don’t work because only the law abiding citizen follows them. If we used capital punishment correctly and dished out real deterrents to law breakers maybe we could get a handle on crime.

And Washington state is releasing their worst pedophiles:
WA Democrats releasing ‘worst of the worst’ inmates from sex offender prison island | The Post Millennial | thepostmillennial.com


Shoot, the dealers around here already collect $20 for NCIC check for transfers.

The problem with your plan is they will simply keep adding things on to the the license to purchase. Next you will need a clean bill of health from a doctor, then a shrink, then your spouse will have to sign off that he/ she feels safe with you having a gun. They will check with your neighbors to see if you have any ongoing disputes. It will never end.