Cockroaches and Scammers

| January 30, 2023

Just so there are no mistakes with labels, I made sure you knew who the good guys are.

There is a team of guys at Trilogy Media that scam the scammers. They employ various tricks to frustrate people running scams on vulnerable people. Among the techniques: glitter bombs, releasing cockroaches, and tying up the phone call for 30-40 minutes giving scammers the run-around.

The “Lawnmower” video was hilarious. See it here.  The scammer gets irate and admits he is a scammer.

Vigilantes for views: The YouTube pranksters harassing suspected scam callers in India
Los Angeles-based Trilogy Media took “scambaiting” to a new level, but some claim they’re gaining viral fame at others’ expense.

It took several minutes for someone to notice the first cockroach scurrying across the carpet of Ansh Info Solutions, a call center in Kolkata, India, one day in April 2022. A worker covering the phones spotted the insect and jumped up from their desk chair. A second cockroach appeared, and another phone operator ripped off their headset and ran towards the nearest conference room. One by one, workers stood up and peered over their cubicle dividers to see what had caused the commotion. Unbeknownst to them, a black metal box had been hidden under a row of desks, brimming with dozens of live roaches.


From the hotel, the YouTubers coordinated the next phase of their assault. They dispatched a messenger to the office to deliver a concealed glitter bomb. With suspicions already high, workers took the large, unopened package to a garage, slowly opening it while trying to keep their distance. Hidden cameras inside captured their reactions as a siren went off and a pound of glitter went flying into the air. In a final joke, the box’s return address said the sender was the FBI.

Although I admire what they do, I think they are legally not able to claim they are FBI.  It’s fun and seems to scratch that itch that we all have when it comes to getting even with scammers.

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Eh…they sent it international: let India file the lawsuit saying they “impersonated a law enforcement agency.”

They “the scammers” can take a flying fuck at a rolling donut for all I care.


I like the fart spray with the glitter bombs. I don’t know why they obscure the faces of the porch pirates. They should be publicly shamed.

Daisy Cutter

The best is when the open up the glitter bomb in their car. That stuff gets down between the seats as well as every crack and crevice.


Well, claiming that the box is from the FBI while in a foreign country running a game on some scammers doesn’t sound like a big deal to me. However, it sounds like just the thing those inept clown at that agency will be all over.


I routinely keep them on the line for as long as possible, I figure if they are talking to me they can’t be scamming someone else.

My personal record for a single call is 32 minutes and I’ve fielded call backs for several days.


I got one for well over two hours while I was driving on a trip. He was certain that the US Marshalls were going to come to my house and arrest me when I began feeding him fake card codes.

Now that I have gone out my way to learn to curse in Hindi it’s a lot more fun.

Green Thumb

They should call All-Points Logistics.

Scammers and cockroaches.


Yeah, pay off your IRS debt with Target gift cards. Should be obvious that’s a scam.

Everybody knows that the only thing acceptable to the IRS are WalMart gift cards. Come on, man!

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Old tanker

If all they had on the return address was fbi they can easily claim it means fan bely inspectors not any law enforcement agency.


I told “Sean” I would look for my old Social Security card. Set the phone down for 20 minutes. He was still on, so I told him, “I have your number on caller ID, I’ll call back when I find it”, and hung up (knowing it was a fake number). It’s fun to play with them.


Scammers ARE cockroaches and have infested the whole world. Even nuking ’em won’t do any good. IIRC, after the bombs were dropped on Japan, Ground Zero had no live hoomans, but the cockroaches were still scurrying. If the number is not programmed into my contact list, I don’t answer. My ‘putor is well protected by firewalls and I don’t open any attachments that have even a hint of sketchiness about them.

A Proud Infidel®™

Go on YouTube and put “scammer payback” in the search window, then enjoy the seemingly never-ending videos. “Pierogi” and his gang wreak all kinds of hell on the scammers, in one episode they hacked into the CCTV cameras in the scam call center, in others they hack their computers and delete files while one claiming to be a Russian hacker fries a scammer’s computer with malware, I enjoy watching those videos! I myself like to proselytize The great Flying Spaghetti Monster to the scammers until they cuss and hang up as well as giving them bogus names and SS#’s, I had a “Your SS# has been suspended” scammer on the line for at least 25 minutes until I preached TGFSM and he screamed “Fuck you bastard, your Social Security number is suspended!” and he hung up as I went to enjoy another shot and a beer.

Only Army Mom

Last one I had was from the “IRS department”. Let him go, wasted his time for a bit, with Oh, No! What can I do? I’m so scared!

I have friends from India who have told me the worst things to say to them. I love the scam the scammer guys but they are too tame.

I asked him if he was Pakistani or Indian
-said No! I am American
I asked where his parents were from (India), called him a liar and a dirty Paki, I can smell you from here. Americans have soap and water.

-he started yelling, I started laughing.

Said, I know why you cover your women, so you can tell them from the goats.
(more yelling)

Said, I’ve never seen one of you that doesn’t look like a cross between a goat and a monkey – was your mother the monkey or the goat?

-got threatened “I’m coming to kill you!”

Said – I’m waiting you filthy son of a whore. Your father is a dalit (insult meaning “untouchable”) and you’re a gandu (homosexual).

Then laughed hysterically and hung up.


Now y’all got me wanting to learn some street Hindi….

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You could instruct Drill Sergeants!


Unknown number? I just answer in Japanese, Korean or German. Eventually they hang up.