George Santos accused of disappearing with GoFundMe funds for disabled veteran’s dog

| January 18, 2023

A disabled veteran claims that George Santos disappeared with GoFundMe funds intended for his dog. The veteran was informed that his dog had a life-threatening tumor, but he did not have the funds to pay for the operation. He was referred to a charity run by Anthony Devolder (allegedly George Santos). A GoFundMe page was set up, but then was shut down by Devolder/Santos who disappeared with the money. George Santos responded that he had no knowledge of this event.

From Fox News:

A veterinary technician had told him they knew someone who ran the charity that could help raise money. Osthoff was informed that the charity was run by Anthony Devolder, an alias Santos allegedly used for years before entering politics in 2020.

Osthoff and another veteran, retired police Sgt. Michael Boll, who tried to intervene to help Osthoff in 2016, claimed a GoFundMe page that raised the necessary funds for the dog’s surgery was shut down by Santos and that the now-congressman then disappeared with the money.

Santos allegedly claimed the dog’s disease was untreatable after consulting with an affiliated veterinarian and that the money would instead go to his charity. Osthoff had urged to allow him to take the funds to other clinics, and Santos allegedly stopped responding.

Text messages allegedly sent between Osthoff and Santos that were obtained by reveal the rejected request to take the funds elsewhere.

The dog died on Jan. 15, 2017, but Osthoff could not afford the euthanasia and cremation because he had been out of work with a broken leg for more than a year. Osthoff said he had to panhandle to find the money to euthanize and cremate Sapphire.

A “Friends of Pets United” charity Santos said he founded was not listed as a charity in official records, according to The New York Times, which also reported that the beneficiary of a 2017 fundraiser linked to the group said they did not receive the money.

This comes after reports exposed Santos for lying about parts of his background during his 2022 campaign, in which he defeated Democrat Robert Zimmerman. Santos had fabricated, among other things, his work, education history and connections to an alleged Ponzi scheme.

Fox News has additional information here.

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Colleagues tell me that some months ago Santos visited their place of employment on Long Island while on the campaign trail and even then they found him to come across as a shady, slimy piece of shit.


The ninja family just won a $50.00 bet.

Around 0500 hours this morning, we read this story.

Found the NJ Dudes Facebook posting.

Made a bet with about 5 folks that TAH would be posting this today.

Thanks, thebesig!

BTW, when you read that NJ Dudes facebook, a lot of questions pop up…

First…Claims he was homeless, yet wants to pay $3000 for a Dogs surgery?

Claims he “retired” in 2002, yet his Facebook pictures shows him with other Sailors in 2002? Does not make sense.

It is obvious from his postings he hated Trump, the GOP and embraced a Liberal Party…

Claims to have served with the USS Nimitz in October 2001.

He sure does not look “Disabled”.

In his 2002 pictures, where he is drinking at a Bar, he does not look “Disabled” as well..

And there is this picture of him posing as if he was a “Female..” Oh, Well, his decision..

The Dude served. Good For Him.

Once again, we are having problems with the term “Disabled Veteran..”

* Sigh*

Hack Stone

If you dive deep into his Facebook page, after multiple instances of him changing his Facebook photo to the same photo above multiple times, he has a thread bitching about how the train conductor would not let him bring his bike on the train, even though he showed him his disabled VA ID card. He wanted the conductor to consider his bicycle as a wheel chair. That’s not how it works. And it appears, neither does he work.


Hack, we read the exact same thing…

Did you see his “posing” picture…


jeff LPH 3 63-66

Is that a purple heart ribbon on his left?? I see his rate is a second class Petty Officer but can’t make out his rating on the sleeve. Airdale maybe????????


Good conduct.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was refering to the ribbon on his left breast which looked like a purple heart ribbon. I see the good conduct medal on his right. Sailorcurt said that it looks like a Battle E ribbon on his left breast My 1962 Blue jackets Manual doesn’t have that in the book. Instead of a Battle E ribbon, we had the Battle E ( letter E) patch sewn on the arm which were White green and red during my time. I have the Engineering red letter E on the sleeve of my White jumper.


quote: “the Battle “E” ribbon) was authorized on March 31, 1976, by Secretary of the Navy J. William Middendorf as a unit award for battle efficiency competition. The service ribbon replaced the “E” patch previously sewn on the right sleeve of the enlisted naval uniform for rates/pay grades E-1 through E-6.

So you’re right. I enlisted in 1982, so I wasn’t aware of the patch thing.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

A few years ago, I heard about the “new” Battle E service ribbon and I asked about it on this site and wanted to know if I could replace the sleeve red E patch on my whites and the answer was negative since I was out and no longer active Navy in my mid 70’s at the time.


I’m sad to admit that the rating is unmistakable to me. Aviation Electronics Technician (AT).

I retired as an ATC

The ribbon looks like a Battle E.

Medals: Navy Achievement, Good Conduct, National Defense Service Medal, Marksman (looks like rifle but hard to tell, the picture’s too grainy – the only difference is the rifle has three green stripes (one down the center) and pistol only has the two on the edges).

Interestingly, he served long enough to have at least one good conduct and at least one Navy Achievement and he only has one ribbon on his rack? No sea service, no overseas service, no unit citations. My guess he was a P-3 or C-130 guy and never set foot on a ship.


My mother separated as an AT-3.


Or at least he hadn’t yet set foot on a ship at the time the phot was taken.

Presumably, this is not his retirement photo.


Jeff, I think that what he was…an Airdale…whateverever that is…

Still learning about the US Navy! My time on ships were “luxery ships..” I think one of them was the USS BlueRidge?

Does that sound right?


Airedale is the affectionate term used by surface sailors for the Naval Aviation wing.

Also known as “Brown Shoes”
Surface and Submarine sailors are “Black Shoes”

That started back in the early days of Naval Aviation. Aviators wore brown shoes and it stuck.

It applies to any sailor in Naval Aviation, including the ground crews as well as flight crews.

BTW: On the rating badges, all the aviation ratings have wings on either side of the rating symbol (the part in the middle between the eagle and the chevrons), so on the picture above, you can tell immediately he was an Airdale just from that.


I don’t use facebook so I’m not going to dig further and I’m not necessarily arguing with your points, but a couple of them can be countered:

Anyone who is drawing a disability check from the VA can call themselves a disabled veteran, even if they’re only rated 10% disabled. Also, there are plenty of disabilities that aren’t apparent to the casual observer.

I retired in 2003. December 31 of 2003. Plenty of time for me to be photographed doing sailor stuff the rest of the year.

Even after I retired, I worked for a government contractor on a Navy contract for many years after that. I wasn’t in uniform, but still hanging around with the same sailors I served with.


With that said, in October 2001 the Nimitz was in the process of transiting from the east coast to its new home port of San Diego California, so that one is extremely doubtful.

According to she pulled out the end of September and didn’t pull into San Diego until mid November (after a pit stop in Hawaii).

Not to mention the below fact that his picture shows no sea service ribbons at all. If he never did a deployment, why would he have been on the Nimitz? I suppose some sort of temporary duty is possible, but that would just be weird for that short a period and during a change of homeport. There may be an explanation, but that one makes my bs detector start clicking.


Thank You, Sailorcurt!

Learning alot!


This picture is not necessarily taken at the end of his time in service.

You can’t verify his service by a photo that may not capture all the awards of his service.

Wearing something he didn’t earn is one thing. Not wearing something he has not yet earned is quite another.


Good Point. I just assumed if he was using it on his profile that he’d use a picture toward the end of his service at his highest rank. That’s what I’d do if I had a facebook account, (which I don’t).

Now that you mention it, high year tenure for E-5 was 15 years in that era and AT’s were a dime a dozen…he wouldn’t have been able to get a waiver…so he wouldn’t have been able to retire at that rank.

So, the possibilities are that the photo is an older one as you theorized; he was medically retired at E-5 before he reached high year tenure; or he was less than forthcoming when claiming to be retired.

The bottom line is, nothing in his story is impossible, but several elements are not incredibly likely.



One of us draws a certain % disability…those years of making all those jumps outta a perfectly good airplane can wear the body out pretty good…We just don’t identify ourselves as “Disabled Veterans.”..

When we think of disabled veterans, we are thinking “disabled”, i.e. losing limbs, eyesights, burned, etc etc.

Tunnels To Towers, Wounded Warriors, Paralyzed Vets…again, we don’t think we are disabled veterans since we can still walk, drive a car, etc etc

Hope that makes sense.

Thank You!


I agree with you completely. My point was only that technically he can call himself that. Most self-respecting vets wouldn’t unless they were actually disabled, which speaks volumes to his honor if nothing else, but technically speaking, as long as he’s got a VA letter saying “X%” disabled, he’s not lying.

Pretty much anyone who served in an active role (other than, say, a personnelman, or clerk or something) for a full tour could probably qualify for 10% if they got evaluated by the VA.

I would never claim that shipboard life is anything comparable to ground combat (or even combat training), but there are aspects of it that are very hard on your body over time. I don’t know a single sailor who retired after 20+ years who isn’t on some level of VA disability.

Of course, based on the subject’s lack of deployment related ribbons, I have serious doubts that he ever set foot on a ship, so there’s that.


Thank You, Sailorcurt!

Yes technically he cn say he is a disabled Vet.

Those who never serve think “Disabled Vets” are in wheelchairs, served in Combat, was wounded in a war, etc etc

The ones that speak the loudest have emotional issues…either they are homeless, substance abuse to include consumption of food to be morbidly obese, lonely, i.e. Lone Wolf syndrome…

They always want attention…LOOK AT ME!

We are getting tired of these stories.

Why can’t we read GOOD stories about Veterans?

Anyone here remember Louis “Louie” Zamperini?


Watch the 2 movies about this Vet and the Hell he went thru or read the book “Unbroken..”

These “disabled veteran” stories these past 2 days? Those dudes still have their arms, legs, eyesight, hearing, etc.

Neither one of them saw combat. They both looked good 10-20 years ago…then all of the sudden, they are “Disabled”.

$$$ Talks. $$$$$.

The Love Of $$$ Is The Root Of All Evil.


Being homeless does not prevent you from having a $3000 vet bill for a beloved service dog.

You don’t have to “look” disabled to be disabled. Fuck you for thinking you do.

Disabled people can drink alcohol. They are even allowed to drink at bars.

Retiring in 2002 is not inconsistent with having also served in 2002.

Nothing about this guy is sus and he has not made any outlandish claims.

And attacking this vet to discredit him because he criticized a guy like Santos is fucked up, Ninja.


Valid points up until the assumption that Ninja’s motive was in defense of Santos (though I’ll argue that suspicion is warranted).

The sad reality is that there are far too many legitimate vets who use their service as a crutch. Jadedness is, unfortunately, apropos.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hate_me

Thank You, Hate_ Me.

You noticed we never said one word about Santos.

We are tired of folks using the term “Disabled Vets”… In a way, we are all Disabled, one way or another.

We agree that there are Vets out there that use their service as a Crutch.

The news media never researches the background on some of these Veterans or even why they left the Service.

Can’t make everyone happy on this Forum..

We still like Lars. It is obvious he enjoys TAH. Pretty Cool.

BTW, we miss our Buddy, LC. And ExPH2.

Thanks again!


I realize my comment was a bit ambiguously worded. By “suspicion is warranted,” I meant suspicion of this sailor, not your motives.

I do believe you’re reading a bit too much into his “fuck you” comment, though. It was crass but, assuming Commissar is the kind of vet who rides his own disability for all it’s worth, it wasn’t entirely uncalled for.

I’m certainly not proud of my VA disability rating, and I don’t advertise it – I certainly hope I look completely able-bodied to the casual observer (and am eternally grateful that that’s possible for me) when I’m at the bar/gym/wherever… but the idea of being called out for stolen valor by some overzealous busybody just because my jeans cover the scars… I can see where he’s coming from.

*not personally calling you an overzealous busybody – of all the folks here, you’re one of the most even-keeled; just trying to expound as far as my pickled brain can handle. Retirement is proving hell on the liver.


Thank You for the feedback…Much appreciate from both of us…!

All Sincere, no Sarc.




We are STILL smiling what you wrore…

“Retirement is proving hell on the liver.”


Thank You again!


Accusing me of riding my disability for all its worth is bullshit.

People should not go around assuming a vet is not disabled because “they don’t look disabled”. Ninja was wrong for accusing a vet of being fake.

Cancer is often disabling without external symptoms. So are several autoimmune diseases. Non paralyzing but serious spne or back injuries. Even organ diseases and failures are usually invisible until later stages. Hell, Alzheimer’s is invisible.

I only apply for the benefits I need to manage my disease. And I had to fight because my diagnosis took so long that I had tapped out my civilian medical coverage and proving service connection was more challenging. I was lucky that I had clearly reported symptoms of the my disease several times before leaving active duty.

It took seven years to get a diagnosis. And three to get it service connected. Destroyed my career, and the even career originally I had prepared for post retirement.


It was an assumption, not an accusation.


We are tired of folks using the term “Disabled Vets”… In a way, we are all Disabled, one way or another.

Totally. On TAH alone, nearly all vets are clearly mentally disabled! 😉

Been busy, read when I can, but write less. I was gonna send this story in if it wasn’t posted. Hope you’re doing great, ninja!


LC, refreshing to see you return.

You have been missed.

Yep. In a way, we ARE all Disabled in one form or another.

Thank You for posting. Hope you and your love ones are doing ok as well!

Post when you can! Take Care!



Welcome back. We didn’t even miss your verbose blather.


Well, this is interesting.

For quite some time, I constantly defended you on TAH.

I don’t think you want to fuck me. My husband would not like that, especially coming from someone young enough to be my Bilological Son.

One of us claims “disabilty”because of years of jumping ouuta planes. When you see us, you have no idea about our disabilities, because we dont make an issue of it.

I just lost my first cousin who lived for 61 years with Cerebral Palsy.

Did you look at the guy’s Facebook? Did you check him out?

So you are telling me that it is OK for a Dude to say “I am Homeless..” but asking for $3K for a dog to have surgery?

Wow. Remind me to never donate to charity anymore…or give to our local homeless shelter, where we not only donate, but also give our time to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

We also donate and help with animal shelters….Animals are innocent, just as the unborn are innocent.



You are defending this guy because he hates Trump.

We get it. That is your choice. I find no fault in that.

We are getting tired of seeing these stories about “Disabled Veterans.”…

Did we tell you that some of our friends are Vietnam POWs? One of them owes us a bottle of wine, because Army beat Navy. The POW went to the Naval Academy. My husband wen to West Point. I am an OCS graduate. We both were prior enlisted before getting Commissioned..How did you get Commissioned?

Ever talked to a POW on the hell they went thru? If so, who?

We have attended alot of Vietnam POW reunions and not ONE of them came across as Victims…We know inside they may be suffering…Mentally, Emotionally, etc.

He wants $$$$ from Santos. Have you read anywhere on TAH where we are defending Santos? Show me…

Yes, we know disabled folks go to bars and can alcohol. Remember those Vietnam POWs? My husband enjoys a glass of wine once in a while. He also likes a cold beer.



We still work and still pay Federal and State Taxes. We resent our tax dollars being used on folks abusing the system.

If you want to enable folks bad behavior, then go for it. In fact, you have the opportunity to give that Dude $3000 and buy that other Veteran a car, a wheel chair…

We still like you, Lars. I just don’t think my Husband would appreciate you “fucking” me…

So…Did you feel better telling me off? That is cool. We get it.


Your Friend, theninja😉


BTW, Lars, we bet if this Navy Dude was a Trump supporter, you would be all over him…


You know what I say is true…Come On…Admit It…



Nope, and there is better odds than a coin flip he was. White, male, his age, and veteran…solid Trump demo.


You are right. I apologize.

I was pissed off at the accusation of a vet of being fake because your evidence is very weak.

Saying “he doesn’t look disabled” really pissed me off.

It took seven years to diagnosis my disease, almost nine from the onset of symptoms but I waited two years to seek help after I was sure it was not stress, sleep issues, or merely mental health.

During that seven years as my disease kicked my ass, I would repeatedly get told “you don’t look sick”. And malingering rumors were swirling. Without I diagnosis I was not sick, and since there was nothing outwardly obvious (there was but people didn’t see it for what it was) people would just assume my reported symptoms were not real.

Even after diagnosis my treatment has risks so it needs to be supervised by a doctor. Which requires fairly frequent medical appointments.I am still dealing with the “why do you have so many medical appointments, you don’t look sick?” Questions and implicit suspicions.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Yep there’s too much of that questioning these days….some people are obvious shirkers, others not so much…in my company our policy is to believe our employees, we excuse them as they tell us is necessary for their treatment. We do require a doctor’s note when extended absence is required and we keep that information entirely within the HR bubble to avoid any issues. Supervisor’s are told just enough to understand there will be some Family Medical Leave or extra days off required…

The military still stigmatizes too much of that reality I think…they and we as a society equate ignoring these things as toughness when instead it’s just a ticket to an early grave in my experience…

Two of my younger brothers are dead because they were “tough” guys who ignored their bodies warning signs of illness when it could have been treatable…it’s a stupid way to end up dead.

Be well and I hope your treatment brings you needed relief.


AMEN on what you wrore, VOV.


Thank You for sharing…



We are being sincere. Not sarc.

You don’t have to apologize…

Sometimes what we write does not come out how we think, especially on a Blog.

There are folks out there that never served and when they hear or read “Disabled Veteran”, their perception of that Veteran may be those troops featured in Wounded Warriors, Tunnels To Towers. Heck, when one of our sons was younger, he thought every Vietnam Vet had long hair tied in a ponytail, wore cammies, were homeless, poor, etc.

We had to educate him fast. If you have the chance, please read “Stolen Valor”.

We have several Vietnam Vets, Boots on the Ground Vets here on TAH…We know they don’t look like that or are homeless, drug addicts, etc.

It just seems that some folks may be abusing the system. We have seen it too many times. It’s folks such as them who paint a “bad” picture of Veterans.



We understand about not looking sick.

One of us is getting Disability pay. You and I know serving our Country can take a huge toll on our bodies and minds.

We just don’t share with others our disabilities. We don’t look “sick” as well.

It seems as if the news media milks a story about “Disabled Vets”.

Have you ever read a news article about POWs from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, DS, etc? They are never addressed as “Disabled Vets”…and yet, common sense tells you they are.

It would be nice to hear good stories about Veterans. We found a story about a DAV who helped one of their own.

You do know what Louis Zamperini did after he returned?

He is our Hero.



We hope you feel better with your treatments as well. We want the best for everyone, Vet or Non Vet.

We have TAHers here that may have not “served”, but they have family that did. We have a Gold Star Mom. Being a Veteran does not make one any better or special than others. We have family who were LEOs, Firefighters, First Responders, etc etc…they have physical disabilities because of their jobs…and some of the things they witnessed or had to do, I can’t imagine. My Brother was a LEO…another Cousin was a Firefighter and we found out later he was treated for emotional trauma because he tried to get 2 children out of a burning house and was sucessful, but did not live.

As shared, my 61 year old cousin managed his severe CP…my Aunt took care of him all those years and 3 months after her son, my cousin died, she was killed in a car accident. Her other son is that Firefighter. This all took place in the last 4 months.



Anyway, Thank You for sharing, Commissar.

Again, we really hope you feel better these days. We all have our Demons. None of us are perfect. We aren’t.

We hope you continue to post, ok? Please just next time, please tell us to Go Pound Sand…😉 Seriously. “F” is reserved for our Jonn, our very own Chipster and others…

Take Care!


Lars is an admin sock puppet trotted out to get everybody all worked up. Can’t believe nobody has moved on from that invisible guy. Invent somebody new eventually? Probably not. Too hard.

Last edited 1 year ago by W2

Well, if he is invented, then went to an awful lot of trouble creating him.


Interesting theory. How we do know you aren’t an admin sock puppet? Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?


Yes, cuz time is so relative. Einstein said so, and reportedly proved it.

He’s right, though. If he was a sock puppet, he wouldn’t be so verbose and easily triggered.


If I was an invented sock puppet I would say what I have to say in fewer words.

Nobody wants to type essay replies in response to social media comments.

Not even me, I just have compulsivity and impulse control issues.

Last edited 1 year ago by Commissar

“Not even me, I just have compulsivity and impulse control issues.”

Thank You for being Open and Honest.

Hope you feel better!


“Nobody wants to type essay replies in response to social media comments”.

I’m not pointing a finger at you Commissar, but we’ve all seen proof otherwise. There are some outlandish essayists here.


Shots fired.


The ninjafamily is One Of Those Essay Writers!!



Welcome back.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

When I look at his Facebook page the first thing I notice is that there are no posts for the entirety of the last year…a couple years ago there was another fund raiser for a dog’s eyes(Sapphire) at $2k with the other fundraiser of $3k apparently for a different dog(Ruby) in 2016 which is the Santos incident…so this guy either has a habit of getting animals he can’t afford to care for or he’s a full of shit scammer himself who uses dogs to generate a few thousand in cash to supplement his income from time to time…

In the posts from 2016 there is a barrage of requests for money, and then a post claiming he had all the money needed for the dog’s operation and then nothing more about the dog for the remainder of the year…so one wonders why none of the promised updates about the dog’s condition, the dates of the surgery etc.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

He posted nothing after the post claiming he had all the funds stating he’d been ripped off, which is odd since he seems to have been posting about every thing in the entire world that pissed him off on his social media pages…nothing about anyone taking the money and keeping him from getting his dog’s operation.

It’s an interesting note that he never mentions the dog again in those posts after getting the money…the dog might have died during the operation, or died without an operation or who knows what…but the simple fact he never again mentions what happened seems off…

Santos is a liar, this guy might be one as well…and none of that would surprise me…in a nation filled with liars two more is not news sadly.


We were a bit puzzled on what he posted on his Facebook as well about his dog.

And now this about Santos and his Mom:

“George Santos says his mom was in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Records show she wasn’t in the U.S.
The congressman said on his website that his mother was in the South Tower during the Sept. 11 attacks. Newly obtained records indicate she was living in Rio de Janeiro at the time”

Hack Stone

She was at the World Trade Center. She fled alongside Chelsea Clinton.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just like how Hillary dodged Sniper Fire in Bosnia!


Will he is a scammer and grifter. So he should fit right in.


Rancid douchebaggery… still say he’ll change to Democrat shortly as the club has benefits.

Hack Stone

If this Congress gig doesn’t work out for him, he can always head on down to Merritt Island Florida. He is definitely All Points Logistics Material.


I know the new Speaker was making political deals to secure his position, but it’s asinine that they’re giving this turd committee positions. He should be getting drummed out.


Wait a second….. you are saying there was fraud on a Go Fund Me Page? That a lying Politician was involved?

Oh,The Humanity! This is just like crazy talk.


Say it ain’t so, Ethel! Hold my beer while I clutch some pearls. THE HORROR!

Seems like we have an embellisher calling out a liar. Got it. And now, the spapos seagull is back. Great! /s/ I was a little better off with the inherwebz down. Came back up and his personal attacking foul mouthed came back too. It would be interesting for that keyboard commando to meet up with a REAL Combat Vet in the form of Mr. ninja in person. I believe I could sell a buncha tickets to that event.


I’ll take two!



Glad to see you back, KoB…You Were Missed!

We keep trying to hint/tell folks that there are 2 members of the ninja family, i.e. Mr and Mrs ninja who comments on TAH….

Commissar just picked the wrong ninja to say FO….😏

Anyway, we still like Commissar… He’s the same as the rest of us, i.e. we all have our Good Days…We all have our Bad Days, so it is cool…

We hope he returns…and if he wants to get something off his chest, we just recommend using a different language when writing….

How do you say “FO” in German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese….??? 🤭

Forgive us, Lord…We already know…It’s called Pound Sand or Kiss My Grits…😉


Happy Birthday, Bobby Lee !!!! 🎂🎈

Who will win the Super Bowl this year? We predict the Georgia Bulldogs….😁




Good to be back, ninja, the struggle was reelz. I wuz having TAH withdrawals and couldn’t do the FGS hunt to help out our Beloved AW1Ed. You know that’s about the only reason he tolerates me.

Spapos needs to learn to read for comprehension. I figured out YEARS ago while just lurking and you were using another screen name that (a) you were female and (b) your husband was a vet also. It wasn’t rocket surgery and I was so bright that my Mama called me son. I can always tell when spapos is off his meds.

Regimental Dining In for Marse Robert this evening. BBQ Dinner on the Grounds Saturday for Old Blue Fire. 2 of the greatest Military Leaders EVAH.  🇸🇴 

Dawgs could win the Stupid Bowl or at the very least give a damn good showing.

Army Beat Navy/Roll Tide Roll/Heaven Blessed The Dawgs.



We know Aw1Ed Loves Us….We just need to challenge him and Mick to a Volleyball Match..

(We found our names on that Duty Roster…😉)

Speaking of Mick: Where are you, Buddy?

Where is Roh-Dog?

After I initially commented to you, I read what Commissar wrote. It is all ok. We still like him…

Yep, the King Of Battle always picks up on things…Y’All have to. Course, Hubby is Queen of Battle and served as Crossed Rifles for over 30 years and I did go to Benning’s Schools For Boys…and I HAD to pick a Combat Arms Branch.

I chose FA. My other female classmates chose ADA. I physically did not qualify for FA, so went another Branch. Yes, ar that time,there were one or two FA slots that the Army thought Females could serve in. I think they changed their minds. I did, however, ventured out to Fort Sill a number of times. Trying to remember that Hole In A Wall restaraunt outside the base..



Please enjoy your time tonight and Saturday…Sadly, there will always others who thought different of Bobby Lee just because he was on a different side.

Proud of The Dawgs…Nick just needs to get back into the swing of things…before you know it, Fall will be here, cuz time goes by fast when one gets older!

Commissar is a Fellow Vet. We need to take care of one another since it seems as if there is a group that WANTS to divide our Nation….and we ain’t talking about Elephants..


Your Mom and Dad did a great job raising Y’All. We know you miss them. Please tell Baby Sis “Hi!”



I also celebrate Gen. Lee’s birthday, as most of my re-enacting was wearing the gray and riding under the Starry Cross. Although, I was eclectic about it. I rode mostly for the 1st Va. Cavalry, but was 7th Michigan in the movie, “Gettysburg,” and started and ended my mounted cavalry service as a Yankee.


We remember you sharing about being in “Gettysburg”, the Movie..That is still so cool!

You are so lucky that you did those re-actments. Now we know why you are so knowledgeable about horses and working with horses. So much work goes into those events…We have always admire folks such as yourself who participated…and still happy to see others attend.

Thank You for celebrating his Birthday with us.



A love hate relationship. ‘Ed loves to hate us when that Merciless Task Mistress DA Form 6 assigns our names to do our duty in all things.

Mick will be on station NLT the WOT. He may be off spending his consultant $ from That Documentary that shall remain unnamed. I miss -Dog, too. Hope he shows back up.

It takes all of us to “This We’ll Defend”. I may not agree with what one says, but will defend their right to say it.

Every smart infuntree dood wants to hook up with Gun Bunnies. What I remember most about Sill was hanging out at Geronimo’s Grave. And the cold wind whipping thru the no trees to be found.

The Tide will Roll back in.

Being the middle child I learned from the mistakes of others…and that co-operation was doing it Mama’s and Papa’s way and being darn quick about it.

All the Mother Hens looking after this Old Dog sez “Hi!” back atcha



“A Union that can only be maintained by swords and bayonets has no charm for me. If the Union is dissolved and government disrupted, I shall return to my native state and share the miseries of my people, and save in defense will draw my sword on none.”

RE Lee January 1861


KoB wrote:

“It takes all of us to “This We’ll Defend”. I may not agree with what one says, but will defend their right to say it.”




jeff LPH 3 63-66

Santos is just trying to keep up with what the demoRATS do so to me it’s no big deal. No what I mean jellybean


Santos is a grifter and not a particularly good liar. Given what we can infer from his moral compass do any seriously think he’s going to resign?

What is vastly entertaining is watching the other politicians twist themselves into pretzels reaching for the moral high ground.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

IMHO he’s a 24K snotweasel of a grifter who has never come across a con game he didn’t like, I hope he bursts into flames the next time he takes a shit!

Green Thumb

I can only imagine All-Points Logistics is involved…..

Green Thumb

The GOP should show some guts and kick this loser to the curb.

Put politics aside for a moment and set the example.

Hold the fucking moral high ground for once.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I like how you think, if only more felt the same way.


“Hold the fucking moral high ground for once.”

We do. The problem is that due to the Democrats’ tolerance for wrongdoing, the moral high ground is a short, rotting stump in the middle of the political swamp… 🙄 

A Proud Infidel®™

Santos does seem tame when compared to the likes of “Lieawatha” Warren and “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal.


You might have thought this story couldn’t get any weirder. You would be wrong.


There’s been a lot of discussion on this thread as to what constitutes a service-connected disability. Ol’ Poe bets there are a number of you, like him, that have the only service-acquired physical disability that can rob you of the full enjoyment of many of life’s pleasures and routinely get you yelled at by family, friends and even total strangers.

Know what it is?
Hearing loss… 😉 

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I have asymmetrical hearing loss as the result of a tumor. However, I let it work for me. When my wife yells at me, I point my bad ear at her. 🤣