State politician accused of stolen valor is assigned to veterans committee.

| January 16, 2023

Meme based on Clyde Shaver’s campaign commercial showing his Navy uniform. (Twitter)

Remember Clyde Shavers? We talked about him here and here. He subsequently won his election and joined the ranks of the Democrats in Washington’s state legislature. He has been assigned to the veteran’s committee for the chamber he was elected to. Shavers claimed to be a submarine officer when his records indicated that he served in public affairs instead.

From the Post Millennial:

Democrats in the Washington Legislature have appointed one of their members who lied about his military history—other details of his background in order to win an election— to the chamber’s veterans’ committee.

It was revealed during his campaign to become a member of the Washington State House, that Clyde Shavers claimed to have served aboard a submarine but had in fact served in the Navy’s public affairs office.

Shavers also claimedhe [sic] was an attorney, but has not passed the Washington state bar exam.

According to the Lynnwood Times, Shavers’ father Brett who made the falsehoods public also alleged that Clyde “exaggerated his mother’s immigration status, has not experienced homelessness, did not grow up in a farming family and does not reside in the 10th Legislative District” all of which his son had claimed.

After the falsehoods became public, the Everett Herald Editorial Board yanked their endorsement of the Democratic candidate, but Democratic PACs continued to pour money into the campaign.

After the allegations went public, Shavers deleted his social media accounts.

According to Washington state law, if Shavers resigned, Democrats could pick a successor to finish his term. However, no Democrats have called for the freshman representative to resign, and instead he has been assigned to multiple House committees including Vice Chair of the Education committee and is a member of the Capital Budget committee as well as the Innovation, Community & Economic Development, and Veterans committee.

Comparisons have been drawn locally to New York Republican Congressman George Santos who lied about almost every aspect of his background. Republicans and Democrats alike have called for the congressman to set down, yet Washington Democrats continue to remain silent on Shavers.

The Post Millennial has more on this story.

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With Democrats its actually required to falsify most of your background. That is why they get so upset when other parties do it to. It’s their badge of honor. No matter if they are pretending to be Native American or submarine officer.

Daisy Cutter


I know many people that were Native American submarine officers.

It’s kind of a thing.



Absolutely, President Biden for one. He is Native American through his Puerto Rican background. And Hunter was in the Navy, making Joe an honorary Submarine Captain. You are probably aren’t aware but Biden’s other son was killed in Iraq. Which is why he gave a Purple Heart to his Great Uncle long after he was dead.

You might want to say it starts at the top. Certainly if no one will call out the blatant out and out lies told by The Great Leader, everyone else is just going to try to keep up, in hopes that they too can be president.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC
jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wish the best for REP. Santos and hope he doesn’t leave because of his so called lies, or is it only demoRATS are allowed to lie. I see a double standard here.


The people controlling the puppet strings have grown tired of Joe’s bumbling and may likely have trouble keeping his medications straight. Joe’s having more moments of anger, forgetfulness, and telling stories from the “dream world” going on inside his head. All signs point to late-stage dementia or Alzheimers, and controlling it is becoming impossible. Anyone who’s ever dealt with a family member who’s gone through this can see it from a mile away.

Your pointer will be when they let Joe get out there more and more only to do himself in.


Can we ever be sure he wasn’t always like this? His lies go back his whole career to his college plagiarism.


He used to be smart enough to copy off of smarter people.

Green Thumb

Contact All-Points Logistics and as for Phil Monkress.

He would be,in my mind anyway, the resident expert on these matters.


Every time the man opens his mouth a Grandpa Simpson story comes out

Green Thumb

It’s a “Phildo” thing.

AW1 Rod

Sure. Why not? Honesty and integrity aren’t beneficial to politicians. These cockbags can lie openly, knowing that the Idiot Electorate will vote for them, anyway.


Going by the last national (s)election, the (s)electorate has no problem with lying, embellishing, self serving scum to be (s)elected to the highest orifice in the nation. Has this individual had a full block of instruction on kid sniffing? If so, he is a shoe in to be (s)elected.


Okay when Democrats do it. Again.


Further proof D-rats will support anyone to retain power.


Party before country, integrity and basic sense, comrade! Or you’re “racist”!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Wasn’t even a close shave for Shavers whom as most demoRATS are allowed to lie without anyone saying anything. When I was a little shaver, I never lied or risked a spanking or my mouth washed out with a bar of soap.. Had the bar of soap deal from Mom for using a curse word and that was it.


You’re lucky you didn’t get soap poisoning.


And go blind

Green Thumb

Another graduate of the All-Points Logistics School of Executive Management.


Is it true he mentored under Da Nang Dick?