Clyde Shavers, a veteran that Republicans are attacking

| November 7, 2022

“What kind of people would lie about a veteran’s service?” This question showed up on a New Direction PAC campaign advertisement supporting Clyde Shavers. A website, “” states, “Republicans are smearing the record of a man who has served our country.”

From the Post Millennial:

After the letter went public, the Herald’s Editorial Board said in an article revoking their endorsement of Shavers and endorsing his opponent, “Regarding the misrepresentations, Shavers indicated on a state Public Disclosure Commission form and in campaign literature that he works as an attorney; however, Shavers, while he has graduated law school and has worked for a law firm, has not passed the Washington state bar exam, a qualification that the editorial board believes is necessary to make that claim.”

“Shavers also made statements to the editorial board and in campaign literature that he had served aboard a submarine while in the Navy, before transferring to a public affairs office; however, while he completed some training for submarine certification, he switched to public affairs.”

“Because of these misrepresentations, and the questions they raise regarding Shavers’ integrity, the editorial board must rescind its recommendation that voters support Shavers for the state Legislature. Candidates for public office, because of the trust that is required to represent the interests of the residents of one’s district and the state, must be held to a high standard regarding the veracity of their record and their positions. Shavers has violated that trust.”

According to the Lynnwood Times, Shavers’ father Brett also alleged that Clyde “exaggerated his mother’s immigration status, has not experienced homelessness, did not grow up in a farming family, and does not reside in the 10th Legislative District” all of which his son had claimed.

In the letter, Brett wrote, “The things he’s saying are not accurate, if not misleading. He’s saying he’s the son of a marine, son of a police officer, son of an immigrant, so it’s if he’s using our credibility to validate his statements. We’ve asked him not to embellish or lie constantly but he just continues. The letter is just a last resort [for Clyde] to please make better decisions.”

Since the revelations about Shavers, more details about his background have been called into question. According to the Center Square, “On Shavers’ website, he claims that he was “compelled to establish the Yale Coalition to End Homelessness.” However, The Center Square could find no source to prove it exists.”

The outlet reported that Yale University has worked with the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, which was founded in 1982 and the Yale Hunger and “Homelessness Action Project is a student-run youth homeless shelter that was founded almost 50 years ago, according to the project’s website. As yet, no data is available to show Shavers’ involvement with either program.”

Additionally, The Lynnwood Times obtained Shavers’ Naval files and verified that Shavers was never a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer as he claimed.

Despite the revelations, New Direction PAC, an independent spending committee that is funded mostly by Democratic Party and labor-union contributions, claimed on their website and in a new mailing obtained by The Post Millennial that Republicans are smearing Shavers. So far the PAC has spent approximately $250,000 so far this year promoting him.

The Post Millennial has additional information here. The pro Shavers website provides a pro Clyde Shavers spin.

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone is pretty sure that his opponent is not questioning if he graduated from the Nuclear Power School, but whether he completed all of the requisite training and served in a billet as a crew member of nuclear submarine.

Props to his PAC that was able to split the hairs with their qualifying statement. Any chance that Shavers went 40 days without a shower like fellow embellisher JR Majewski?


Likely the last officer on his crew to qualify at prototype. Someone may have whispered in his ear that an alternate path may be in the best interest of the Navy. While I do appreciate the candidate’s denial that he never claimed to be submarine officer and this is all a smear campaign, I do wonder when UNICEF joined up with the Republican Party.


You mean the Democrat Party, right? I used to refuse to put coins in those UNICEF cardboard boxes the kids used to carry around. I want NOTHING to do with the UN.


No, I already figure D’s are connected at the hip to UNICEF. But since the R’s are accused of taking things out of context and UNICEF uses those exact same words, then it ‘must’ be they are working in cahoots to smear this poor misunderstood person.

Just sayin

When your father outs you as a liar, you ain’t got much left. Especially when your Dad is a Marine and retired Police Officer.


You know you f*cked up when your parents put out a public statement that you’re lying.


Yea, that’s pretty crazy, stupid, and all public and stuff. Must of had a spectacular ‘You done messed up C-Lyde’ moment somewhere. I mean what’s to embellish? “I graduated the Naval Academy, I started out in the Submarine Officer pipeline, but switched to PAO to expand my passion for Public Speaking and Politics, I got out as a LT O3, oh and I graduated Yale Law school. I plan on taking the bar next year after the elections when I settle into my newly elected position…” There’s no Fing argument there. Easily defended, too. And how many non military/non-bubbles know the difference, or care, anyway? Guessing he went Full R or something that made his Pops flip out. Anyway, there was no need to embellish anything. Especially something so unnecessary (at least to this Marine) as to claim canoe boat driver when you could easily pass that off as a voluntary career move that most people (not TAH people, because, well, TAH people) would believe. If his Pops don’t trust the Fk I don’t either

Daisy Cutter

There is a common technique when it comes to military claims that have been questioned.

Not saying this is the case with Shavers personally, but others tend to create a false, straw man argument.

For instance – if someone questions whether someone was a sniper, they claim that it was about whether they served or not, which was never in question to begin with. It works, however, with people that were not close to the controversy.

Remember ol’ Les Brown? May he Rot in Peace.


“May he Rot in Peace.”

You misspelled Pieces 😏 


About like this?

Green Thumb

No Les, No more.

I wonder if he was buried at All-Points Logistics?

Hack Stone

The All Points Logistics cafeteria features Les Brown Chili, in order to raise awareness for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


There’s a joke in there somewhere…

Daisy Cutter

Les Brown Chili – sprinkled with ol’ Les’ ashes… so he can tear dat a$$ up one more time.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter
Green Thumb

I bet you could substitute it as a side dish as opposed to the usual side of lies.


Hey, I was a sniper once and by sniper I mean that I held a sniper slot for about 6 months, never went to sniper school, and never so much as even touched a sniper rifle.

Hack Stone

Whoever drafted that flyer should reach out to All Points Logistics and do some of their magic for Phil Monkress.

pookysgirl, WC wife

I kind of like the face scar they “accidentally” gave Gilday. Makes him look like a badass.

Green Thumb

Surprised Phil Monkress is not stumping for this clown.


I was on a submarine…
Okay, I wasn’t a nuke boat…
Okay, it wasn’t even one of ours…
I was Royal Navy diesel boat that you get a walk through docked at Port Canaveral when I was a kid


By that standard, I was a Helo pilot when I was a kid, it cost me to, bunches of nickels, but it’s seared into my memories, those that are left!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Me too, I piloted a helo in the Nathans hot dog restaurant game room


And I was a tanker– got the high score on Battlezone, by gum!


Worthless in reality, of course… but the 3D graphics were bitchin’ for 25 cents when I was a kid.
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

ME: I was on a WW2 submarine.
‘NOTHER PERSON: You were born after WW2.
ME: But I was on the submarine. It’s docked in North Little Rock.


phfft! *spit* I served on CSS Hunley, the FIRST (ht 2 Hack Stone) Submarine to sink a Combatant Ship. I was the only surviving crew member. My shipmates died in my arms.

Okay, full disclosure since some of you may wanna question a Gun Bunny on a sub. The torpedo spar had an explosive artillery shell on it.

My die cast scale model of CSS Hunley, I gave to Son-in-Law who WAS the Tea Kettle Operator on USS Hartford and USS Wyoming. I kept the tee shirt of the full scale replica of CSS Hunley Tour.


I was once on a U-boat. Flew on a B-17 too. Thank me for my service.


I, also, have been on a WWII Submarine.

Sure, it was the U-505 at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago, but still–. / s


Come to think of it so have I. It was in Boston Harbor back
in the 50’s/60’s and I was Cub Scout or maybe a superhero
or something like that. But still……


My being able to be on it was for our 8th grade trip.

Back in the Stone Age, my school in West Hog Flats Indiana took their kids on field trips once a year. The 7th grade trip was to the Natural History Museum and the 8th grade trip was to the Science & Industry.

Later on, while a member of the schools FFA Chapter, we all put on our blue jackets and went once a year to Chi-Town for the International Livestock Exposition at the stockyards.

Last edited 1 year ago by Claw
jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wonder how many of the U-505 crew members are still alive and if so, do they still have reunions at the sub with surviving crew members of the US Navy.


I took a short cruise on the Nautilus in 1968. At Disneyland. That counts, right?


And I was on a diesel sub as a serving army officer …. in uniform!

Well … it flew the Rising Sun flag; it and two other subs were tied up on a pier next to the Akizuki Ammunition Depot in Kure, where I was conducting a command inspection for the commander of the 17th Area Support Group. I think the only reason they let me aboard was because I was wearing the Class A uniform.

Not my photo, but representative of my experience.


Welp, I served as an Army officer aboard a Nasty PT boat in Da Nang in 1971. But only for about 20 minutes while getting a tour of the RVN Navy Sea Commando base operated by MACVSOG.

Hack Stone

Then you went surfing.

Back when Hack was doing one of the Cobra Gold exercises, he would be on the advanced party to set up the comm. That’s when Hack channeled Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore when he would say “Charlie don’t surf the internet.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I put in a request to volunteer for Swift Boats and E6 Gunners Mate Smitty comes up to me and says I don’t think that this is for you kid. At the time of the request, I was AJ fucking squared away after being shit canned from R & M Divisions and found my home in A Gang (Auxilary Div) so Smitty probally thought that I was still a fuck up and didn’t want me to sink any Swift Boats. Speaking of Danag, My ship was in the harbor and their was agent orange in the drinking water coming from a barge. Over a hundred crew members have a medical problem with the product.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was on one too but not assigned to one. We were berthed on pier 12 (LPH 3) Norfolk NOB when a smoke boat berthed on the other side of the pier due to full berthing at the D&S piers, so at chow time I asked permmision to come aboard and was given the 50 cents tour of the Sub. Also went aboard a most likely guppy sub in Baltimore’s inner harbor while attending the Firehouse magazine convention back in the early 90’s.


Dang Jeff, I went to that expo around the same time (before the expo pulled out because Baltimore had become an un-livable hellhole).. wonder if we were there the same year..

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We went when it started around 1993 or so and went for a number of years. After the riots and burning down the homes it was moved to I believe Tenn and now they are somewhere else. Remember Hooters. Dennis Smith passed away a few months ago (report from eng. 42 Author). I subscribe to Fire Engineering magazine and online plus FF Close calls and the city where the convention is held is always mentioned. Nice rope rescue the other day in Manhatten.


Having grown up as a Marine Corps brat, I am familiar with many customs of the Naval Service. I drove home to South Carolina from Oklahoma City one year at Christmas. The day after arriving my mother told me my cousin, a sailor homeported at Mayport had gotten a 96 hour pass and asked if I’d drive down and pick him up. It was only about 3-1/2 hours so I did. In those days he was a GSM-2 on a frigate. He came up stayed with us a couple days and I drove him back down.

When we arrived he asked if I’d like to see the ship, I said sure and we proceeded to mosey up the ramp and I asked permission come aboard etc, as the flag was illuminated I saluted it. My cousin was 5 years older than I but joined the Navy after I had commisioned. He told they young sailor manning the ECP or whatever squids call it he was going to show me around. And we head off to the engineering spaces after I showed him my ID card.


The OOD was in his cabin, and there may have been a little lack of adult supervision at the ECP at 2345. A month prior I had gotten my 4 year undocumented misconduct award and been promoted to Captain USAF. So Tim is showing me around and before long a Chief (of some sorts) tracked us down. He checked my ID and wished me a good night. Tour complete I left and proceeded home.

Apparently, later there was a learning event about the difference between a Captain O3 and a Captain O6 and a clue might be if the individual didn’t look old enough to shave (an exageration). The young sailor had reported that an unknown Captain was touring the engineering spaces.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Engineers in my day were called Snipes named after Chief Snipe from the coal days. The boiler room coal sailors were the bottom of the food chain with no input untill the Chief had the men stop feeding the boilers and had the ship come to a stop. I would call it a mutiny but after everything was over, the boiler tenders became like everyone else and had a say and ratings. Thats where the name snipe came from. Can be googled. Called the Engineerinf Dept.


I flew over a submarine once upon a time.

Daisy Cutter

I once commanded a submarine but took on heavy damage in the heat of battle. I had to scuttle it. Then, as I watched it slip beneath the waves, a strange sound pierced the air…

“Daisy! Get out of that bathtub before you’re nothing but a giant prune.”

Anna Puma

Walter Mitty has nothing on this guy. Nor does Baron von Munchausen. He’s just so Fabulist.


Yeah, but Shavers is weak sauce compared to the GOAT of embellishment:




Back when cartoons were good


Yes; quite.



Green Thumb

I wonder if the All-Points Logistics Super Phildo PAC is contributing to the cause?

The All-Points Logistics Super Phildo PAC is a non-partisan PAC that supports political posers.

Hack Stone

From the Post Millennial:

The PAC doubled down on the lies and accused his opponent’s “backers” of “attacking an American veteran in a mailer that was sent out after the revelations went public. In the latest mailer, Shavers wrote “Greg Gilday and his fat-cat supporters launched a last-minute political attack on Clyde’s service to win an election,” adding that Gilday had “some nerve attacking an American veteran.”

So, if you have veteran status no one is allowed to question your words, actions or motives? Good to know, that could come in handy.


Damn, I am unleashed! Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!


Like I said in the other thread I was happy to vote against this turd.


Do it Chicago-style! Vote early, vote often. 🤣

Green Thumb

Clyde Shavers has that Phil Monkress quality.


So, he’s a Phildo-sical dude? But, the $64,000 question, does he look all felonious and shit?

Green Thumb

I do not know about being felonious, but he does look Philonious.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

As I mentioned once before, when Shavers was 5 years old, he was a little shaver.

Daisy Cutter

“Little Shaver” was a common term back in the day. I’m thinking the younger folks may not get that reference, but those of us long in the tooth certainly do.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

YUP and i’ll never see 76 again. Where did the time go.


No irony in the mailer at all.


I still say that this case is ripe for the appearance of a Sock Puppet or two.

I hope that we won’t be disappointed.


He doesn’t have to keep the fake up forever. Just for two more days – he can “clarify” things after the election.

Hack Stone

At that point, what difference would it make?




Welp, I was wrong about him waiting until after the election to “walk this back.” Either bad polling or a bad focus group: He’s a democrat – no way he’s doing this for the ethics of the thing.

Candidate issues apology after father alleged he lied about credentials –

Hack Stone

Should we be holding our breath for JR Majewski to follow suit?


Going to NPS and prototype doesn’t guarantee becoming a submarine officer, even if one volunteers. Only going to SOBC and then to a boat does.
But we enlisted nukes were lucky in as far as we didn’t have to go to Sub School after prototype. The reasoning was after 18-24 months in the training pipeline, it would be a waste of money to give us an 8-week vacation before hitting the fleet.