Another Politician Accused of Stolen Valor

| November 3, 2022

A politician has lost the endorsement of an editorial board over allegations that he fabricated some aspects of his and his father’s military background.

Clyde Shavers, a Democratic candidate for the Washington state legislature, had his endorsement pulled by the Everett Herald Editorial Board and they threw their support behind his incumbent opponent – Republican Rep. Greg Gilday – after it was revealed that Shavers, the challenger, allegedly fabricated parts of his military record and lied about being a lawyer.

This story is just breaking so we don’t have all the detail of Shavers’ military service to help confirm or deny, but it appears that many folks felt confident that he took some liberty with the facts – enough to pull their endorsement.

According to the article, Clyde Shavers was called out by his very own father…

STOLEN VALOR: Washington state Democrat candidate loses endorsement after allegedly lying about military service

“The things he’s saying are not accurate, if not misleading. He’s saying he’s the son of a marine, son of a police officer, son of an immigrant, so it’s if he’s using our credibility to validate his statements.”

NEWS ANALYSIS  |  Nov 2, 2022

The Everett Herald Editorial Board yanked their endorsement of Democratic candidate for the Washington legislature, Clyde Shavers, and threw their support behind his incumbent opponent Republican Rep. Greg Gilday, after it was revealed that the challenger fabricated parts of his military record and lied about being a lawyer.

In a statement to The Post Millennial, Washington State House Minority Leader JT Wilcox said, “House Democrats and allies have spent more than $800k (reported) on Clyde Shavers (10th LD) behalf and when final numbers are reported it will likely go over $1M. He worked for the WA Democratic Party and he has been widely touted by WA House Democrats, especially by Dave Paul” another Democratic member of the legislature.

The Herald’s Editorial Board said in an article revoking their endorsement of Shavers and endorsing his opponent, “Regarding the misrepresentations, Shavers indicated on a state Public Disclosure Commission form and in campaign literature that he works as an attorney; however, Shavers, while he has graduated law school and has worked for a law firm, has not passed the Washington state bar exam, a qualification that the editorial board believes is necessary to make that claim.”

“Shavers also made statements to the editorial board and in campaign literature that he had served aboard a submarine while in the Navy, before transferring to a public affairs office; however, while he completed some training for submarine certification, he switched to public affairs.”

“Because of these misrepresentations, and the questions they raise regarding Shavers’ integrity, the editorial board must rescind its recommendation that voters support Shavers for the state Legislature. Candidates for public office, because of the trust that is required to represent the interests of the residents of one’s district and the state, must be held to a high standard regarding the veracity of their record and their positions. Shavers has violated that trust.”

Wilcox added, “It was all based on a series of lies that were exposed by an anguished father who couldn’t bear to see the lies stand.”

Kudos to Dad, but things are bound to be uncomfortable around the Thanksgiving table.

Many of the claims are still on Clyde Shavers’ campaign site, so you may want to read them for yourself before they change or are taken down.

Meet Clyde

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He served on a submarine before switching to public affairs.

Probably servicing all the O-bangers in the wardroom to get his quals done but he still came up short.

Now all he is a lying non-qual puke piece of shit.


No, he made that up about being on subs.

Hack Stone

Did he go down on seamen?


Swallowed some like the Bermuda Triangle…


C’mon…PAO not Qualified in Submarines?
JD in Law but not passing the bar?
6 of one and half dozen of another.
I guess he took his cues for Ole Pedo Joe…
His son Beau was in the Army (actually National Guard), and he was in Iraq, and he did die so…
His Beau died while serving in the Army in Iraq.
See how easy that is,


Don’t sugar coat it, Senior. Tell us how you really feel.


40 years ago, I left the submarine service as a 3364 Nuke Chief Petty Officer with something under 13 years in.

This kid really pisses me off because he is continuing a Democrat politician tradition of making false claims about his military service and because I was born and raised in Chelan, Washington. He reflects badly on the Naval Service and on my home state, and both of those issues are unforgivable.

But, nope. He didn’t even make it to non-qual puke before he bailed into a permanent shore berth.


Embellished his Navy service. Lawyer-ish. In the Pacific Northwest. *puts on glasses* Oh thankyoubabyjeebus for a second there I thought Daniel-san was back from the dead.

Last edited 1 year ago by OAE CPO USN Ret

Bernasty still maintains…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That picture with the wrecked airplane model still cracks me up (or down)

Q: What do you call a pilot who crashes his plane 200 yards short of the runway because he ran out of fuel?

A: The Plaintiff.  😂 


Thats a nice urinal


First time I can recall a liberal rag dropping an endorsement just because the candidate told a bunch of lies.


From the linked article:

‘According to Brett, his son has only expressed disdain for the military and “never wanted to go into the military nor the US Naval Academy, in the first place and bluntly stated animosity against the military and the people in it.”‘

Until he figured out that he could make false claims about military service in an attempt to further his political ambitions.


“After obtaining a letter from Shavers’ father, Brett Shavers, which alleged Shavers was not a U.S. Navy Submarine Officer, exaggerated his mother’s immigration status, has not experienced homelessness, did not grow up in a farming family, and does not reside in the 10th Legislative District, the Lynnwood Times has since been able to verify that Shavers is not a practicing Attorney, after contacting both the Washington State Bar Association and Perkins Coie LLP.

While the Lynnwood Times was able to confirm that Shavers was not a practicing attorney with Perkins Coie LLP, although he did work there as a summer associate. Shavers did complete his Law program with Yale Law School but has not passed the Washington State Bar which prohibits the usage of the term “Attorney” – not earning the license to practice law nor invoke attorney-client privilege.”


Hack Stone

It’s the Northwest, maybe he is an “Honorary Attorney”. Has he received an endorsement from Daniel Bernath?


Yes, the Bernasty endorsement is very valuable, especially since it comes from another unlicensed lawer, as the Oregon Bar Association refused to license him due to a lack of good moral character.


Similar to the statements “When I went to BUD/S…” or “When I was going through Med School…” but leave out the part that they never graduated.

Hack Stone

Back in the late 1990’s, hack Stone went to Harvard. No shit, he really did. We were TAD for a conference in the Boston area, and when we drove past the campus, Hack had the designated driver pull over so he could set foot on the grounds of the school. There may even be a photo of the event floating around somewhere.


You went to Harvard and pulled many All-Nighters.

USMC Steve

Wow, this guy really pissed them off, didn’t he. They went a digging.


Perkins Coie LLP. The Democrat election fortifying law firm? Lying is an asset for them.

Hack Stone

Most likely scenario is that he was in training for the nuclear program, failed somewhere in the pipeline, and the Navy found an MOS more suitable to his skills and what the Navy needed at the time. If that’s the case, no shame there, the nuclear program has one of the highest attrition rates of any training in the US Military. That being said, when you fail to get the diploma, you don’t get to say that you held the position. How many times have we seen someone claiming to be a US Navy SEAL, only to come to light that they dropped the first week. Same case with the entry level separations claiming to be veterans.


Failed at that and failed to pass the bar too. If only he were transgendered he could fill a cabinet position in the current administration.


“That being said, when you fail to get the diploma, you don’t get to say that you held the position.”

But you do still get to ride the motorcycle and wear the leather vest covered in POSer bling.


Yeah, where are his Trident, 4 Star CIB and Navy Cross pin anyway?


And Submarine Warfare Insignia “Dolphins”?


Back in my day, get dropped from a pipeline class and one wouldn’t even get to pick the number.
The color will be haze grey. Welcome to Deck Division, non-rate.



The never-ending cycle of chipping paint, chasing rust, and maintaining bright work awaited all those who failed.


Spiffy attire, too.


Love the tiedown chain accessories!

Hack Stone

It’s a whole different world for Officers. When Hack was going through Ground Radio Repair School (2841) out in 29 Stumps, if you failed out, you would drag your shit across the grinder to Bravo Company and become a Field Wireman.

We used to say “How far can you throw a rock? All the way to Bravo Company.”

RGR 4-78

I worked with a Navy vet that referred to that as rocking out of your A school and becoming a deck ape.


His response:

“My father’s writing a politically motivated and inaccurate letter has been one of the most painful experiences of my life. Like many families, disagreements over politics often drive discussions at the dinner table and on holidays but I never for one minute thought it would result in such a public and hurtful attack. My father’s far right leanings lead him to Washington, D.C. on January 6. Now his disdain for seeing Democrats elected has led him to attack his son.
I thank everyone for all the kind words of support in this difficult time. It has helped me endure during this dark period. I remain committed to serving the 10th Legislative and all of its residents.”

Hack Stone

Interesting that this post is not open for comment. Hack would like him to answer “”Did you complete the training for the US Navy nuclear submarine program, and if so, did you perform those duties?”


RE: “My father’s far right leanings lead him to Washington, D.C. on January 6.”

This implies participation in the storm of the Capital Building, but based on his history of stretching the truth, I bet this isn’t the true characterization of his father on Jan 6th. Just an educated guess.


January 6th strikes again! Is there no end to Civil War III? So many dead from heart failures and strokes. If only he had mentioned Roe v Wade as well.


I suspect that this is not the first time his father has said something like “straighten your ass up”, and ” do not involve me or the family in your antics.”

Just a hunch…


His response:

“I have now been accused of not graduating from Yale Law School – well, here’s my diploma.
I believe that kindness and hope is stronger than negativity and tearing others down. I believe that being a legislator means absolute, unwavering devotion to public service – to serve others before self. And I believe that in order for America to walk away from today’s divisive politics, we must come together and empathize with each other.
I hope that no matter what happens on November 8th, our community will be able to walk away from the politics of the past and into a kinder, more compassionate future.”


I hope that no matter what happens on November 8th, our community will be able to walk away from the politics of the past and into a kinder, more compassionate future.

Well, I have a retort for that kind of wishful thinking but it went thru the wash and is now illegible (see gif).

Army Air Force Guy

Does Clyde assume that most folks can read Latin? Also don’t most college diplomas have some sort of deal on them?

Army Air Force Guy

“seal on them”


His response:

“A flyer personally attacking my military service and family was sent by Greg Gilday and his backers – and I’m here to set the record straight.”

“He claims that I didn’t graduate from nuclear power school. I commissioned into the nuclear submarine community after the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated from nuclear power school on February 14, 2014 as shown in my military record. In 2015, I transitioned to serve as a public affairs officer.”

“Not only does he attack my military service and family, he attacks me personally. I didn’t pass the bar exam in July (while also campaigning during the August 2 Primary). And unlike Gilday who was handed a job by his uncle, I’ve worked to get where I am now. I look forward to passing the bar exam next year and using the law to serve you.”

Hack Stone

Throwing this one out to any of the Adorable Deplorables who have served aboard a nuclear submarine. Can you confirm or deny that the Us Navy Nuclear Program is one of the most academically challenging and expensive training programs in the Department of Defense? The screening for security and academic requirements disqualifies most of the service members, and given the critical mission that “nuke personnel” support, in addition to the length of training and money invested, it would be highly unusual for a “qualified” individual to leave the program for another occupational field with less than two years performing what he was trained for? Doesn’t seem like a good return on investment.


Nuc school was a definite Ballbuster, spent my entire time as a mando commando ( mandatory after hours study) but squeaked through with a 3.23 average, the big disqualifier was “Demonstrated Unreliability” people would get tossed for speeding tickets, and other assorted no no’s. One guy even got tossed for snorting No doze.


And after nuc school, you still had to go through prototype training, and after that you went to sub school.


Ok, I’m a sub officer. As Nucsnipe said, Nuke school was one of the most intense schools I’ve ever been through. If I’d studied in college the way they made us study there I’d have had a 4.0 instead of just a 3.1, and I’d have burned out long before graduation. The school itself is only 6 months long, and then you have to go to Protoype like he also said. I’ve got the course numbers in my records as well. This guy only got through the school, never graduated Prototype, also doesn’t appear to have gone to Submarine Officer Basic Course. So there is no way he could claim to be a submarine officer, he is not qualified much less ever assigned to a submarine.

He is correct in that he is technically commissioned into the submarine force, vice the surface nuke force which also goes to nuke school, but he only had a training designator, much like pilots still in flight school until they earn their wings. In short, he is not a submarine officer.


Ran out of room. Furthermore, it would appear based on his school history that he washed out of Prototype and then redesignated to PAO. You can’t do that in the middle of the school pipeline if you’re passing. They only allow it if you fail. The academies pay for your college, so if you fail out they won’t just kick you out, they’ll make you do something in order to pay back your education, which would explain why they sent him to PAO, no real qualifications required.

This guy definitely served, but is absolutely stretching his service and it appears his father was correct to call him out. Will be interesting to see what happens if some other sub guys call him out.

Hack Stone

Any standards for qualification as a Navy PAO were thrown overboard once they gave a direct commission to “Ensign” Hunter Biden. The Navy owes an apology to any Sailor who had to render a salute to him during his brief military career.

Daisy Cutter

His middle name is “MANABU”?

Sounds awfully close to “MAN BUN” … just sayin’

Hack Stone


Picture posted on his old Twitter account.


Heh Heh Heh!

This post is rapidly developing a strong potential for the appearance of a Sock Puppet or two here at TAH.

One can only hope; we haven’t had a good chew toy around here for quite a while.

Perhaps we should have our TAH Engineers string the concertina wire and set the Claymores in preparation?

Heh Heh Heh!


Foo Gas is refreshed, primed and ready, Good Sir. Guns laid, zero degrees elevation, tubes loaded with flechette rounds or Willy Pete. Lanyards attached and pulled tight. Paladins and 8 inchers deployed and ready for a time on target FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION…By your Command (said in a best Cylon Voice). You will be CLEARED HOT for follow up strikes with your Aerial Artillery Platforms. Load out will be Snake and Nape.

A Yale graduate, wanna be politician that has done shaved (c what I did there) the truth? Where is my shocked face? Oh, I forgot…that shelf is as barren as my field of fuks. If his political career does a benasty crash and burn, he may be able to find gainful work at Brucie’s Bath House (enter thru the rear). COCKSUCKER!

SiL was tea kettle operator on Hartford and Wyoming. Graduated top of his class from law school. Said the nuc courses were way yonder harder than lawer class.


Take is easy, Trigger. You don’t need to open up guns blazing every time you hear a noise.


Target acquired. Weapons free!


You called?!


No. Nobody called you.

Black Bart

Stop, admit it guys, with the timing that was funny! 😂😂😂

Daisy Cutter

I’ll address the elephant in the room – he has an NDSM.




But I think he has disqualified himself from the vaunted brother and sisterhood by lying about his quals and becoming a D-rat politician. Plus, he has worked for the most corrupt D-rat law firm in the nation, Perkins Coie.


The Brotherhood weeps…😢


Elect me to Congress and I’ll ensure a law is passed to revoke the NDSM from any who make the Noble Eagle of the NDSM weep.


You got my vote. Hell, I’ll vote for you multiple times.


“…I’ll vote for you multiple times.” Damn, Pappy, I didn’t know you wuz a demonrat. Who knew?


Don’t go there, Junior. I’ve never voted (D) in my life. Just cracking wise. I’m sure I don’t even live in the same state, let alone the same district as Mason. But, if not living in the district or not having ID doesn’t stop dems, why should it stop me?🤣


Send me some extry ballots, Pappy, and I’ll vote multiple times for him too. 😜


I’ll run by the nursing home and sign up all those with memory loss conditions and assist them with voting.

USMC Steve

This must be a sure sign of the apocolypse – they are supporting a REPUBLICAN in that state? Even more so that they hammered a socialist democrat who got caught lying?

USMC Steve

Short take on it: My dad has some level of moral compass that I utterly lack, so he called me out on my lies, and I got caught in them. So I am disappointed that my dad didn’t let me get away with my socialist democrat bullshit.


Unfortunately, it is a popular misconception that graduating from law school makes one a “lawyer” (or as Gunny Driveway would say, “Lawer.” Old timers here will get it. 😉 )

The truth is that even passing the bar exam is not sufficient. In order to call oneself a “lawyer” a person has to be admitted to the practice of law, that is, admitted to the bar of a state or other entity. Until that time, no matter how many credentials a person has, they are not a “lawyer.”

Anyone who graduates law school knows this, so if Shaver either referred to himself as a “lawyer” or “attorney” or allowed someone else to do so, he has no excuse. Not admitted to the bar = not a lawyer, period.

As far as failing the bar exam goes – eh, I failed it the first time, too (by 2 points on a 400 point test – that’s 1/2 of 1%.) So I sucked it up, studied my ass off and passed the next time around. It’s not that uncommon to have to take the bar exam more than once.


I would also add that there are quite a few that have Bar membership that I would dispute are lawers, since they don’t and have never practiced law. Our beclowned Groper in Chief is exhibit A. I think he had several months working as an attorney, before he became a life-long career D-rat politician. Doubt he ever tried a case to verdict.


Oh, they’re “lawers”, not “lawyers”. For example, Clarence Darrow was a lawyer. Daniel Bernath was a lawer.


Point well taken. Clarence was one helluva trial lawyer.


In most things, there are lay definitions and professional ones.

Solution means one thing to average people, a different thing to bartenders (the real heroes among us), and an entirely other thing to mathematicians.

To me, as a non-lawyer-but-potential-fugitive/self-representative, a JD has every right to the title “lawyer.”

Maybe not “counsel” or “barrister” but a scholar of law on some legitimate level.

The same as the guy who would fuck up my pay was still a “soldier,” even if he was more of a “pussy” than a “ground-pounder.” The broad in the medical tent was more of a mattress than a doc, but she was still, technically, a “medic.”


To be pedantic about it, one is not licensed to practice law without passing a bar exam. One may even pass a bar exam and still have a state bar refuse to license the person. That is what happened in the case of Bernasty. Although, he did have a California license for many years, until he was disbarred. Saying one is a lawyer usually implies one is licensed in some state or the District of Criminals.


^^^ This right here. A lawyer is someone who is licensed by a state (or other entity) to practice law, period.

I’ve never really practiced law (my job doesn’t require it) but I’m still a lawyer because I have a license to practice.

Getting a law license usually (but not always) requires graduation from an ABA accredited law school, passing the bar exam, and passing the character and fitness review (IOW the background check.) The paperwork I had to do to get admitted to the bar was actually more detailed and time consuming than what I had to do to get a TS/SCI clearance.

Although it’s rare, sometimes someone can pass the bar exam and fail the background check and not be admitted to the bar.

As a side-note, there are also non-ABA accredited “law schools” out there. People who go to those schools are usually social justice types who want to work on policy or social issues but have no interest in actually practicing in front of a court.


Being a nuke school grad and being a Qual’d Sub Officer is NOT the same thing.  🙄 

Daisy Cutter

Well, at least he’s not using ALL of the Democratic playbook. He hasn’t called his father a racist… yet.


You can find his Father’s letter at this link:

“Candidate’s father alleges son lied, including about military service
Clyde Shavers claimed to be a nuclear submarine officer. His father says ‘not even for a day.’”


Page 1 of his Father’s Letter.


Page 2 of his Father’s letter.


Page 3 of his Father’s letter.


I posted those pages in response to a Twitter post he made. I left a link to this thread.


Excellent letter from his father. It has the “ring of truth,” which is my primary yardstick for measuring credibility.


“Brett Shavers told the Herald his son passed only one of three courses required to become a nuclear submarine officer. He said his son completed the first course, called the Naval Nuclear Power School, a 24-week program in Charleston, South Carolina. He later transitioned into a public affairs role.”


“Brett Shavers said he advised his son before he announced his candidacy to list the training he completed and be truthful about his service. The elder Shavers, who served in the Marine Corps for four years, said claiming to have been a submarine officer is akin to claiming to have been a fighter pilot or Navy SEAL.”


I’ve never been scared of flying or heights or diving.

Being stuck in a cramped metal coffin with lonely sailors…

SEALs and Naval Aviators are worthy to tickle submariners’ balls, at best.


In a different era, it would have been easy to verify his attendance at nuke school with one question:

“Can you describe the interior of the Hub Bar?”

I’m sure some of you dickweeds can!


What color is the boathouse at Hereford, eh? (Fair challenge.)


What made that line incredibly witty is that there is no boathouse at Stirling Lines. It’s a good bit off the river Wye. The Boathouse is (was?) a pub on the river in Hereford.


Extra credit bonus question:

“What is the proper greeting when entering the Hub Bar?”


Ask him about his uncle Ernie.
Recently passed I heard.

Daisy Cutter

I wonder if Brett ever referred to his son as his ‘Little Shavers’?


“Clyde Shavers’ website previously stated “for more than 8 years, he served as a nuclear submarine officer and public affairs officer with tours in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.”

“Today, the website says “he was commissioned into the nuclear submarine community and later transitioned as a public affairs officer in 2015.”

“In an Aug. 23 interview with the Herald Editorial Board, Shavers said he was a nuclear submarine officer “for a couple of years.”

“But in an email on Tuesday, the candidate said “I have never said that I deployed on a submarine, but only that I was commissioned as a nuclear submarine officer.”

“He said he graduated from Nuclear Power School in 2014. After the second course, called Nuclear Power Training Unit Prototype, Shavers said he decided to pursue other interests in the Navy. He did not say whether he graduated from the second program. He then served six years in the Navy as a public affairs officer.”

Hack Stone

Navy Public Affairs? Does he have a thing for strippers and blow like Ensign Hunter Biden?


I think the Navy knows exactly where to send their bullshit artists and cam girls.

My, My, My

I used to live up in that liberal infested area. They will elect him anyway I am sure, while branding the father crazy.


Well, at least it is only a state of Washington seat, not federal in Washington, DC.

Hack Stone

According to this link, a US Naval Officer would need to complete Naval Nuclear Power School, Nuclear Power Training Unit, and Submarine Officer Basic Course. You have to complete all three courses to “check the box”. Looks like he may have made it through the first course, then hit a bump in the road in the second course.,Division%20Officer%20Tour%20…%206%20Shore%20Rotation%20

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics is said to be looking for an in house counsel to help out Lori Benton.

Looks like The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) just found his man….


I’m hesitant to call BS on this despite the objections of his family.

I have a friend, Casey, who served as a SEAL in the Navy then switched to a cook and served aboard a ship.

Man, the stories this guy has should be made into a movie.


I heard about Casey’s legendary exploits aboard Big Mo! 🤣

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I bet that when Shavers was 5 years old, he was a little shaver


I call bullshit on the father on this one.

As best as I can tell the son did not say he was a nuclear submarine officer. Only that he served on a sub. Which he apparently did. My understanding is the Navy does a lot of OJT and temporary position assignments that don’t necessarily lead to certification.

Also, claiming it is “stolen valor” is a stretch.

I think the bigger issue is that he doesn’t seem to live in the district he is trying to be elected to represent.


So after reading the comments from some of the prior navy folks here; the idea that he attended training to be a nuclear submarine officer, and may have completed some of three courses required…but did not complete all the courses required to be certified seems perfectly,plausible.

Did he work on a sub during training? Probably.

So his story is “technically” true but misleading.

Still think the fact that he doesn’t live in the district is the bigger issue.


I am willing to bet you told the truth once. That doesn’t make you a truth teller.


Bridge analogy


Doesn’t work that way for doing the right thing. The whole point of that analogy is that 1 “oh shit” wipes out “1000 attaboys.” Telling the truth is an attaboy. The more apt analogy is the following:


A New York Divorce Lawyer died and arrived at the pearly gates. Saint Peter asks him “What have you done to merit entrance into Heaven?” The Lawyer thought a moment, then said, “A week ago, I gave a quarter to a homeless person on the street.” Saint Peter asked Gabriel to check this out in the record, and after a moment Gabriel affirmed that this was true. Saint Peter said, “Well , that’s fine, but it’s not really quite enough to get you into Heaven.” The Lawyer said, “Wait Wait! There’s more! Three years ago I also gave a homeless person a quarter.” Saint Peter nodded to Gabriel, who after a moment nodded back, affirming this, too, had been verified. Saint Peter then whispered to Gabriel, “Well, what do you suggest we do with this fellow?” Gabriel gave the Lawyer a sidelong glance then said to Saint Peter, “Let’s give him back his 50 cents and tell him to go to Hell.”


He’s a fraud. And you’re defending him. Because… wait for it… you’re a fraud. He didn’t complete the requisite training, and therefore is not a nuclear submarine officer by any liberal stretch of the definition. Shuttling him off to public affairs is probably very similar to being shuffled off to PSYOPS, wouldn’t you say?


Larsie has been wrong in the past on SV cases that he has “opined” about.


But worse yet, being shunted off to Civil Affairs.


That is incorrect. I’m a sub officer and have thus been through the pipeline. He may have set foot on a sub to tour one, but he did not serve on one during his training. That is done on a training ship, nowhere close to the sea and welded to a pier. This guy has never served aboard a submarine, he’s only been in training and failed out. That’s like someone saying they’re a Pilot but they failed out in flight school.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Like saying you’re a Pizza Chef because you once set foot in a Domino’s franchise!


The officer badge that the submarine officers get, that’s equivalent to the Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) badge, is absent from his uniform. He does not even have the SWO badge. Granted, not every sailor gets on a ship, or command, that would allow for qualifying for a warfare badge.

Given his claims, the absence of that badge hints of a difference between his claims and his actual experience. The attached image offers an explanation.

Clyde Shavers Navy Biographical Data Stolen Valor.jpg

Yeah, ok. That seems bullshit if he didn’t actually qualify and serve as a nuclear submarine officer.

I stand corrected.


“I stand corrected.”

Okay, so just who the hell are you? You most assuredly are not our Lars, who would rather admit Donald Trump is right about the 2020 election than utter those three words.

Ed? Ed? You there, Ed? We obviously have an impostor on the site today. This character sounds way too reasonable to be Lars… 😜 

Last edited 1 year ago by Poetrooper

Yes, saying you “served as a nuclear submarine officer” pretty clearly implies that you served on a nuclear submarine crew as one of its officers.

I had a friend that liked to tell people he was a former Special Forces officer or Special Forces qualified. It turned out that he had completed the Special Forces officer correspondence course. Completing that course does not make one a Special Forces officer or so qualified.


I completed the Officer’s Pre-Commission correspondence course in 1988. Awesome variety of useful courses but it didn’t make me an officer.


Dork who can’t cut it and lies about that.


While ol’ Poe admittedly knows little about Navy training programs, common sense tells him that the extensive training required to create a nuclear submarine officer has to be a very expensive undertaking, on a par with that of training carrier pilots.

That being said, a junior officer (and academy graduate) selected for such training would likely have to screw up rather seriously for the Navy to just throw that heavy investment of time and money away by dumping his ass into a vastly less expensive and less exclusive field like public affairs.

A commenter at one of the Washington news sources noted that this guy was training at the time when the nuke school at Charleston had a big cheating scandal leading to a thorough NCIS investigation. That incident purportedly involved only enlisted students, but that doesn’t mean there were no officer-students engaging in cheating, only that the Navy chose to not reveal it.


Whatever the case, ol’ Poe’s willing to wager there’s much more to this than the Dem (or his father) have revealed thus far… 🤔 

Prior Service

Ha. Washington state. As a Washingtonian, all I can say is “yikes” anymore. Glad this clown isn’t running in my district.

I just sent off my absentee ballot and I even had to vote against a guy who used to be in one of my companies because he’s a dem.

On a separate note, how odd is it that I haven’t received my email ballot. I went online to check there and I wasn’t registered anymore (despite voting in every general since 2008, and most specials). Hmm. I call and talk to a lady who looks me up and confirms I’m not registered and I need to re register. A couple days later I go online to reregister and, surprise, I’m registered with my whole voting history still intact. Hmmm. Was very surprised when I got my ballot to find that it hadn’t already been cast. Seriously in WA all you do to access your ballot is go to the website, type your name and birthday in, and it takes you to your ballot. Zero security and rice with opportunities for fraud.


Wayback Machine special.

See what his “Meet Clyde” webpage said
between February 11, 2022
and mid October.

Good luck explaining the the February version,
and the October changes, Clyde.

Clyde Shavers Meet Clyde Wayback Machine 11 Feb 2022.jpg

Current view.
After October 26, 2022.
Not the same as above.

Clyde Shavers Meet Clyde 3 Nov 2022.jpg

Humanitarian Clyde.
Humanity and assistance for young hot females?
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A Proud Infidel®™️

Humanitarian Duty as a Brothel Inspector?

Anna Puma

Well I guess we won’t have another Jean Francois Carey to kick around.

Bravo Zulu for Pops there.


Clyde Lied. His father, a 4 year Marine veteran and former Police Officer had talked to him and after the fact called him out by going to the media after talking it over with his wife.
Clyde, and the Democratic party officials, complicit or unknowing of his status, were intent on turning the Washington 10th Legislative District, consisting of Whidbey Island and Camano Island, where he did not reside and was ineligible to run, blue.

He made his bed and now he must sleep on it.


Another wannabe pol that DORKED the STOLEN VALOR SQUEAKHOLE!

Enjoy the fame and web hits Clyde Shavers!

A Proud Infidel®™️

That boy done fuk-da-pooch, what a damned waste of flesh and oxygen!


And obviously an embarrassment to his pops.

Hack Stone

Any idea on how JR Majewski is polling in his congressional race? Maybe JR and Clyde can team up for a new situational comedy on network television, titling it The Truly Odd Couple.


Here we go, just because. Oh and I have a Yuengling in my hand:

Before anyone starts with the day drinking wisecracks, I’m on vacation.


UPDATE… Seattle Times story dated 11/5/2020…
Washington Democrats are continuing to support a state legislative candidate criticized by his own father for exaggerating his military service record.
“State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, D-Burien, who chairs the House Democratic Campaign Committee, mildly rebuked Shavers in an interview. He said he’d spoken with Shavers and believed the candidate had “fallen short” by not clearly describing his military background.
“My expectation going forward is that he learn from this,” Fitzgibbon said.”