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| January 16, 2023

The weekend is not over yet, today is the third day for many as it is Martin Luther King Day. Many see this day as a time to reflect on how to make things more equitable. However, Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech communicated practical concepts like identifying individuals by their character rather than by their demographic. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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“Difficult and painful as it is, we must walk on in the days ahead with an audacious faith in the future.”

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The MLK family is not happy.
$10 million grift,

download (4).jpg

Damn, didn’t know he was that hung! (Honestly, it looks like that. Better design please!)

A Proud Infidel®️™️

And the MLK statue in DC was MADE IN CHINA.




Statue of someone trying to pull their head out of their ass.
Mr. King deserves better.




Statues are like memes and personalized plates. If you have to explain it, you’ve failed.


Saw a plate in a nearby town in Illinois that read …. 0fksgvn.

I still wonder how that got by, unless they think the person is Irish.

Regardless, that individual is my new hero.


Lorretta King was really pissed when she saw. Rumour was a 10 year old said “It’s a giant dong!” when it was unveiled. The entire art world should be insulted.


From the NY Post;

“But then when it came out, a little boy pointed out — ‘That’s a penis!’ and everyone was like, ‘Yo, that’s a big old dong, man,’” said the 43-year-old Oakland, Calif., resident.


Kids tell the truth.

A Proud Infidel®™

THREE THINGS in this life that won’t lie to you, they are Drunk Folks, Toddlers and Spandex!

Hack Stone

Did someone say Spandex? At Hack Stone’s current place of employment, Spandex is not appropriate work attire. It is mandatory work attire.

Hack Stone

They do say the darnedest things.


Wow. First article I saw used more appropriate angles an no mention of said young man. The Post? LOL!!!


Judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. What a simple, novel concept. The woke folk and BLM mob are never gonna buy into it. Too much equality, not enough equity.


Evil “racist” RethugliKKKan for ’em now:
comment image

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Veritas Omnia Vincit

I always liked this sermon on personal responsibility from Dr. King, coupled with being judged on one’s character it made it clear he believed we could all work together by being given the same opportunity and being held to the same standard of personal accountability.


Of course, Bill Cosby got jacked-up over his freaky sex life (which proggies knew about and did mind beforehand) for his Pound Cake speech saying as much:


“didn’t mind beforehand,” i meant– dang cellphone posting– ’cause it was ok until he said said all that, then they wanted to prosecute.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Present and I award myself Honorary First once again.



While I was first, in honor of Dr. King I will allow God to be first today.


Another great man (with flaws) whose name and greatness has been abused by hucksters and vermin.

His ideals have been trampled by those who came after him proclaiming themselves his successors.


Neither he nor Lincoln were Democrats as left/libtards today love to claim… and for good reason:
comment image


comment image


MLK weeps at what the Black Race Baiters have done to his dream…and the Black Race.


I realize that it is beneficial to raise awareness, but…

When we are bombarded with slogans such as ‘End Racism.’ ‘Stop Hate,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ etc., on the endzones of NFL games, t-shirts, the floor of NBA games, sides of buses, subway signs, painted in huge letters on the street, etc.

How much of a difference does it really make?

Does Joe or Cindy Racist see these slogans and think to themselves “Wow, maybe I need to rethink my views?”

Seems like it has more to do with stirring up passion and redirecting that passion to donations – which may be my larger point…

Does all the money donated by corporations, the NFL, etc. to organizations designed to “stamp out hate” or “improve race relations in the community” really make a difference in attitudes?

Don’t mean to be pessimistic, but even if they put the money into educational seminars, the people that need to go probably don’t see themselves as needing to attend.

Just my 2 cents

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Somewhat OT, but… No Sh*t story of the day:


“Stupid Russians….”

Stupid Russians.jpeg
jeff LPH 3 63-66

Dimes to donuts, MLK must be turning over in his grave over what is happening today. My Freedom Rider Cousin Carol took a round through her foot and her two friends were murdered when they went down south. 1964 if I remember. Was onboard the Okie 3 at the time.


“Marine Vet Admits To Defrauding VA, Threatening Investigator”

“A Marine veteran received nearly $119,000 in disability benefits for the post-traumatic stress disorder that stemmed from his active duty service in the Philippines and Thailand, recovering dead bodies following natural disasters. The only problem: Kamil Wakulik had not actually been involved in recovering human remains, as he admitted Tuesday in a U.S. District Court in New Jersey.”

“The 38-year-old resident of Long Valley, New Jersey, pleaded guilty via videoconference before U.S. Magistrate Judge José R. Almonte to theft of government funds and interstate transmission of a threat of injury.

“Wakulik served in the Marine Corps from 2003 to 2007, according to the information, formal criminal charges akin to an indictment.”




“The information doesn’t specify the natural disasters to which the veteran claimed to have responded. But the Philippines and Thailand experienced multiple deadly typhoons and tsunamis during Wakulik’s years in the Corps. Thousands of U.S. troops provided humanitarian assistance to Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, following a tsunami in 2004 that killed 230,000 people in a matter of hours.”

“Wakulik racked up $118,979.16 in disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs between July 2018 and September 2022.”

“In August 2022, the Marine veteran sent a text message threatening a VA inspector general agent — and any other agent investigating him — with physical violence, according to the information. The information doesn’t provide details on the threat.”



“For he theft of government funds charge, Wakulik faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to twice the proceeds of the fraud. He faces up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 for the threat charge. The information said Wakulik must also forfeit the proceeds he received from the fraud.”

“Wakulik’s sentencing is set for June 6, according to the Justice Department release.”

“Kamil Wakulik”:

“US Marine with B.S. in Graphic Design and 8 years experience in office administration, IT acquisition government contracting and information technology coordinator. Flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure. Poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences. Thrive in deadline-driven environments.”


The sound effect for his sentencing should be that of a toilet flushing. 😜 


Sorry to be the iconoclast here but ol’ Poe has never bought into the deification of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Poe always viewed Rev. King much as he views Bill Clinton: both were highly skilled politicians and orators but extreme serial philanderers as well, whose shared inability to control their overheated libidos brought public shame to their wives and children.

In the many books written about King, there are many accounts of his widespread womanizing which he made no effort to hide. Even his wife Coretta, much like Hillary, excused his excessive, almost daily lechery because of the value of his leadership to the civil rights movement.

Much like Obama, King’s rise to prominence was largely attributable to his booming, sonorous voice and his ability to persuade those around him that he was something more than what he actually was. And just as with Clinton and Obama, with a huge assist from the liberal media, he succeeded.




Bangin’ chicks on the side, plagiarizing his dissertation… did “I Have a Dream” and risked his ass, but not a diety.


I don’t recall King talking much about the evils of adultery. I don’t judge people on what they do with their personal lives either. Nor do I deify any man.

King was flawed but he did more to free his people than anyone since the Civil War. He did it at great personal risk and was eventually killed for it, paying the ultimate price. Anyone willing to pay the ultimate price in the search for freedom and equality is someone I can admire, whatever else their personal failings may be.


I don’t think he wanted to be a super hypocrite along with a super adulterer. He also didn’t mind all the preferential treatment and free shit he got for bring a “reverend”. Al Sharpton learned it well.


Poe only referenced King’s sexual peccadilloes, without mentioning his strong leftist, even communist ties. He was in bed with the leftmost elements of organized labor and some in his entourage were card-carrying communists.

Bayard Rustin revealed in his memoirs that he had been a member of the Communist Party of America the entire time he served on King’s staff.

King was a lot more Al Sharpton con-man than you seem to believe… 🙄 


No, King was never a communist. He spoke and wrote at length against it, believing that it not only was “incompatible” with Christianity but also a rival to it, driving people away from God. Back then calling someone a communist was a way to smear someone, especially a minister.

He did know some people who were communists. In that era, the Soviet Union supported all forms of civil dissonance and protest in the US and consistently backed Civil Rights protestors in the US. But that would be like calling you a socialist because you talk to Lars on line.

King appeared to be more in favor of a mixed market social-welfare type state with capitalist underpinnings that remains so popular in Europe and that we now have in the United States after the events of the last few years.


Don’t believe ol’ Poe said King was a communist. He did say that King had communist ties.

Which is true.

As far back as the 1920’s CPUSA saw racial tensions in America as a useful weapon. They were very active (and successful) in urban black communities in the North.

It should be no surprise that some communists were to be found supporting the most significant leader of the civil rights movement. The main reason the FBI went after King so ruthlessly was because those associations led them to believe he was being too strongly influenced by hardcore communists.

Believe what you will–but King was another black leader with feet of clay… 🙄 


“Lawyer For Illinois EMTs Charged With Patient’s Murder Reacts To ‘Very Odd Criminal Case. Illinois Nan Earl Moore Died After Paramedics Strapped Him Facedown On A Gurney.”

“The lawyer representing two Illinois paramedics charged with a Black man’s murder for strapping him facedown on a gurney deemed it a “very odd criminal case,” and the leader of the local civil rights chapter made comparisons to the notorious 2020 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.”

“The Sangamon County State’s Attorney Office brought first-degree murder charges Tuesday against Peter Cadigan, 50, and Peggy Finley, 40, in connection to the Dec. 18 death of Earl L. Moore Jr.”

“Moore, a severe alcoholic who hadn’t had a drink in days, reportedly dialed 911 himself for help, but when officers responded to the Springfield home, a woman answered.”



“Body camera footage shows her telling cops, “There’s no one here with guns,” explaining that Moore was having “alcohol withdrawals” and “drunk hallucinations”

“He called you guys for no reason,” she says in the video. An officer asks if she thinks the man needs an ambulance, but the woman replies, “Every time I take him to the hospital, all they do is release him.”

“He’s seeing stuff that’s not there and hearing voices in his head,” she adds.”

“The charges for the two EMS workers, employed by private company LifeStar Ambulance Service, come after a coroner ruled Moore’s death a homicide due to “compressional and positional asphyxia, due to prone face-down restraint on a paramedic transportation stretcher due to straps across the back.”




“These are two good people that find themselves in a very odd criminal case,” D. Peter Wise, an attorney who represented both paramedics at a bond hearing, told the Post.”

“Body Footage Camera shows the woman who answered Moore’s door direct the three officers to a back bedroom. Officers found Moore lying on the bed as what sounds like calming instrumental music plays from the television.”

“Moore is seen moving – and at one point kicks off his shoes – but only rambles an address when asked if he needs an ambulance. As one officer calls for an ambulance, another continues asking the man if he knows where he is, what his name is and if he remembers why he called the police.”

“He gives little to no responses and is heard panting while he continues lying on the bed.”

“She’s worried about you man. She’s said you’ve been struggling a bit,” an officer says of the woman.”

“The man eventually sits up on the bed on his own, telling officers, “I can use some water.”



Yeah, man, we can get you some water,” an officer says.”

“About 15 minutes pass as they wait for the paramedics to arrive.”

“Growing frustrated when Moore flails himself onto the ground, Finley tells him, “I am not playing with you tonight. Sit up.” Two officers help Moore to his feet, coaxing him to walk with their help through the home and out the front door.”

“If you want to go to the hospital, man, you’ve got to help us out a little bit,” an officer says.”

“Once outside, Moore appears to fall down again.”

“Finley adds, “Get up on there, Earl. It’s a bed on wheels.”

“Cadigan, who waited out front by the ambulance, forcefully shoves Moore onto the stretcher facedown. Both paramedics then strap him down and wrap him in a white sheet.”

“About 45 minutes later, Moore was pronounced dead at a hospital.”




“Teresa Haley, president of the NAACP’s Springfield chapter, compared Moore’s death with Floyd, who was murdered by a police officer who kneeled on his neck for nearly 10 minutes during his 2020 arrest.”

“It was almost worse,” she told the Illinois Times. “If this guy was already … having difficulties breathing, and then you put him on a stretcher facedown, I mean, it was hostile to see the video and how they treated him.”

“They literally threw his hands behind and just strapped him down. He couldn’t move if he wanted to,” she added.”


“His cause of death was compressional and positional asphyxia ‘due to prone face-down restraint on a paramedic transportation cot/stretcher by tightened straps across the back and lower body in the setting of lethargy and underlying chronic alcoholism,’ Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon said.”

“It was their findings that led to charges being brought against Cadigan and Finley. Both are being held on a bond of $1 million each at Sangamon County jail.”

“The jail records show that Cadigan is in custody in the prison’s medical facility.”

“Wright said that Cadigan and Finley ‘did act without lawful jurisdiction’ and he accused them of putting ‘tightened restraints’ on Moore.”

“He added that thanks to the pair’s training they should have known such acts would create a substantial probability of great bodily harm or death.’


My employer was closed today, but they put out a huge bulletin on Friday to proclaim that MLK Day is “not a day off, but a day ON!” Oh, brother 🙄


Here’s a good Open Thread topic:

Military considering back pay for troops kicked out over vax mandate (

Ol’ Poe’s thinking they’re trying to get out ahead of the curve before they find themselves looking at thousands of “unlawful order” lawsuits over their terminations.

And those may just be the shower before the real storm if these vaccines eventually prove out to be permanently damaging to DNA.

What say you, rgr769, do they have a viable cause of action?


It would seem to me they knew the rona vax was bs all along.


I am unsure about the lawsuits for their terminations from AD. Any adverse health conditions from those who took the vaccine are barred.


Here We Go Again…Same Ole Stuff Again…


“The Gospel Truth, Joe? Biden Shares Very Questionable Claim He Attended BlackChurch Every Morning During Civil Rights Movement – But Congregation Members Don’t Remember Him”

* “I may be a practicing Catholic, but [I] used to go to 7:30 Mass every morning in high school, and then in college before I went to the black church,’ said Biden.”

* Spoke at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Sunday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Biden said on campaign trail he would go to a black church as a teenager.

*Members of the church claim that they never remember seeing him there.

“During a speech in 2019, Biden told Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH coalition: ‘I got raised in a black church.’



NOTORIOUS FOS (Full of Shit) or 10%

RGR 4-78

Malarky Master Joe and the Cryptic Ho.


Brandon’s Puerto Ricans who raised him must have taken him to the Black church.