Dissention In The Ranks

| January 14, 2023


Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that former U.S. Attorney Robert Hur would serve as special counsel to review the classified documents found at Joe’s home and in an office at a Washington think tank.

Media reported the classified documents consisted of intelligence memos and briefs on Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom. Biden’s crew halted the search when they found the classified documents, so they don’t know exactly what was in them. Seems they weren’t cleared for that level of classification. *cough*

As this was being addressed at a White House presser more classified materials were found at a second location in Joe’s home.

Joe’s “surprise” at the existence of the documents and using his garage as a SCIF is not sitting well.

Democratic allies grow frustrated with White House response to Biden’s classified documents

Strategists, lawmakers and even some administration officials say the Biden White House needs to do a better job in explaining what transpired.

By Peter Nicholas, Kristen Welker, Carol E. Lee and Mike Memoli

Democratic allies are voicing frustration with White House officials’ tight-lipped approach to the classified documents found in an office and residence of President Joe Biden, calling on the administration to be more forthcoming in its handling of the issue.

The uproar over the documents has quickly distracted from the administration’s policy agenda and could also influence the timing of Biden announcing his 2024 plans. Some Democrats now suggest that he wait and let the controversy wane before launching a re-election bid.

Until then, Biden needs to more fully explain how and why classified records dating back to his vice presidency wound up in his garage and a private office in Washington, D.C., according to Democratic strategists, lawmakers and even administration officials.

“He’s got to say, ‘I messed up, I apologize,’” said Lanny Davis, who handled various investigations as a lawyer in the Clinton White House.

“With the wisdom of hindsight, it’s not too late for President Biden to own up to mishandling this,” said Davis, who now works in crisis management. “Own it!”

The White House has said Biden’s attorneys first discovered a “small number” of classified records stemming from his vice presidency in a locked closet on Nov. 2 — six days before the midterm elections — as they vacated office space at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington. One of the documents was marked Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information, the highest level of classification in the U.S. government, NBC News has learned.

NBC News

I’ll not bother with the obvious “if you or I” double standard statement- there are no standards for our betters. These are stolen classified documents- there is no other explanation. What happens next is up to Garland’s lap dog Hur.

…an appointee of Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, the 50-year-old was US attorney for Maryland from 2018 to 2021 before becoming a partner at Gibson Dunn, a Washington law firm specializing in white-collar “enforcement, investigations and litigation”.

Andrew McCabe, a former FBI deputy director turned CNN law enforcement analyst, said Hur was a “well-informed, industrious, hard-working guy”.

He has Andy McCabe’s endorsement. I’m filled with confidence.

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A Proud Infidel®™

Mmmmyeah, is their dissent with Biden genuine, or is it just for show and they’ll go right back to “Nothing to see HERE, Orange man bad!” propaganda ASAP? IMO the Biden administration is investigating itself much like the Foxes investigating each other over who tried to raid the Henhouse!


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‘’ Never underestimate Joe’s’ ability to fuck shit up’’


It’s looking like someone is building a case to bounce uncle Joe. I think some are seeing the writing on the wall and are attempting to board what life boats are available while they are still available.

Fun times. Pass the popcorn please. The wheels are going to fall off shortly in a spectacular fashion.

A Proud Infidel®™

Like ships deserting the sinking Rat, and ditto with Kameltoe Harris!


Saw one piece that said Biden was in deeper trouble – as VP he NEVER had declassification authority, whereas as Prexy Trump could at least claim that.


But he does have Garland….


Democrats will haul Biden out of the White House in handcuffs and make him resign in jail to keep him from running in 2024 if they have to.

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Might be time for some ‘Wag the Dog’ diversionary action here.


I though that was the gas stove ban stuff.

Maybe we’ll finally get to see murder hornets.


Some Democrats now suggest that he wait and let them find a replacement before launching a re-election bid…. FIFY


You mean a re-selection bid, don’t cha Fyrfighter? Personally, I think that unless there are some major changes to do something about the Deep State Swamp Dwelling Sewer Rats that permeate the government and election systems, we have seen the last true, semi honest national election in this country. The rats were taken by surprise in ’16 when it was “her” turn and Trump took the Electoral College. I called it here when I stated that they would not make the same mistakes in 2020. And here we are. Sniffy and the Ho were hand selected to become the puppets because the handlers knew they would do as told. The Domestic Enemies of our Republic have learned their lesson well on “…it matters who counts the votes.”

Virtue Signaling at it’s finest, nothing will change. The RINOs in the House will strut and preen and NOTHING will be done in the Senate. Watch.


Wish like hell I could argue with you KoB, but I can’t find a single point on which i can…


Yep… they probably reminded Joe they had the goods on him so he’d better play ball. What we are seeing is the fact that Joe has outlived his usefulness. It was just a matter of time before the thread unraveled the sweater with Hunter’s dealings showing Joe’s link to China’s money and being compromised. Why do you think nothing has been said about the origins of COVID since Biden took office?


As the inimitable Catturd said on Twitter the day after the mid-terms, “I trust eating Milk Duds off a toilet seat in a Tijuana dive bar more than I do our elections now.”


If Joe announces, “Although I feel I did nothing wrong, I feel I must withdraw from consideration for a second term. Otherwise, it would be a distraction.”

The beauty of this move is they could then criticize Donald Trump if he does not follow suit.


I keep seeing headlines in my news feed from the Demo cheerleaders like CNN going on and on about MORE docs found at his home/office, which my gut tells me “Andy, sumptin’ ain’t right here.” I wonder if Hilldawg is at home right now having a drink and a smoke and wondering if she can keep from shitting herself long enough to make one more run.

RGR 4-78

Michelle Obama.


The mainstream media would collectively splooge in their pants if she announced a run


The commies would be having orgasms in the streets.

Now that I think of it, First Lady would be a more apropos moniker for Barack.

Last edited 1 year ago by MustangCryppie

Yep spot on, Mooch is just an America hating sasquatch, which makes her a fav of the left, and we all know that B. Hussein is the catcher in that relationship.. That’d be another indication that Idiocracy has become a documentary, not a comedy..

A Proud Infidel®™

That’d be another indication that Idiocracy has become a documentary, not a comedy..”

More like a Prophecy!


Mooch, The Tranny, Sasquatch…


Keep a weather eye on Gruesome Newsome…


I believe it was hank Johnson who said recently that of the found documents “somebody could have put them there”. Could have been anybody.
About the only thing he didn’t say was that Trump put them there personally.

The same hank Johnson who said Guam was in danger of turning over because of how many people live there.

The media is certainly twisting themselves into knots to explain how this is different than what Trump supposedly did.

The difference they aren’t telling you is that as vice president, Biden did not have authority to declassified documents because at the time he wasn’t president.


Kamala Harris may have planted them. She had better access to Joe’s house than any Republican.


Hank is truly a legend in his own mind. My Guamanian neighbor giggles at mention of his name.

Prior Service

This whole thread belongs in the post on overturning Roe v. Wade because it is an abortion…. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more succinct, clear cut example of Dem/media/DOJ hypocrisy, stupidity and ineptitude than this one, though there are many contenders for the title.
I own a corvette and this is the first time I’ve ever been embarrassed by that fact.


Well, I’m a Ford guy so usually I’d insert a Chevy joke in here, but remember the story behind the Corvette in question. Much like everything else in Joe’s life, he didn’t work for it. It was a wedding gift from his father. I seem to remember reading somewhere that pops was a sales manager for a large car dealership, so, contrary to Joe’s “lunch pail” story, he came from an upper middle class family with the means to give him a new sports car. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but when you tell bullshit stories about your family being coal miners…


First of all, who would ever want to be in a vehicle that Clueless Joe was driving? Second, were these documents Hunter used on his business deals or documents Joe used to blackmail Ukraine into firing the prosecuter? And third, makes you wonder what they would find at ole Kenya boys house.


Leftist morons, yes, yes, and no shit….


Fingerprint the documents to check for Hunter’s fingerprints. That would tell us a lot.


Fingerprints on paper? Nah. Better bet would be to check for residue from “booger sugar” or Parmesan cheese!🤣

Prior Service

I’m a Ford guy, too. 69 F150, 76 Bronco, 98 Explorer, 03 Mustang, 10 Expedition. But the 75 corvette was a childhood dream that I had to wait a long time for…


I can’t stop thinking that the following was discussed in the White House:

”Mr President, think real, REAL hard. We seem to remember that you declassified all these docs AFTER you became President. Right? RIGHT?!!!”


Problem with that is that when he waylaid them, they were still “Classified.”


As a Colonel I knew used to say: “Administrivia!”

I’m sure Garland would go along with it!


Garland would go along with it, of course. Doesn’t make it right.


Did I say it was? We’re talking about Washington DC here!!!

Daisy Cutter

Those documents were probably very damning to a case against Hunter and Joe and their dealings in Ukraine and China. When Republicans gained control of the House and investigations were just around the corner, they had to figure out a way to “slow leak” the existence of these documents. It was just a matter of time before they would be discovered missing and sought as part of the investigation. Now, the Special Counsel/DoJ can hold on to them for two or more years, citing “ongoing investigation” and hope to run out the clock on their significance. Then they can say, “that was SOOOoooo 18 months ago, we need to get busy with more pressing issues that the American people care about.”

It’s all a way of dulling the edge of sharp information that can prove damaging. It’s a playbook they turn to often… because it works.

I also think that they find a way to accuse the other side of what they themselves are doing, because they have months until their dirt comes to the surface, so accusing the other side will dull the impact.


And Daisy wins the cigar!


Hur is a swamp rat. The fact he was appointed by Trump to be a US Attorney means zip.


Why was Biden allowed back into his house? They were still actively seeking more documents there. If Biden knows of other documents, he could move them, hide them or “discover them” based on an advantage to him.

Daisy Cutter

This is VERY interesting:

Former Kansas AG: Merrick Garland is protecting President Biden

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Green Thumb

I love the photo at the top.

It appears Biden stepped into a steaming pile of Phil Monkress and got a whiff.

Kinda feel sorry for him.

The stench associated with steaming piles of Phil Monkress can be devastating.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Labyrinth” , The Bog of Eternal Stench.

Old tanker

I am kind of surprised that the investigator is a “Hur”. I’d have more confidence in his brother, Ben though.

Green Thumb

Hopefully the correct pronoun was chosen.

Do want this person offended.


25th amendment anyone


Well, I can see that happening. Considering how many favors Biden (or his people) cashed in and how many “considerations” he handed out in the early days of the 2020 primaries to get past Bernie, it wouldn’t surprise me if those same mercenary souls would sell him out in a heartbeat to better their own situation. Vice President Buttegieg, anyone? That one is very obvious. He’ll sell out Biden, support Kamala to be President, and either serve as VP for 2+ terms if she can manage to win elections on her own or come back in ‘28 as a former VP and possible front runner if she gets her clock cleaned in 2024. Austin will fall in line, Blinken will too. Once that happens, the rest of the Cabinet will suddenly remember their grave Constitutional duties and very somberly and soberly throw Biden under the bus.

A Proud Infidel®™

The only reason most politicians can keep their heads above water is that SHIT FLOATS.

Green Thumb

That’s why you flush twice.


Yeah, well that doesn’t work on certain turds. Case in point, Phildo.

Green Thumb

Use your foot and put some force behind it.

But hen again, when flushing a turd the size of “Phildo”, you will be accused as being the aggressor…and a poser, trying to settle a score, a weirdo, etc. Take your pick.

When you pop a bully in face, or in this case, flush one down, they are the victim.

All-Points Logistics taught – “Phildostyle”.