Veteran foils knife wielding man’s plans at Walmart

| January 14, 2023

A man stood at a Walmart in South Carlonia while shouting and waving his arms. Someone tries to defuse the situation until the yelling man moves against him. The second man stands back as the crowd verbally reacts. The man continues his yelling and does not see the veteran walking up behind him. He gets whacked and subsequently falls to the floor. A second person grabs the knife. Later, as two officers detain him, the yelling man says that he did not do anything.

From the Daily Mail:

A hero military veteran jumped into action to take down a knife-wielding man threatening to stab shoppers at a South Carolina Walmart – by smashing him over the head with a metal pole.

Video shows the unidentified man dressed in red hoodie swearing and shouting on the floor of the Walmart located in Columbia, SC demanding $20.

The man is seen waving his knife yelling, ‘I’m going to start cutting you all up,’ as horrified bystanders stand by during the incident that took place on January 4th around 2pm.

One of the store managers tried to confront the suspect, but the man grew more irate – and in a fit of rage – attempted to slash him.

Moments later a man identified as Demario Davis ambushed the suspect from behind whacking the suspect over the head with a metal pole.

As the suspect falls to the floor he drops the knife and another bystander rushed in to grab it, before two sheriff’s deputies emerge and place the assailant in handcuffs.

The man tries to struggle, before yelling out: ‘No, no, no. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do anything.’

Davis was in the Walmart shopping with his son when he saw the frenzied man act out and decided to intervene. He said he relied on his military training to beat down the suspect.

‘I was at the checkout when my son noticed the guy walk in with the knife open,’ he told Fox News. ‘He then proceeded to the service desk waving the knife at a few female employees.’

He said the man yelled ‘when the cops get here, I’m going to start cutting you all up.’

Recounting the scene, he added: ‘I casually walked over to the object not only to take him down but also protect myself in case I failed, but with my great military training, I was able to neutralize the threat until law enforcement arrived,’ he said.

The harrowing footage was recorded by Walmart employee and witness LaQuanda Eichelberger. ‘I was at the self checkout where I work and the customer came in and demanded $20,’ she told Storyful.

Eichelberger is heard narrating the scene as it unfolds ‘Ooh, he waving the knife. Oh, oh,’ as the man is heard saying ‘kill you all.’

‘Just give the man $20, y’all,’ she said. ‘Walmart, get the man $20.’

She continued: ‘Somebody give the man. Oh, this– he doing Dave Chappelle.’

The Daily Mail has the rest of the story, photos, and video here.

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Maybe he thought Cee Lo was trying to kill him?


Metal pole training in Basic at Ft Dix.
The only thing missing back then was the lady waving
a twenty and yelling something.

Hack Stone

He wanted that $20 in one dollar bills. Gotta make it rain.


Gotta make the strippers work for it, ya know.


Dude went full lumberjack on this fool.. I sure don’t remember that from basic, but it was pretty cool..


Fuck around…
Find out
Where does this hit on the graph?


Mr. Davis credits his “great” military training in his handling of the issue.
I’ve had rather a lot of military training, and cold-cocking knife-wielding thugs wasn’t on the agenda.
BZ, Mr. Davis.


We did the Pugil sticks, although that metal pole looked a bit denser.


No, no, say it aint so


If it’s any consolation, I understand Robert Conrad hated that film. This explains why.


EVERYBODY hated that film.




Dindo nuffin.

Conboy, E

Wiz he on hiz way to chir praxtice?


Nicely done Mr Davis!

Green Thumb

Surprised the “Woke” DA is not pressing charges against he Veteran.

Hack Stone

Charged with Male Toxicity in 1st Degree.


“Woke” left/libtards demand veteran control!

He was a dangerous evil “racist” oppressing a neurodivergent person who expressed their protected inner feelings.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

“Common sense veteran control laws.”


It’s for the children!


I like a good, happy ending.


Hear hear!


Mr. Meth sure got his bell rung..


Yeah, there is still hope for humanity. Also, this article of an Army JROTC cadet who helped save the life of a family member with a gunshot wound.
Army JROTC cadet saves life in shooting, receives Medal of Heroism (


Also these:
Army Sgt 1st. Class receives Soldier’s Medal for saving individual from a burning car.
In the arms of an Arctic Angel — soldier gets Army award for heroism (

Army Specialist receives Soldier’s Medal for helping save man from structural fire.
Fort Rucker soldier earns Soldier’s Medal for saving man from fire (

Prior Service

Feel good story of the day. Nice work. Let’s hope there aren’t any legal repercussions. Not sure why the thug warrants privacy though.


It was a feel good story today. Submitted to admin earlier this week, on the day it happened.

The lessons that we learned today, Girls and Boys are these:

Maintain Situational Awareness at all times.

Be prepared to bring any and/or every weapon available to bear.

Carry concealed…!

Stay the phuque out of Wally World.


Cast the net a bit farther; stay away from places where stupid people do stupid things. If unable Gun Bunny addresses that as well.


So, avoid Walmart, Waffle House…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m always in condition yellow when I go out and carry concealed, and in any eatery I go too I try and sit where I can see who comes and goes.

Slick Goodlin

Stanchion – weighted steel base
Shipping weight – 20 pounds
Ouch !!


Claw- NSN?


Two types. Metal or Plastic

2040-01-495-8654 Deck Railing Stanchion (Metal)

5660-01-468-0202 Stanchion, Safety Yellow Plastic, (weighs 85 pounds when filled with water, 130 pounds when filled with sand)

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Never bring a knife to a metal stanchion fight.


“just give him $20 y’all” is a perfect example of how responsibility & accountability are dissolving here.


Paul Vunak would be proud.