‘Uncle Frank’ Biden – FOIA Results

| January 12, 2023

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):  FOIA results on Frank Biden were helpful, but incomplete and not conclusive.

If you recall, President Biden recently made a claim about his Uncle Frank being wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. President Biden went on to speak about the effort he made to award his uncle the Purple Heart.

We posted about it here.

This story was debunked as impossible due to the timelines involved.

Snopes labeled it as FALSE.

VERIFY had an excellent summary as they debunked it as well.  Here is a video of their summary of the case.

However, since this fell within the parameters of a Stolen Valor case, we did due diligence by requesting Frank Biden’s military records, even though he is deceased and he is not the one making the claim.

We felt there were some unanswered questions in regard to this case. Namely:

1) was Frank Biden in the Battle of the Bulge
2) did a Purple Heart make its way into his official military records, and
3) would the National Archives provide this information since it could prove to be embarrassing for the POTUS?

Well, it appears that Frank Biden’s records were lost in the infamous 1973 Fire at the National Personnel Records Center.  This is likely the case since over 80% of the Army records before 1960 were lost.

NPRC Cover Lettter ICO Frank Biden

However, the NPRC was able to supply a few records – mostly pay documents – that were stored off-site.  They are provided below.

FOIA Results – Biden – Record 1 of 4

FOIA Results – Biden – Record 2 of 4

FOIA Results – Biden – Record 3 of 4

FOIA Results – Biden – Record 4 of 4




Seems inconclusive other than the fact that no Purple Heart seemed to make it into Frank Biden’s records.  Although reconstructed, the documentation should have reached his records.

Although there is no reference to overseas service in Frank Biden’s records, it is still possible.  We weren’t able to obtain a list of assignments to verify.

In the end, probably a big nothing burger, but we wanted to provide you with the results all the same.

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Frank Biden was stationed in Iceland around 1943.

Daisy Cutter

And his hospital records that you posted showed he was in the military hospital in Richmond VA in Feb 1945 until his discharge.


Frank Biden was in a hospital because of a disease, not an injury.

Skivvy Stacker

I have to feel bad for old Uncle Frank.
What he had was Multiple Sclerosis [I had to look it up].
Shitty disease that does shitty things to the human body.


This is the credibility Jonn demanded. Get the records with a clear custody chain and let the facts tell the tale.
Thanks, Steve. Great work.


Welp, we did prove a coupla things here. Uncle Frank DID serve his country and prezzy sniffy creepy DID serve up some more proof of his lying senility. One thing you’ll never be able to prove to me is that joe and the ho got 81 million people to vote for them. Change my mind, I’ll wait.

Thanks for the follow up, Steve.


I’m pretty sure Creepy Joe was a lying sack of shit well before senility got him. Senility has just made the lies more interesting.


Maybe Pedo Joe told the lie because that was a lie his uncle has been telling. How many old phonies have claimed they were at Omaha, Anzio, Iwo and so on but were not? For decades, the phonies told tall tales about harrowing duty to find out later he landed on Omaha…in September. I’m not excusing Joe for this obvious lie, but perhaps Uncle Frank spun a tale of daring-do while he was laid up with a severe case of the Clap.

Daisy Cutter

Highly plausible – given the fact that he *allegedly* acted so negatively when Joe *allegedly* presented it to him.


I knew a man who was on Iwo Jima. He NEVER mentioned it. If you asked him about it, he would not talk about it. It turns out that Iwo wasn’t the only island assault he took part in, but those details only came out after he passed, in his obituary.

A Proud Infidel®™

I grew up in a Military town during the 70’s and 80’s knowing WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam Vets and those who did the most talked about it the least!


To Uncle Frank’s credit, his disease was considerably more serious than clap–he had multiple sclerosis which can be quite debilitating although rarely fatal.


It’s a horrible disease. Nobody is accusing the Uncle of anything, malingering included. He is likely spinning in his grave with what little Joey is up to.

Hack Stone

Breaking news. Time for Joe Biden to do the Perp Walk.



Don’t hold your breath….


Coulda happened to anyone. Just because you found a cover
sheet in the garage? Hell, just because a gift box is marked
“chocolates” are you gonna eat them?
Now if uncle Franks PH award is underneath that’s a whole
different story….

Daisy Cutter

I’m thinking it was stuff that he didn’t want Trump to see, and may incriminate Hunter and himself. At the advice of counsel, I’d like to say this is speculation on my part.

Daisy Cutter

Biden: Um, it’s my mum’s secret recipes.
Public: C’mon, you can tell me.
Biden: It’s a secret.
Public: Is it cinnamon?
Biden: It’s my mum’s secret recipes.


I store my stolen classified documents in boxes in the garage next to my Vette too. I thought that was how you were supposed to store them???? Can anyone quote a reg here?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Were you vetted before or after you stored those documents next to your ‘Vette?


Me, too. But one has to have a Vette to use this storage method.


You have a ‘Vette?


It’s a Chevette.

A Proud Infidel®™

Like my Friend’s Chevette, I bet it smokes everything else in town thanks to its worn-out piston rings!

Dennis - not chevy

2 guys I once worked with owned Corvettes. They staked out part of the parking lot for ‘Vette parking only. They used to get incredibly angry with me when I parked my Chevette in the ‘Vette parking only area.


Yep. 2016, Z51 hardtop. Best car I have ever owned.


Rings are no worry. It’s a 2023 2LT Z51 HTC. The only thing it smokes is every other car on the road. At least till the ZR1 comes out.
But those things are stupid expensive. With DMU, you might as well get four base models and then the whole family can have one.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

So Joe Biden made up another fictitious event in his life and blabbed about it for no apparent reason at all.

In other news, water is wet.

I mean, I think at this point, most people (or his voters at least) just shrug their shoulders and say “Oh, that’s just lunchbox Joe with his tall tales again.” They just accept that he’s a pathological liar and play it off like it’s just innocent nothings and a neat little niche piece to his character.

Not saying it’s right, but watch what will happen after they uncover everything on these classified files all over his residence from when he was VP. They’ll just shrug and act like it’s no big deal, after basically asking for life in prison for President Trump for the docs found in Mar A Lago.

We live in upside down world.


Hey, classified records in a box in the garage– no big! 😉

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Setup. Some Trumper must’ve had access to the garage.

Damn that CornPop and his razor blade wielding goons 60 year war on Joe Biden.

He’ll stop at nothing.


It’s all “racist”! See, Pepe’s making an “OK” sign… my woke friends said it was Ultra MAGA brainwashing.

Hack Stone

Rep Hank “Guam” Johnson is implying that nefarious people snuck into these locations and planted those documents.

If someone could sneak in and plant the documents, then someone coud sneak in and copy those documents.

Green Thumb

There is probably a pile at the All-Points Logistics HQ in Merritt Island.

Old Uncle Fake might have had dealings w/ some of Phildo’s relatives back in the day.


Republicans got him elected to make Democrats look bad, he should claim too.


His time in the OSS and Top Secret mission with Captain America to assassinate Hitler and Goering’s polo pony that almost succeeded were lost in the ’73 records fire, you know.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Biden called a woman a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’ – but no one can find the film he thinks he’s quoting from.

That’s the beauty of things that are only happening up in your head – if people want to verify anything, you are the sole source.


Hillary: Pfft! Biden’s such an amateur.


1973 NPRC Records Fire = Say you did all kinds of shyte while in the military, nobody can dispute it.


Just some stuff?


Sometimes that’s the best hiding place – in plain sight!


Well, he had to transport them to the garage in Delaware, without some Secret Service guy asking, “what’s in the box?”

Boiling Mad CPO

Back in 1980, I misplaced a Officer Promotion message marked Confidential. This had an active date of 2 weeks, which means it was to be declassified. You would have thought I had lost the nuclear codes or something. Being a hard charging 4.0 Chief Petty Officer, I and my CO managed to convenience everyone that it had accidentally dropped in the trash can. BZ

Green Thumb

Maybe the rest of Uncle Fake’s records will be in one of those piles of classified documents they found.


With a photo of Corn Pop.


That photo is as rare as the ones of bigfoot and unicorns.


This one is autographed though.