Guided Missile Destroyer to be Named for Hero

| January 12, 2023

Thomas Gunning Kelley

CDR D sends us welcome news- the SecNav will name an as-yet unbuilt Alreigh Burke DDG for Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Thomas Gunning Kelley.

Future Destroyer Will Honor Vietnam War Hero | By Konstantin Toropin

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro announced Wednesday that one of the service’s new, as-yet-unbuilt destroyers will be named after Medal of Honor recipient Thomas Gunning Kelley.

Del Toro, who was speaking to an audience at the annual Surface Navy Association conference held in Arlington, Virginia, paused at the end of his prepared remarks and said he had a “very special announcement.”

With Kelley listening in via speakerphone, the Navy’s top boss recounted the sailor’s heroic actions in Vietnam in 1968 — his voice cracking slightly at times — before finally saying that “it is with great admiration and great pride … I am announcing the naming of DDG-140 after Captain Thomas Gunning Kelley.” The room erupted with applause and a standing ovation.

Warship named for a warrior, what a concept and a good call Del Toro. Thanks for the link CDR. I’m smart enough to let Mason take it from here.

Arleigh Burke DDG

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Good to see another piece of Floating Artillery to be built. Even gooder to see that She will be named for a Real War Hero. What daHell is Big Navy thinking…doing the right thing…for a change.


> SHHHHH! Don’t say a damn thing or Big Navy will change its mind! Gotta meet that D.I.E. quota and all.


Fighting ships should be named after fighters. Excellent work, Navy!


Pleasantly surprised they didn’t name it after another degenerate polesmoker.

A Proud Infidel®™

Glad to see a Warship named after a Warrior!


I’ve actually met this MoH recipient. Hell of a nice guy. I don’t think I’ve written about his heroics yet, but he’s definitely on the list.

One of the many Kelly/Kelley Clan (21 in total) to have earned the MoH. He’s just one of five men named Thomas Kelly/Kelley to have the MoH.

Tomorrow morning I will discuss another Kelley who received the MoH in Vietnam.

USMC Steve

It still needs more guns.

Old tanker

I kind of agree with you. That little 75mm pop gun on the bow looks pretty puny.


Something with an earth-shattering kaboom.


I’m surprised they didn’t choose to name it Equity and give it a crew that has no idea which way to go.

Prior Service

A modern service secretary, appointed by a liberal disaster, doing a good thing? Color me shocked.