Waffle House Stolen Valor

| January 5, 2023

No 10% Discount?  The Hell You Say.

We’ve all seen it – that look you get when you may not get your 10% off at Waffle House.

Waffle House seems to be supplying us with a steady stream of drama lately.  This case is from somebody claiming to be US Air Force called out by another person that says he is a US Marine.

There are four parts to this video on TikTok, we just supplied one to give you a sense of what occurred. This man was called out on his earrings and other things. You can click on the link below to obtain all four videos plus background commentary.

American Military News – Waffle House Stolen Valor

A few tips for all wannabe fakes:

* Get the date of Veteran’s Day right
* If you say you are Army, don’t wear a US Air Force uniform that has a US AIR FORCE patch
* If you are sporting a full beard, make sure and have your no shave paperwork (if they even do that anymore)
* Leave your earrings at home when you are wearing your uniform

Seriously, there’s probably some violation of recording customers in a business establishment. IOW, Waffle House could be liable in some way. I would not want someone confronting me about something and recording me, and I would expect that Waffle House would honor my privacy.

I’ll leave that up to the barracks lawyers to provide legal opinions.

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Hack Stone

If he wants to cop a free meal by falsely claiming military accomplishments, he should chow down in the All Points Logistics cafeteria. Sport a SEAL Trident and get upgraded to to the executive dining area.

Green Thumb

I imagine All-Points Logistics is where he was headed.

He just dropped in to get a little chow at 10% off before his interview with The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics).


RTFM, dude.


I’m all about gettin’ me some Waffle House.

But it seems extreme to go about getting 10% off.


Somewhat OT, but… Think we have low standards? Wagner Group releases first group of Russky prisoners (paradoned now) who fought in Ukraine: “Do not drink too much, do not use drugs, do not rape women,” the WG head said on the occasion.

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They totally left out stop shooting people (anymore).


Truly. Not to mention that pillage is not an appropriate career pursuit.


Worked for the Vikings for quite a while….


True, but modern folk frown upon that.


“The Americans on this island are not ordinary troops, but Marines, a special force recruited from jails and insane asylums for bloodlust.” – Unknown Japanese soldier defending Guadalcanal


They hadn’t seen the German’s Dirlewanger brigade (who actually were).


The Russian Nazis kept their word to release the convicts they didn’t get killed. Huh.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’ve never worn my stuff after getting my honorable discharge some 40 years ago…it’s not that I’m not proud of what I did, I just don’t feel the need to proclaim it in public. I didn’t serve so some asshole can come up to me who didn’t serve and thank me for my service so the asshole feels better about himself…in the 70s everyone thought I was a fucking retard for serving anyway….so public congratulations were never part of the consideration.

Nor was the notion of a military discount.

I will take the 10% at the big box stores on a large purchase, I’m not fucking stupid…but showing ID to save $2-10 bucks on a meal out? No thanks…I don’t need the veteran plate on my car so everyone knows I’m super special and should be thanked wherever I park…I’m fine with only my family and close friends aware that I served.

Why these assholes go to this trouble is lost on me…how empty and hollow are their lives that they need to fill in the blanks with lies?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Fraud is fraud of course and this guy did commit fraud for personal gain, but it somehow seems petty when veterans get all pissy with these local buffoons some of whom don’t seem to be in full control of their faculties and expose them on Tik-Tok or the like.


Hooah! 🙂


It was actually G Gordon Liddy (who did serve, and many of his kids and grandkids also served) who had a national radio program call-in program for 20 years who is credited with popularizing the “thank you for your service”. He would always find out if a caller had served and then thank them before they would discuss whatever it was they caller wanted to discuss.

I have veteran plates on my car because my state collects an extra $25 in taxes on it and sends it to the State Disabled Veterans home. It is an easy way to send them money every year that I might not otherwise think to do.

But I won’t eat at Applebees. Our local Applebees has black mold growing in the ceiling that the health department refuses to shut them down for. That shit is nasty.


I knew his son Jim and his (first) wife out in California many years ago.


So I suppose Oz cruises are off the short list?

Fox News


Besides you are eligible for the 10% Senior discount anyway.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

hey now…

Green Thumb

To bad you cannot double-dip….


Yeah, I have yet to find a business that will let you stack discounts. I think it would likely wipe out all or a sizable portion of their profit.


10% off a new vehicle and I’ll wear anything you like but

Old tanker

Privacy?? In a private business?? BWAHAHAHAHA.

If you go into a privately owned business, open to the public, you are on their property, not yours. As such you have no right to privacy just for patronizing them. There are exceptions of course like rest rooms and changing areas, however there likely are cameras leading up to those exceptions. Look around, there are cameras everywhere to include entrances, exits and payment locations.

Waffle House is a source of numerous videos of idiots out in public, including the latest, ninja chair woman.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Like Walmart and Denny’s, the Waffle House provides hours of entertaining video snippets of what a life of poor choices might look like.

It makes for excellent object lessons for my older grandchildren.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Just be sure to take them there after midnight, just before the bars close and all the stumbling detritus spills out into the streets.


Confrontations like this are problematic. I’m not going to General Quarters over some douche canoe wearing a costume at Waffle House. Point and laugh and move on.

Green Thumb


And get da fuck up off my scattred, somthered and covered homeboy….


I’d just shake my head and move on.

Unless I was the manager – at which time I’d charge him 10% more and laugh at him – loudly.

Prior Service

What!? Waffle House doesn’t do military discounts? I’m out!


At a time like this, you just have to ask yourself…

“What would Waffle House Wendy do?”


Everybody was flung-chair fighting…


Tried posting on Yahoo referencing Chair Fu (a la Joe Bob) and it was flagged as inappropriate due to the fu. Wonder what they call Kung Fu?


Fu-Fuck Yahoo. “Fu” Means “acquired skill” in both Cantonese and Mandarin (Although Kung Fu is pronounced Gong Fu in Mandarin). Clearly this woman has skills handling chairs from years of service and training working in Waffle House.

Yahoo techies are bunch of whiny, asshat, ignorant bitches over there.


TuCa had Wendy on his show this week. She was commended by her manager for her fighting skills, but written up for some damage to restaurant equipment.




Apparently, she got written up for breaking a sugar dispenser.


She applied for a job at a different Waffle House and found out that they blacklisted her.

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Daisy Cutter

Greg Gutfeld said, in response to this, that he can only wish his tombstone is engraved with the words “BLACKLISTED FROM EMPLOYMENT AT WAFFLE HOUSE.

Daisy Cutter

How come we don’t see more Stolen Valor drama at the Golden Corral? After all, they offer 10-20% off with military ID. Maybe the trick is having to supply a military ID card.

According to the Golden Corral website’s information for their Veteran’s Advantage program.

Military discounts are usually made available to current or former members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Reserve and National Guard with a military ID. With some offers, the military discount is limited to active duty, retirees or military family with a government military ID only.”


Now, a combined stolen valor/family chair-throwning fight at Golden Corral– I’d pay to see that! (Hey, I know my entertainment standards are low… )

Daisy Cutter

The perfect Trifecta!


“Massive brawl breaks out at Golden Corral buffet”



“Woman Fat-Shamed And Kicked Out Of Golden Corral For Wearing A ‘Revealing’ Outfit”



Clearly they have never been to a Walmart before if they think that is “revealing”.


Betcha that manager would not have said a word to her if she was Black.

You can see much worse outfits at WallMart. Moreover, Golden Corral isn’t exactly Morton’s.


Not a shortage of steak! No! /sarc


Can’t forget the campaign medal for those who served through that.

comment image


Happens. Just sayin’.

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Not to mention:


We think this was a staged, fake video.

Now THIS story actually happened in August 2022:

“Police: 2 Marines Skip Out On Waffle House Bill, Damage A Helicopter”


“After allegedly skipping out on a bill at a Waffle House near MCAS Cherry Point on Aug. 20, Pvt. 1st Class William J. West and Lance Cpl. Andrew E. Carranza went on a bit of a tear, Havelock Police said, with one even proudly sporting a USMC sweatshirt during the dine-and-dash portion of the evening.”

“West and Carranza reportedly went on to vandalize a HH-46E helicopter at the local Havelock Tourist & Event Center. The two Marines walked around a number of aircraft on display, police said, before one of them climbed onto an RF-4B Phantom II to snap photos. The pair then tried to spin the helicopter blades on the HH-46E. Two windows on the helicopter broke in the process.”


Waffle House. Come for the discounted or free meals and stay for the drunken fights with the staff. Stolen Valor is just a side show by those with very low IQ’s.


Heck yeah!


Joe (Rogers, WWII ARMY Air Corps) and Tom (Forkner, WWII MI) weep.

As I’ve commented before, during my Road Warrior Days (and since then) WH was a reliable go to for traveling food. Granted, that was 25 to pert near 50 years ago and I did a recon of the stores before I placed an order (Health Dprt Insp report/clientele/employees ect.) I would also drop Joe/Tom’s names since I had met them back yonder. Over those many years I found the ones that were well run, clean, decent cooks, and wait staff with more than 6 teeth. Also walked out of a few that didn’t meet my standards. Buyer beware, eh? Sadly, out of the dozen or so in my AO, there are only 2 that I would eat at now. And I’ll be very picky about what time I go in. You may notice that this incidences usually include a certain segment of the population. Jus’ sayin’.








Now, boys, you only get one drill point for eating out today as veteran, not one for each place at which you eat.












Before joining the US Army, a member of the ninja family worked at a Waffle House as a Cook, Dishwasher, Waiter, Psychologist (think Bartenders) for 80 cents an hour plus tips.

Money went to pay for college tuition and books.

Coffee was 10 cents a cup. One late night, a group of intoxicated folks dressed like SuperFlys (think the early 1970s) came in to sober up. I initially thought they had a bit too much to drink, because after drinking $1.00 worth of coffee and wolfing down a couple of 25 cent hamburgers, they gave me a $100.00 tip.

To my surprise, their designated driver was the one who handed me that Ben Franklin bill after I shared with him and the group I was working to go to college. Turned out the tipper was a Dean at Alabama A&M.

Life Is Full Of Surprises.


This is SO WRONG:

“Louisiana Dollar General Clerk Shoots And Kills Armed Robber, Gets Charged With Manslaughter”

“The Louisiana clerk told police the Dollar General store had been targeted by robbers six times since August”


“A Lousiana Dollar General Store clerk who shot and killed an armed robber Monday is being charged with a crime, authorities said.”

“Rafus Anderson was working at the store in Monroe when the suspect entered with a weapon, a police report said. Anderson fired a shot that struck the suspect and a customer as the robber fled the store.”

“Responding police officers found the robber “lying in the money he had just robbed the store of” north of the scene, the report said. The suspect later died at a hospital.”


Could be bad reporting, but it sounds like he didn’t call to report the incident? Simple self-defense and you’re not calling it in as the victim of an armed robbery? There’s more to this story that isn’t being told.


Louisiana being a Democrat-run hellhole probably insists upon a “duty to retreat” (run away) before bustin’ caps allowed.


Dude needed to tell them that he knows Will Chamberlain and the Round Ranger… that’ll get him a 25% discount!


Late breaking news from the war front;


Now with pic goodness, no charge. The things I do..


Shots fired…


Plenty of room on The List.


I’m not already on The List? I’m insulted.


We finally found the Ghost Goose of Kiev.




Writing checks with ego that can’t be cashed with body, they did.


Waffle House?

I mean the 10% discount for a large purchase at Lowes I can see.

But the Waffle House? Really?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

It almost sounds like he was trying to get smashed &scattered like WH hash browns!


If not rise and hour early, like Daylight Savings Time… (Bloodhound Gang)