Afghan refugee damage

| January 5, 2023

According to the AP, Afghan refugees billeted on US military bases have racked up some pretty healthy damages. Almost $260,000,000, as a matter of fact.

In one case, training for the Indiana National Guard was relocated from Camp Atterbury to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, due to damages caused during “Operation Allies Welcome.” The facilities need to be restored “to a condition that enables them to conduct trainings, prepare for future events, and return to normal base operations,” the IG found.

For example, of the $260 million in approved restoration costs, the Defense Department approved about $16 million for Camp Atterbury “to replace mattresses and furniture and repair floors, doors, windows, plumbing, fire alarm systems, and landscaping.”

Now, I am sure all these damage claims are legitimate – no Facilities command would try to jick the system, would they?

For example, Fort McCoy, which housed 12,706 refugees, was approved for $145.6 million to repair buildings and plumbing, an amount that was more than three times the combined restoration needs of Fort Bliss and Fort Pickett, which had housed similar numbers of refugees.

AP News

Maybe McCoy just happened to incur over 50% of the damage across the 8 bases. I know I am a Pollyanna, but I sure hope these claims are investigated for veracity. You know, because it’s taxpayer money or something?

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Burn matresses in the barracks for warmth, break the bathrooms trying to wash your feet in the sinks and toilets then select a room and poop in it, and get cranky and break stuff because there’s no hash to smoke. (Sorry, folks, no “boy play” allowed here either.)


A buddy of mine said at one base where foogees were housed a few of them shit INTO (not just ON) the air conditioning units. Right onto the goddamn things. They replaced them instead of even bothering to clean them…

Backwards animals. Should have just unloaded them in Portland and San Francisco. Nobody would have noticed the difference.



h/t to Mick.


Shitting IN an A/C unit? That’s like a cross between an “Upper Deck” and a “Chicago Sunroof.”🤣


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I was thinking more along these lines:

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Huh, 20 years of expenditures of life and property in a shithole country only to replace the Taliban with a better armed version of the Taliban and then the shitbags we try to help by bringing here still cost us a fortune….that’s a helluva commentary on our government’s ability to plan and execute functional foreign policy across multiple administrations.

And people still think government intervention is the way to go in our own personal lives…as if more government ever solved anything real in this country.


I have found that the critical flaw in almost every government activity is that it is carried out and managed by government employees.


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Here’s the official report ” DoD Restoration Costs to Repair Facilities After Supporting Operation Allies Refuge and Operation Allies Welcome” about 20 pages long.

McCoy still has, I believe a number of WWII barracks/buildings that need renovation that they probably have included. Get it done while the money is out there, I’m guessing.


Ft. McCoy is a WWII shrine on the order of Ft. Chafee only not as well kept– every time we’re there, my folk are overcome with urges to quote lines from Full Metal Jacket in the barracks due to the similarity (Kubrick definitely used another bathroom for the Pyle-shoots-Gunny scene because the real one’s too small).


More like Islamic Refugee Damage helped by Commie friends in the State Department and other Fellow Travelers in other agencies.

Funny how Islam, Nazi’s and Marx have a lot in common!


Here’s an image of one the buildings at McCoy with the title: “Volunteer Sandra Hoeser plays frisbee with Afghan refugees at the Ft. McCoy U.S. Army base on September 30, 2021 in Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin. Barbara Davidson—Getty Images”

As you can see, some of the buildings on this base were in bad shape already.

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Hack Stone

Still better than living quarters for some active duty troops. At least the refugees are not being berthed in a parking garage. That would be inhumane.


“Still better than living quarters for some active duty troops.”

Got pictures? I am a bit skeptical.


I don’t know about the other bases, but the buildings at Camp Atterbury were in pretty decent shape when I retired out of there in 2014. I was one of about 50-75 active duty Soldiers stationed there. On a side note, it was pretty cool to retire out of the same post that my Grandfather mobilized out of for WWII.


When you take people who are from a stone-age culture, but whose religion tells them they are superior to all other peoples to the point that they have to cleanse even their dishes if an infidel eats from them, and put them in a better environment, their worldview forces them to keep doing what they’ve always done.

This should surprise no one but idiots. Hence the surprise of the politicians and the Pentagon (but I repeat myself).


They’re animals. They’re not people.


More like macaque monkeys – their brains are developed enough to cause a lot of damage, but not enough to have a moral compass.


Gorillas have more sense.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Fort McCoy has to be legit. After all, everyone has heard of the real McCoy.


How about Fort Hatfield? They seem to take exception to your statement. 😜


Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Ronnie Milsap saw this coming.


This $ is just a drop in the bucket compared to the money (and blood) already wasted in the entire boondoggle for the “Graveyard of Empires”. And is nowhere near the amount of destruction that will come when the sleeper cells that are embedded in these “refugees” is unleashed. They’re there, just waiting for their signal. Anybody else remember the pictures of the “refugees” showing all of the young, military age men that were on the evac birds? People that will not stand to fight to defend their own land are not worthy of us doing their fighting for them or “rescuing” them from their cowardice. Send them ALL back. JMHO/YMMV


But…but… we owe them for their service! Another $260 mil. is a small price to pay for their selfless service to us in our hours (20 years worth) of need.


Ol’ Poe stayed in WWII barracks at Fort Campbell sixty years ago and they were nothing to write home about even then. So he doesn’t begrudge the folks at McCoy for taking advantage of the opportunity by padding the bill to get some extra DoD lucre for fixing up some clearly deteriorated old barracks.

After all, the funds have been offered and the most likely beneficiaries will be the troops who are housed in those old buildings in coming years. And it’s also likely that previous attempts to obtain funding for such repairs have been ignored. Of course, tearing them down and replacing them would be the wisest thing to do but this is the Pentagon we’re talking about.

So, what’s not to like? 🤔 

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AT1 ret

They destroyed everything. Marines have also given up on restoring Camp Upshur on Quantico now visiting units can’t say there. It used to be nice for what it was.
We would billet people up there for the Navy High Power Matches but were just told the above. IT’s fucked up the most sailors go up there on no-cost orders and will have to find hotels now.


That reminds me of when the Pentagon was hit on 9/11. They took that as on opportunity to overhaul the whole place. I worked there between 2012 and 2018; it was really nice.