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| December 27, 2022

I think my very first WTFO moment was when The Navy, in its unfathomable wisdom, decided the 0.0-4.0 evaluation ranking scale was demeaning, and changed the criteria to 1.0-5.0. Untold lost man-hours and tax dollars expended to essentially affect nothing but someone’s amorphous “feelings” about being quite correctly labeled a zero.

Things have gone downhill from there. We’re at the point that inclusiveness and diversity has morphed in NewSpeak and rigid adherence to the Party diktat.

There is news from the front lines, and the news is good.

2022’s Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals of woke outrage failures

Here are three big ways the woke outrage mob went broke in 2022

Jimmy Failla | Fox News

Fox News

Jimmy Failla is what I’ll call a humorist. The next Will Rogers? Probably not, and I’ll not post his words here as the article is pure opinion. Try it for a break- there’ll be plenty to watch with the shift change at Congress. Can’t say I’m expecting a lot- prove me wrong.

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The only change we will see with the new kongress is, same sh^t, different faces.

The truth is what we tell you it is, Citizen…move along.

George Orwell did not set out to write a “How To” book.


KoB commented:

“George Orwell did not set out to write a “How To” book.”



I did and it did, FIRST (ht2 Hack Stone) Class. Will Rogers and I both grinned. Still don’t change the fact that the new kongress klowne kritters aren’t gonna be any different, and I quote from a Classic Tune; “…meet the new boss….same as the old boss…” And, yes, George did call it. Is is past time for the things we can no longer accept…change?

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From the article:

“…this film bombed so bad the TSA will stop you for carrying the DVD onto the plane.”

Great line… 😛 


I’ll just leave this right here:
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USMC Steve

That system used to become a bone to be picked when doing joint Navy-Marine operations. The Marines used a 0.0-5.0 proficiency and conduct markings system. I was attached to a navy reporting officer while doing spook stuff on a Navy ship, and he had to do rating evals on me along with the sailors I was working with. He gave me 4.0 – 4.0 for proficiency and conduct, and I got huffy. After explaining that we used different markings, he changed it, but it got pretty hilarious there for a while until I explained that the Navy’s highest perfect markings, were a significant markdown for a Marine.