Russians fled in panic, leaving lots of high value equipment behind

| December 27, 2022

How Russians think their Army is doing versus what they are actually doing in Ukraine Imagine Dragons.jpg

The British Ministry of Defense offered its assessments, along with others, on Russian military mistakes during the Ukraine War. The Russians anticipated taking Ukraine in a short timeframe, and so did many Western leaders. However, Ukraine proved these assessments incorrect and continued to keep fighting. Abandoned Russian equipment find new use with the Ukrainian Army.


Overlooking the strength of Ukraine’s defense

Putin assumed victory would be quick and easy and that his forces would capture Kyiv in a matter of days. But the city of nearly 3 million people never fell, as the Russian leader greatly underestimated Ukraine’s will to fight and defend its homeland.

Ukraine’s fierce resistance was on display very early in the war. A senior US defense official said on February 28 that Ukraine was putting up a “very stiff and very effective defense” around Kyiv, which helped slow Russian advances.

Clark told Insider that Russia’s lack of success was caused by a mix of poor execution and the Ukrainian military performing better and with “much higher morale than anyone, most importantly the Russians, anticipated.”

United States and Western intelligence agencies had assessed that Kyiv would not be able to withstand Russia’s assault for very long, but Ukrainian forces fended it off and, in recent months, stunned Moscow by liberating thousands of square miles of territory in two counteroffensives in northeastern and southern Ukraine.

Abandoning lots of weapons

Ukraine’s surprise counteroffensive in the northeastern Kharkiv region in late summer surprised Russia and marked the start of a massive push that liberated thousands of square miles of captured territory.

The speed of the offensive sent Russian forces scrambling from their positions, leaving mountains of weaponry and ammunition.

The abandoned hardware even helped restore Ukraine’s dwindling firepower, though so much was left behind that Ukrainian forces struggled to handle it all.

The British Ministry of Defense said at the time that some Russian troops “fled in apparent panic” and left lots of “high-value equipment” behind.

Expending its stockpiles of precision munitions

In recent months, Russia has launched waves of missile and drone attacks targeting Ukraine’s civil infrastructure, but doing so has depleted Moscow’s stockpiles of long-range precision munitions.

Military experts and officials have said the terror campaign was not a sustainable use of Russia’s limited capabilities and was unlikely to affect Ukraine’s will to fight.

More recently, senior U.S. intelligence officials have said Russia is burning through its munitions faster than it can replace them. Officials also say the use of massive amounts of artillery and precision-guided munitions has forced Moscow to turn to Iran and North Korea for supplies.

The UK’s permanent representative to the UN said on December 9 that Russia was looking to obtain “hundreds” of ballistic missiles from Iran in exchange for “unprecedented” military support. Days later, a senior U.S. military official said Russia was running out of new artillery shells and rockets and may have to use older, less reliable ammunition. has the rest of this article.

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“JOE BIDEN Fled In Panic, Leaving Lots Of High Valued Equipment Behind.”

There. Fixed It For Ya.





Yes, yes the Taliban and won and defeated the great Satan and now every true believer has 3 wives and a goat in every pot. Apperently winning isn’t all it is cracked up to be. So what is a retired heroic terrorist to do when they can no longer grow opium and rape and kill elementary school students for fun?


I’ve been banging the drum on this since at least July when the extent of the failure had become evident. Russia is still losing 400-600 soldiers every day in and around the Ukraine. Russia hasn’t taken an ass whipping like this since the start of WWII. Back then they had the Allies to back them up with munitions and supplies. Today they have Iran. Kind of a poor substitute for the Allies.

As the Ukraine widens it’s attacks inside of Russia, people are getting antsy. The Kremlin appears to be setting up a false flag attack to blame NATO when Putin is “relieved of his command”.

Putin Is Freaked Out: Ukraine Strikes Base Deep Inside of Russia (

Putin ‘Likely Concerned’ Over Support for His War Among Russian Elites: ISW (

Russia Warns U.S. Against Launching ‘Decapitation Strike’ on Putin (


Russkies critical of the war effort keep “mysteriously” dying… the latest a few days ago:


An “accidental” fall from a tall building on Dec 24th:


Falls from great height have killed a large number of oligarchs and potential pretenders to the throne.

A Proud Infidel®™

Among other things, Putin kills almost as often as the Clintons.


For Sale…Russian Military Equipment…Like New Condition…Never Fired and only dropped once…Call UKR-867-5309 ask for Jennyolov.

Good thing Vlad has a nice steady supply of uranium and now that he has he best procurement officer back, he can restock his supplies.

Still think it odd that a country known to be in collusion with a former SoS decided to go to war with a country that is known to be in collusion with current (s)elected officials, including kongress kritters (talking about you too, Mittens) and no one in the sleaze media has picked up on that.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Gun Bunny,
You just answered your own question.

Why no one in the sleaze media has picked up on that?
It’s the sleaze media. The DeMSM. ‘Nuff said.


From Denys Davydov:

Yesterday’s attack on the Engels air base, the losses of the Rashists were named:

▪️5 TU-95MS bombers damaged.

▪️17 invaders were killed, 26 were injured, 3 of them are in serious condition.

▪️Control tower destroyed.

This was reported by journalist Vladimir Zolkin, we are waiting for confirmation from officials


This guy (Ukrainian) is also good. Most of is reports are about 5 minutes:

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Maybe we can go over to the Ukraine & pick up some Russkie discards to recoup some of our losses in ‘Stan.
(said with tongue firmly planted in both cheeks)


Practice does not make perfect… Countries Russia has invaded since 1941:

  1. Iran (1941–1946)
  2. Hungary (1944)
  3. Romania (1944)
  4. Bulgaria (1944)
  5. Czechoslovakia (1944)
  6. Northern Norway (1944–1946) and Bornholm, Denmark (1945–1946)
  7. Germany (1945)
  8. Austria (1945–1955)
  9. Manchuria (1945–1946)
  10. Korea (1945–1948)
  11. Kuril Islands (1945)
  12. Czechoslovakia (1968–1989)
  13. Afghanistan (1979–1989)
  14. Crimean Peninsula – (2014)
  15. Ukraine – (2022)
Hack Stone

You left out Finland.


Georgia x2
Chechnya x2


The war with Finland started in 1939 and ended in 1940.


You forget the “Continuation War” from 1940~44.

Oopsie …. Finland invaded Russia! (^__^)


Hungary ’56


Left out quite a few:

Syria 2015-Now
Central Africa Republic 2018-now
Dagestan 1999
Tajikistan 1992-1997
Transnistria 1992
Angola 1975-1991
Eritrea 1971-1991
Vietnam 1946
Laos 1946
Cambodia – 1946

Georgia is more like 4 times (Georgia, 1991, 2008 Abkhazia, South Ossetia)

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

Czechoslovakia, 1968


More of the same…
comment image

Prior Service

Cue us conducting ballistic tests against Russian T90s with the most up-to-date armor packages and adjusting our tank sabot rounds accordingly in 3, 2….

Old tanker

Yet yesterday I saw several article headlines (Yahoo) claiming that the Ukrainians were poised to surrender at this time in response to russian demands. WTF?? Who is telling the truth here?

Last edited 1 year ago by Old tanker

It sure ain’t Zelenskyy who is poised to surrender!

There was a deep fake in March appearing to show Zelenskyy telling his troops to surrender — maybe the yahoo news was repeating that?


A fake and heavily manipulated video depicting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy circulated on social media and was placed on a Ukrainian news website by hackers Wednesday before it was debunked and removed.

The video, which shows a rendering of the Ukrainian president appearing to tell his soldiers to lay down their arms and surrender the fight against Russia, is a so-called deepfake that ran about a minute long.


Agreed. Pro tip for the Russkies: When making ultimatums, don’t threaten folk with stuff you’ve tried but haven’t been able to do yet.


Ukrainians might be poised to laugh at the Russky foreign minister’s latest spiel, but other than that…

Slow Joe

Retard fight!

I was gonna say “retard fight”, but then I realized they are fighting with our money, so perhaps we are the retards watching the fight by two scammers running away with our money.


Still– Ukrainians getting better, Russkies getting worse:

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Loss of best Russky tank T-90M in Ukraine:


Best estimates have the Russians losing 36 T90s with 12 being captured whole so far.


Plus, more about the T-90 suckin’ in Ukraine:


More about how the Russkies sucked at this:

A Proud Infidel®™

” Officials also say the use of massive amounts of artillery and precision-guided munitions has forced Moscow to turn to Iran and North Korea for supplies.”

Which one of those two will make them hastier and more cheaply, and will they even be capable of launching without going *BOOM!* without launching like the missiles on the Kursk?


There is one rail bridge in and out of North Korea to Russia.

Very easy to take out I am sure.