China conducts military incursion exercises around Taiwan

| December 26, 2022

According to Taiwan, 71 Chinese military planes entered Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). China justified this exercise as “strike drills” in response to “provocation” from both Taiwan and from the U.S. This was the largest exercise they conducted near Taiwan since Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

From BBC:

China is staging one of its biggest incursions so far in the seas and skies around Taiwan, according to data from the island’s defence ministry.

It said that 71 Chinese air force planes, including fighter jets and drones, had entered Taiwan’s so-called air defence identification zone.

Taiwan is self-ruled – but China sees it as a breakaway province with which it will eventually reunite.

Tensions between the two sides have steadily increased in recent months.

In August, Beijing was enraged by a visit to the island by US Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, the most senior US politician to visit Taiwan in 25 years.

China responded to that visit by holding what was then its biggest-ever military exercises in the seas around Taiwan, and also blocked some trade with the island.

Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu condemned China’s action then as highly provocative. China has never said it would not use force to bring Taiwan under its control.

On Monday, Taiwan’s defence ministry said 43 Chinese aircraft had crossed over the so-called median line, an unofficial buffer separating the two sides inside the air defence zone.

China said it had conducted “strike drills” around Taiwan on Sunday in response to what it said was provocation from the island and the US.

The BBC has additional information.

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I hope everyone that is going balls to the wall with money and defense support to Ukraine keeps that same energy and then some for the people of Taiwan.


Chicoms are hoping they don’t.


Well, I’m pretty sure their lefty friends here in the States won’t.

I’ll wait until LeBron puts out a statement.


LeBron, China’s greatest patriot!

Hack Stone

Remember when those with TDS said that Donald Trump was going to drag us into WWIII? Pepperidge Farms remembers.


Well, we should poke back. I’m a big proponent of conducting international naval exercises in the “PRC lake” of the South China Sea…often. None of this FONOP crap where one ship sails by Fiery Cross Reef.

Get all of the nations in the region to participate, including New Zealand and Australia and just “forget” to invite China.

Rinse and repeat.

The Chinese are aggressive as hell. They deserve a slap in return.


Only if they cut off Hinter’s “blow” money…
comment image


That is unAmerican. We need to let Taiwan and the other regional players fight China. We resource the hell out of them and then step in at the end after China has shot their wad to save them.

That is the American way. This craziness of jumping into Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Vietnam, Somalia, Yugoslavia and a number of other places is a wasted effort.


Plus, no Biden family member has been involved in pay to play schemes in Taiwan, so their government has no bargaining chip to ensure cooperation


I’m sure it is just coincidence that the Norks were sending drones into the South at the same time.


Yeah, nothing to see here… 😉


prezzy sniffy creepy ain’t gonna do a damn thing…and his boss Xi knows it. China Joe is bought and paid for (Can we still say joe chinaman?). When the chicoms do attack Taiwan they will have a pyrrhic victory…won’t be nothing left but smoldering buildings and dead people. The Taiwanese people that I met and worked with years ago swore that they would die before they lived under communist rules. Imma betting that the ones I knew that are still alive still feel that way, along with their children and grandchildren.

I’ll bet that Pepperidge Farms also remembers that the stated goal of the chinese communists is world domination.

spapos seagull showing up to screech that china is not communist in 5.4.3…


Just practice for the big show in a few years. These incursions are just training for the invasion.


few years? few months ?