Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| December 6, 2022

“Stop grooming kids” is not the same as wanting you to not exist

You get an A! You get an A! Everybody gets an A!

Racism is so “in” right now

This seems healthy

This is clearly a mental illness, right?

Good grammar is racist

I’ll never be ok with the idea of dating a chick with a dick. Sorry, not sorry.

This didn’t age well

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Old tanker

Every time I see this I am reminded why I decided to avoid tiktok like the plague.

Amateur Historian

And Facebook, certain parts of YouTube, and, until recently, Twitter.


“until recently, Twitter”

Ha, ha – me, too.


In other news, here’s a picture of the Downtown Divas! show at the Sunrise Theatre, Moore County:

Moore County NoCa.png

Hello Darkness my old friend, the Ancient Documents say the Gays get it in the End…

AZ held hostage but the Resistance fights on, keep the powder dry and stay tuned!


Sniffy will be in your AO today, Phoenix & Maricopa County pah-sifically.

Hide yo’ wives, hide yo’ kids…


I like drag queen story hour… never miss a session at the local public library!




For Sale. One (1) each, White Male Privilege Card. New In Box, mint condition, never used. Any and all offers considered. Will trade for food.


If you go to hock it at the pawn shop and find the store is full of only POCs, you ask permission to enter, apologize for your race’s legacy, and look for guidance to ‘decolonize’ the space.

It’s not fair for you to ambush them with your violent whiteness.


But next, the shop owner should ask all the POC’s in the shop to consent to your admission. If any of them object to your honkiness, you cannot enter, otherwise your presence is tantamount to a lynching.

Amateur Historian

Decolonize a classroom. WTF is she even talking about?! Homeschool your kids, everyone!!! I barely survived how broken my public school was.


Standards and actually learning anything are “racist” and divisive now.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I made the mistake of checking some of these out on Twitter myself, as a consequence I now get this bullshit in my news feed across multiple social media outlets…

The stupidity on display from some of these people doesn’t bode well for the future of the nation.

When a nation is taught to hate itself it can’t survive as a first world leader for long.


As much as it pains me, the Lenin, et alia critiques seem likely: The Conclusion of Decadence.

How do we reestablish the desire of individual freedom and incent a return to constitutionalism without wading thru the ick?

(Good to have you [back] ’round, VOV.)


Only one way. Blood letting.

It will work great because the vast majority of leftists say they will leave the country if there is a war here.


I hope you’re wrong but the proposition’s utility argument has its perks… only ~1% kidding.

Causes versus effects: the effects are knowable, relatively standard courses of mitigation, and insulation from them generally achievable.

I just pray the cause(s) will reach a conclusion worthy of such sacrifices.


The Black Flag has been raised. Wanna help sharpen these knives?


Warnock ‘won‘, might be time to hoist that rag and lick the stone on steel.

That hypocrite shouldn’t be allowed to be a meter maid let ‘lone representin’ a state.


Past time, My Brother…past time. Not surprised one bit, and you may recollect that I called it this way. Odd how Mr. Walker was leading for a good while there and then the votes from the usual suspect areas started adjusting real fast. The Chicago Demonrat Power Brokers Machine ain’t got nothing on the Atlanta Demonrats. I called the 2020 election the same. Our Rinos have sold us out to the highest bidder and the ones accusing us of destroying Democracy are the very ones destroying what was the greatest Republic on this Earth.

Stalin grins.

A Billion USD spent to get a job that pays a coupla 100K a year? 😡

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Veritas Omnia Vincit

Good to be back thanks…call me old school but I like women who were never in possession of a penis as part of their anatomy…


According to the alphabet people that makes you a transphobic bigot.


Can’t speak for all my other multiple personalities but the only mentally ill individual I’m “phobic” of is myself.

The ‘troons can keep clowning themselves.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

That’s okay with me…fuck ’em. Well not literally as it’s not my preference…


Any of these fucks that worry they “may” be part of the problem, and do NOT seriously consider suicide, are not really that worried.

If you want me to be your ally, fucking kill yourself.


Just in… Drag Queen Story Hour is good at public library, Kirk Cameron is not:

Skivvy Stacker

“LGBTQ activist used a pet training clicker to train family to use the ‘correct’ pronouns. If they said ‘she’ they got bullied into correcting it to ‘they’”.

I would jam that clicker up her ass so far she would be hearing it from BEHIND her eardrums.