Europe nuclear power woes

| November 21, 2022 | 22 Comments

The International Business Times reports that Russia is planning a 1938-Polish-radio type of attack on Belarus nuclear plants.

One of the Russian army’s alleged targets is the Belarusian nuclear power plant “Ostrovets” in the Grodno region. Some infrastructure in Belarus’ Brest regions will also be targeted by the attack, according to a report from the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense (GUR MOU).

“It is known that in the near future a number of terrorist attacks are planned on the territory of Belarus — artificially provoked man-made disasters on critical infrastructure objects. The place of alleged ‘incidents’ is the territory bordering the borders of the EU countries and Ukraine, in particular, Grodno and Brest oblasts. One of the main targets is the Belarusian nuclear power plant ‘Ostrovets,'” the intelligence report said, translated via Google Translate.

In addition to the terrorist attack, the intelligence report suggested that Russia will blame the attacks on citizens of NATO countries and Ukraine, who will supposedly be donning Belarusian military uniforms in disguise.


Sounds like Vlad is taking yet another page from Hitler’s playbook. Beside disrupting a good chunk of the EU  and Ukrainian power grid,  I am guessing  these identifiable Ukrainians dressed in Belarus’ uniforms killed in the attack will be used to goad Belarus into joining on Russia’s side of the conflict. Although traditionally allied to Russia, Belarus has so far resisted doing so.

Belarus is not the only place facing nuclear-related problems; France has been straining to put reactors back on line to assist with Europe’s winter power crisis – and isn’t getting there. 26 of their 56 reactors are down for repairs and maintenance, and the picture is getting no rosier.

An army of engineers has fanned out through nuclear power plants across France in recent months, inspecting reactors for signs of wear and tear. Hundreds of expert welders have been recruited to repair problems found in cooling circuits. Stress tests are being conducted to check for safety problems.

As Europe braces for a winter without Russian gas, France is moving fast to repair a series of problems plaguing its atomic fleet. A record 26 of its 56 reactors are off-line for maintenance or repairs after the worrisome discovery of cracks and corrosion in some pipes used to cool reactor cores.

The state-backed nuclear power operator, Électricité de France, or EDF, which runs France’s nuclear power industry, said last week that it was working on an accelerated schedule to get all but 10 reactors running again by January, adding that there were no safety risks and that regulators were monitoring every step.

The troubles facing EDF — a fresh outbreak of safety-related incidents, combined with unforeseen delays to the company’s repair schedule — could not be hitting at a worse time.

NY Times

I look with a jaundiced eye on any Ukrainian or Russian report on the war unless verified by an external source. No matter what, though, it sure looks like a chilly uncomfortable winter in Europe this year.

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Hack Stone

Has anyone considered consulting an expert on energy production. Just off the top of Hack’s head, two that pop into mind are Hunter Biden and Greta Thunberg.


Hack, there are many more qualified experts in the US than Hunter.

Jennifer Granholm solved the problem of high US gas prices with electric cars. No better way to pump and dump stock than from the cabinet.

Vacant, The Director of OPR, who likes to buy oil high and sell it low. This guy is tough to find and therefore accountable to no one.

John Podesta, Head of Office of Giving Away Inflation Reduction Money to Energy Companies. This will not only reduce inflation but create energy. I think the plan is to convert $380B to one dollar bills and burn it (in fact that is probably a better plan as it WILL do both). Podesta has a lot of experience giving away money under Clinton.

Amos Hochstein, Former supervisory board member to Naftogaz (bet you didn’t know that there was more than one Ukrainian energy company) where he said in 2020 that the Ukrainian energy industry was hopelessly corrupt.


Send in the Brandon Administration Nuclear Waste expert!!!
comment image


The mustache makes it look like he just ate ass.



Dirty Sanchez, indeed.


Nothing says class like lipstick with a mustache. Of course, there is a possibility that is a Dirty Sanchez.


Further proof that DC is full of deviants.


Yeah, let’s give them a universal income over the homeless and normalize their obvious mental instability instead of.. uhh, I dunno… getting them actual mental health counseling?

I live in near perpetual fear of what other horrors the proggie leftists will want normalized in the coming decades. Let’s hope true conservatives make a comeback. I’m not optimistic about the next 5-10 years.


Lipstick with a mustache?
How gauche.


1939 vice 1938?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

They fucketh themselves when they decided to kiss up to the greenie-weenies!


But they are (were) doing the right thing!

A wind farm in Germany is being demolished to make room for a coal mine expansion.

The ‘Green’ energy fiasco was EU sanctioning themselves.


And yet, the morons on the left in this country will learn NOTHING from this shitshow


Says something, it does.

Old tanker

Quite frankly I will look at any report from russia, ukraine or the US media with a jaundiced eye. I don’t think any have been honest, especially the US media. Their bias is shameless and simply unethical. I can understand the bias from both russia and ukraine.

Last edited 12 days ago by Old tanker

Bias in the US media is easy to understand as well. “the big guy” told them to spin it like that because he doesn’t want the truth about his involvement in Ukraine, the Hunter Biden fiasco, and the 10% cut he’s getting to come to light..


I look with a jaundiced eye on any Ukrainian or Russian report on the war unless verified by an external source.

It was verified by an external source – Google Translate.

Politifact Truth-o-Meter———-> TRUE

Only Army Mom

Schadenfruede. A word learned here at TAH.
I explain it (not the strict definition) as “smiling over self-inflicted misery of others”, and “finding the humor in someone playing victim to the circumstances they create”.

Nope, not a single ounce of concern for the hubris of our EU betters.

There is a correlation between genetics, intelligence and individualism as a personality trait. Seems like most that had it on that continent came to this one over the past couple hundred years. Certainly explains a lot. And is a cause for concern regarding those currently flooding our southern border.


Any furlines or Scandis needing to get warm? In addition to a FIRST Class Gun Bunny, I am also a FIRST Class Snuggle Bunny. Jus’ sayin’…


No, General, those aren’t German women, those are Yugoslav women. We were just, uh, giving them directions!

Unknown private to GEN George S. Patton when caught “vigorously fraternizing” with a woman in occupied Germany.


You did notice, didn’t you, that the source of that report was the Ukrainian government?