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| November 21, 2022


Pueblo police say man killed by officers ‘produced firearm’ before being shot

Justin Reutter, The Pueblo Chieftain
Pueblo police allege the victim of a police shooting, Reginald Perry Bethea, produced a handgun when contacted by police, leading to a deadly shooting. Police declined to comment Friday evening on whether the gun was pointed at officers.

Bethea, 62, of Pueblo, died at the scene.

According a news release from Pueblo Police Department, Cpl. Richard Burns and Officer Marcus Duran responded to 3600 Dillon Drive on Nov. 10 following a report of a man with a firearm.

Upon arrival, the two officers contacted Bethea.

“While officers were communicating with the male, he produced a handgun,” police stated in the release. “The contact resulted in an officer-involved shooting.”

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“What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach.”

Pedestrian fatally shot after carjacking semi-truck in Thurston County, crashing on I-5

Shawn Garrett, KIRO 7 News Staff
A pedestrian carjacked a semitruck in Thurston County Friday, later crashing the vehicle on Interstate 5, according to the Washington State Patrol.

At about 2 p.m. Friday, southbound Martin Way in Thurston County was blocked after a pedestrian carjacked a semitruck.

According to Trooper Robert Reyer, the suspect hit several other vehicles before rolling the vehicle on the interstate.

Just before 3 p.m., the Washington State Patrol said both directions of I-5 were blocked. Southbound I-5 is blocked at Marvin Road and northbound I-5 was blocked at Martin Way.

Around 7:30 p.m., WSP announced that one northbound lane had reopened.

Just before 4 p.m., troopers used a tool to rip the windshield off the truck, exposing the cab. After they launched what appeared to be tear gas, the suspect was taken down.

WSP has referred to this incident as an officer-involved shooting, but has not provided any details about what led to the shooting.

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The ‘pedestrian’ jacking a semi, terrorizing the public and briefly posing a deadly threat to police officers detailed enough, Shawn?

Links care of our own Gun Bunny once again.

“Any fool can make a rule
And any fool will mind it.”
– Henry David Thoreau

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A 2fer DRT is a very good thing to start off the FIRST (grin) Day of the (for some) Work Week.

Gonna be a convoy of one (1) Southbound and down right shortly. Gonna go see the chill’ren down in the sho’ nuff Sunny South. Lead, follow, or get the Hell out of my way.

I hope those fools don’t mind if I won’t follow their rule.

At 12 large a copy, I could buy a nice selection of Mossy Mavericks, to put any bad guy on ice, man, that comes into my danger zone. However, I do feel the need…to speed right out and get me one of them.

Old tanker

What is this “work week” you speak of? My week consists of 6 Saturdays and one Sunday. BWAHAHAHAHA

RGR 4-78

I approve of this message. 😉 

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(GRUMBLE GRUMBLE>>>>) stfu……….


“produced a handgun”

Pulled a rod.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Produced a handgun
Set up a factory?


“Pulled a rod.”? Wonder if he blew the tranny too?


Naw, it was jus’ a leaky SeAL

seals be like.jpeg

“Produced a handgun” is awfully vague. Especially if they don’t say if Reginald Perry Bethea pointed it at anyone, and given that one of the officers has only been with them 10 months.
Here is a possible reconstruction of what went down:

Mr. Bethea was carrying.
Miz Snowflake happens to see that he is carrying, calls LEOs in a panic.
Cpl. Richard Burns (8 years experience) and Officer Marcus Duran (10 months experience) respond to a panicked call, and Duran’s adrenaline is on full-force dump.
Officers find Mr. Bethea, draw firearms & ask him if he is carrying.
Mr. Bethea acknowledges he is, and pulls out firearm to let them see it and lay it / toss it aside.
Officer Duran is in full panic mode – does not hear whatever Cpl. Burns or Mr. Bethea is saying, sees a gun and in panicked fear shoots Mr. Bethea.
Cpl. Burns knows his partner just fornicated Fido, but has to cover his partner’s tail as much as he can.

Old tanker

I think you should have started that post with “Once upon a time” and end it with “they lived happily ever after.”


Negatory, OT.

I know a bunch of LEOs, and the ‘nervous newbie’ is a real phenom. Add in the War Against Police that the Big Zero instigated, and factor in ‘first time in battle’ nerves, it is quite possible.

Airborne Brother has told of his first response to a report of an armed robbery at a stop-n-rob – after his stint with 82nd AB and several years as an LEO – and reported he was somewhat jumpy, and very glad someone didn’t surprise him in the middle of the response. He would have shot them.

I am giving a possible understanding of the scenario that fits the report – without any wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Bethea other than making a possibly innocent mistake.

Old tanker

You are giving a “possible” scenario based on an article that does not have all the facts yet. Do you really believe the first article published about any situation? Keep in mind the reporter’s tenet, got it out fast and first, facts and accuracy be damned.

Yup “I know a bunch of Leo’s” as well, including myself (ret in 94).

I also know some reporter’s efforts to write about a situation that when I read the article could not recognize the situation where I was a participant in same.

Last edited 1 year ago by Old tanker

True. I’m sure more aligned to say: After 62 trips around the sun, Mister Bethea’s streak of fking around led him to that final finding out.

We will see, me hopes.

The Pueblo Police Department has used body-worn cameras since 2014. PPD upgraded the Axon cameras in March 2020.


I certainly hope I am wrong, Roh.

Just sometimes, when the reports are this vague, the skeptic in me wants to hear (or see) more evidence.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was the semi a standard shift or automatic???? Who fatally shot the semi jacker???


Is he only semi-dead, not even mostly dead?


Need some Monday lolz? Someone done did a thing:

Vikings accidentally salute porn star in moment meant for military members

The organization thought to honor U.S. service members at U.S. Bank Stadium during their “Salute to Service” segment during the game. However, the team apparently fell for a [common, and completely avoidable,] prank

Not sure whose mans that was, but I’d be willing to bet he’s 03XX or 11-series. Bravo dude. {downstairs salute!}


Here’s a story:

Army Veteran Went Into ‘Combat Mode’ to Disarm the Club Q Gunman — New Yawk Slimes

 ‘Look, I’ve gone through this before, and down range, when this happens, you just get out on the next patrol. You need to get it out of you mind.’ That is how you cured it. You cured it by doing more. Eventually you get home safe. But here I worry there is no next patrol. It is harder to cure. You are already home.”

15-year TIS major, four deployments with not one, but TWO Bronze Stars! 

(not saying anything, was going to run Richard Fierro via SCRA but you need a User name and password now?! WTF)


He does have an I Love Me at linkedin:

Brigade Plans Officer (Senior Strategic Plans Officer)

Oct 2012 – Nov 20131 year 2 months

Fort Carson, CO

• Developed and coordinated all agencies supporting the 2nd Brigade Combat Teams National Training Center rotation. Duties included all planning conferences, planning sessions, and coordination with over 32 external agencies. Designed and developed the Brigade operations orders and synchronized all internal staff activities with the National Training Center staff in Ft Irwin, CA.  

• Deployed, established, and led a Brigade sized Command Operations Center in support of 101st Airborne Division Mission Rehearsal Exercise for Operation Enduring Freedom. 

• Led the Brigade as the Rear Detachment Brigade Operations Officer during for (sic) 90 days.

Arty gets the shit positions. I would’ve walked after the above assignment too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

Accomplished, for a [buzzword fluff here].

MBA student Richard Fierro’s Atrevida Beer Co. wins Governor’s Minority Business Award

And it continues…. “At Atrevida Beer Company, you won’t just find brews flavored with Latin-inspired fruits and spices – you’ll find a healthy serving of diversity, too.”

And it…. “Nominated businesses face a hefty scoring criteria: they must demonstrate their commitment to diversity in business practices, community engagement, job creation and more. And they must illustrate that they contribute to the economic diversity and success of minority communities in Colorado.”

Vets doing Vet stuff. Proud of you, homie.

Keep kicking ass.


Contrary to popular opinion not every FGO that goes down range gets a BSM every trip. I mean I did, but I know plenty who didn’t.

Anyway you look at it takes some fortitude to rush an active shooter, disarm him and beat him down with his own pistol. That is about as epic as it gets.


Agreed. Was attempting to tongue-in-cheek about the shitty fish wrap that is The/Tuh Times and the dumb ways they Vet wash articles. (A shortened version of this article from another site was even worse.)

I mean, get it from their stand point, can’t make the dude say shit in the order to make’r flow to lofty journo standardry but the writers at the Old Lady should really have a SME on staff so it doesn’t sound disingenuous (read: phony) to the rest of the community.

They did him a disservice, imo.

Guess I ain’t the ‘target market’, just like the Communique’s robbing him of being proficient at business, outside of a predetermined framework of banal newspeak.

I ain’t taking anything away from the badassitry. He should have a proper chat with someone that can better relate and get the real poop out there (maybe a sit-down with a youtube Vet channel would’ve been a better first crack).

(Congrats on the BSM. 13 + 15 months and I’ll I got was some jock itch….)


Kind of not surprised about the lack of applause for him around here. Maybe it would help if they found out he wasn’t gay and he was there with his wife and adult kids to celebrate a friend’s birthday? Then maybe it would be ok?


The news only broke today? I’m sure the activity at the club isn’t a concern versus the tragedy that unfolded. There are hearts behind keyboards here at TAH (but I don’t dare speak for anyone, just playing odds).

As posted, the first blurb I saw was even worse than the Times so as the Major’s story gets traction I’d hope the attaboys flow.

Do hope that maybe the Bro Vet community, possibly one of the former-Operators out there get ahold of this guy (after he deals with what he gotta) so that he can be honored, tell his story, and hopefully make others stronger.

Vet stuff.


Took me a bit bit to get here. Between the drive yesterday, and the residual smoke from the re-erupting flame war, this comment/post fell into the weeds. Did a little deeper dive into this story this morning on my FGS search and there ARE some well deserved attaboys coming out for this Hero. Seems as if he just happened to be in attendance with his wife, daughter, and her boyfriend doing a birthday celebration. While he was doing the take down, one of the “performers” was stomping on the dirtbag with “her” high heels. Some reports have it that Hero’s wife was slightly injured during the melee, daughter has a busted knee, and daughters boyfriend was KIA. It is one thing to be a “Good guy with a gun” to protect people, it is another thing to go against and armed, already shooting shooter with no weapon other than big brass balls.

I, too, don’t GAF who consenting adults bonk, as long as it is another consenting adults.


Lack of applause? Roh-Dog posted it. He attacked a well armed lunatic barehanded, and beat that idiot half to death with his own gun. Kinda speaks for itself.

He won’t be paying for his drinks for quite a while.

If he is still in the reserves, I hope someone writes up a Soldiers Medal. The local PD should bestow their brass-balls bling.

Nobody that matters gives a fig who he bonks.