Russian soldiers resigning: Mercenaries or actual soldiers?

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Civilization: What a dreadful blot! I can’t make any impression upon it! The World: Oh, that’s Russia! (Life Magazine, 1890).

A comment was posted on another thread about the concept of Russian soldiers resigning. Other commenters suggested that these were the mercenaries, such as the Wagner Group. A search on the internet for “Russian soldiers resigning” brought up some old articles that mentioned actual soldiers resigning.

Newsweek reported Russian soldiers resigning in mass:

Haidai said on his Telegram channel that many Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine are writing letters of resignation and prematurely terminating their contracts.

“Half of the 200 military personnel serving in the 3rd Guards Special Operations Brigade have submitted letters of resignation or prematurely terminated their contracts after taking part in the war against Ukraine,” he wrote.

The governor noted, though, that “first-timers,” or Russian soldiers recently conscripted as part of Putin’s mobilization decree, “are ready to go into battle.”

Newsweek has more on this specific story. Global Security identifies the 3rd Guards Special Operations Brigade as one of the Spetsnaz brigades. Earlier this year, a former Russian officer told his story to CNN relaying his experiences at the beginning of Russia’s larger scale invasion. By Russian law, conscripts are not supposed to be deployed outside of Russia’s borders.

The Russian Military deployed them to Ukraine despite that law:

In Russia, Melnikova told CNN there were “many” cases of soldiers refusing to fight in Ukraine but declined to give details, citing legal and safety concerns.

Aleksei Tabalov, a human rights activist and director of an organization helping Russian conscripts, told CNN that he personally consulted two soldiers who resigned from the military.

“The same guys who refused to fight and turned to us, there were two of them, but from the brigade that they left, another 30 people refused to fight,” Tabalov told CNN.

Tabalov said that when filing for resignation, the soldiers cited that they did not agree to participate in a special operation against Ukraine when signing the contract.

Many conscripts submitted a resignation letter and were encouraged to submit reports. Russian soldiers have apparently been quitting, due to Ukraine, for years. Since Russia took over Crimea, reports came out that Russian military units were inside Ukraine, in contested areas, when they were not supposed to be there. Some of the Soldiers sent into Ukraine opted to quit.

From Reuters, in 2015:

One of the five, from Moscow, said he was sent on exercises in southern Russia last year but ended up going into Ukraine in an armored convoy.

“After we crossed the border, a lieutenant colonel said we could be sent to jail if we didn’t fulfil orders. Some soldiers refused to stay there,” said the soldier, who served with the elite Russian Kantemirovskaya tank division. He gave Reuters his full name but spoke on condition of anonymity, saying he feared reprisals.

He said he knew two soldiers who refused to stay. “They were taken somewhere. The lieutenant colonel said criminal cases were opened against them but in reality — we called them afterwards — they were at home. They just quit.”

Reuters has the rest of the article here. In many of the intercepts, there were accounts of commanders trying to persuade their Soldiers not to resign. They offered perks, like leave, being able to chill out at a rest and recreation area, even financial benefits. Some of those threatening to quit/resign were offered being stationed “in defense” instead of being at the front lines. The “quitting” or “resigning” appears to be a feature in the Russian Military.

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Yeah, it kinda sucks dying for a dick head leader who doesn’t give a shit about you so you decide to pack up and go home. Of course both Vlads are not on the front line so why should they care.

Doesn’t help that this war was thought to last maybe several days or a couple of weeks and we’re on month seven now with no end in sight.

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Hack Stone

As long as the money, from US taxpayers, continues to flow, the blood will continue to flow.

Serious question; how has this Russian incursion affected Burisma Energy? It sure would be interesting if Burisma business files were seized and released to the world for review.


Burisma went into the import/export business, handling certain bespoke curios (see image).

At least 100 Billion reasons for Romney, Pelosi, Biden, Kerry’s kids to stick around.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Bespoke curios………….


Bursima is still owned by Mykola Zlochevsky who was Sec Energy under Russian Puppet President Viktor Yanukovych who was forced out of office during the Orange Revolution. The board of directors include a former CIA agent/ bureaucrat, a former President of Poland (who was also an EU rep responsible for oversight of the Ukraine), a former Meryl Lynch investment banker/ venture capitalist, a Russian Lawyer, and several fictious people.
Oh, if you think that has a million ways to go corrupt you should take a peek at this Atlantic Article from 2014:
Hunter Biden said this:

As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.”


So far as right now, they no longer need Blue Star to facilitate meetings so that is 30K a month saved right there. There is no Crimea access so that’s a loss. No Hunter Biden to facilitate grain shipments to China, no grain shipments to China. No more Karen Tramontano to acquire US funds for money laundering, so that is a downer… but guns!

So mixed bag.


I’ve been trying to get into, and my head around, that Russia/Ukraine/UN/Turkey/China/Africa grain trade deal but I’m not really getting it.

My relationship/flow chart ends up looking like (see image).

Any sources you’ve got would be fantastic!!

I wonder if the Podestas are still at the UKR trough…?


See, you can be a Democrat too!


I’m not sure what that means, but I’m laughing!! (updoot!)

(Was a registered D for YEARS and they done left me. Just trying to get ‘both sides’ of the argument and issues out there. No offense to you)

As I’ve said before, my desire to ‘monetize’ the information leads to a forced-agnosticism of this whole situation. It’s a messy deal all ‘way ’round.

I appreciate the info you’re dropping on the interested parties. TYVM.


Who are you and what have you done with -Dog?


[I’m] not going to protest [argue]

Hack Stone


That was seven years ago, so not too surprising.

Lately there is a little bit more to it.

This article from 2019 gives a bigger picture of how resigning actually works.

“I replied that my decision would not change,” says Viktor. “During another conversation, they snuck in the phrase ‘Bribery, blackmail and extortion – any means necessary so that you continue to serve’.”

Trying to resign and actually resigning are two different things.

This article gives a better look at how Russia currently views manning and why it is the way it is. It’s a decent article with a lot of analysis:

TLDR: Russia built themselves a hollow army with the intention of filling it with conscripts if the need arose. When the need arose they didn’t do that, they rolled with it.


“We’re going to war, ruck up.” “Nyet, I quit!”

We never had that quit/resign option in the way back days.


The Ft Dix stockade always had rooms available
for those naysayers. Waaaay back when.

Mike B

Then this shows up on the news sites. Two Russian soldiers called out of formation and arrested for refusing to fight in Ukraine.

Hack Stone

Further investigation of the incident indicates that they were taken into custody for not contributing to the Soldier’s Relief Fund. When the 1st Sergeant wants 100% participation, the 1st Sergeant gets 100% participation.

Old tanker

Is it just me or does anyone else think it’s a strange story where Russian conscripts have an option to resign from the military under communist rule of a dictator? Since when did THAT option come up?


The soldiers resigning or trying to are “contract soldiers,” who previously served their draft years, were discharged and now have signed on for another period of service.