NFL Player Retires – Joins Navy

| November 20, 2022 | 9 Comments

New England WR Malcom Perry

The Stars & Stripes along with several other news outlets are reporting that NFL player Malcom Perry is retiring from football and is going into the U.S. Navy. Perry graduated from the Naval Academy but put his Naval career on hold to play professional football.

Malcom Perry

At 5-foot-10, 190 pounds, he was undersized for a quarterback and transitioned to a running back/wide receiver role in the NFL.

Former Navy football star Malcolm Perry retires from the NFL to resume military career


(Tribune News Service) — Malcolm Perry was on the verge of beginning a third season in the National Football League when he made a decision that surprised many.

Just days before the start of 2022 training camp, the New England Patriots wide receiver announced he was retiring from professional football with the intent of resuming his military career as soon as possible.

Perry, a 2020 graduate of the Naval Academy, had been contemplating the move for some time and was at peace with the decision.

“I kind of felt my time in the NFL was coming to an end, just mentally and physically,” Perry told The Capital Gazette last Friday afternoon at the Guinness Brewery in Halethorpe.

The Naval Academy and Notre Dame alumni associations held a joint luncheon to celebrate the 95th meeting between the two institutions, which was held Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

A pair of former Navy and Notre Dame players were the guests of honor at the event. Perry represented the Midshipmen, while Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley represented the Fighting Irish.

Perry, who had previously declined media requests to discuss his sudden retirement, explained the reasoning behind his decision.

“I still had a burning desire to go serve and fulfill the commitment I signed up for when I went to the Naval Academy,” Perry said. “I kind of came to the conclusion that I was ready to call it quits and go do something that means a lot to me, my family and my country.”

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Hell yeah!


Now THIS is a feel good story I truly enjoy reading!

BZ, young man!

(did I do that right, Squids?)


Just a nefarious plot on the part of Big Navy. They will decide that he needs some update training at Canoe U. He reports to class FIRST (ht 2 oh…wait…) thing tomorrow morning and is invited to join the boys in a pigskin competition. His billet on 10 December 2022 will be USNS No Hope.


Daisy Cutter

On day one he will be informed that he’s behind on his NKO training.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great move Ensign, just don’t go woke.


Read about it back in August. Haven’t used googlefu to find his status but he was going to Quantco to be a jarhead. Probably decided to let the Corps ruin his body before the NFL could🙃

Old tanker

I wish him luck. It’s pretty obvious that he isn’t making the career move over money.


“I still had a burning desire to go serve and fulfill the commitment I signed up for when I went to the Naval Academy,” Perry said.

Yeah, no sh*t. Fulfilling his commitment to the US Navy doesn’t make this guy a hero. I’ve never been onboard with releasing USNA/USMA/USAFA graduates from their military obligation just because they were offered more money by some professional sports organization than they would have been paid as an Ensign/Second Lieutenant. I’m glad this guy recognized that he got a special privilege that is not available to others, just because he’s good at football. Nice to see he has a conscience and is listening to it.

Daisy Cutter

I understand that rationale, but the academies saw that they were losing a lot of great candidates and athletes by not letting them get drafted to a professional team.