Maricopa County election judge provides firsthand account of fraud

| November 14, 2022

Arizona voter states that votes have not been counted despite being casted early. Click and enlarge.

Michele Swinick served as one of the Maricopa Country election judges.  She claimed that the tabulators worked perfectly the night before Election Day. However, the day of the election, the tabulators had problems reading ballots. The “defective ballots” were slated for “Door 3”.

According to Michele Swinick, this was part of a well planned operation intended for the massive amount of Republican voters expected to vote on election day. She checked in few Democrat voters that day. These votes were eventually placed in a bag designated for counting at another location. The hickups created inconveniences that would normally discourage people from casting votes.

From Slay News, Michele Swinick’s firsthand account:

My roommate ran his ballot through the tabulators 15 times as one of the 1st voters at the Islamic Center.

It did not read the ballot.

He was forced to drop it in door #3.

About an hour after I arrived home at 9 pm MT, my roommate checked the website to see if his vote had been counted.

The website reported it was.

It is mathematically impossible for his vote to have been counted by then since only an hour before, I left the center, and the ballots had not been taken from the center to the meeting point where the ballots are hand exchanged to another transport team, which takes them to the tabulation center.

For his ballot to have been counted, it would have also needed to be sorted and hand-counted by a team at that center and reported into the website —all within that hour.

In the case of In Person/Day of Voting, this proves the reporting of his ballot being received & counted is actually based on his being checked into the Voting Center and him receiving a ballot to be cast—NOT his ballot being scanned and read through the tabulator or hand counted at the tabulation center.

Slay News has more on this story here. Meanwhile, The Gateway Pundit brings up a good point.

Most of the voters that came in to vote, during election day, were Republicans, followed by Independents. If Republican votes constituted the higher percentages, how is it that Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake even close? The Independent vote does not usually break for one party or the other in large enough percentages resulting in an election where the Democrats stand to “win” in Arizona.


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It’s not cheating, it’s “pre-emptive counting”. And yet they wonder why Cochise county wants to change the ballot counting procedure.

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Did somebody say vote counting?

Stalin counts votes.png

Da, comrade, is “democracy” Lenin promised!


If we don’t get involved in a bloodless revolution against these tyrants, we will be forced into a bloody fight.
That bodes ill for all of us.

USMC Steve

I see no reason why it should be bloodless. The opposition is committing sedition, and will not stop until there are very serious consequences to their actions.


Now, now, now, thebesig, you done been chastised on all this talk about voting fraud. And here ya go bringing in testimony from a judge of elections in a supposedly disputed County/State (gasp/clutches pearls). Sources including (THE HORROR) Gateway Pundit. Better fetch some smelling salts, there may be some folks here go into the vapors. To quote that paragon of truth, Little Greta…”How dare you!” /s/

Keep it up besiggy, you doing a helluva job.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Ladies & Gents, and USS Titanic is taking on water.


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Uh oh, somebody linked a gateway pundit article.

Heads will roll.



A Proud Infidel®™

GEE WHIZ, wotta surprise – NOT!!! Ain’t it amazing how the State of Florida had all votes counted before midnight and had a GOP landslide while EVERY “delay” in other places results in a gain for the D-rats. Happenstance? Coincidence?


Yes, quite curious.


Florida recovers from hurricanes faster than Arizona counts votes.


Truer words have never been written.


Florida used to have all kinds of problems (see 2000 hanging chad elections and 2018 issues), until a few people lost their jobs after the 2018 election.

After the news media called Desantis every nasty name in the book for implementing the changes, voila, just like that the 2020 and 2022 elections were completed in timely manners and with minimal issues.

Good luck getting any of those changes in Arizona or Pennsylvania now. Why would they make changes to a corrupt system that keeps them in power?




Well, the Arizona D-rat cheat worked once again.


Don’t limit it to AZ, rgr769.


Yes, I did not mention, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and of course, Illinois.


Your example posted is bullshit. Reverend Maupin has had adequate time to retract his position. I and several others posted a reply to his tweet that shows he was showing us the wrong section of the voter dashboard. Delete that shit. It discredits every character typed after it.


Only a couple ways items get deleted around here, Brandon. An Editor can delete their post, a comment originator requests it, or it really pisses me off.

Providing a counter-point is appreciated and almost always accepted, unless it’s something trivial and inane. Like a twitter link.

Welcome aboard.


Even up until last night, the Maricopa Voter Dashboard site had a big disclaimer on it that the 2022 election status wouldn’t show up under your voting history yet. I think it’s since been updated, or I’m now looking in the wrong place, but the fact remains this was ‘user error’ — it’s like wanting a Big Mac, going to KFC, and then complaining they don’t have it. The twitter poster that thebesig quoted was in the wrong place.

Also, surely you can see the irony in how a tweet isn’t a sufficient counterpoint…. to a post that starts with a tweet? I mean, if we’re going to start requiring more than tweets for things, there goes 90% of thebesig’s posts! 😉


Bless your little heart, LC. You seem to think I have some sort of control over what our Editors post.

USMC Steve

Screw you and your bullshit post. Twitter does not even know there is no “democracy” to cast doubt on, because we ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY. You do know that, right?


Correct, we’re a democratic republic. If you want to nitpick, as I’m sure you do, you’ll thump your chest and point out that we’re a constitutional republic… but the manner in which we elect our representatives is via democratic elections. You do know that, right?

Semantics doesn’t change the fact that Brandon was correct in that the ol’ Reverend in the screenshot was quite simply looking in the wrong place for the information he wanted. It’s a bit like someone who can’t find their glasses, yells out they’ve been stolen, and everyone looks at them funny because they’re wearing them on their head.

Hubristic Hubert

Let’s Go Brandon!

Hubristic Hubert

Let’s Go Brandon!

Old tanker

Biden: It’s Not Who Can Vote, But Who Gets to Count the Vote

Any doubt about honesty in elections any more??


Here’s another example of ‘fraud’ that was just simple, human error:

Basically, for whatever reason, a smaller, extra line was made next to the number 106, leading it to look like 1106… in a town with just over 309 votes.

No grand conspiracy, and caught and corrected. Mistakes happen. Systematic fraud across the whole country, on the other hand, is a fairy tale.


And 30% failure of tabulators in one county is acceptable, when the other 14 counties reported zero failures? That alone taints the entire election. It makes not one bit of difference if it was accidental or intentional, it’s one yuge red flag.


I certainly don’t think I said it’s acceptable. It’s downright bad, and hopefully leads to better processes in the future. And, as I’ve already said elsewhere, Hobbs should’ve absolutely recused herself from her role as SOS when running for Governor. Liberals argued this when Kemp did the same, and you can’t have it both ways.

That said, who is in charge of Maricopa County elections? Who secures the voting equipment and should be checking the toner and making sure that machines work? That’s the county supervisors and the county Recorder — of which 5/6 are Republicans. So, shit went wrong, yes, and Hobbs should’ve recused herself, yes… but where does the blame lay for the county’s failures for their machines? Probably with the county.

Now, the officials there will also point out that all votes were counted, this just introduced delays. If anyone has proof counter to that, I’m all ears. I don’t think fraud is impossible, there’s simply no evidence for it at this time.


Do you seriously think there’s going to be any evidence of it? Of course not! But what the judge is saying above about peoples votes counting before it was even possible for them to have been counted goes right along with people who were at the polls and were determined to watch their votes be counted… they had the poll workers help cancel them out of the system so they could go vote elsewhere in the hopes that the machines would be working and when they got there they weren’t allowed to vote because the machines were showing they already had voted. I waited in a mostly non moving line for well over two hours only to have my ballot rejected just like everyone before me and after. Peoples only choices were drop into a box to be tabulated later or just not vote. I watched both happen the entire time I was there. Do tell how anyone can possibly prove anything when no one is allowed access to the dominion machines/data/systems because of proprietary issues?