More guns = more crime… not

| November 15, 2022


For years, gun folks have been bombarded with “More guns means more crime! Even the CDC says so!”

Well, not necessarily so. Not that we would ever doubt anything the CDC would say (ahem) but it seems in this case, while their basic facts are valid, they failed to parse them at a meaningful level according to a report published in the Journal of Surgical Research, titled: “Legal Firearm Sales at State Level and Rates of Violent Crime, Property Crime, and Homicides.”

National and state rates of crime and homicide during 1999-2015 were obtained from the United States Department of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Instant Criminal Background Check System background checks were used as a surrogate for lawful firearm sales. A general multiple linear regression model using log event rates was used to assess the effect of firearm sales on crime and homicide rates. Additional modeling was then performed on a state basis using an autoregressive correlation structure with generalized estimating equation estimates for standard errors to adjust for the interdependence of variables year to year within a particular state.


In other words, CDC used gun sales figures and put them up against crime rates and called it a day. This study broke the national sales down to the state level for a period 1999-2015 and compared them to comparable crime rates… and unsurprisingly, found no meaningful correlation. Seems if 5,000,000 guns are sold nationally and crime goes up 20%,  while it LOOKS meaningful, if the guns are sold all over Texas and the Midwest and crime rises in New York and LA – your correlation goes in the crapper.

This was not an easy study to publish. One medical publication peer reviewed the team’s findings and completed one round of edits but chose not to publish the work, because guns.

“Getting this published was a tour de force,” Hamill (Dr. Mark E. Hamill, a trauma surgeon at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, is one of the lead authors of the report – ed.) said. “There is so much bias in medical literature against guns.”


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George V

“Getting this published was a tour de force,” Hamill (Dr. Mark E. Hamill, a trauma surgeon at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, is one of the lead authors of the report – ed.)

Of course Mark Hamill got it published as a “tour de Force”. Why not, when the Force is with you.


Bet ya can’t buy just one.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You’re right. I haven’t bought just one. But now I need more ammo.


Good for these folks for pushing against The Narrative and publishing meaningful studies.

USMC Steve

The CDC is neither qualified for nor equipped to involve itself in the gun violence issue. That is not a disease, nor in any way involved with a disease. They lost all credibility when they went libtard and started involving themselves in political matters. Case in point the fake omnivirus.


Lies, damned lies, and statistics. As we all know, if the LEGAL gun owners (100 million some odd) were the problem, the “gun crime rate” would be thru the roof. Odd how none of their “studies” ever mention the City of Kennesaw, GA and its gun law requiring households to have a gun (passed in 1982, some exemptions allowed). The crime rate there is some 60% BELOW the national average and most crime is committed by the trash coming off of the Interstate or out of the general Atlanta Metro Area.

David has learned his lessons well from our Beloved AW1Ed in providing a visual to his posts to act as an Attention Git’er. That Black Haired Beauty shorely got my attention. She’s a little too tall and could use a few pounds, but I got a “gun” she could go thru the manual of arms with.


Let’s see, Maine has the lowest official murder rate in the US and the third highest rate of gun ownership. Maine is also one of the lowest in something else in the US as well, but let’s skip that for the moment.

Vermont has a very low homicide rate and also a very high firearm ownership rate and has that same other thing in common with Maine. New Hampshire too.

Let’s look at it another way. Mississippi has a murder rate on par with Mexico and is the highest in the country. So does Louisana and Alabama. All 3 have high rates of gun ownership but these 3 have something else in common that is opposite of the bottom 3.

Anyhows, fun fact if Jackson, MS were a country it would have the highest murder rate in the world, more than double that of El Salvador. It is the US Murder capital with 130+ per year. Your chance of being murdered there is 1:910 per year. Craving combat without a deployment? Jackson, MS is your huckleberry.


Hmm.. the bottom three.. they have the lowest… Temperature??? Am I right? At least close?


Exactly. The top three are all Northern States that get lots of snow and the bottom three are all Southern States that get lots and lots of suntan.


Lyin’– Leftists’ means for achieving utopia!