Detective Accused of Lying About Military Service

| November 12, 2022

A former Greene County (PA) detective has been accused of lying about his military service… among other things.

Tim Nease, 63 y/o, of Hickory PA was fired over a year ago but now is being accused of falsifying his resume in order to get his job as a detective.

Greene County Detective Accused of Falsifying Resume

Kalea Gunderson | Nov 11, 2022

A former detective with the Greene County District Attorney’s Office is accused of making false claims about his military service and lying on his resume to get the job.

Court documents claim Tim Nease misled Greene County District Attorney, County Commissioners, and HR, by making numerous false statements about his professional record before being hired as a detective in June 2021.

The documents say his employment lasted just two weeks before he was terminated.

“One of the biggest things, most important things, is that when applying to law enforcement, people are honest about their backgrounds and the qualifications because these are high-security offices,” Greene County District Attorney David Russo said.

Nease is facing these charges of falsely pretending to hold notary public office or hold a professional/occupational license, unsworn falsification to authorities, and misrepresentation of military or veteran of the military.

Court documents said some of Nease’s work history was unverifiable.

“The defendant made false claims of military service to gain employment through government offices,” Russo said. “My office has the utmost respect for our veterans, of the sacrifices that they’ve made, so we take claims of stolen valor very seriously.”

Then, in another article…

Former Greene County detective accused of lying about military service

Mike Jones | Nov 11, 2022

A former detective for the Greene County District Attorney’s office is accused of lying about serving in the military and holding various police training certificates, which helped him to be hired last year when he briefly worked there as a criminal investigator.

Timothy D. Nease Sr., 63, of Hickory, was charged Thursday by the same office he worked for during a two-week span in late June and early July before he quit mid-shift when he could not provide proper documents for his military and police history, according to court documents.

Nease was originally considered for the detective’s position in May 2021 when his resume was sent to human resources. District Attorney Dave Russo interviewed him two weeks later and reviewed the resume, which referred to Nease as a retired captain who served in the U.S Coast Guard.

Nease was hired as chief detective and began working June 28. Two weeks into Nease’s tenure, Russo asked for documentation supporting aspects of his resume – including military service and police training certificates – so they could be placed in his personnel file. Nease apparently brought a binder of paperwork in on July 12 to show Russo his work background, but would not allow the district attorney to make copies, according to court documents.

In a LinkedIn account that appears to be associated with Nease, he goes by “Captain Timothy Nease.”  It is unclear if that is a reference to his supposed Coast Guard service.

A search of Nease’s prior address history did not suggest an association with being stationed close to any military base, most of his time being spent in Pennsylvania as well as some time in Florida and Indiana.

A thorough search of the DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) database did not produce service dates on Nease but that resource is sometimes unreliable for time spent in the reserve.

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This looks like him, Phony O-6 Captain Tim,
on the Book of the Fake.

BONUS – Nease posted something only 5 days ago.
Wide open for some fresh lovin’ clicks and comments.

Tim Nease Hickory PA Phony O6 Captain Stolen Valor.jpg

You’re welcome.

Scrolling his FakeBook photos,
Phony Tim sure loves his camo, face paint, and booze.

Tim Nease Hickory PA Phony O6 Captain Camo.jpg

Credit goes to Pittsburgh TV 4,
for scaring up his FakeBook profile photo,
which made finding Phony Tim easy.

Here he is, the full photo, decked out as Range Rambo.

Tim Nease Hickory PA Phony O6 Range Rambo.jpg

Wow! A double handgun shooter. You don’t usually see that outside a cowboy action match or an episode of the Lone Ranger.


And another clown wearing a keffiyeh (shemagh) like he is deep in the desert. Posers have to pose.



This one is pretty good also.



So he’s “Doing the deed in the jungle”??

Or …
Tossing off behind some bushes?


Or having the deed done to him…


Update –
Phony Range Rambo Captain Tim
just CHANGED the settings on his Book of the Fake.

Comments by strangers now DISABLED.
Still open for clicks.

Begin the countdown to POOF.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Poof confirmed.


Legend in his own mind.


Perhaps the US Coast Guard in Bridgeville, PA
(between Pittsburgh and Hickory)
can vouch for O-6 Captain Tim.

Or not.

USCG Bridgeville PA.jpg

Everyone wants to be the captain until it’s time to do captain things.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone,
Same you tube link, not m, but www, which expands here.

Green Thumb

Foley, Jowers and now this turd.

All-Points Logistics will not have a manpower problem anytime soon.


Timothy D. Nease Sr. could only fake it for two weeks before being fired.
Timothy D. Nease Sr. is a shame for Timothy D. Nease Jr.
Timothy D. Nease Sr. is a liar.
Timothy D. Nease Sr. is delusional.
Timothy D. Nease Sr. it a tactic-fool idiot.
Timothy D. Nease Sr. should be held up to public humiliation and mocking.

Enjoy your Google-fame, Timothy D. Nease Sr..

Green Thumb

Timothy D. Nease Sr. is the new head of security at All-Points Logistics.


And head scuba instructor.


Holy shit…. there’s MORE.
And here, it’s CEO.. and “Merchant Marine”.

Who gets to be 1st to call the Maine Maritime Academy?

Timothy D Nease Hickory PA CEO 1.jpg

Oh, and “Chief of Police”, too.
Where was he Chief of Police?

Inquiring minds want to know.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Chief of Police, Maritime Security Specialist, CEO of this company, and Merchant Marine captain, all at the same time. How does that work?

Also, typical poser website. Low-quality HTML page (I made a website that looked like that in the early 2000s, for a high school class) with typos, repeated claims, lots of “last x years” job claims (gotta be current on all the things), and, in Mr. Neese’s case, the worst company name I’ve seen in a minute.

This dude is so full of shit the bulls have gone home in shame.

Hack Stone

With his training and experience, he is more than qualified for a position with Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency of Cordova Tennessee. Thomas “Turd” Bolling is waiting by the phone.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We need Don Winslow of the Coast Guard to further the investigation.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

What a Dick that Dick was

My, My, My

Personally I feel bad for his son who appears to be in the Navy.


My, My, My,
It’s always bad
when parents of legit and honest veterans
F up and go phony.

It’s always worse
when F-Up Sr. named his son Jr.

As is the case with the Phony Navy SEAL I exposed locally in 2015.
The son Jr. (after a recent promotion)
is now a Major in the PA Army National Guard.

The Fu of Google on their name reveals BOTH at the top.
And yes, they are estranged.
Jr. has the shits of the old man ruining marriages, relationships,
and now the Google view interwebby infamy.


I’ll just leave this here:



Military guy huh. Looks like you will doing a lot of polishing, nobs that is.


This mofo kind of looks like Walter White in the picture on his company’s website. However, he doesn’t have the brains or the ruthlessness to be Heisenberg!

One of my favorite songs from the show, with subtitles for those who don’t “habla”.


DAILY DOUBLE alert !!!

Phony Captain Tim’s business pardner,
“Lt. Ryan Mechtel (COO)”

His page bio on Phony Tim’s business page doesn’t add up, either.

Certainly, a quick FOIA could reveal
4 years US Marines E-4 CPL.
with 2 deployments.
Or something less.

And he ends up a

  • Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Training Instructor
  • US Marine Corps OC Instructor ???

And where did he end up getting called LT?

Deploying the FU of Google on “Ryan Mechtel”…..
Linked in – Check.
Business page on the Book of the Fake – Check.
TODAY – Posted giving out Veterans Day challenge coins.

his FaceBook business page
is a completely different type of business.
It appears to be a SEPTIC TANK TRUCK.

Timothy D Nease Hickory PA partner Lt Ryan Mechtel 1.jpg

What is it with these turds,
that they get off on teaching self defense to WOMEN?

Next week, I am partnering with Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Melinda Bonderanko and F.A.S.T. Center self-defense instructors, Tim Nease and Ryan Mechtel, to host a preventative program that empowers women by teaching awareness of their surroundings and what to do if they should find themselves in an unsafe situation.

It will include PowerPoint presentations,
along with hands-on demonstrations to equip women with the necessary knowledge and skills to not become a victim. Please dress casually, and dress comfortably if you wish to participate in the demonstrations.
(end paste)

A Terminal Lance Coolie

How else do they get their good karma points to offset their douchebag, lying ways?

I wouldn’t attend their course in a million years. It’s gunna be tacti-fool, YouTube crap with no basis in reality.

Am also curious as to how a Cpl. becomes a Lt after EAS.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

A few other questions: from artillery crewman to “security specialist?” I’m gunna go out on a limb and say the timeline for that last year of his service adds up with “You’re EASing and we need somewhere to shove you. Guess you’re a gate guard now.” Something tells me he’s embellished that shit just a bit. Buddy of mine did that gig before he EASed, and it wasn’t a comprehensive security course by any means.

Does this company have a rank structure he got his LT bars from?

Is he a student of Thomas “Turd” Bolling, or just pitching for a position with him?

Hack Stone

Had a “2841” in Hack’s Radio Repair Section who would take weeks to fix an RT-841, whereas other 2841’s were cranking out five to eight a day. The section has to fill a billet for Camp Police for a month, and Hack thought this would be an opportune time to get him off the bench and increase our repair numbers.

Then the Sergeant from Calibration Platoon comes over trying to make a deal. He has to give up a body for a 3 month Camp Guard billet, and he can’t lose his guy for 3 months, and could Hack swap the billers with him.

This is like winning the lottery, but Hack had to maintain his poker face. “Sure, I’ll take that 3 month gig, but it’s going to kill me to lose him for 3 months. You owe me big time.”


Hack Stone,
Flashback to the 1990s here.
Every annual training at Fort Drum (NY)
was getting not only (old) RT-524 radios working reliably again,
but especially the (also old) RT-841 PRC-77 radios and AM-2060 amplifier speaker mounts,
that all sat out in tanks and tracks unchecked all winter and spring.

Got a few AAMs and 1 ACM
for ensuring tank companies
could get enough M-1s approved
so their battalions could participate in large field tank exercises.

Can’t disappoint the COLs and BGENs
that want to see a forest full of tanks
from their helicopter flyovers.

PA and NY Army National Guard
finally retired most of them for castoff early generation SINCGARS in 2004.

That all said, we had to move a few part time soldiers into Plan B non-electronics MOS slots (permanently).
Never fun, but important at the time.

Phony Tim may have put the Marines through the same wringer.

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61
Hack Stone

Those holding the MOS who were maintenance challenged usually got the Barracks NCO slot, counting bed linen and making sure that the trash can in the Day Room was emptied.


Ours (maint. company wide)
got cleaning detail,
either armorer assistant
weapons cleaning,
or diesel mechanic assistant
oil and grease cleanup duty.

And no shower until after 10pm.

Hack Stone

Will he be supplying the entrenching tools, or do we bring our own?

Green Thumb

This dude appears to like roto-rooter.


Somebody has to be Executive Officer Shit Sucker.