Saturday Election Updates

| November 12, 2022

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In Arizona, Senator Mark Kelly and Representative Greg Stanton hold onto their seats for the Democrats. There are still some races in Arizona that are too close to call. Additionally, the Democrat candidate for Secretary of State won his race. Fontes intends to make his office “transparent” and to make it easier for registered voters to vote.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, incumbent Democrat Senator Chatherine Cortez Masto is getting closer to overtaking the lead that Adam Laxalt has. Joe Lombardo wins the race for governor of Nevada against incumbent Steve Sisolak. In Colorado, incumbent Lauren Boebert maintains her lead against her Democrat opponent.

Meanwhile, Republicans are asking for a delay in choosing the leadership until the races are settled and they know the party composition that will be voting. The chances that the Republicans would retake the Senate are getting slimmer, but they still have a chance to take the House.

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Sorry the count is taking so long, Democrats ran out of blank ballots and had to get some more before they can continue…


When you believe that 2+2=5 it no wonder…

Biden Ballot Box.png
jeff LPH 3 63-66

I guess the peeps that voted for that gretcham witmar I think her name is likes to have lockdowns and wear masks to bed and drive their automobiles wearing masks. Most likely she was also voted in by all the CNN MSNBS low information voters because she has a D in front of her name.


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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Also heard on WFTL 850AM radio earlier tht the nys governor won because a few weeks before the election, she started to preach law and order in her realm and of course the low information voted her in. This shit can’t get any better and I love it. 26 years living in Queens nyc 1945-1971 were great and then to Nassau County NYS 1971-2007 the same and down to the gunshine state of Florida.where we have a great Gov and election results are out the same day the poles were opened on Nov 8th.


The steal continues.

“Adventurous abroad and despotic at home.” You called it, Bobby Lee.


Unfortunately late returns and mail-ins skew D. Boebert may not make it, Murkowski is inching up in Alaska, the D’s now have over 200 House seats while the Rs seem stalled on 211. Walker actually won in GA, but needing 50% and only having 49%, a runoff/redo could take that. His best chance is to get DeSantis there to help, and keep Trump far away. Right now a Trump endorsement is not an asset.


Seems to me a better metric is to ask how many he endorsed won COMPETITIVE races? Someone running in a solid-red district which has voted red for decades would win whether Trump endorsed them or not. I’d rather see a list of legit contested races where he made a recommendation which had an effect. If, say 150 were hotly contested and Trump endorsed folks won 140, that would be stellar. If his endorsements won 40 contests and 170 locked-up red districts it wouldn’t mean as much.


Republicans in Name Only (RINOs)…

g1f8ggF rinos.png

Herschel Walker is now DOWN in GA, by 35k votes.
And, the runoff for December is already in trouble,
especially with Trump acting up next week.

thebesig can push his alternate far-right version,
which is perhaps 20% of Pennsylvania Republican voters.
He ignores that Dr. Oz,
who did NOT embrace Trump, came close (and lost),
and Doug Mastriano,
who crawled up Trump’s ass, got thumped bad
(and is already transitioning his fringe popularity

In Pennsylvania, Trump hurt more than helped.
Bring out the Trump faithful to rallies, sure,
(I went to rallies in ’16 and ’18.)
but these 2022 rallies did NOT reflect nor help
what happened at the November polling places.

Also, thebesig’s “219”
is mostly candidates like my incumbent GOP Congressman,
in a 65% RED Congressional district,
with a weak DEM challenger, who really had no chance.

So, thebesig can believe Trump is the key.
We will see, in 2023.


David (and thebesig),
All about a Georgia runoff may now be moot.

FOX and other networks are calling Nevada for the DEM incumbent.

Meaning, DEMS now have the Senate with 50.


Do the math.
2,470,235 votes for Oz (for US Senate)
2,223,694 votes for Mastriano (for PA Governor)

= 246,541 in PA voted for Oz, and NOT for Mastriano.

It’s pretty bad,
when a big chunk of Pennsylvania Republicans,
a quarter million,
would vote for Oz,
and then NOT vote for their own party’s candidate for Gov,
election denier Trump chaser Mastriano.

Mastriano has NOT conceded,
even after losing to Shapiro by over 750,000 votes.

Even worser,
and now, his grassroots collective of holy nuts
are now mounting a RECOUNT effort.

Good luck with that.

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Your answer to everything is this supposed ‘election fraud’. Yet, time and time again, like in the ridiculous ‘Ramsland Report’ that got counties mixed up between states, and the equally dismissed ‘Navarro Report’, which was chock full of errors, … there’s zero proof.

The people who purport to have it, like Mike Lindell, keep saying they’re going to show it aaaaany time now. The Kraken, surely, is imminent. This time, anyway.

On top of that, the current fear-mongering about fraud in Maricopa conveniently ignores that those are Republicans in charge there — they’re now conspiring with the Democrats?

When your conspiracy theory relies on the coordination of of countless people across political parties, law enforcement, the entire judicial system including the Supreme Court, federal agencies tasked with election security, private companies, and multiple leaps of logic.. maybe it’s time to consider Occam’s razor.


You’re incorrect about Republicans being in charge of Maricopa County.

So which is it – you either don’t realize that counties do their own tally, so Katie Hobbs wasn’t involved at that level, or you don’t realize that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are primarily Republican? That doesn’t even include the County Recorder who also helps with elections, and is also a Republican.


So… like when people go to court and stuff… The point is to refute evidence of wrong doing… not allegations of wrong doing. At least in America anyway. The burden of proof is on the state or the accuser to make the case, not for the accused to prove themselves not guilty. Proving a negative is a bit harder.


You believed the Republicans proved their cases you mean. The 50 courts that looked at the cases didn’t agree. Including those courts presided over with judges appointed by Trump.

I’m not interested in media talking points or even believe that fraud didn’t occur, fraud always occurs. I’m more interested in what was proved beyond a reasonable doubt or even a preponderance of evidence and nothing was.


So… your take is that even the Trump-appointed, conservative judges are in on this conspiracy, since some of them refused to bring these cases to trial? Not, say, that the cases had no merit?

I remember reading the Ramsland one quite a bit – claiming 350% vote turnout in certain counties… and it quickly fell apart because they didn’t understand that MI is Michigan, not Minnesota. You know, stuff a 3rd-grade likely knows.

Top-notch stuff, clearly. Totally convincing.


He will never admit reality. He is closet Orange Man Bad acolyte. He is a drinker of the MSM Kool-ade.


Also, I live in Pennsylvania.
I can not only see and read,
but also talk to other Pennsylvania Republican voters.

The reality here is that Pennsylvania is a 51/49 state, that regularly flip flops party in the Governor’s office, but not now, as we are facing the rare 3rd 4 year term with a Dem Governor, after 8 years of an unpopular Governor Wolf,
who had 2 LtGovs, the 1st driven off in shame, and the 2nd now a newly elected US Senator, flipping a Republican seat (the retirement of Toomey).

This is all really disappointing to Pennsylvania Republicans.
We should have won it all, and didn’t.
And the blames are flying.

thebesig is way off on his rants at LC and 5JC today.

The vote count and polling conspiracy theories end today.
Mastriano just conceded,
a few hours after I commented above that he hasn’t (yet).

Let’s see if VG staff member David,
who started this long thread,
has any (new) input.

David, you out there???


Smug little prick, too.


are you out there?

Your original comment here
has turned into a marathon of rants by thebesig,
who accuses ME of “BS propaganda”,
for paraphrasing and furthering your original comment.

thebesig then turns all Part 1 Part 2
on not only you, but also LC and 5JC.

Let us know what you think of all this.

Frankly, I am alarmed that the VG website allows this to continue.
You know, with thebesig.

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Dump and roll.. DETECTED!



Daisy Cutter

The states may explain it away to a point that it is hard to criticize or say otherwise, but I can’t help but think that they LOVE being the center of national attention for either a glitch in the voting or their rules for counting and verifying.

George V

Why is it that whenever there is a long period of time spent counting votes, it is always Democrats who gain more votes, never Republicans. There has never, to my knowledge, been a “come from behind” Republican election victory.


All part of the plan.


At some point I imagine it will all unravel.


Shortly before mara lago raid, does anybody besides me recall hearing Trump say “we got them all”?

I agree with 5JC, it will all unravel, and in a most spectacular fashion.

Should we buy stock in rope? Synthetic or hemp? Lease out any tall trees on our properties and sell choice viewing sites to highest bidder? Asking for a friend.


Ya know Odie, I used to believe that…but it’s been going on for YEARS, and the song remains the same.


Just hemp. It is traditional. And it is cruel to hang a man with a manilla rope; it leaves unsightly abrasions.


Lauren Boebert (R) was behind in Colorado; on Wednesday the estimates of remaining ballots were revised from 1% to 2%, and three successive updates over the next two days all favored her, even from one area that trends more towards Democrats She went from being behind by 64, to up by 80, then a few hundred, and now 1100 or so.

Still more outstanding, so it could reverse, but I expect not.


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Saturday Night Election Update
US Senate
Dem 50 – Rep 49

2022 election US Senate 50.jpg

Hold your hats !!!
Sunday Noon UPDATE

With 94% counted,
Republican Laxalt is again in the lead, by 821 votes.

In reality, TOO CLOSE TO CALL.
Fox and other networks may have been premature
to call this for the Dem incumbent.

2022 election US Senate Nevada 94 pct.jpg

Not the first time Fox has fornicated Fido when it comes to calling elections..


The latest numbers have Cortez Mastro ahead by ~6K votes:

Interestingly, she only wins two counties – Clark (52.3%) and Washoe (50.6%), which are razor-thin margins.. but since those two combined make up 86.2% of the entire votes, it gives her the edge.

Maybe even more interesting – third party candidates got enough votes to close that gap. Makes me wonder if there was ranked-choice voting how it’d have gone.


“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide.”

-Joseph Stalin


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Herbert J Messkit

Seriously considering voting for only far left people. The sooner we hit rock bottom, the sooner we can fix stuff. The trick is surviving the rock bottom


An interesting read on a story that hasn’t gained any traction on the msm. At least none that I have seen or heard.


Ignore it and it won’t exist, it’s the effete progressive way!