Federal COVID health emergency to be extended

| November 12, 2022

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The current COVID health emergency is expected to be extended at least until April 2023. This emergency is renewed at the federal level every quarter. The current one expires in January. When Joe Biden said that the pandemic was over, many thought that he might accompany that statement by letting the COVID health emergency expire.

From the Post Millennial:

The public health emergency was set to expire on January 11. This report comes nearly two months after Biden declared on 60 Minutes that “the pandemic is over,” a statement that the White House later walked back, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying he said it because he was walking around the Detroit Auto Show.

The move, per the administration, will give the government more time to hand off responsibility for Covid-19 tests, vaccines, antiviral treatments, and other pharmaceuticals related to the virus to the private sector, one administration official told Reuters. The move also comes ahead of the possibility of another winter surge in cases, mirroring last year when Omicron circulated around the county.

The public health emergency had been declared in January of 2020 when the pandemic began taking place on American soil, and has been renewed every quarter since. In August, officials had signaled thought that they intended to let it expire in January.

The announcement also comes as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that the US House would continue remote voting through Christmas Day, citing the ongoing “public health emergency” as the reason for the continued remote voting option.

The Post Millennial has additional information here.

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So much for crushing the Coof there low energy Joe. It’s never let a crisis go to waste. The Dems love this. People control. Gotta keep those mail in votes in place. Allows the Dems to keep pushing college loan forgiveness despite the court ruling. Heck, the teacher’s union love this.


I went to a concert last night with 50,000 unmasked strangers.

We are all going to die.



I am decidedly underwhelmed at this point.
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Hack Stone

October 2020, Joe Biden has a plan to conquer COVID.



3 years of “two weeks to flatten the curve”, dozens if not hundreds of temporary hospitals set up at a cost of millions / billions, most of which never saw a single patient (In Colorado near Fort Collins, and in Denver, just as examples).. surly even one as indoctrinated as commissar can see this is naked fascism…..


ooh, my apologies, I forgot FJB, and that troll Fauci can piss up a rope!


Same thing in New York (Javits Center) and Chicago (McCormick Place). I was briefly involved in scouting out locations such as convention centers for possible conversion to hospitals in other parts of the country but the trajectory changed enough that it wasn’t necessary to pursue it any further. Plus seeing the news stories of those unused facilities in other parts of the country put a stop to it.


I refuse to be controlled by such tyrannical actions.


COVID show is over… even COVID has figured that out.


Someone needs to talk to goofballs like Ikea.

I recently bought some furniture there and needed some help with it. As I waited for a rep, I was treated to a lecture how COVID is one the rise again and that, even if you are FULLY vaccinated, boosters and all, you should wear a mask in their store.

Sheesh! Of course, the vast majority paid no attention. I did see one woman (pretty much always women) who had on two masks. I take anyone wearing even one mask these days as God telling me to stay the hell away from them!


Being “progressive,” you know…
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I’d have immediately asked for my money back so I could go to store that doesn’t support the current tyranny. And I would have told the Karen exactly why.


‘Ve at the Centralized Justice Authority have heard you’re hiding unvaxdenSchweinehund.
Produce them immediately for ze Rejoeification Camp.’ –C00fenstaffel

The move, per the administration, will give the government more time to hand off responsibility for Covid-19 tests, vaccines, antiviral treatments, and other pharmaceuticals related to the virus to the private sector

I’m severely confused, our government is going to teach business how to run? Who’s dumb enough to take advice from those clowns?

Also, since the virus is still on and totally dangerous please stay the shit out of my bar.

Please and thank you.


Jawohl, comrade– dorks who whine about cofeebreaks and not working more than 40 hours a week will tell you how to make money!


They need time to adjust regulations so Big Pharma can include COVID boosters in the annual flu shot without expressly saying what is in it.


I kinda like the part about the auto show. It was over there but on outside?


Of course they can extend it. They created it, unleashed it, and used it to further their control over We, The People.

Horizon Corp grins as Tom Clancy sez, “I told you this would happen.”

Fed up yet?


Their motto of “never let a crisis go to waste” can now be modified to add: “And never let that crisis end.”


comment image


The WuFlu “emergency” will never end…
Never don’t be afraid…
“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help…”

Except, I live in Florida where we ended that shit ended in July 2020.

Anybody remember monkey pox?


Buttmonkey Pox? Stopped cold as soon as folk cut back on anonymous unprotected group sex, for some reason…


And, of course, let’s not forget to consider:
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