Study shows more attacks on pro-lifers than pro-choicers by huge margin

| November 3, 2022

Now, let’s set a couple of things straight: they are defining “attacks” pretty liberally to include things like graffitti or even someone stripping in church, so these are not all violent attacks. And, in fairness, the folks who did the study lean very conservative on the spectrum (any gun guy knows of John Lott.) BUT, per Emma Colton’s piece on Fox News:

“The overwhelming narrative in the media is the claim those on the right are responsible for most of the politically motivated violence in the U.S. It has been a theme in the news media after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision was leaked, with many claiming that there was disproportionate violence against pro-choice providers. But a review of cases shows over 22 times more violence against pro-life advocates,” John Lott, the founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), told Fox News Digital on Monday.

Though the data show there were a handful of attacks from May 3 to Sept. 24 of this year against pro-choice groups and supporters, the number was dwarfed by attacks against pro-life centers.

“From here forward, any anti-choice group who closes their doors, and stops operating will no longer be a target. But until you do, it’s open season, and we know where your operations are,” a letter from Jane’s Revenge dated June 14 reads.

Data seems to favor the shown results, but there is a caveat – pro-choice groups contacted to provide data pretty much declined to answer. Whether that  is because they don’t trust Lott & Co. or because they have no supporting data to offer I leave to you to decide.  However, seems much of the actual gathered data comes from DOJ itself, which is certainly presumed authoritative as they seem more than willing to support the pro-choice side of the ledger, but may not show as much in the way of simple graffitti or breast-baring:

Additionally, the Department of Justice keeps a running list of “federal prosecutions of recent cases of violence and other conduct directed at reproductive health care providers,” according to its website. The CPRC study notes that no such list exists for attacks against pro-lifers.

When approached for comment if the DOJ has a similar list of recent federal prosecutions of cases involving people who have targeted pro-life centers, a spokesperson said “all of our FACE prosecutions are included in this list.” The Freedom of Access Clinic Entrances Act, or FACE Act, makes it a federal crime to use force with the intent to injure, intimidate and interfere with anyone because that person provides reproductive health care.

Fox News via Yahoo – all

Sounds like regardless of whether you’re a “pro-choice folks are constantly attacked” type (I know one, he volunteers as an escort into Planned Parenthood) or someone who thinks all the attacks are against anti-abortion folks, there should be a look at the original study.


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USMC Steve

Remember this though, John Lott, before he did his rather detailed study, was not at all pro gun. He says after he did the research, it opened up his eyes to the gun haters’ lies and propaganda.


Interesting. An honest academic who let the facts guide him to a conclusion instead of trying to cherry-pick data to support a predetermined conclusion? Refreshing to say the least.


Nice guy, met him in a SoCal gun conference in the 90’s. He updates his blog now and again and he does answer emails too!


I will let the Souls of the murdered babies be the jury when those murderers stand before the Highest Judge.


Think what you may about Mitch McConnell- I’ll kiss him on the mouth for keeping Merrick Garland off of the Supreme Court.