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| October 24, 2022

Colt Mustang

LAPD officers tase sword-wielding man accused of stabbing his mom and her dog: video
Eric Herrera, 23, was charged with attempted murder for the bizarre attack

By Rebecca Rosenberg | Fox News
Dramatic bodycam footage shows LAPD officers tasing a man brandishing a pair of samurai swords on a Los Angeles street Tuesday night after he allegedly stabbed his mother and her dog.

Police responded to reports of a sword-wielding man on South Victoria Avenue in the Mid-Wilshire area at about 11:20 p.m. after receiving several 911 calls.

Officers ordered the suspect, Eric Herrera, 23, to put down the weapons, but he walked toward them instead, according to the video released by police.

“Put it down,” officers can be heard yelling, as Herrera appears to point the swords at them.

A cop is shown deploying his Taser, which dropped Herrera to the ground and caused him to release the sword in his right hand. The officer tased him again, and he relinquished the second sword.

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Fox News

Anyone worth tasing once….
He’s lucky Officer Friendly went (mostly) nonlethal first.

Larimer County deputy shoots suspect brandishing knife after pursuit in Johnstown

Rebecca Powell, Fort Collins Coloradoan
A Larimer County sheriff’s deputy shot and seriously injured a suspect on Friday night, prompting an out-of-agency review of the incident.

About 10:13 p.m. Friday, a deputy with the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office attempted a traffic stop in the 2800 block of the southeast frontage road in Johnstown, which is near Johnson’s Corner. The driver of the vehicle fled northbound “at a high rate of speed,” a news release from the sheriff’s office said.

A so-called PIT maneuver was used to stop the vehicle as it approached the Colorado Highway 402 roundabout, and a man emerged from the vehicle, advancing toward deputies while carrying a knife, despite being given commands to stop, according to the news release.

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So what’s to review? Thanks again for the links, Gun Bunny.

Fascism is capitalism in decay.
-Vladimir Lenin

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Methinks I detect a theme in today’s FGSs, of bringing an edged device to a gunfight. It appears that both miscreants will survive to recant the error of their ways.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Is that a Colt Mustang in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

Tox, FIRST! on the FGS Thread, too? Good J.O.B! Every Dog Faced Pony (see what I did there?) Soldier would be happy to have that Mustang in their pocket. You get the word that BCE has resurfaced? BustedK…..has the linky, scroll thru to older posts 22 Oct…

Mr. Herrera had a coupla of very shocking experiences. I don’t think I woulda had the restraint that the taser using LEOs have. Carve up your Mother and kill her dog? Your days of stealing 02 would be over.

Shoulda put that dirtbag in a pit. C’mon staph infection!

Statues of True Patriots torn down all thru the land and Lenin’s still stands. The Founders weep.


Then there’s the guy carry a backpack. I think the taser hit the backpack. The backpack had a flammable liquid. He survived the resulting fire with first and second degree burns.


When did Colt make a Sig 938?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Bought my Colt Mustang back in the early 70’s which wasn’t Stainless and had a nice blued barrel. In the safe now wrapped in a Brownells anti rust paper strip and shrink wrapped in a food saver bag.


Too bad. I always enjoy even a single daily DRT.