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| October 21, 2022

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SC man killed in alleged standoff with deputies responding to a call about a fight

Lyn Riddle, The State
Pickens County deputies shot and killed a man in Easley Wednesday night after responding to a call about a fight.

Pickens County Coroner Kandy Kelley identified the man as 26-year-old Thomas Christopher Wheeler of Latham Street in Easley. The shooting happened on Kay Drive, not far from Wheeler’s home.

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating, as it does with all shootings involving law enforcement officers.

Five deputies are on administrative leave.

Kelley said Wheeler died of gunshot wounds, but did not say how many. He died at the scene, she said.

Pickens County Chief Deputy Chuck James said when officers arrived, Wheeler ran from a home and stole a car at gunpoint.

Wheeler crashed the car into an embankment and then pointed a firearm at deputies, James said.

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I would think one fatal gunshot wound would suffice. The rest? Just making sure.

Deputies fatally shoot armed barricade suspect in Oxford

Shyra Sherfield
The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into a deadly shooting involving an armed barricade suspect and Lafayette County deputies.

Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office says around 11 p.m. Wednesday, deputies responded to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance.

Before arriving on the scene, they learned a woman kept asking a man to give her the gun.

Once deputies arrived, the woman was standing outside and reportedly told them her two teenage children, 16 and 19, were barricaded inside their rooms, according to LCSO.

Deputies attempted to negotiate with the suspect. The suspect was asked to let the teens go and come outside without the gun.

Instead, LSCO says, the suspect pointed the gun at the deputies causing them to open fire.

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Suicide-By-Cop? Links courtesy of our very own Gun Bunny.

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– Mark Twain

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“Day Care Workers Charged, Accused Of Scaring Tots With Mask”

“Four people linked to viral video footage of Mississippi day care employees using a scary mask to frighten young children are facing charges of felony child abuse, and a fifth person faces two misdemeanor counts”.

“The video showed a day care worker at Lil’ Blessings Child Care & Learning Center in Hamilton, Mississippi wearing a Halloween mask similar to the one in the “Scream” movies and yelling at children who didn’t “clean up” or “act good”.

“They can’t use corporal punishment, so we think they were using the mask to try to scare the kids into doing what they were supposed to be doing”.

How many of us are still experiencing trauma after watching “THEM!”, a 1950s Sci-Fi Flick or watching “Scary Movie” or the 1930s “Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Werewolf” or seen Fetterman in person..

Old tanker

Yep the movie about the giant ants did a number on me when it came out on TV. Pretty young at the time. The other ones, like Frankenstein and Dracula didn’t have the same effect. I used to hide around the corner (I was supposed to be sleeping!) during the weekly fright night horror show on local TV. Good old Ch 9 and Dr Scar!


Felonies for “Boo!”?

My, my, how far we’ve fallen….


A Double DRT always makes for a Good start to the day. BZ Deputies. Wilted Willy cracks a smile.

I usually don’t field dress my butterflies. Sautee’ them with some ‘shrooms in a little Olive Oil. Looks like a nice knife to filet them with, tho.

Imagine, if you will, The Libs of TikTok having to read and do a book report on the writings of Mark Twain…REEEEEEEE!


Two SBCs in one day.

John Seabee

Wheeler died of natural causes. When you get shot a lot, you tend to naturally die.