A Hooters manager stops kids from selling chocolate bars, violence occurs

| October 20, 2022

A couple of kids entered a Hooters, in Plano, Texas, wanting to sell chocolate bars to the customers. Hooters employees asked the children to leave. However, instead of leaving, the kids pulled a tantrum. They threw things and turned chairs over. The kids left, and then approached a vehicle, the occupants departed the vehicle and entered the restaurant. They proceed to attack the manager and a customer who was helping the manager.

From Fox News:

On Oct. 6, two children came into a Hooters restaurant in Plano, Texas, to sell chocolate bars, according to reporting from Fox 4 — and that’s when a fight broke out.

A video shows the fight in detail as the suspects attacked customers and employees of the restaurant, including the manager.

After employees of Hooters asked the children to leave the building, the kids instead started turning over chairs and throwing things, according to the Plano Police Department.

The boys then went to a waiting car, where three adult males got out of the car and came into the restaurant.

This is the point at which the men then attacked the manager and a customer who was trying to help, according to Plano police.

Detective Jerry Minton spoke with Fox 4 and said the manager was attacked by some sort of hard object.

The manager is believed to have been beaten with a metal pipe — causing him to suffer a broken arm and concussion.

The fight continued to grow, with customers having to crawl to safety as one of the attackers threw a standing ashtray through the window.

“It looked like they were trying to do everything they could to keep the assault from occurring inside the restaurant,” said Det. Minton, according to Fox 4.

Police have two of the suspects in custody: 19-year-old Jeremiah Powell and 20-year-old Tony Marshall.

The third suspect, still at large as of Wednesday, is the twin brother of Powell — 19-year-old Jay Powell, police said.

Fox News has the rest of the story, and the video, here.

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These brats must have been selling chocolate bars as a fundraiser for Bernie Sanders.

AW1 Rod


jeff LPH 3 63-66

Does Texas have a stand your ground law?? I guess no one was carrying.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I was thinking the same.
No one was carrying?
A gun would have stopped that little fracas most ricky-tic.


Not in a bar, which I can see, although the owners of the bars should be able to carry. The two idiot kids and their progeny fathers (?) will be doing a few months at minimum and they should obviously lose custody of those two kids.
Talk about stupid, the kids shouldn’t have been in there in the first place without adult accompaniment.
Incredibly stupid shit for all five of the cretins…


If the resturant has a sign posted that they make 51% of their sales from alcohol. The carrying of firearms concealed is against the law. Most likely people were licensed to carry however did not have their firearms on them because of this.

Forrest Bondurant

Alternatively, if it’s a true restaurant (presumably Hooters is one), and they don’t derive 51% or more of their sales from alcohol, a person can carry anywhere inside the restaurant. The whole building is either “51%” or it isn’t. In Texas, it’s illegal to possess a firearm while intoxicated. I presume that’s pretty standard in most states.


The verbiage from the TxGovCode is:

as determined by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission under Section 104.07. Alcoholic Beverage Code

So the question is “Does TABC consider them a titty bar or a titty restaurant?”


In Texas, if the business gets 51% or more of its income from the sale of alcoholic beverages, then one cannot legally carry inside that business. Texas Government Code Subchapter H Section 411.204(a)
I am unclear on whether or not the owners or employers are able to carry in such an establishment.

I am also unclear on whether or not a Hooters fits under that category.

Last edited 1 year ago by Graybeard

Depends on what the owner says – if the restaurant posts the 51% sign, it’s off limits.


More accurately, it is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission that, by Texas law, does the classification.
If so classified, they have to post the sign.


In Wisconsin:

“One of the more commonly asked questions about CCW is whether or not you are allowed to carry in a tavern, or bar. The state Wisconsin defines a “tavern” as:
“… any establishment, other than a private or fraternal organization, in which alcohol beverages are sold for consumption on the premises. Wis. Stat. § 941.237(1)(fm) and (3)(cx)”
Without a CCW permit, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon anywhere, but if you have been issued a concealed carry license, you are legally allowed to carry your firearm concealed in a bar, only if you are not consuming alcohol.
Carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence of an intoxicant is classified as a class A misdemeanor, and punishable with up to 9 months in jail and a $10,000 fine.”

“…….concealed carry is allowed if the individual is licensed to carry a concealed weapon and if the licensee is not consuming alcohol on the premises.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I just read the 4 replies and the restaurant bar didn’t occur to me. In Florida I can’t carry a concealed firearm in the eatery bar area but I do carry in the bar area if their is no seating in the actual restaurant part which is a number of times over the years in Applebees and Flanigans. In the other eateries with bars, I never have a seating problem outside of the bar area. The handgun is well concealed and I Don’t touch the alcohol. Never had a problem.

MI Ranger

Hooters like Buffalo Wild Wings Corporations have a general policy of forbidding Concealed Carry in their restaurants. You do so at your own risk, and if it is necessary to draw the weapon, or heaven forbid use it, you will be persona non grata at all their locations regardless of the outcome or reason for doing so.

I personnally have stopped patronizing these establishments for this reason

Green Thumb

Two dudes get drunk and fight over a woman.

I get why….


Enterprising yutes forgot the Golden Rule of running a bidness: a)Assault the customer not.

If you notice it’s right under:
1) The customer is always right.

I guess community service won’t be guarding a Girl Scout Cookie drive, unless the Judge is a fan of ‘the hard sell’.

USMC Steve

Except the customer is NOT always right. Quite often the customer is an entitled fuckwit.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Think “Karens” and “Karls”.


Kids? Adult males? No, I would describe them as self entitled parasites on Society. Individuals that act like wild animals should be treated like wild animals. Metal pipe, meet my cordless hole puncher.


Technical adults, actual adolescents or worse.


Definitely not kiddies. These were adults doing stupid things. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised if they were kids? We live in a country where 13-17 year-old “kids” routinely commit armed robbery, rape and car jackings.

But in this case, my mind first went to:


Amish fundraisers selling homemade sweets.


Brad Hamilton:
“See that sign?

Learn it.
Know it.
Live it.”


What happens why you entitle little b*stards to “their truth” at the expense of everyone else and never tell ’em any different.


From left to to right: Jeremiah Power (19), Tony Marshall (20) and Jeremiah’s twin, Jay (20).

“Marshall was arrested in Tarrant County in 2021. Fort Worth police say he assaulted a woman who was pregnant and also choked her multiple times.”

“Police say it’s possible the adults and the juveniles are all related.”

“It’s still unclear what the kids were raising money for.”



It’s not too late for abortion. Waste of oxygen. If SCoaMF aka Obummer had sons.


I am going to take a wild guess and say they were raising money to buy crack. Fair warning, I could be way off and maybe it is meth or fentanyl or something.


Raising money for themselves. Period.

Green Thumb

Upstanding young men.


As a Dirty White Boy, I’ll stand Abreast and let you all chime in on these Yutes and wait for Hooter’s delivery service “Knockers” to soon start.


Well, at least they don’t have student loans…..

Only Army Mom

This is a huge deal in my area. These yutes are driven to a crowded restaurant, preferably with an outdoor seating area, the adults sit in a car/van nearby. Purses and phones frequently come up missing when the candy vendors depart, the victims having been distracted by the swarm.

In an alternate version, a couple women come into a bar selling homemade tamales, accompanied by several yutes. At about 10:00pm or later. Same result.

In one incident over the summer, they didn’t even pretend to sell candy. They just swarmed, snatching phones and purses.


Hack Stone

Way back in 1985 or 1986, Hack Stone was on a one man reconnaissance mission to assess the financial stability of Angeles City, using the cover story using up his 30 days of free leave for extending his tour another year.

So Hack is in a local establishment of an Ex-Pat owned bar conducting quality control tests on the San Miguel. A street vendor selling salted watermelon seeds (that’s a thing over there) comes up not the establishment. The owner immediately goes to DEFCON 1 and throws his ass out. Hack inquires what warrant such a reaction. The street vendor comes from NRO a bar, places his wicker basket with the merchandise on the bar, on top of the customers money sitting on the bar. Street vendor has blue on the bottom of the basket. Pure genius.

Hack Stone

Yo, bitch! You got peanut butter in my chocolate!

Motherfucker, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!

And that’s when the gunfire started.