Gun Control laws getting kicked in the teeth

| October 9, 2022

In case you failed to notice a while back, the Supreme Court came down on the side of sanity and recognized concealed  gun carry as a Constitutional right (New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen) and opened the door for challenging restrictive gun laws across the country.

Concealed carry is legal everywhere with restrictions – if the state requires a permit, either the state is a “shall issue” state which issues a permit unless there is a good enumerated reason not to, or a “may issue” state which says you have to get permission from someone which can be withheld if they don’t like you. Or your car. Or your political party. (For a good example, see New York’s Sullivan Law – connected people could get permits with no problem, the hoi polloi were unable to get approved.)

“The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not ‘a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees,’” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for the majority at the time. “We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need.”    Fox News

In the wake of the decision, anti-gun states (funny, all Democrat controlled) like New York and Massachusetts enacted numerous new regulations to prevent anyone from actually carrying. New York, for instace, banned any carry in a myriad of places, including parks – the effect of which meant even Revolutionary reenactors could be breaking the law.

The new law, which went into effect Sept. 1, broadly expanded who could get a handgun license, but it increased training requirements for applicants and required them to turn over more private information, including a list of everyone living in their home. The state also created a long list of places where firearms would be banned.

Suddaby’s ruling upheld the state’s right to exclude guns from certain “sensitive locations,” but only in instances where there were “historical analogues” for such rules, meaning guns have been banned from such places in the past.

Rules prohibiting most people from carrying guns into schools, government buildings, polling places and places of worship were OK, the judge wrote. But the state couldn’t put new bans on people from carrying handguns on public transportation systems, in summer camps or places where alcohol is consumed.  Fox5NY

Massachusetts enacted a law that even a non-violent misdemeanor  could disqualify someone.

The Massachusetts case — Morin v. Lyver — concerned the plaintiff being denied a new firearm license because he had two out-of-state misdemeanor convictions for weapons possession.

The Supreme Court on Monday vacated the ruling by a lower court that found the Massachusetts law constitutional.   NYPost

The Supremes ruled against both states.

Morin’s violations, by the way, were that he traveled from Mass. to DC with the concealed weapon for which he had a Mass. concealed carry license. When he saw a ‘no guns’ sign at the American History Museum he asked a guard where to check his gun – and found himself arrested. No reciprocity between DC and Mass. Not like he robbed a liquor store… but does show you need to check out LOCAL laws whenever you travel, not just assume your state laws apply all over the country.  Hmm… you would think a gun license should be like a driver’s license: get it in one state, drive in all of them.  If you don’t already, you should approach all your Congresscritters and push them so to support national reciprocity.

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Years ago I had a non resident concealed carry permit from
Massachusetts. Had to renew it monthly for a small fee.
Then the fee increased every few months until I was priced
out of keeping it current. So I stopped renewing it and just
kept carrying anyway. Fuck Massachusetts. The only permit I
need is the second amendment which was paid for in blood
long ago and may well be paid for again soon.


Can’t and won’t condone law breaking. That being said, I carried in the People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland whenever I felt it necessary.


Had to demonstrate a “need” to obtain the original permit.
I was carrying the weekly payroll for a Massachusetts company to their factory in Maine.
I also do not condone law breaking and never drive above
the posted speed limit….


When I retired from the PD, Michigan was a “may issue” state. That led to the following absurdity from people who had no business ruling on such things.
The CCW board interviewed me for my permit, after I moved to the county I was seeking my permit from. One of the questions was “Did you arrest anyone who might want to get back at you?” Yeah, Duh.
The board retired to discuss my application, and returned. They, in all of their wisdom, granted my application, with the following limitation. I could freely carry a concealed weapon, in any county that was not the one I lived in.
So, in answer to a question I asked, “no, you cannot carry a weapon to leave the county”. So, I had a CCW permit that was totally useless.
The board member who asked if I’d upset anyone by arresting them was the post commander for the Michigan State Police. I wonder if the MSP ever arrested anyone who got upset with them.


Not all state issued licenses are valid in other states and subject to A4S1. A lawyer in Florida for example has to get permission from the court to represent a client in Wyoming or must get a license there, same is true of many other things such as in the medical field.

While on the surface NYSR&PA vs Bruen seems a good ruling the weird test the established threw a big monkey wrench into it. It was pointless too. Many states, mine included are no longer requiring permits at all. Getting rid of them altogether seems a better way.


Maine permits require renewal every four years along with a new photo and background check. Six page application in
adddition to signed releases. Renewal is twenty bucks.
My current permit is about to expire but I have a pending
renewal and that may take a while to process so they
recommend submitting it at least two months in advance.
I agree, get rid of the entire process. Bad guys are gonna carry
no matter the law. They seem hell bent on turning everyone
into a criminal by restricting God given rights acknowledged in
the Constitution.


That last part is a feature, not a bug Beans


Help me out, I cannot find getting a license to represent clients in a courtroom or to practice medicine in my Bill of Rights.  🇺🇸 


Try the Tenth Amendment.


weak flex but ok….

Only Army Mom

A state requiring a state-specific license to practice law makes sense as states do have different laws, so that knowledge is somewhat dependent on each state. I cannot think of another instance of a state-specific license making sense. If you are qualified to practice medicine in one state, are there considerations regarding the human body and/or medical knowledge that are specifically different amongst humans in another state?


Again, the tenth amendment. Different states make laws that most make sense to them.


tenth never trumps the 2nd…thanks, thought you may get there. “makes the most sense to them” as long as it doesn’t infringe  🇺🇸 


I said the same thing up above, I should have read yours first…
Not trying to give a comeuppance.


Licenses to practice are not a Constitutional Right and each individual state is expected to have different laws simply because of the difference in business and living conditions. Mining for instance. It is doubtful that Rhode Island would have a myriad of laws pertaining to mining nor would Nebraska or Kansas have laws related to forestry such as Washington, Oregon California would have.


Yabut, the “well regulated” part. Doesn’t matter what it means to you, only to the court so far as the law goes.


well regulated is by “the people” not the 10th have you met Clarence Thomas. if not you will. I am of the people, so what it means to me should, your majesty…..  🇺🇸 


We, The People, are really starting to get tired of Kongress Klown Kritters, and every other oppressive grubermint agency, trying to clamp down more control over We, The People.

The definition of “Shall not be infringed” is…”Shall not be infringed.” It is that simple.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I moved from Long Island NY to Florida after I retired back in 2007, I had to take the new jersey pike before going into Delaware and I kept to the speed limit as my hands were frozen to the wheel sweating out the time untill I went over the bridge. Those nj state A Hole troopers don’t go along with the transporting of fire arms federal law from one state to another while re locating to another state. Remember on this site last year an employee working for Brink’s was stopped and arrested for having the “wrong” ammo in the companies handgun which was actually approved by the state. Where I worked, the gun was locked in a wall locker box along with other individual lexi plexi glass locked boxes.


The founders would have been shooting politicians long before this…


In progressive world, laws (correctly applied or not) are only for “getting” evil RethugliKKKans, comrade!

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO the more Gun Control Laws getting struck down the better, when was the last time anyone saw the criminals turning their guns in? All those laws do is promise criminals unarmed victims.

Last edited 1 year ago by A Proud Infidel®™

Especially if those criminals are Leftists.


The primary reason why reciprocity of drivers licenses vs carry permits does not stand is pretty simple: you have a constitutionally-protected right to bear arms; you have no such right to drive on public roadways.
Put another way, no state should be requiring a permit for a citizen to be armed.


That isn’t what the Supreme Court ruled. As I noted above, Article IV Sec 1 of the Constitution covers reciprocity of licenses.


You noted nothing above specifically mentioning Art.IV. Sec 1.
Weird flex and weak flex.
Explain what the USSC ruled.



If you can’t read there is no point.


I’m gonna carry.

I’m not generally a fan of breaking the law, but our nation was founded by breaking the law.

Not a nation of convicts, like Australia – which has somehow turned into an island of pussies…

Ours was founded as a nation of gentlemen, educated in true liberal & epistemological thought and uncowed by unjust legislation & unmerited taxation.

Sadly, we may still ultimately end up like our once stalwart brothers down under; until that day, I shall valiantly win every game of knifey-spoony and proudly proclaim, as fitting, “A guy dressed up as a sheila! Look at that!”

Forrest Bondurant

Some would say “…it’s a law only if you obey it…” so I get your point.


As each law is struck down, New York will just an act another one with different wording.
The supreme court has no way to enforce its decisions, and until the president sends in federal marshals to enforce the decision, there are no consequences to the officials who pass these unconstitutional laws.
The state of New York is in open rebellion against the Supreme Court