Majewski pulls tired, old defense of his tales not matching his record

| September 24, 2022

My records don’t reflect my stories because…drum roll…they classified! That’s it. It was so secret, even I don’t have the proof.

From Business Insider;

Ohio GOP House candidate J.R. Majewski backtracked on the claim that he was deployed to Afghanistan, saying that his lips — and records — are sealed on the matter.

At a Friday rally, Majewski responded to an Associated Press report which showed that Majewski had lied about his service in Afghanistan, per military records obtained by the outlet. Majewski claimed that some top-secret documents that only he has access to tell a different story.

“The orders and military records that I have been able to obtain from my personal files shows that all of my deployments are listed as classified,” Majewski told his supporters.

He claimed that the reporting on the matter was part of a plan to bring him down, adding that the Air Force said it could not verify whether he did or didn’t go to Afghanistan.

We’ve seen this one before, and we know the reality. Jonn posted many years ago to show what military records look like for someone who did actual classified operations. Here’s his primer on the topic.

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On 19 July 2002, Majewski was an A1C (E3), yet he was discharged as a E2.

However, his campaign said he received a nonjudicial punishment in 2001 after getting into a “brawl” in his dormitory, which resulted in a demotion.

That does not make sense unless he or his campaign got the dates mixed up and that in reality, he was demoted between July 2002 and August 2003 (his discharge date).


LOL..So this titmouse is going full retard…


Can’t wait ’til he says his records got jacked-up in the ’73 fire.


On this supposed MFR dated 19 July 2002, the unit identified in the Letterhead is the 64th Air Expeditionary Group (AEW).

In July 2002, the AEW was located at Camp Snoopy at the Doha International Airport in Qatar.



He was with the 64th AEG, not AEW.

Hack Stone

So if his deployments were classified, why was he publicizing them in his campaign? Did he make all of the voters in the district that he is running in sign Non Disclosure Agreements?


Oh, c’mon Hack!

Everyone knows that the Book of The Face, barstools, and podiums at political campaign events are SCIFs.



Well, check out this 2015 story about then Air Force Reserves LTC Arianne Mayberry.

LTC Mayberry was the Executive Officer of the 64th Air Expeditionary Group at Camp Doha, Qatar in 2002. She was there when Majewski was there.

So much for being “Classified”, right?

“Mayberry arrived at Travis Air Force Base in 2002, initially at the 615th Air Mobility Operations Group and then with the 15th Air Force as communications director.”

“During that time, she was deployed for four months to Doha International Air Base in Qatar, otherwise known as Camp Snoopy, a supply hub that supported American and coalition operations in the Persian Gulf region.”

“Work entailed handling everything from distinguished visitors to special forces teams who took downtime there before deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq.”


According to her Bio dated August 2020, in 2002, she deployed in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM as the Executive Officer for the 64th Air Expeditionary Group.”

Same unit Majewski was with in July 2002.

Three of her awards include the NDSM, the GWOT and the GWOTEM with One Star.

We still believe Majewski may be entitled to the GWOT and the GWOTEM, which did not come out until 2004, after he was discharged. It is his respinsibility to go before a Board of Corrections to get his records corrected to reflect those awards and receive a DD215.


He got demoted for punching her out when she tried to send his team into the volleyball tournament. They made him a cook and the rest is history.

The Stranger

She would probably kick his ass.


Just like what happened to Bradley Manning.

The Stranger

I remember when Jonn would post the picture of that little bitch crying during the “Shark Attack” any time he did a post on him. Good times. 🤣

jeff LPH 3 63-66

So the bottom line is that his goose is cooked.


As it well should be, Jeff. This embellishing POS is the one who gambled like a Maverick does on a flushed hand and decided to ride into the danger zone of Stolen Valor. Another volley to his balls is that the voters have lost that lovin’ feelin’ for him. He may as well put his campaign on ice, man.



DA Form 6…KoB is “That Guy” for “That Movie…”




DA Form 6 is a merciless Task Mistress. 😜



Well, you’ll be happy to know that the more things change, the more they stay the same:

The DA Form 6 still in use today by First Sergeants everywhere in the world is the 1 Jul 74 edition.

RGR 4-78


What a lying politician does when caught lying again and again.

Last edited 1 year ago by RGR 4-78

RGR 4-78:






In this press interview (turn on the sound), Majewski was asked where and when he was in Afghanistan.

He did not answer the question.

Wonder Why?

His response?

“It’s almost impossible for me to tell you where I was on what day,” he said. “That’s why my orders are listed as a classified location…. He said any further questions could be answered at a later time and that he has “nothing to hide.”


You Be The Judge:


‘Majewski claimed that some top-secret documents that only he has access to tell a different story.’

So when is the FBI raid looking for these “top-secret” documents going to come a-knockin’ at his private residence?


They have then already, they were on HRCs server.


In February 2021, Majewski shared the following to Red Pill News reference his Grandmother’s death in 2021:

“The most important thing that’s ever happened probably is I lost my grandmother when I was in Afghanistan. And I didn’t, I didn’t get to see her, her funeral. That’s probably, you know, one of the worst things, because I could have come home. And, you know, I didn’t have to go back. And I did.”

“By the time the chaplain found out where I was in the desert and by the time they got to me, you know, they were already moving on with her funeral. I couldn’t have left and came home, it’s, I could have avoided deploying because it was an optional deployment for me. I wish I could do that over but, you know, she was proud of me, that’s all that matters.”

We are calling BS on this.


See the continuation.


A ninja family member lost a parent thru an unexpected death while deployed to Afghanistan in July 2002 (same month and date as Majewski’s grandmother).

The member was contacted by family via AKO email via NIPRNET.

The member notified the Chain of Command and informed the family to call the Red Cross.

That member was able to return to CONUS, but due to logistical situations, was not able to attend the parent’s funeral.

Find it hard to believe Majewski’s immediate Chain of Command could not locate him as well as his family.

A Chaplain????


Not locate him? They should have checked the beer hall, the DFAC, and then the warehouse or hangar where he worked at Camp Snoopy. But, but maybe this glorified logistics REMF was on a secret mission somewhere in A-stan. Sure. That’s the ticket.


He got lost in some Video game…that he could only play 30 minutes a day!

Oh, the Horrors!



Here’s something appropriately motivational for him then:


There’s a history here…. with Phony J.R. Majewski.
No Qatar.
No Doha.
No CLASSIFIED (oh, until yesterday).

Only Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan.


He said he “fought” for his Country??????

Also, he said he was in Afghanistan in 2002 AND 2003???


And yep.

Just imagine the bullshit J.R. Majewski spews
when he is off camera,
like at VFW Post events,
which they shouldn’t be doing… but they are.

Majewski VFW event 1.jpg

What did he fight against? That fourth or fifth slice of pizza?




jeff LPH 3 63-66

He can’t show his DD-214 since it’s with Alaska Bob right now still stuck in a snow drift with Sgt Preston of the Yukon and his dog King eating Quaker Oats cereal out of the box.




“In the January 26, 2021 edition of his Earcandy show, Majewski told the story of how “I remember being in the desert, man, being in Afghanistan” and fighting with other people to play Grand Theft Auto because they “only had power for like, you know, 30 minutes a day that we could use — this was when we first got there.”

We call BS on this one as well.

He made it sound as if wherever he was in Afghanistan that the base only had 30 minutes of power a day.

Most likely, he was playing Grand Theft Auto in Qatar…and was limited to playing that video game to 30 minutes a day.


Go ahead, Dumbass…Hit that Tar Baby one more time. Your biggest mistake was not running as a D’rat. DaNang Dick and John Skerry would have both endorsed you. Look where their embellishments got them.


It’s okay when Democrats do it for “the greater good,” etc.


We also do not believe that he had to go 40 days without a shower while he was in “Afghanistan.”

Wonder why he refuses to share WHERE he was in Afghanistan.

After all, he said he had nothing to hide…


They sure had showers at Bagram. Biggest danger from ’em (after rocket attacks) was being downwind of the Afghans on the cleaning crew when they were smoking hash.



In May 2002, there were Field Showers in Bagram.

A couple of months later in Bagram, some units received Trailer Showers.

Again, he refuses to answer WHERE he was in Afghanistan.

Which tells us he is not telling the truth.

His integrity is gone.


He meant 40 days without a “golden shower”. Couldn’t find him paid help. Not even the Afghans wanted to pee on him.

Hack Stone

In solidarity with his deployed team mates, he refused to shower until they all came home.

We had a few guys in The Marine Corps who would go 40 days without showering. In today’s politically correct military, they are referred to as hygienically challenged.


Contest to see who could get the funkiest? Winner is the one who’s forcibly showered by his buddies when they can’t stand it any more. (Had an S3 who played that when we went to the field in Germany.)

Mustang Major

Stolen valor isn’t an obstacle to Majewski’s election. Look at Sen. Blumenthal and his VietNam false service claims.


Ma(R)K KirK kept getting reelected. Of course, given his love of gun control, abortion and efforts to install Garland to the SCOTUS it was kind of hard to tell which side he was on.


What a stupid idiot. Compounds one lie with another.


His reelistment code was RE-2X.

“1st term considered but not selected for reenlistment”.

What does not make sense is the date of the memo.

3 February 2003. His rank is E2.

The eligible dates within the memo are 10 July-10 October 2002.



A lot happens with Air Force reenlistment efforts.

(80s version)
They work you during the 3rd year to reenlist (early).
Hence, those 2002 dates.
Those who don’t reenlist early,
are repeatedly sent additional “opportunities” (like this).
Bonuses change.
So do AFSC (MOS) availability and changes.
Many hold off from the 3rd year “offer”.

The final attempt at trying (like this, again)
comes at only 60 days before ETS, when the 4 years are up.

Airman E-2 (not A1C E-3) J.R. flashed what you have,
as his PROOF
that he was not denied renlistment.

a LOT can happen in the 6 months
between a February 3 “reminder” and an August 10 ETS.

J.R. was forced out at 4,
and kept this 1 positive looking reminder tidbit intentionally.
His reality reenlistment ineligible paperwork,
long gone,
in the unit butt can,
set afire with a Camel,
and an “F U guys, I’m outta here.”


He got in a fight (“ooh, ‘violent’ behavior”) and had too much testosterone to be acceptable.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Phony J.R. is busy this Saturday morning.
On his Book of the Fake,
he just posted an article that buys into his “classified” BS.

The New American says….
[But the records of Air Force veteran J.R. Majewski
defend his combat legacy.
According to military documents he provided to The New American,
Majewski deployed to a classified location
shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.
His level of clearance was secret.]

this is as funny as “investigator” Teddy Daniels (him again),
who ranted a 2nd time on his small podcast last night,
blamed the GOP/NRCC pull of Majewski ad funds
on Greene and McCarthy,
and claimed the “manufactured rumors” have been “debunked”,
by screen flashing a story from National File.

JR Majewski FaceBook post The New American 1.jpg

Unless the Chair Force is different, DOD doesn’t even do a background investigation for a secret clearance. As an O-3, I didn’t get a BI until my unit put in for the TS I was required to have as a SF officer. Until it was approved, I wasn’t allowed to go into the Group S-2 section’s vault that was full of TS docs.


A cursory check is all that occurs. Whereas a full background investigation (BI) takes several weeks because investigators go speak in person to people that know you, like college or high school classmates, former employers, and anyone else that will shed light on your history and character. These used to be conducted by FBI agents, but now they are done by another federal agency.


I should clarify. A secret clearance only requires a NAC—national agency check, where they query various data bases to verify the info in your questionnaire and whether there is any derogatory info. For a TS, one has to pass a BI. Unless the rules have changed since 9/11.


Back when I was in S-2, a Secret required a National Agency Check (NAC) and a Local Records Check (LRC) for wherever the person was currently living. If they filled out the DD-398 and those two checks came out clean they were immediately granted the Secret clearance.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone was being interviewed by an investigator for his periodic review back around March 2019. She says (in accusatory tone) “Why didn’t you disclose on your form that you had a Secret Clearance in February 1981?” Hack Stone submitted clearance packages for his initial clearance and periodic reviews about five points and never listed having a clearance in February 1981. Hack replied “In February 1981, I was still in High School.” Apparently Hack Stone was granted a Secret Clearance based off of his enlistment paperwork. This same investigator was the same idiot who kept mispronouncing his branch of service as “Marine Corpse”.

RGR 4-78

How much did you laugh before you told him you were still in high school during the period in question? 😆 


I about pissed myself laughing. There are a few strategic fuzzies there.


Phony Defender Teddy Daniels
keeps running his conspiracy theory and scapegoating suck,
again 2 hours ago on this Sunday morning.

To Teddy, who (falsely) claims
“20 years of experience as an investigator”,
all of this is
“fake hit pieces on Afghanistan veteran JR Majewski”.

Oh, and this….
It’s all the opponent’s fault,
because the
“40 year incumbent democrat who never served
keeps perpetuating the fake news lie”.

This won’t age well, not for J.R., and not for Ted.

Teddy Daniels new comment on Majewski 2 Sun Sept 25.jpg

I just declassified his records by thinking about em

Hack Stone


Forrest Bondurant

“Doha is in Afghanistan…Dumbass!” – J. R. Majewski “Idiocracy Part II”


Ummmm no. Bagram, 2002. Our supply SGT is supposed to fly to Kuwait (Camp Doha) to expedite a shipment of comm gear. He gets on the wrong bird. Ends up in Doha, Qatar.


He said on his Campaign Facebook that his Uncle Rick was a Navy SEAL during Vietnam….

majewski 2.jpg

His Uncle Rick who he claims was a Navy SEAL during Vietnam…

Majewski uncle navy seal vietnam rick.jpg

Golly, IDK if he was a SEAL or not but that man has some chins.

A Proud Infidel®™

He looks like he never met a pizza buffet he didn’t like!



You ALWAYS crack us up!!!!!!



Hmmm, are those an NCOPDRibbon and an Army Service Ribbon (bottom two ribbons) in his rack?

Or is my eyesight failing me?


Claw: Trying to figure it out as well.


Name of the guy in the picture:

Richard Vearl Jones.

DOB: 13 September 1947 in Toledo, Ohio.

Died: 18 April 1994 in Ohio.

Served in the US Navy from 7 December 1965 to 1 October 1969.

Also 1 October 1984 to 27 September 1989.



That DOES look like an Army Service Ribbon and NCOPD Ribbon.

Does it look as if he has a PH?

As soon as I saw that SEAL TRIDENT, I said “Uh, Oh…”

Wonder if he served in the Army (National Guard? Army Reserves?) from 1984 to 1989 (age 37-42 years old). Records indicate he did serve in the Navy from 1965 to 1969.

It looks as if he has the NDSM.

We have his SSN, but no Serial Number. Since NARA is now open, we may ask for a FOIA on him.


Looks like a PH, everything looks like it makes sense, unless he never served in the Army or AR. Not sure how that helps Majewski’s case.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

What is that round disk on his uniform?

Was he an E6?

A bit confusing to me…Thus the reason we may request his records.

Wonder if he served in the Navy more than what we found (1965-1969).

We guess one can make E6 in 4 years?


We posted the picture and the info because we thought it was interesting (claiming Uncle was a Navy SEAL during Vietnam).


Round Disk = Navy Recruiters Badge?



Just found another picture of him with a comment that he WAS a Recruiter…So You Are Right!

Thank You!

The only thing is that he must have served in the Navy longer than 1965-1969…unless he was in the Navy in the 80s?

So confusing…


They are indeed. Now that doesn’t mean that our PX Ranger wasn’t also a Super Secret Navy SEAL but it does make one wonder.


Okay, all you old Navy types:

Was Hull Maintenance Technician a SEAL manning source during Viet of the Nam times?

Cause that’s his rate insignia in the picture.


Great question, Claw!!!!


The Hair®™ would know, so I’m hoping AW1 Ed or API®™ is contacting him right now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Claw

Give me some time to send the other picture…


Claw & ninja,

I hope RV Jones is a yes (SEAL).

But if it comes back
as “Never a SEAL”,
it would be a great new VG article.

You know,
a political candidate
outed as an embellishing phony,
who ALSO outed his own phony uncle.

The drama builds.

good catch,
on finding this post & photo.


If he REALLY was a Navy SEAL, wouldn’t he be wearing this type of Rate Insignia?


I don’t think so. The SEAL insignia rate didn’t exist until 2006, prior to that they wore their source rate insignia.


Thank You, Claw!!

We learn something new all the time.

We are still having some doubts that Uncle Rick was a SEAL…

BTW..Somehow, we managed to keep our Woobies….😊


I also am having doubts that Uncle Rick was a SEAL. If it turns out he wasn’t, that doesn’t speak well of his recruiting chain of command’s integrity when verifying his awards and decorations before unleashing him on an unsuspecting public.

Oh, wait a minute. I pulled a Boo-Boo. The words recruiting and integrity should never be used in the same sentence unless separated by “don’t have any”. / Smile

The Stranger

I believe that this was covered previously and the answer was that it was a source rating.

A Proud Infidel®™

We’ll see if The Hair®™ will vouch for the authenticity of that claim.


Here is another picture of Majewski’s Uncle Rick.

The other Sailor in the picture with him is also wearing a Recruiter Badge.

A comment was made that Uncle Rick was a “very decorated war hero” and that “he was an active Navy SEAL that is not to be spoken of or Top Secret”.

Uncle Rick was also “a Third Degree Black Belt and a Navy Recruiter.”

majewski uncle 4.jpg

NOT posted by Majewski, but by another relative.

Comment about Uncle Rick, Navy “SEAL”.

rick jones navy seal.jpg

Special IHOPs maybe.





With extra bacon.


Hmmm, one would think that if Uncle Rick was an extremely decorated US Navy Seal in Viet of the Nam he would at least be wearing a Combat Action Ribbon.

I’m not seeing one in his ribbon rack. /Smile

Last edited 1 year ago by Claw


You NAILED It!!!!



It is possible to get a PH and not get a CAR. Not common but certainly possible.

Skivvy Stacker

I don’t know.
My uncle Mike was a combat Marine in Vietnam (69-70) in Quang-Tri. He didn’t wear a CAR either. And I know he was in active combat, because I’ve seen the after action reports for his unit.


Yep. I do know that the CAR wasn’t even invented until 1969, but since Uncle Rick had updated his ribbon rack at a later date (to include the Army’s NCOPD and ASR ribbons) one would think he would have also included a CAR to “prove” he was a SEAL.

And in answer to 5JC above, I’m not trying to equate the award of the Purple Heart to having a CAR. Hell, I know you can get a PH while on KP from an eggshell fragment when a M2 Burner Unit explodes (ala MAJ Frank Burns) when the dinks drop mortar rounds on base camp.


And if he caught shrap whackin’ in the sh*tter he’d still get a PH.


The CAR is an individual award. No matter if a unit participated in combat, everyone in the unit might not get the award.

“To be awarded a Combat Action Ribbon evidence must establish the member engaged the enemy, was under hostile fire, or was physically attacked by the enemy.”

For the longest even being in a vehicle that was hit by an IED wasn’t sufficient. That changed sometime after 2008, Don’t know when.


Correct. One can get a PH for a busted taint when your Huey was shot down in the Viet of the Nam. My bird was shot down once, but my taint was fine, so no PH. My entire extended tour I was hoping not to get one.


Great catch.
Here’s a nice alternate view of the same post about Uncle Rick.
PC with Windows10 + Paint + Mozilla Firefox.
Redactions complete.

JR Majewski FaceBook post Uncle Rick Navy SEAL 2.jpg

Any answers on this yet?
Like… “SEAL”, or “NEVER a SEAL”?



I’m just going to put this out here in case I every run for political office: I never deployed to Afghanistan. I had some secret squirrel clearances but never did any high speed secret squirrel stuff, I was a fobbit for a lot of my deployments, a few NJPs for less than stellar stuff (stripes attached with velcro before it was the standard) and somehow I made it to field grade rank. And I have 2 combat action ribbons (but one of them is a state award  😉 )

Hack Stone

Hack Stone was never assigned to an Air Wing unit but in 22 years of active duty he did take flight on many US Military aircraft (Marine Corps, Air Force and charter flights). And from what Hack can recall, all of those flights had a manifest listing passengers and cargo. They must be filed somewhere, maybe in that crate in The National Archives hood the Ark of The Covenant.

That would take a bit of effort to locate one of those manifests, but he did not take flight solo. Could he get someone who served alongside him in Qatar to vouch for his statements? With Al Gore’s Amazing Internet bringing the world closer, he should be able to, with minimal effort, to locate someone who could vouch for him.

Skivvy Stacker

The MOS I had was so Top Secret my ass hole is locked shut.


Then you must really be FOS.



I understand the backlog of FOIA requests with the archive fuckers….STILL, to have a stolen valor story appear on this site again, it feels like the band got back together.

May GAWD bless these stolen valor heroes and please do not get discouraged by the ones that get caught.

I love reading about their creative, fictional heroics.


Yes, over the years we have had some with very creative imaginations about things that never happened, like Army nurses rappelling out of helos in the middle of jungle firefights.

Hack Stone

What about “secret combat naked warrior” Earl Littman? If he was naked, where did he pin his rank insignia?


[…] may recall some recent discussion here about JR Majewski, a man running for Congress who has been accused of embellishing his military […]

If there is meant to be a link here,
it’s not working.
Just so you know.


J.R. Majewski was busy last night.
War Room with Steve Bannon
OAN Real America with Dan Ball.

New claims….

  • Zoom vouch witness, an “Air Force NCO”.

Note – Vouch witness rejected by Cleveland TV,
after Majewski refused to provide a name (citing death threats).

  • DD-214 “leak”. Majewski acting like he doesn’t know how AP got his DD-214.

We can soon look forward to seeing the unnamed Air Force “witness”,
when that Zoom surfaces in public today.

2022 09 27 Majewski claims Zoom vouch, DD-214 leak, threats.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61
Hack Stone

We would expect Master Sergeant Soupsandwich to vouch for Majewski’s deployment to Afghanistan, but he has been unavailable for the last few years.


JR Majewski just contradicted himself. Unbelievable!
Check out this interview he did today or yesterday he with Dan Ball of Real America.

In the video, he told Dan Ball he had NO IDEA how the Associated Press got his DD214.

Wait till you see the next video that he did a couple of days ago that completely contradicts what he told Dan Ball!


In his two videos, he kept explaining that he flew in and out on Sorties to Afghanistan from Qatar. He said it was impossible for him to know where he was in Afghanistan.

That does not make sense. According to this link, in July 2020, he said “he remembers going more than 40 days without a shower because they had no access to running water.”

He was on the ground for 40 days and he had no idea where he was?

He also said he could only play “Grand Theft Auto” for 30 minutes a day…yet, he has no idea where he was in Afghanistan?

One can play “Grand Theft Auto” in a Classified mission?
Who Knew?



This is the interview he did with the Press 4 DAYS ago.

Listen what he says toward the end of the video.


He just contradicted himself!


We just got finish watching/listening Majewski do a very short interview with Steve Bannon.

It sounds as if Majewski is implying that his opponent, Marcy Kaptur is responsible for UPDATING his DD214?

If so, he is so WRONG! HE is responsible for updating his own DD214!!!


is Majewski now blaming the VA that his records are not updated?

Last time I checked, the Service Member is responsible for doing that.

“Majewski calls on Kaptur to help update military service records”

“Help veterans like me that have a 20-year-old service record that’s inaccurate because we can’t get it updated in a timely fashion because our VA [Veterans’ Administration] is full of red tape,” Mr. Majewski said in the 99-second video, which he said was recorded as he began door-to-door campaigning in his hometown of Toledo.”


ninja (and admins),
This is about to get better.
IF the bullshit keeps up… J.R. may earn another VG article.

J.R. Majewski is about to produce a pay stub
that shows “Imminent Danger Pay”,
as supposed PROOF
that he was in AFGHANISTAN.

Bottom line… He’s full of shit.

I found it (here).
Before 2014,
Imminent Danger Pay was given… for anyone in QATAR.

[DOD removes 20 areas from imminent danger pay listMarch 7, 2014]


Combat or hazardous duty pay usually goes to anyone serving in the theater of operations, irrespective of whether the person is in an area where there is active combat. In Viet of the Nam, men who served in MACV headquarters in Saigon received combat pay. The ground crews in Thailand at our airbases there likely received it as well.


Here is his Qatar paystub dated June 2002.

Have speculated from Day 1 that he embellished his time during OEF, i.e. that in reality, he was TDY to Qatar for 179 days in support of OEF and that he MAY have been on a couple of birds going in and out of Afghanistan, most likely Bagram.

Majority of the time when folks embellish/lie about their Military service, they are trying to cover up something. Additionally, they may have carried these lies with them for years, i.e. it is possible that Majewski had led his family to believe for years that he “fought” in Afghanistan.

It is obvious he has low self esteem issues. He has repeatedly stated he was “proud to have serve our Country” when in reality, he is now coming across that he feels ashamed for working at Camp Snoooy in Qatar during OEF.


Good catch, with that article.
DUI, VOUCH, and LES Imminent Danger Pay,
all in 1.

NOTE on VOUCH video —
JR MAJEWSKI Press Conference
Sep 27, 2022

J.R. put it up on the Tube of You as “Unlisted”.
Can’t be found on his channel, or in a YouTube search.
Considering how much public crap J.R. puts out now,
it’s Secret Squirrel AGAIN.

UNLISTED 2 marked.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

This just in… AP story “Records contradict Majewski’s account of military punishment – Sep. 28, 2022 at 1:29pm Updated Sep. 29, 2022 at 6:17am”
Majewski’s campaign said last week that he was punished and demoted after getting in a “brawl” in an Air Force dormitory in 2001. Military records obtained since then by The Associated Press, however, offer a different account of the circumstances, which military legal experts say would have played a significant role in the decision to bar him from reenlisting. They indicate Majewski’s punishment and demotion were the result of him being stopped for driving drunk on a U.S. air base in Japan in September 2001.
(Reduced to E-2/denied reenlistment)