Fat Leonard Captured

| September 22, 2022

Leonard Glenn Francis

On 04 September “Fat Leonard” Francis, the ringleader of the worst corruption scandal in US Navy history slipped the confines of his house arrest – such as they were – and with the help of Hertz fled the country.

In the early 2000s, “Fat Leonard” ran a Singapore-based shipping firm that tended to the logistical needs of the Navy’s Seventh Fleet such as garbage service, refueling, tugboats and other port services. He sweetened his profit margin attracting custom with a “rotating carousel of prostitutes,” absurdly expensive parties, orgies, cigars and more. For years- the sum alleged is $35M.

He was arrested in 2013 in a sting operation and began cooperating with investigators. He then plead guilty to bribery charges and was awaiting sentencing in San Diego. After a cancer diagnosis in 2018, Francis’ attorneys asked the court to put him under house arrest – the judge and prosecutors reluctantly agreed.

Three weeks before his long-delayed sentencing, the moving trucks came. Fat Leonard removed his ankle monitor and disappeared.

Not for long. Ninja and Eggs send.

Fugitive ‘Fat Leonard’ in US Navy bribery scandal nabbed in Venezuela

By Mark Moore

A Malaysian defense contractor known as “Fat Leonard” was nabbed in Venezuela after fleeing federal authorities in San Diego by cutting off his GPS monitor as he awaited sentencing for masterminding one of the largest bribery scandals in US military history.

A 16-day international manhunt for Leonard Glenn Francis ended Tuesday morning when he was detained at the Caracas airport as he prepared to board a flight to Russia, Interpol in Venezuela posted on its Instagram page on Wednesday.

Francis, nicknamed “Fat Leonard” for his 350-pound girth, traveled through Mexico and Cuba after escaping home confinement in San Diego on Sept. 4 by slicing off his ankle bracelet and was captured at Simon Bolivar International Airport, the posting said.

He had been the subject of a search by 10 US agencies and a $40,000 award was offered for his arrest.

Interpol had issued a “red notice” for him.

NY Post

I’m a little sad the scoundrel got caught. Thanks folks.

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He should just have told US law enforcement he identifies as an innocent duodecasexual person of many colors who is a member of Antifa with a gender studies degree and has dirt on Donald Trump, and they would have let him go free.


But not until after he testified at the Cheney J6 committee.


Or, the feds could leak that he has dirt on Hillary, he’d then self-murder, and no more worries.


No no no. It was all a misunderstanding. He was heading to the courthouse and made a wrong turn and crossed into Mexico. Then, like a bad John Candy comedy movie from the 80s, he tripped and fell onto a flight to Cuba. Once there, a series of mistaken identity events leads to him in Venezuela trying to catch what he thought was a flight back to the US, and not a flight to Russia.
I gotta wonder, did he have contact with the Russians before he went on the run, or did he think he could claim asylum once there and not worry about them turning him over like with Snowden?


Maybe he had some help from someone that had contacts in Russia, maybe someone with contacts that could get him hired on at a uranium mine. He’d be all aglow over that. That same contact could be a person familar with taking bribes and such, give a foundation of understanding of global inititives. A person used to colluding with nefarious ne’r do well types. Could even have wanted an express to a private island where no US Government Agency would ever find any evidence on him. If he’s smart, he’ll turn down any offers for a helicopter ride.

He screwed the Navy, I say let the Navy take him and his other slimeball buddies for a keel hauling on USS John Stennis. If they survive that, then give them a ride in a chopper.


Well, that certainly takes care of that! He’ll surely be swiftly returned from Venezuela to face even swifter justice.

It’s not like there are any corrupt government officials in that upstanding example of scrupulous South American standards who might be susceptible to a fat bribe from Fat Leonard.

Right? Riiiiiiiight… 😉 

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Amateur Historian

I’m not sad he got caught. 🙂


It’s tough being on the run when you weigh 350 lbs.


At 350 pounds, he was, at best, on the waddle from the authorities.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

So who got/gets the $40K for his (re)capture?

AW1 Rod

And as I said before, THIS time they’d better pack his fat ass into an 8’x10′ cell!