Stolen Valor alleged against Ohio GOP House Candidate

| September 22, 2022

According to an AP article, J.R. Majewski has been falsely presenting himself to voters on a variety of subjects, including his “combat service in Afghanistan” which they say was actually a TDY in Qatar.

Military documents obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request tell a different story.

They indicate Majewski never deployed to Afghanistan but instead completed a six-month stint helping to load planes at an air base in Qatar, a longtime U.S. ally that is a safe distance from the fighting.

Still, thanks to an unflinching allegiance to former President Donald Trump — Majewski once painted a massive Trump mural on his lawn — he also stands a chance of defeating longtime Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur in a district recently redrawn to favor Republicans.

“I am proud to have served my country,” Majewski said in the statement. “My accomplishments and record are under attack, meanwhile, career politician Marcy Kaptur has a forty-year record of failure for my Toledo community, which is why I’m running for Congress.”

Throughout his campaign Majewski has offered his Air Force service as a valuable credential. The tagline “veteran for Congress” appears on campaign merchandise. He ran a Facebook ad promoting himself as “combat veteran.” And in a campaign video released this year, Majewski marauds through a vacant factory with a rifle while pledging to restore an America that is “independent and strong like the country I fought for.”

More recently, the House Republican campaign committee released a biography that describes Majewski as a veteran whose “squadron was one of the first on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11.”

“I don’t like talking about my military experience,” he said in a 2021 interview on the One American Podcast after volunteering that he served one tour of duty in Afghanistan. “It was a tough time in life. You know, the military wasn’t easy.”


AP says they filed for Majewski’s info under the FOIA and found that the bulk of his service was at Kadena AFB in Japan, and that he went to Qatar for 6 months as a “passenger operations specialist,” they say. Supporting evidence they give is that he has no ASfghan service medal, not even the cherished GWOT. (Dunno about the NDSM, guys.)

The article basically presents a pattern of exaggeration and evasion, from presenting himself as an executive when his job description did not match that, to how he denies being a QAnon supporter but retweets/resends their allegations. While obviously written by someone on the left side of the bus, the allegations indicate that when Majewski may be running as a Republican newbie, he lies and exaggerates like a seasoned politician. Interesting read.


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How can you be this fucking dumb…???

Hack Stone

Some people take that question as a challenge.

Green Thumb

And All-Points Logistics employs them.


It’s the classic; “Talk about my service non-stop until someone questions me on it and then suddenly I don’t like to talk about it.”

That turns out to be SV every single time. Hopefully the voters flush him down with the rest of the turds..

John Seabee

Plus he has chosen to ride the “classified missions” phony pony. He is simply a douchebag. He is so pathetic, he doesn’t even qualify for the wall of insults.

The Stranger

I would respectfully disagree. Most politicians deserve it on general principles. This guy has gone above and beyond with his fuckery. Therefore, to show true bipartisanship, I hereby move that we drop the ASSteroid of Insults on this fuckwit. See, I don’t just call for the deployment on (D) politicians like Swallwell.


SECOND! We need an AYE!


All right you fuckers I know I’ve been out of pocket quite a bit and I’m trying to catch up I think I might like August 10 for reading back posts but I’ll get there but I had to come search this “ bundle of sticks”.
Because what you don’t understand and maybe is glossed over is this absolute fuck nugget was in my career field and not only was he busted for driving under the influence at Kadena which I can understand as a young airman and 20 something years old you’re in Okinawa and you get drunk and drive that’s just stupid and you can avoid that. I managed to not drink and drive there BUT.
This cocksucking shit bag ass licking fuck nozzle cum dumpster was an air cargo transportation baggage passenger herding ass much like me.


This shit I take personally.

See you shortly tootles

Last edited 1 year ago by ChipNASA

’bout time your AWOL, mooning over OAM self showed up. I knew you would take this one personally. From the what it’s worth dprt, we have met the TAH Rules of Order for said Deployment on this dirtbag, the latest being the last thread he was featured on. We repeat…you are cleared HOT!

AW1 Rod

Why do politicians feel the need to embellish their military histories?  As long as they served honorably, there’s no reason for them to make false claims about their service.  Especially when they know it’s going to be uncovered eventually.

If this dumbass had just kept his mouth shut, he would probably have beaten Kaptur, anyway.

Last edited 1 year ago by AW1 Rod
jeff LPH 3 63-66

He watched too many Walter Mitty re runs.


His entire shtick was how he was a badass combat veteran that will take the fight to democrats.

He literally has no other experience or qualifications for office.

Which is fine for republicans in deep red districts. You need absolutely no experience or qualifications other than loyalty to Trump.

But this was a competitive district so he felt he needed more than sycophantic obedience.


Again the rhetorical question arises; “How fucking stupid are you?”

Oh and weren’t you whining like a little bitch last year saying something about how everyone here gives GOP military phonies a free pass? Now that I think about it I am certain it was you. Never get tired of being wrong do you?

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

You just need to say I volunteered and served when 99% did not. I was ready to defend the nation, but I was not called upon to do so. There is NO SHAME is not seeing combat, but there is shame in lying.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I agree and sometimes it bothered me that when I volunteered for Swift boat duty I changed my mind after GM1 Smitty told me that he didn’t think that being on Swift Boats would be for me. Thats a Korean War Vet telling me that. I also felt a little guilty about not shipping over when she changed home ports from Norfolk NOB to San Diego and ops in South East Asia. Vet friends of mine used to tell me that I did my time and shouldn’t feel guilty about the two above things I mentioned so my head is clear and thats that. Also enlisted in the ARNG 1975-1977, came out 11B 20.


He graduated from Basic in Lackland AFB around February 2000…and if he was in Kadena and Qatar, one would think he has the NDSM…or even the GWOT.


TDY “in theater” drinking real beer at Al Udeid is about the Jesse Ventura “combat” experience, but still NDSM and GWOTEM material.


Didn’t every swingin’ Richard in the armed forces get the GWOTSM (Service Medal) if they served after 9/11? I thought it was basically like the NDSM, if you drew a paycheck from the US military after 9/11 you got one. Either way, if he was in Qatar he rated both the GWOTEM (Expeditionary Medal) as well as the coveted NDSM.


According to his campaign site, he served from 1999 to 2003:

Found a newspaper article dated February 2000 announcing his graduation from Basic at Lackland AFB, so the 1999 makes sense.

The GWOTEM was first awarded around 2004, so it is possible when he was discharged in 2003 that the GWOTEM was not on his DD214..and that he did not go before a Board of Corrections to have his records corrected with a DD215 to reflect the GWOTEM…or NPRC did not provide the Associated Press with updated records (that is, IF he requested his records to be updated).

Have seen other folks claim medals/ribbons that they MAY have been entitled to years after. They failed to update their records via a DD215.


So likely he RATED the GWOTEM but it was never awarded to him.

WRT the GWOTSM (GWOT Service Medal) the original idea was that it was to be awarded to those who served outside the combat area (the Middle East and Afghanistan area) but who provided “support” to the GWOT.

However, by the time I demobilized in 2004, it seemed the policy was that it was handed out like the NDSM and everybody got one. They put it on my DD-214 and I mentioned to the clerk that since we had been in Kuwait we rated the GWOTEM but not the SM.

He showed me a policy letter that said essentially, every demobilizing soldier who had been “in theater” got both of them, which IMO makes at least one of them redundant.


My understanding was that everyone in the military got the service medal, only deployed personnel got the expeditionary.


We received both the GWOT and the GWOTEM.


Yup. Sure did– pretty much folk had go out of their way (like being in a coma or confinement) to not “support” GWOT for the GWOTSM.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

It was not supposed to be that way. I received both GWOT medals shortly after they were authorized; the expeditionary for OIF, and service for being in a unit, stateside, that supported operations in both OIF and OEF. The later fit the criteria for award of the service. When the instructions came out, they specified the requirement to be in support of qualified operations.

I know that the Army was awarding Soldiers the service medal during basic/OSUT, but they stopped doing this. My youngest brother graduated from OSUT in 2013, neither he nor any other Soldier that graduated with him, had the GWOT service medal. As far as I remember, I don’t recall the Navy side awarding everyone the service medal for going through basic or for simply being in.

Hack Stone

When Hack Stone was working as a slimey contractor on Quantico, all of the OFC’s and Lance Corporals had the “Quantico Stack, consisting of the highly coveted and rarely awarded National Defense Service Medal and the GWOT.

How many of you ultra MAGA Adorable Deplorables can lay claim to possessing the Precious Metals Recovery Expert Badge?


I think the NDSM comment was sarcastic.


More than likely.


This is interesting…

“There’s also the matter of Majewski’s final rank and reenlistment code when he left active duty after four years of service.”

“Most leave the service after four years having notched several promotions that are generally awarded for time served. Majewski exited with at a rank that was one notch above where he started. His enlistment code also indicated that he could not sign up with the Air Force again.”

“Majewski’s campaign said that he received what is called a nonjudicial punishment after a 2001 brawl in his a dormitory, which resulted in the demotion.”


Barracks brawling isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Lacking the barracks lawyer skillz to get away with it…..


Better to be barred from re-enlisting for than bedwetting.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
Daisy Cutter

barracks brawl = street cred


Except he was AF which has dormitories, not barracks. So it wasn’t so much a “barracks brawl” as it was a “Dormitory Disagreement.” 😀


Cracked me up. A lot of Dormitory Disagreements would take place in Germany. Add beer, loud music and it was a dance party at Knuckle Junction. Fun times.


1st floor – 1964th Comm Group HQ, offices, and a BAR.
2nd floor – Male dorm and supply.
3rd floor – Male dorm.
4th floor – Female dorm.

A Group XO 1LT caught on the 4th floor vanished…
immediate PCS to Alaska.
Germany Bonus – Group Vice Commander’s name was Krieg.
Good times at 1980s Ramstein AB.



Right next to K-Town (Vogelweh)…where I attended High School. Being NCO Brats, we lived in those Stairwells.

Good Memories.


ninja (and admins)….

J.R. Majewski just put up a FaceBook video,
1 – His opponent, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
2 – a radical left wing reporte
3 – Democrats
(here it is…)
4 – “anonymous” sources.

Final words… “Listen to the signal, not the noise.”

Majewski BLAMES DEMS 1.jpg


JR should have some documents to support his claim.

His DD214 most likely will not have Afghanistan on it since he was TDY in Qatar, but one would think he would have hard copies of his orders.

Perhaps he should be transparent to his followers as well as doubters i.e. display on the Web his DD214 and his TDY orders. He can also share the name of his unit he served with while in Kadena as well as his time in Qatar. Not difficult to do..unless he is hiding something.

Again, am guessing he MAY have flown to Bagram from Qatar and visa versa during the May-November 2002 timeframe. In other words, stretching the truth.

Sadly, he is not the first nor will he be the last in embellishing his service. Majority of the time, Embellishers are trying to hide their real Military service because of their personal problems they encountered (Article 15s, demotions, kicked out of the Service. etc.etc).

If he wants the public to believe him, then he needs to show proof.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

He can’t show his DD-214 since it’s with Alaska Bob right now still stuck in a snow drift with Sgt Preston of the Yukon and his dog King eating Quaker Oats cereal out of the box.


Well thank god he straightened all that out. I was thinking he might be lying his ass off. Now that we know it is all a big plot cooked up by the liberals we can just forget about it.

Green Thumb

Clown was probably rat-fucking his buddies MRE’s while said was buddy was dropping a deuce.

Then he got his ass kicked when buddy found the M&M wrapper under his foot locker.

What a turd.

The Stranger

That is an EXTREMELY detailed scenario you just described. I’m guessing it’s based on a true story?🤣

Hack Stone

Hack Stone remembers the hardship of Kadena AFB. Sometimes, the Sunday Brunch at the Kadena Officers Club would run out of King Crab Legs, and you would have to wait ten minutes until the next tray was brought out. The horror.

As to (see what Hack did there?) Qatar, Hack also spent some time in there. At the next TAH All Hands, Hack will entertain the crowd with his story of chasing camels through the desert.


While that would be entertaining, skip over the part where you caught the camel and the unnatural things that were done with it.


No no no, you ride the camels to the brothel…


I’ll take Punch Lines for a thousand, Alex

Hack Stone

What’s it any of your business what happens between a consenting adult and a dromedary? Take your hate somewhere else.


Yeah, as “Any Twosome” Newsom would say: “One can’t help who (which species) one loves.”


Camel: “Seven days without water I can go, but a hump I gotta have.”

Gave that greeting card to my girlfriend in college waaaay back in 1972.


I did two different deployment 2002 and 2003 to Al Udeid Qatar, we had a beer ration, it really sucked if you were flying for the monthly “birthday dinner” as you missed out on crab legs and such.

At the DeidBeer math was interesting we had European beers in standard 330 ML cans. Some crew dawgs figured out that when they had the occasional 440 ml beers you could get four standard equivalents for the price of three and a daily ration of three.

Ration Day changed over at 0700 and guys would nurse the last beer at the Wagon Wheel from last call (0600 from memory) until the new ration day at 0700 and the pound 3/4 more.

My issue with that as you only rent beer, the bright sunshine on the crushed limestone in tent city woke you up when you had to make a head call and getting back to sleep was impossible.


Sources indicate his MOS was 2T251.

Am speculating he was at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar in 2002.


From July 2002.

He may or may not have been part of this:

“US Beefs Up Air Base In Qatar”


“Rather than deploying to Afghanistan, as he has claimed, the records state that Majewski was based at Kadena Air Base in Japan for much of his active-duty service. He later deployed for six months to Qatar in May 2002, where he helped load and unload planes while serving as a “passenger operations specialist.”

While based in Qatar, Majewski would land at other air bases to transfer military passengers, medics, supplies.”

Now wondering if he flew in and out of Bagram when he was TDY at Qatar…which is kinda stretching the truth at being in Afghanistan.

40 days without a shower? Perhaps in Qatar at the beginning of OEF…but 40 days? (Bibical number). That sounds as if he is stretching that story as well since he did not go into the Sandbox until May 2002.


Didn’t even go 40 days without a shower in the early days of Bagram. Ok, so the shower was a canvas bucket on a rope in a GP small for a while, but it was a shower…



And by the time he went to the Sandbox in May 2002 there were field showers at Bagram..then later on, portable showers…

We remember troops were STEALING shower heads…still cannot figure out why they did that…😂🤣😅

He may or may not have been on a Bird that flew from Qatar to Bagram and back from May to November 2002…and may have stayed overnight or a couple of days in Bagram..

Just a guess as to why he embellished his Air Force service…

MI Ranger

There were not a lot of people in Afghanistan in 2002, even Bagram. In fact I think the AF was flying in and out, as life there was so “difficult”….you know like Army standards.
We had that Bucket on a rope, in a GP Small/medium. Then by the end of 2002 they brought in Army Shower units. This just meant it was standardized. Flowing water, but not always hot. In 2003 we got Connexes stacked with a boiler…man that was sweat!


I got there in January 2003 and they had shower trailers on Camp Vance (the CJSOTF sub-compound on Bagram.)


We were with CJTF 180…

I remember the SF compound. One of the hired civilian translators took me there for “lunch”. They were eating steak.

Was taken back since we were eating MREs and mystery meat in the Field Messhall.

I did not ask where those steaks came from…😉😎

The ninja family was invited to eat lunch with General Babajan. We ate mutton (it was pretty good) and mystery food. We think some of food was small birds (sparrows?). That was the last time I ate at General Babajan’s home. Food Poisoning Is Not Fun…😉😎

Hack Stone

What doesn’t kill you gets you a medical evacuation to Rammstein.


My Soldiers took care of me when I came down with it….

Turns out, 3 others got sick as well…don’t know if their Troops took care of them.



You saw the steaks but you didn’t see the cases of beer in our tents. 😀 GO1 was honored more in the breach than in the observance. See there were these German SOF guys and you KNOW Germans are going to have beer…it wasn’t difficult to talk them out of a few extra cases. And this was literally across Disney road from the XVIIIth corps HQ compound. Gotta love the SF (support) lifestyle.


We remember the Italians with their stash…😉 They offered me some, but I turned them down since I don’t drink alcohol (I can’t stand the taste of ANY alcoholic drink🤮).

Oh, yes, we remember the SF very well…and the Air Force. The SF and the Air Force were stealing supplies from the XVIII Airborne Corps units. Then the XVIII was stealing from other units. Guess no one heard of a DA Form 3953 or $$$$.

As shared before, we had to put a string/rope thru the soaps that were provided with the self pumping hand washers that was positioned around Bagram. Either the Troops or the Afghans were stealing the soap.

Still trying to figure out why Shower heads were being taken from those field showers.

It was a great deployment, but boy was it challenging….

* BOOM!!!!! (SFC D knows what we are talking about….😇)


MI Ranger:

Where were you at Bagram?

We were there very early 2002…right after 9-11.

Some of my Soldiers were there late 2001.

In the early part of 2002, there were Field Showers. Showers were used by all who were on Bagram. Trying to remember where on Bagram since I had to walk to the showers (I think I had to cross Disney
which was basically still a “dirt” road.) The field showers were set up next to Porta Potties. Big Canvas tents.

Then, around mid 2002 (June/July), we brought in “trailer” showers.

Some units received those showers.

It has been a long time…my memory is not that good anymore…


Does this look familiar to anyone?


It has been a very long time.

SFC D and the ninja family (I think there are other TAH Members who were there late 2001 to 2002) remember Bagram when it was NOTHING.

We saw pictures of Bagram years later and were shocked.

No Fast Food joints when we were there.

Generator and Plane noises 24/7.

Both ninja family members had to work with this guy:

Bagram was one of the best deployments we experienced.


Concur. Bagram got even better.


And, ten years later, in 2019:

Hack Stone

You guys had a boiler for the showers? When Hack was at the port in Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield we just had a water bladder on the Connex. Water was run through PVC pipes, but can’t recall the shower heads.

Forrest Bonduraunt

An aspiring politician that lies? Sounds about right.

Majewski can EABOD.

Hack Stone

Back in the mid 1990’s, Hack Stone spent about six weeks (can’t recall the exact length) in Qatar for an exercise. The Qatari Army provided us our food. Lunch was chicken, dinner was goat. Next day, goat was lunch, chicken was dinner. Repeat for the entire duration of the exercise. Don’t know how many ways that you can prepare goat, but they only knew one.


Like they said in Africa: Learn to love rice– hope you like the goat meat!


Regardless of where on the political spectrum they stand, veterans trying to use their service as part of their platform need to be honest about it. In the Army, we’re taught the Army Values before even shipping to training, the last three of which are Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Honor those who have served and continue to do so by not misrepresenting yourself. Have the Integrity to accurately portray your service–we all have a purpose whether we’re hunting terrorists with SEAL Team Six or running a DFAC on a stateside base. Finally, have the Personal Courage to face your opponent honestly. I don’t care if I’m running against John J. Rambo, should military records be brought up I’m not embellishing about “Bronze Stars” (on my campaign medals), or making my tour in Afghanistan seem like I did anything more than sit in a JOC and hear a few rockets impact from time to time. If any reports were made mischaracterizing my service, I’d quickly correct them.


Spot on, Fm 2127. Most Vets feel the same. Every barrel has those few bad apples. I’m very proud of my NDSM, Good Cookie, and a DD-214 that reads “Honorable”. I’m also very Thankful that neither I, nor my family received one of those purple ribboned medalions with a cameo of Geo Washington on it. Of all the liars out there, an embellishing vet (sic) is the most despicable.


KoB wrote:

“Thankful that neither I, nor my family received one of those purple ribboned medalions with a cameo of Geo Washington on it.”

Spot on, KoB.

Spot On!

What floors me is that we have read comments from some Viet of the Nam Soldiers who WISHED they have received a PH while serving in that AO.

Their comments floored us.

Who in the right mind covets a PH…unless all they care about was having more Bling as well as seeking attention?



ninja, had some Gung Ho, John Wayne wannabes that talked about being in a situation where they could get a “CMH”. (Congressional Medal of Honor) Old Vets would tell them to get their heads out of their asses or the only “CMH” they would get would be a Coffin, Metal Handles.

Claiming an Unearned PH is the most despicable claim that any lying POS embellisher can do. Standing on the bodies and in the blood of those that cashed that Blank Check. May the Barbed Cock of Satan torment them for all of Eternity as their worthless souls burn in Hell. I don’t think that there is a Gold Star Family out there that wouldn’t pay any price and ship that PH back if they could have their Loved One(s) with them again.






A HUGE AMEN! on those who claim an unearned PH…

The same to those claiming POW Status…

The writer of this book (now classified as fiction) believed this guy’s story…none of it true.

Joseph F. Johnston of New Jersey, born 1924 (still alive and no relation to General Joseph E. Johnston, Bobby Lee’s Classmate) told the Author that he received 7 PHs and was a Vietnam POW.

The entire book is one big lie.

His other claims/lies are: served with the 101st Airborne during World War II, liberated Nazi concentration camps, being a Nuremberg witness, standing guard in Dallas when President Kennedy was shot…

At first, we felt sorry for the Author. He was in denial for a long time, but it turned out he failed to do research on Military history as well as on Joseph Johnston.

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.


A Proud Infidel®™

Spot on about the PH, KoB! I like the quote “Ribbons, Medals and Badges are nice, but it’s more important to bring everyone you went there with back in one piece” which I did on my first ME Tour.


I was a PFC and later SPC during OIF 1, but my battalion came back mostly intact, with one KIA and one self-inflicted death along with some wounded. That meant a lot more than being the highest decorated unit during the war or anything else. The PH is not a medal anyone should want, but over the past 20 years enough have wanted it to expand the eligibility criteria to include TBIs and other invisible “wounds”. A visit to Arlington or an amputee ward shows how much some sacrificed for an award that others falsely claim.


I was in during the first gulf war, closest I got to “the shit” was being told to keep a bag packed. Soon after that, unit was deactivated, and I went to IRR till they mailed me my Honorable Discharge. Never claimed to have done more, never will.


An Honorable Discharge is probably the most important and useful thing a Vet can earn.


What a dbag. His service was so extemporary that he got a bar from reenlistment so the AF wouldn’t have to raise their standards.

A Proud Infidel®™

Like I heard a MoH Recipient say during a speech “”It doesn’t matter if you were kicking doors outside the wire or changing tires inside of it, take pride and don’t lie about what you did, once you tell one lie you have to tell another to cover it, then another and before you know it, you’re living under a swimming pool of lies!”


The really sad part here,
is that the Ohio 9th is one of the KEY races
that could give Congress back to the Republicans.

The Ohio 9th is currently held by
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D)
for the past 39 YEARS.

However, due to redistricting, in favor of Republicans,
this seat became a toss up for 2022.

in the GOP primary,
J.R. Majewski won a 3 way race with (only) 36% of the vote.

Now this.

Failure to “vet the vet”,
as well as (winkety wink) endorsements,
may well have now cost Republicans
this easily attainable seat in Congress.



“Failure to “vet the vet”…

A huge failure by both Ohio and national Republican leadership, equally to blame if Kaptur manages to win.

You nailed it this time, MD61.

An’ ol’ Poe ain’t lying… 😜 

pookysgirl, WC wife

One wonders if this candidate was a recipient of the “GOP extremist-boosting” that the Democrats recently admitted to.

Oh, and eff this guy for not coming clean before the primary. It’s 2022, dude. If you put yourself in the national spotlight, people WILL find out about the Stolen Valor eventually.


FOIA redacted military records on J.R. Majewski,
including a DD-214,
posted on a cloud less than 2 hours ago.
(after 2:15pm on TH 9/22/22).

From the source at AP.
LInk >>





Admin, since this is public information, can you please post?

So…He was at Travis AFB, NOT Kadena when he did his TDY to Qatar?


PUBLIC INFORMATION shared by the Associated Press.

His DD214.

Thank You, MarineDad61 for providing the lead.


FOIA Part 1.


FOIA Part 2


FOIA Part 3


FOIA Part 3


I smell a Page 2,
a VG original write up,
not only for the public FOIA,
but also for tonight’s Phony Defender podcast.
(see below (Teddy Daniels)).
Same Bat Time.
Same Bat Channel.


TONIGHT at 10:00pm (TH 9/22/22)

Phony Afghanistan vet J.R. Majewski
goes on a podcast to defend himself.

Even better, it’s the podcast of
Legit Afghanistan Veteran Teddy Daniels
(the Pennsylvania Lt. Governor GOP primary loser guy),
and leads the way TONIGHT in defending J.R. Majewski.

Daniels chooses to lie, deny,
blame the opponent, blame the media,
and blame anyone else BUT THE LYING PHONY.

And he’s bringing the PHONY onto his basement podcast thingy,
for what may be the first public comment about his phonying
since he was busted by the Associated Press / AP.

Does anyone here have the ability to download a Rumble video?
You know, to mine some MP4 gold from this upcoming podcast.

Link >

Teddy Daniels Rabbit Hole Sept 22 1.jpg

CENTCOM’s Headquarters is located at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida.

A CENTCOM Forward HQs was established at Camp As Sayliyah in Doha, Qatar in late 2002, early 2003 for preparation of OIF.


RNC pulls his ads…”…for further investigation…” You know, not defending anything this embellishing POS said/claimed or recorded, but he mighta gotten a pass if he had run as a demonrat. After all, DaNang dick is a still serving US Senator. And let’s not forget that paragon of truth that won a medal in WWII and later became prezzy after the murder of the sitting “War Hero”. Jus’ sayin’.


Check out this 6 minute video.

We must have ESP because everything we posted about Majewski and his GWOT and GWOTEM and correcting his DD214 as well as flying in and out of Afghanistan (Bagram or Kandahar) while stationed in Qatar is verbally explained here.

This was posted a couple of hours ago.

Even the Air Force is now saying they cannot acknowledge or deny he did some time in Afghanistan.

In reality, Majewski should have been straighforward and shared that he was deployed to Qatar from May to November 2002 with possible flying missions in and out of Afghanistan. IMHO, he still has not come forward and stated that he was boots on the ground in Afghanistan. He “implied” that in several videos and Tweets, especially with the 40 day remark, but….


J.R. Majewski doubled down last night
with Greg Kelly on Newsmax.

Here’s a BEFORE, from April 2022.
Same 2 characters,
J.R. Majewski appearing with Greg Kelly on Newsmax.

“I spent 4 years in the Air Force.
I served over in Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom”.
Nothing further, even with an open ended opportunity to speak.

Note – Teddy Daniels was worse last night,
attacking this Twitter account
that put up 6 Majewski / Afghanistan videos,
and pulling every possible (media and political)
phony defender conspiracy theory out of his ass.

It’s apparent that both Greg Kelly (April)
and Teddy Daniels (July podcast)
allowed themselves to be duped and lied to by J.R. Majewski.

And now, after the national news,
both (veterans) Greg Kelly and Teddy Daniels
are more than happy
to hide behind their politics
and play phony defender.

Newsmax Greg Kelly 2022 April.jpg
Hack Stone

So just being in a combat zone makes you a combat veteran. Who knew?


Hack Stone,
That’s exactly what Greg Kelly on Newsmax pushed last night.
Kelly was duped by J.R. Majewski in April.
Phony Defender for J.R. Majewski in September.
See both here.


Now that J.R. had doubled down with claims
of flying in and out of Afghanistan…

… and at noon today tripling down with claims
that all his flying missions were “classified”….

Will there be 1 person out there
who can come out in public and vouch for this guy?
Boots on the ground in Afghanistan anyone?

Haven’t most of us (present and/or past)
had personal or internet contact
with members of our old units,
whether AOL, FaceBook, email, whatever?
I sure do.

We’ll see if J.R. can scare up 1. Just 1.


Well, this is interesting.

Majewski was with the 60th Aerial Port Squadron, Travis AFB from May 2001 to August 2003 with a 6 month TDY to Qatar from May-November 2002.

Check out this picture and topic dated June 2002 of two Airmen who also were part of the 60th, same timeframe as Majewski:

“US Air Force (USAF) Airmen assigned to the 60th Aerial Port Squadron (APS), 60th Air Mobility Wing (AMW), offload palletized aircraft parts and maintenance equipment from a USAF C-5A Galaxy aircraft, at Moron Air Base (AB), Spain, while deployed in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM”


Holy Top Secret Missions, Batman.

At a small scale presser at noon today (F 9/23),
J.R. Majewski just pulled the “CLASSIFIED” argument out of his ass…
and then posted it on his Tube of You.

Link >>>

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He avoided the question when asked where he was in Afghanistan as well as the timeframe which tells me he is not being honest.


ninja (and admins),
He’s posting documents now, on both Twitter and the Book of the Fake.

Not a very convincing argument.

CLASSIFIED TDY docs x2 1.jpg

It’s now going pretty mainstream, on Yahoo.

What a dumbass.