Army JAGOff claims trying to give stuff to the Rooskies

| September 2, 2022

The Army Times has a story about a former enlisted Ranger who became a lawyer, returned as a JAG officer, and has proceeded to step all over his crank in spectacular style.

Manfredo Madrigal III, 36, allegedly attempted to remove the National Security Law Primer training module from the computer system at the Army Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School in Charlottesville, Virginia, on the night spanning Feb. 6 and 7.

He filmed himself deleting the interactive module, according to the affidavit filed in support of the complaint against him. Then he sent the video to a former romantic partner identified in court filings as Victim 1, who also a JAG officer.

Madrigal allegedly threatened Victim 1 and another former romantic partner, identified as Victim 2. Court records indicate Madrigal was pressuring at least one of them to keep quiet about his attempted contact with Russia and his deletion of the JAG training module.

Madrigal told Victim 1 he was bad-mouthing her to her superiors, sent her a photo of an assault rifle and emailed her sexually explicit photos of her taken without her consent, the affidavit alleges. He also allegedly logged into her online fertility tracker without her consent to keep tabs on her sexual activity, and mocked her for a negative pregnancy test recorded there.

In the days before the FBI interviewed Victim 2 in May, the affidavit says, Madrigal pressured her to lie about his alleged wrongdoing.

Army Times

While he claimed to have been contacted by Russians wanting info on the war in Afghanistan, his phone records show he called the Russian Embassy once for a 2 minute call. Somehow you imagine “I have important legal info on the war, comrade!”  answered by “Job tvoyu mat, assholeski” as the gist of the conversation. Article is worth reading, though. After this idiot graduated KU’s law school, it seems his list of idiotic transgressions became long and distinguished, like his… (h/t to Ed’s favorite movie).

The book pictured is probably the best defection novel ever written. I strongly recommend it. One of my favorite parts goes something like “Ok, he DOES have vital info. How do we convince the Russians it’s not?” “We need to do something that looks drastic, so they will think we are trying to get them to believe it, so they will then think it must be misinformation we are trying to persuade them believe. Let’s try to kill him.”



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My mind went straight there;

Skivvy Stacker

Looks like a standard “Criminal Mastermind” to me. Empty eyes, sullen expression, Lee Harvey Oswald like disdain for the photographer…


“Squeal like a pig!” they’ll say at USDB.


So, the Army allows beards now? Or, does he have a shaving profile?


Not very lawyerly…
No, not all

The Stranger

However, it is very LAWERLY!


C’mon guys, here at TAH we always drop the “y” in lawyer. It is a tradition started by one of the members of the Dutch Rudder Gang.



Green Thumb



I don’t think that his cornbread is baked all the way. Why does he think the Russkies would want any info from him? After all, they get what they need from high elected or appointed officials.


His Goose is cooked…

DA Form 6…



* Roll Tide VS Big Blue

* Bulldogs VS Ducks

* Black Knights VS Chauncey the Chanticleer