VA Fraud, it’s a family affair UPDATE

| March 14, 2022

Back in 2019 we reported on some folks accused of stealing $820,000 in V.A. benefits. This one hit close to home, as those involved were part of the Navy community at Patuxent River, MD, where I was employed.

Our own ninja has been doing what she does best. The old saw about the wheels of justice grinding slowly but finely is very apt here.

Valor Guardians Link

Leonardtown Woman Pleads Guilty to Organizing a Conspiracy to Fraudulently Obtain Over $1 Million in Disability Benefits

Submitted Fraudulent and Forged Documents to the VA and SSA Falsely Claiming that She, Her Then-Husband, and Her Father Were Homebound and Required Full-Time Assistance

Greenbelt, Maryland – Angela Marie Farr, age 36, of Leonardtown, Maryland, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to commit theft of government property and two counts of theft of government property in connection with a scheme to fraudulently obtain disability benefits from the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). The total loss to the United States as a result of the fraud scheme is at least $1,010,702.

The guilty plea was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Erek L. Barron; Special Agent in Charge Kim R. Lampkins, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Inspector General (OIG), Mid-Atlantic Field Office; and Special Agent in Charge Michael McGill of the Social Security Administration – Office of Inspector General (SSA-OIG), Philadelphia Field Division.

“Angela Farr took advantage of a program whose goal was to help others, but did the exact opposite in her efforts to fraudulently obtain VA disability benefits,” said United States Attorney Erek L. Barron. “We remain committed to the prosecution of those, like Farr, who steal benefits intended to assist military veterans whose service to our country honorably has left them with a disability.”

She will pay restitution for the fraudulent VA and Social Security payments and a hefty fine. Sentencing is scheduled for August, when she can receive up to 15 years of Federal time. Nice to see these grifters caught and punished for a change.

Thanks, ninja.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Hopefully she won’t be to farr from jail




She is a farr cry from being an angel. But I’ll bet that Big Bertha and Strap on Sally won’t let her get too farr from them.

Farr and away a FIRST (ht 2 Hack Stone) Class Skrunt. Being told to make restitution is farr away from MAKING restitution. Tho with her lying skruntness, she may have the quals to run for Vice Prez, so there is that.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


Very rarely does the legal system ever recover even a small portion of restitution judgments. This is especially true when the defendant is in the graybar hotel.



Since Farr now owns/runs a business with her current husband, can’t $$$ be taken from their business?

This is the other thing I just don’t understand: “Farr’s father received $168,074 in VA benefits to which he was not entitled, from which the VA has recovered approximately $4,035.”

It sounds as if Biggs is only reimbursing the VA @$1000.00 a month. Just speculation. If that is the case, it may take him between 13-15 years to repay VA. By then, he should be eligible for Social Security benefits. Couldn’t VA get some of his SSN benefits as well as his Navy Retirement and possibly his GS retirement benefits as well?


Her name isn’t on it, unfortunately. And even though they claim they are, they aren’t even married.


The money would be obtained by a writ of execution levied on the business’s assets. But the restitution judgment is only against Farr alone. The other family members have not been sentenced and had a restitution order made against them. So, the writ cannot be enforced against her husband or any other family members. Moreover, there are types of property that are exempt from judgment enforcement. For example, OJ Simpson’s huge NFL pension. In some states, one can’t collect more than 25% of the judgment by means of income garnishment.

Whatever means are available to the VA and SSA, it is likely they can’t be employed until the other family members are convicted and sentenced. Due process requires it.

Finally, my comment about collecting restitution judgments is colored by the fact that most attorneys are clueless how to collect a judgment by means other than making a demand on an insurance company. This is especially true of prosecutors, both federal and state.


What I meant above is 25% of the monthly payment/income, not 25% of the judgment/restitution order.


Just for clarification, Angela is not married. She pretends to be on social media but she is not and her name is not on this business therefore they will not be able to obtain any money from it. She’s just one of the faces of the company but she has no ownership.

Common Sense

How do you know this?


Because I know her, unfortunately.


She made a plea deal. I don’t think she will get hardly any time. She’s looking at anywhere from 0, (yes You read that right) There is no required minimum for her crimes… So she could get 0 to 25 yrs. This crazy chick has the chance of getting off.


IMHO, it’s a national security issue that we keep Angela Marie Farr(age 36)’s ovaries behind bars for at least a decade to keep her from adding to our plight.



She already has several little children that will be affected by this. Poor kids.

Common Sense

I imagine this will probably follow them for quite some time. This is just sad and horrible.

I’m sure everyone is going through a hell of a lot. Can you imagine one of your children making a mistake that will forever affect your life? No matter the crime (drugs, theft, etc) I just can’t imagine having my entire family torn.

My understanding is this was from years ago, correct? So they all have been dealing with this since then. That’s a long time.


Since 2019. Covid halted it for a couple years.

Common Sense

National security issue?? *scratching head. Hardly. She has no other criminal record so I fail to see how this is a national security issue.

Let’s be honest here. Yes, we read some facts that seems very horrible. But I don’t know a single veteran that hasn’t gone through the VA process without exaggerating their condition or out right lied to get the compensation.

And while we’re being honest, to all the comments of “this is why it’s so hard for the REAL vets who need help”. Is it really??? You’re telling me our whole VA system is built based on rather our vets are being honest or not? Is the pot of money for vets completely dry bec these people did this?

We all try to squeeze money out of the IRS and the rest of the government. They squeeze enough out of us….

I’m sadden to see the community completely attack folks who make mistakes. They praise on “coming together” but kick people while down. No one has the heart to ask how these folks are doing? No one?


I don’t know you and I don’t care.

But since I’m in a cordial mood I will however invite you to fuck off.

Oh, and ewe doun’t reed two good.

She, he, and him are fucking thieves.


If you knew me, you’d know a single veteran that didn’t exaggerate their condition or outright lie to get the compensation. But, you don’t know me, and I’m ok with that. Are you really saying that these turds “made mistakes”? Mistakes don’t add up to over a million dollars. Lies and fraud do. What’s your connection to Angela Farr, Mr. Sockpuppet?

An Old Arty Sgt

Why is it that the VA OIG only investigates some cases?? I have reported a fake K9 Handler, drawing 100 % VA SC Rating for PTSD from an IED, for the last 8 years. I have proof the veteran was never in combat. The VA OIG keeps telling me it’s not their problem. In face this veteran was chaptered out the Army.


What about Wilted Willy’s brother? He was a dental tech, could never have seen combat and he had been collecting the full VA 100% disability payments for over forty years.


It isn’t the OIG’s problem. Why don’t you contact FWB?

Mailing Address:
VHA Office of Community Care
ATTN: Program Integrity
PO Box 461307
Denver, CO 80246-1307


And yet the VA keeps Blue Falconing Airborne Son over his benefits.
:shaking head:


Speaking of convicted fraudsters, Juicy Smullet is being held in the psych section of the Cook County jail. Apparently, his performance in the courtroom last week is working.

According to Judge Janine, if he stays out of trouble, he will only serve 75 days before being released.

A Proud Infidel®™

Jussie Smollet just CAN’T quit beating himself up, can he?


I have a feeling that the show to the bottom of the depths of despair has just begun for this moron…
Why does being black and taking it up the ass or just being gay make you special ???


From the link sited above:

Farr also admitted that she conspired with and assisted her then-husband and her father, both of whom are former members of the U.S. Military, to obtain additional disability benefits by exaggerating their existing claims and documenting those exaggerated claims with forged and fraudulent documentation. As a result, Farr’s father was found to be 100 percent disabled and was awarded SMC“…Farr’s father received $168,074 in VA benefits to which he was not entitled, from which the VA has recovered approximately $4,035. At the time of the claims, Farr’s father was a civilian employee of the Navy, supervising a logistics unit of 25 people.

Public Information:

This is her Father:


Note that in the above link, Farr admitted she conspired with and assisted her Father, Billy Biggs, SR of Lexington, MD in obtaining additional disability payments. Note that he received $168,074 in VA benefits to which he was not entitled and so far, VA has recovered $4.035.

Public Information:

This is his Facebook:

Makes me wonder if anything is going to happen to him besides repaying VA for fraud.


Public Information:

Farr owns and operates a business in Calloway, Maryland with her Husband:

This is her and her Husband.

This was the story about them featured in a Blog in September 2021:


Public Information:

This is IV River Tables Facebook information:

The above Facebook account used to be under the name “Angie Farr” as in Angela Marie Farr.

If one scrolls thru the above Facebook account, one will see that the Angie mentioned in various posts is named “Angie Marie”.

One will also see mention of Farr’s old business she had when she was charged in September 2019 of committing fraud. Her business is under the name Angela Pace:


She can add scam artist and thief to her resume now…and convicted felon. We DO have the very best ninja! Oh…BTW gabn/rtr/hbtd!


Public Information:

This is Farr’s Husband who runs the business IV River Tables with her in Calloway, Maryland:

According to his Facebook, he is “Aviation Support Equipment Chief Petty Officer, Aviation Warfare/ Surface Warfare” Retired.

Additionally, according to his Facebook, he is from Elko, Nevada.

He is listed as being as an Active Registered Voter from Nevada:


“,,,from Elko, Nevada.” Wonder if he has a recipe for chilli…and a vest? 🤔 🙄

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics has put a hub in Elko.


Ed Cook is not her husband. He is just her boyfriend that she lives with.


Public Information:

This is Farr’s Mother, Mary Francis Biggs of Lexington, MD:

She used to or may still be running this Bakery Business:


Farr’s mother, Mary Biggs, conspired with Farr to file fraudulent documents on behalf of Individual 1, and, when Farr so exaggerated Individual 1’s disabilities that the VA determined that Individual 1 could not handle his own finances, appointed Biggs as Individual 1’s fiduciary.

Mary Francis Biggs was Farr’s mother, and the wife of Individual 1. Individual 1 was a member of the United States Navy from January 29, 1974, to January 31, 1997, and is Farr’s father. Individual 1 received a 100% service-connected disability rating by the VA based on fraudulent documentation Farr and Biggs submitted on his behalf.


I hope the entire family ends up in the federal pen for over ten years. Farr should get fifteen years, and the other family members should get 5-10 years.

Common Sense

Based on the federal Justice guidelines or your judgment? How does that work?


What is it about Elko Nevada that leads to such veteran’s fraud?
Remember the infamous Elko POW/MIA Awareness Association?
I wonder if he is a member.


By all indications, Elko Nevada is home to a very active HIVE of POSers.


Farr’s Mother, Mary Francis Biggs, will be attending a Hearing on 4 April 2022 in Greenbelt,

We feel so sad for Farr and Michael Vincent Pace’s children. (Pace is Farr’s Ex-Husband). Michael Pace has taken Angela Farr to Court to get Custody of their children. That custody battle is currently going on as of 14 March 2022.

Angela Farr’s has now changed her name to Angela Cooke, which is interesting considering her current Husband spells his last name “Cook”.

The ninja family is still confused as to what is going on with Farr’s Father/Mary Bigg’s Husband. We find it hard to believe that he had no idea what was going on with him drawing 100% Disability pay unless he really never paid attention to his Monthly Military retirement pay.

Something is not right.

We do suspect that he does indeed know what is going on with his wife. To the ninja family, he seems to overcompensate on his Facebook about his wife, i.e. he is trying to cover up her fraud.


The court documents were submitted incorrectly. Angela is not married and her last name is currently Pace. There was a typo in regards to the last name. It is in fact Cook not Cooke.

Common Sense

Again, how do you know this? Interesting. Is this public record somewhere?

Common Sense

None of the story makes sense to me tbh. So Farr just made up a bunch of stories for all three parties and the VA approved the payout? Doubt that. I’m sure the whole story will eventually come out.

This has been going on for years now. I cant imagine what anyone of them are going through.
Let them pay for their mistakes and only be judged by God.


You don’t understand the lengths this woman was willing to go to in order to fabricate her stories. Read the findings, multiple fabricated medical reports, police reports, fake doctors, impersonating real doctors, etc. This is a chick who faked pregnancies to get what she wanted when she was a teen.

Green Thumb

This clownette has the Phil Monkress “it” factor.


Browsing news online waiting for rain to stop and saw this and at first thought it was related to the story above… NOPE! Just a VA employee posing as a disabled Marine.


Brain Cramp! Thanks Mick.


No worries!


Berliner was correct.

Here is the UPDATE on Sarah Jane Cavanaugh. She was arrested by Federal Agents yesterday, 14 March 2022 and made her initial appearance in federal court in Providence:

Here is the 18 Page document that provides extensive details:

She probably will do MORE time than Jussie Smollet.

You Be The Judge.


I tried posting this on the previous Blog that Mick posted. Unfortunately, could not find a blank slate to provide update and comment:

Green Thumb

Looks like All-Points Logistics lost their Director of Health Benefits.

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) must be pissed.


I read somewhere that 64% of bank robberies are successful. Chump percentage when compared to government fraud, especially VA fraud.


I used to date this chick in high school. She was manipulative then and always trying to hatch schemes to steal from people or her job, always lying but never doing a good job of it. I went USMC, she went Navy and I am not surprised by any of this.

Inquiring minds

Weren’t you also married to her once, Dan..


Oh god no, and thank all of the gods above for letting me dodge that bullet. I dated her until she tried to get me to help her steal from her job and, when I wouldn’t do it because it was glaringly obvious that management was watching her, so she called in her other fuck buddy and got caught.

One of my best friends wanted to propose to her though while she was between husbands. Got her a ring and everything until we showed him how she still sent nudes to everyone whenever she got mad.