VA Fraud, it’s a family affair

| September 20, 2019

This hits entirely too close to home. I never met Mr. Biggs, aka Individual 1, in person, but we have more than a few friends in common. Why, after a stellar Navy career and attaining Division Head status at NAWCAD PAX River, he chose to risk it all is a mystery. All gone now, and these are Federal cases- no time off for good behavior. This to me is worse than stolen valor, and I hope they all get the max.

St. Mary’s Co residents charged with stealing $820,000 in V.A. benefits

Leonardtown, MD — Three people are accused of stealing $820,000 in V.A. benefits as part of a benefits fraud scheme.

According to an indictment, Angela Marie Farr, 33, of Leonardtown organized of a conspiracy in which she submitted false and fraudulent documents to the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) claiming that her then-husband, Michael Pace,39, also of Leonardtown, and her father, (who is listed as Individual 1 in the indictment) were homebound and required full-time assistance and disability compensation. However, during the period he was purportedly disabled Pace raised his three children and regularly exercised at a local CrossFit gym.

Farr’s mother, Mary Biggs, 62, of Lexington Park, conspired with Farr to file fraudulent documents on behalf of Individual 1. Farr exaggerated Individual 1’s disabilities to the point the VA determined that Individual 1 could not handle his own finances and appointed Biggs as Individual 1’s fiduciary. Despite these claims, Individual 1 was healthy enough to be employed as a division head at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Patuxent River, Maryland.

Farr was herself a Navy veteran, serving from August 2, 2005 to April 19, 2007.

On October 6, 2009, Farr received a service-connected disability rating of 70% based on fraudulent documentation she submitted, which purported that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from an incident in which she was raped by another serviceman.

Farr admitted to local law enforcement to fabricating the incident. Farr also claimed to the VA that she suffered a traumatic brain injury from an on-duty car accident, which was also determined to be a fabrication.

Ultimately, the VA increased Farr’s service-connected disability rating to 100% based on additional fraudulent documentation she submitted. As a result, Farr received approximately $390,000 from the VA to which she was not entitled. During the period she claimed to be disabled, Farr operated a social media marketing company based in Leonardtown.

Farr is also charged with stealing the identity of a physician identified in the indictment as “Doctor 1” when she submitted forged documents to the VA purportedly authored by that physician. Farr is also charged with social security fraud for fraudulently receiving $35,000 in Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for her claimed disabilities.

Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. Read the rest of this sad tale at The Bay Net

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5th/77th FA

Is Mz Farr a potential demon rat politician? Got to be with that level of lying sh^tbaggery. Couldn’t tell if “Individual 1” was a participant in the scam or if they used him. I would like to think that he was unaware of what was happening. Wives have been known to keep things from their husbands. Wonder too, if the scam started falling apart when the divorce came into the picture? Speaking of which, no pictures of the perps?

I’m wid you Bro, ropes and yard arms all around for this crowd. smh


>Expletive Deleted<

Hit them with the max.


Doesn’t the VA do any kind of check of records or a basic physical examination?

Just An Old Dog

I’m wondering how they did that myself. The only thing I can figure out is that Compensation and ratings don’t necessary check the medical reports for authenticity. They do an exam but its basically just going over the report submitted and might not be thorough.
If you had a service connected issue flare up that caused you to be hospitalized and increased your disability the VA examiner would look at the Hospital documents and go from there.
You could forge those records, fake some symptoms and bullshit the C&P guys.
The ONLY reason these guys got caught is because they worked and were paid.

Club Manager, USA ret.

Got to give credit where credit is due. To the perp for innovativeness and skill. To the VA for being the dumb sonovabitches they are for not catching it sooner. Can you say hire an investigator dumbasses. Now if you’ll excuse me, my wife has to update my VA claim to cover my need for home care to include massages with a happy ending. Therapy for my PTSD from riding a SF desk in Hawaii during Nam’


Has the rumor mill around work started on who Individual 1 is, Ed?

You’d think before declaring somebody mentally unfit to handle their affairs the VA would, you know, like meet the person. Maybe do an evaluation or two? Pretty scary to think that the VA can do this without even talking to a guy. And people wonder why we’re worried about giving the government any more control of our lives.


Division Head at NAWCAD pulling this kind of stupid shit.

— sigh —

So now when do the comprehensive audits/reviews of the NAVAIR programs that he had his fingers in commence?

Knowing the criminal fraudulent behavior that he has “allegedly” demonstrated in his personal life, there’s no telling what he might have gundecked while on the job at NAWCAD.

Just thinking about that is extremely unsettling.



It’s gonna be interesting to see where this goes…

Helpful Medal

This is why when I hear people bitching about the backlog of disability claims at the VA that I simply don’t give a fuck. You’d be fucking AMAZED to find out just how many of those applications are from people who didn’t even complete their initial entry training.

Here’s an idea: the only injuries that should be eligible for treatment at the VA should be ones that were accrued during a combat deployment.

People get disability for diabetes from the VA. Are you fucking kidding me? The military made you a fatass? And under NO fucking circumstances AT ALL should ANYONE EVER get a rating for PTSD that wasn’t deployed in a combat zone.

The VA is a joke and is beyond repair. Stop treating all veterans there. If you didn’t deploy, then fuck you, you get Medicare.

Club Manager, USA ret.

I would almost agree with you as long as combat-related injuries receive first priority. Regarding PTSD, I was riding a desk at CINCPAC J3A3 Special Operations processing paper and 50 years later I still get an occasional nightmare about some of the stuff I read. Such as a tiger dragging a GI out of a foxhole and carrying him off or the hand-to-hand when we sent Junks with RVN and US SF on board into Haiphong Harbor. Troubling yes but part of what comes with military service and certainly not entitling me to hand-holding by some VA shrink. Problem is how does the VA separate the fact from the bullshit. Therein lies the problem but let us not shut out all bona-fides.


Public funding of veteran care is a national trust issue and makes eminent sense.

Government production of health services is fraud.

The problem is that the VA is a jobs program, not a veteran’s program. Anytime you are getting something for “free”, you are the commodity, not the customer.

Just ask Facebook…


Almost agree with you save a few points:

–Ever been involved with a rapid depressurization of an O2 generator?

–How about a shipboard fire?

–Or watching someone get electrocuted?

–Or a plane crashing on a training mission?

These incidents could well lead to PTSD, even if not occurring in a combat zone. One need not have someone going BANG! in your direction for that to happen.

It’s the false diagnosis and use of the PTSD excuse that creates the stigma legit vets (and civilians) have.


Mason asked:

“Has the rumor mill around work started on who Individual 1 is, Ed?”

This is him. His middle name is Louis:

As you can see in his Facebook account, he works out:

5th/77th FA

He’s got that whole look at me Vlad Putin, no shirt thing going on, don’t he?


Yeah, he sure is disabled.

He failed to exercise his brain.

“Vlad Putin”. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck😉😁👍

Q. Patriot

Shame on Individual 1 and his family! He is far from handicapped! The steroids must have had a major effect on his values? He is no way wheelchair bound rather he could be on the cover of muscle mag! Thanks to Uncle Sam he and his family enjoyed cruises to Aruba and such! Living high! He’s nothing more than a black mark on the hard working folks at Pax River!


This is Individual 1’s daughter:

She claims her business is Disabled Veteran owned business.

You can find her Facebook account on her Dad’s account.

5th/77th FA

No doubt at all what IDC SARC would do to that!


I was expecting more of a “People of Wal Mart”.


This is Individual 1’s wife. She bakes cakes:

You can find her Facebook account on her husband’s account.

5th/77th FA

She’s kinda sorta very well preserved her ownself, unless those pics are from awhile back. Don’t think IDC SARC would turn that or the lights down either.

Wonder if they’ll find something to keep her occupied in the mess hall of the federal pen or with typical gubmint efficiency put her in the laundry area?




Detailed article on AW1Ed’s post.

Has full name of all excluding Individual 1.

Suspect the daughter and wife started their business with the stolen VA funds.

Am curious as to why Individual 1 has not been charged with anything unless the investigation is not complete.

“The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil.”

5th/77th FA

Nice linkie add on ninja, and yeah as ‘Ed pointed out below, “we have the best ninjas.” Be interesting to see some follow ups on this case. With them not really naming “individual 1” it would appear that he was not aware of the scam in his name or that part of the investigation is still ongoing. And yeah, too, an evil love root wants more money. You’d think with individual 1 drawing down a 5 figure retirement check plus a probable 6 figure GS check, they’d be doing pretty good. If he is tied up in their scam, he’ll lose all of that and go to prison. Dumbasses!

Thanks again, and keep up posted.


BEST Quote of the Day is *grin*❗❗❗


“Individual 1 received a 100% service-connected disability rating by the VA based on fraudulent documentation Farr and Biggs submitted on his behalf.”

Most likely, Dude is gonna owe the IRS big time Bucks since he was drawing 100% of his retirement check.

Dude had to know about this fraud. Military Retirees collecting VA Disability get letters from the VA about their disabilty pay. In his case, it all boils down to him not being taxed on his Navy retirement pay, which means he was getting a full amount.

Am speculating he will have his Security clearance pulled as well as being fired from his job.

Just a wild guess.


Assuming he’s a 20 year retiree, with a 100% VA disability rating concurrent receipt means he’d get both full retired pay (taxable) AND VA disability compensation (non-taxable). No tax issue (and it likely raised his taxes somewhat if he had a VA disability rating below 50% previously).

However, the USG will almost certainly require him to pay back any extra disability compensation he received unless he can prove all this was done without his knowledge and the money went to someone else. And even then, he coulld conceiveably be “on the hook” to pay back the extra.

However, I’d also love to know why Individual 1 hasn’t been charged. Seems to me that he’d have to have known what was going on, even if it was initially done behind his back. Can you say “misprison of felony”?


VA Fraud, Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, Welfare Fraud. It all adds up to folks who really need the help don’t get it while these scumbags are living off our tax dollars.

I hope these assholes burn in every level of hell for eternity.


I’m a widow,25yrs,DIC is the only benefit I have,no health insurance,ba said that the insurance was claimed,I don’t know

Honor and Courage

You can see what Trump is working with, and this story is just like the rest of that WDC shit hole!


Judging by what’s been published, Individual 1 should have been the easiest for Federal Investigators to indict – and yet he was not. As previously speculated it could be because the investigation isn’t complete, but then it would seem premature to convene a grand jury. (Or, he cut a deal to turn the others in? What if it was Individual 1 who tipped off the IG?) But – what if his family members really did execute the whole scam without his knowledge, and duped both him and the VA? According to the article, it was Angela Farr who was the “organizer of the conspiracy” and “submitted false and fraudulent documents” to the VA. Also, “Individual 1 received…(his) disability rating…based on fraudulent documentation Farr and Biggs submitted on his behalf.” As the fiduciary, Mary Biggs had total reign to set up a separate bank account unbeknownst to Individual 1. Running an at-home business, she had ample opportunity to intercept incoming mail from the VA. Provided she was probably running the finances from her home business, it’s not a leap to think Individual 1 allowed her to handle ALL the finances. Angela Farr seems an especially adept scam artist; faking PTSD from a fabricated rape, faking disability from a fabricated car accident, stealing a doctor’s ID to forge VA documents, and Social Security fraud. At least, these are the scams we’re aware of so far. We don’t know what disabilities were “exaggerated” to convince the VA that Individual 1 wasn’t fit to “handle his own finances,” but were apparently severe enough to convince (otherwise) reasonable people that he was “homebound and required full-time assistance.” As a Division Head, it’s not far-fetched that Individual 1 would go to work early, come home late – and he obviously makes time for the gym. The point being, he’s probably out of the house a lot. He’s received a prestigious award from the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, indicating that he takes his job seriously, performs well at it, and is perhaps rather preoccupied with it. I find it hard to believe that it would… Read more »


How do you rationalize him going to evaluations at the VA for his benefits? They don’t just hand out the money no questions asked. He had to go and report for an exam to demonstrate his disability. He had to be in cahoots there is no way to get around it. If he went to an exam and pretended to be 100% disabled he is as guilty as they are.