Rebranding Branden. Again

| August 18, 2022

“Do that pilot shit, Mav”

81 and a wake-up ’till the mid term elections, and the Dems are getting creative. They are once again trying to re-image PINO Joe from a dottering old man into some sort of Dem Super Hero. The results thus far have been humorous at best.

First Ultra MAGA was dreamed up by Biden adviser Anita Dunn and proggy focus-group the Center for American Progress Action Fund, with the idea to shame Trump supporters. That meme was gleefully hijacked by Trumpers, and appeared on hats, tees and coffee mugs- Fail 1.

Who can forget the cartoonish Dark Branden complete with laser eyes, or inexplicably sporting a beard and eye-patch? If a master political  tactician who crushes opposition was the look they were going for, they missed. Even Rolling Stone, hardly a bastion of conservative thought, found:

…“Dark Brandon,” President Joe Biden’s alpha-male bizarro, and the latest star of the White House’s ham-fisted effort to convince people that the septuagenarian commander-in-chief is actually a Super Cool Badass Dude™.

When you’ve lost Rolling Stone- Fail 2.

In a plainly desperate attempt to associate PINO Joe with something positive, meet Aviator Joe.

Pundits cheer ‘Aviator Joe’ Biden while ignoring the real issues of his presidency

By James Bovard

Two months ago Thursday, President Joe Biden fell off his bicycle, spurring plenty of rude derision online. But he is wearing sunglasses now, which somehow symbolizes the resurrection of his presidency. Not just any sunglasses but a special pair that spurred The New York Times to christen him “Aviator Joe.” Biden is supposedly the pilot America needs right now.

It’s probably no coincidence Biden is showcasing his sunglasses “in the wake of another great aviator re-emergence and success story, that of Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’” the Times insists, tying the prez to the year’s top-grossing film.

The Times gushes over Biden’s “public-service-is-cool persona” and “Ray-Ban 3025s — the dark, wire-rimmed, teardrop-shaped sunglasses he has made his signature — that once again seem the emblem of the man.” CNN hit the same theme: “Suddenly, images of Biden as a feeble septuagenarian atop a mismanaged White House have given way to those of an experienced leader, smiling behind aviator sunglasses, whose battle-tested team has delivered on a range of national priorities.”

NY Post

Nothing says the common man like $250 Ray-Bans. The glasses actually pretty much suck overall- descent lenses but the wire frames just can’t stand up to to the rigors of military aviation- give me Maui Jims any day. But the “Aviator” sobriquet is patently ridiculous on one level, and deeply insulting on another. The term has a very specific meaning for many, and Joe ain’t it.

Fail 3.

Heh. At least his eyes are hidden.


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Dems hate Maga folks, so this may backfire biggly.

Let’s hope the low info voters think it’s a Trump reelection slogan. I’m sure they will.


Wrong Way Joe in Ray-bans with Snoopy on his tail and the Red Baron laughing, meme and gifs galore, it could work, for a laugh!

On Snoopy’s house is MAGA!


More like this… aviator sunglasses have gotten more modern (i.e., during ‘Nam) lately:

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When I was on AD and didn’t need regular glasses, I must have lost at least a half dozen pairs of those.


Those were the type of sunglasses that we always wore in Fleet tactical squadrons. The flat bows enabled us to wear them with our flight helmets if necessary. The squadron flight equipment shop issued them to us.

Only assholes wore Ray-Bans.


Army Aviator’s Sunglasses (MIL-STD 105)

8465-753-6261 (came into the inventory 01 Jan 62)


Added: Was issued four sets of those (two clear lenses, two tinted) with my current prescription while in Viet of the Nam.

Just one of the perks of being a Crew Chief/Door Gunner on flight status in a Assault Helicopter Company. /s


It’s the attempt at a DA haircut that kills me.
Everything up front is a plug.


Didn’t vote for him or Democrats before, won’t again.

AW1 Rod

The dumb fuck can’t even negotiate the stairs up to Air Force One without face-planting.

Yeah…..he’s SURELY the “pilot America needs.”

These media jackasses are too fucking stupid to grasp how stupid they are.


They’re trying to hide the empty looking eyes.


Bingo! Hiding that thousand-yard stare… 😎 


Drugs and lies?


43 second video of Ole Brandon Boy losing the fight against his jacket and sunglasses…



Those Marines deserve NAVCOMs for being able to maintain their military bearing during that.


Absolutely. I would’ve been on my knees laughing.

Skivvy Stacker

“I fought the blazer
and the coat won…..”


Should have stuck with the eye patch Nazi Brandon. If a half blind Authoritarian Socialist isn’t truth in advertising than nothing is.

Daisy Cutter

Remember, they put sunglasses on Bernie in “Weekend with Bernie”… trying to make someone dead appear to be alive.


“Aviator Joe”?


My dyin’ ass.

Brandon would shit his Depends full to the brim if he ever found himself at the controls of an aircraft trying to get aboard the pitching deck of a US Navy ship at night in dogshit weather, with minimum fuel and a raging case of vertigo coupled with physical exhaustion.

“Aviator Joe”. What an outrageous f*cking insult to those of us who have actually earned our Wings.

I wonder what he’ll try to pretend to be next…





Well played sir!


If conditions were only like that at every Charlie time…




We like this *sarc* Time Magazine picture of Ole Joey Boy wearing those shades…😇


Has he started wandering aimlessly around the White House yet while wearing those dumbass sunglasses indoors and with his shirt collar turned up?

You know, “doin’ some pilot shit”.


Flying airplanes ain’t for doddering old fools that can’t string two sentences together to express a coherent thought. One can’t be thinking about getting ice cream when shooting an instrument approach in hard IFR.

Hack Stone

That never stopped Bernath, and he turned out alright. He made a lasting impression down Florida way.


Only in the ground.


Holy shit.


Yes indeed.

The Brotherhood of the Wings of Gold strikes again.

Heh heh heh…


I see. Doesn’t mean I’ll follow you into the danger zone.



And he’s singin’ “that song” to Dr. Jill in the Oval Office.


So hard to believe we all use to dress like this…. :wpds_lol: 


Look at the reflection in the lenses!!!Bwahahaha!!!!!! YES!!!!




Well, this is rich.

The White House is funding $12 Million for Grants for 99 programs “to prevent substance abuse by young people across the U.S. as the Biden administration looks to tackle what it describes as an “overdose epidemic.”

And yet, our Borders are still open…and as of 8 August 2022, 1 million fentanyl pills were seized at Arizona border in one week.


King County (Seattle) Needle Exchange will give you a bag of 100 needles in exchange for “nothing”. Crack pipes included in “Drug Safety kits”. Druggies, getting on buses without paying fares, smoking fentanyl on Sound Transit bus lines with drivers told it’s ok and for drivers to wear masks to stay safe.


Shouldn’t it be MABA for Making Americans Broke Again? Another would be IRS-AWIYW, or IRS-Asking What’s in YOUR Wallet.


I wonder of this has anything to do with the rebranding of Brandon?

General Election: Trump vs. Biden Rasmussen Reports Trump 46, Biden 40 Trump +6
General Election: Trump vs. Biden Harvard-Harris Trump 45, Biden 41 Trump +4
General Election: Trump vs. Harris Harvard-Harris Trump 47, Harris 40 Trump +7

How many links do the spam filters allow again?


A fake pResident portaying himself as a fake pile-it. Welp he’s a pile-it alright…he pile-it up in his britches and he pile-it up on the taxpayers. Sounds about right.

The only danger zone this doddering old fool will ever see is when his handlers feel that he has outlived his usefull idiocy, cook his goose, and put him on ice, man.

RGR 4-78

They can rebrand him all they want; at the end of the day, he will always be 20lbs. of shit in a 10lb. sack.

Amateur Historian

Trying too hard?

You know what they say with first impressions, right Joe?


Gropin’ Joe’s sunglasses are so 1970s. Those things went out with disco. I still have my original aviator sunglasses made by AO.


Lame. Trying to mask the confused vacant thousand yard stare. Look at Joey’s mug when he tries to hand Manchin the pen. No one’s home.

#Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act, Gives Manchin Pen – YouTube

Skivvy Stacker

I don’t wear Ray-Bans, because Ray-Bans are false Cool.

I know. I invented “Cool”.

And you people are in the same discussion with me…


If he wants my respect, he’ll stroll around in some mirrored folding Ferrari sunglasses.