Units to lose Confederate battle streamers

| August 11, 2022

Another recommendation from the Naming Commission to warm the cockles of your heart: battle streamers for units who fought on the Confederate side of the War Between the States should be removed.

A battle streamer is a ribbon attached to the units flag commemorating  battle in which it took part. Civil War streamers are blue and grey, with the color on top showing which side the unit fought for – example, on the Cold Harbor streamer pictured above, the 175th Maryland fought for the Confederacy.

The chair of the national panel, retired Navy Admiral Michelle J. Howard, has informed the House and Senate Armed Services Committees that the panel will recommend that the Army repeal a 1949 rule that gave US military units permission to Flying streamers that are symbolic of battles they are in fought for the South Side. The commission publicly released its letter on August 1.

Minnesota News

Retired Navy Adm. Michelle J. Howard, the chair of the Naming Commission, last month sent a letter to leading members of the House and Senate Armed Services committees. “Forty-eight Army units have at least one Confederate campaign streamer; a total of 457 Confederate streamers are presently authorized,” Howard wrote. “Those 457 Confederate battle streamers would no longer be authorized.”


One unit affected, the storied 1st Battalion, 175th Infantry Regiment, 5th Maryland will lose 7 streamers.

Formed as the Baltimore Independent Cadets in 1774, the unit helped save George Washington’s army at the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776, played a major role in saving Baltimore from British destruction at the Battle of North Point in 1814, hit Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944, and took part in the U.S. war on terror in the mid-2000s.

Belleville News Democrat

As may be suspected, some of the worst hit units  are in Virginia – the 276 Engineer Battalion loses 17, the 180th Engineer Company loses 24.

In some ways I can understand: if a unit from today had deserted and fought for the Iraqis, for instance, I would not want that commemorated. But, this is all American history and brave men fought and died on BOTH sides. So I could safely say I am conflicted. Regardless, I get the feeling George Santayana is spinning in his grave.


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Why don’t we just start burning books?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(shhhhhhh…….don’t give them any ideas……)


I was called out on the train by a woke turd for indulging in a Jack Kerouac novel.

Matter of time before any books written prior to 2020 by anyone other than committed lefties or neon hair drag freaks will be scrutinized. 🙄

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The Stranger

Jack Kerouac? Wasn’t he a lefty? Damn, those fools eat their own, don’t they?


He was an anti-communist beatnik. Hell, he practically invented beatniks. You have to remember that beatniks and hippies were mostly love and peace libertarians and therefore opposed to communism and socialism. They recognized it as the anti-freedom system that it is and knew that their place in it was one of disdain since they had no interest in being servants of the state or organized society. The few that went communist soon realized how imperfect that system is.

The Beatles for example were also anti-communist. Their song Back in the USSR; is a sarcastic jab in the eye at the system that made it past the censors.

These “leftist icons” are reviled these days for their stances. In truth they were never really leftist at all. They were actually hard right revolutionaries.

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RGR 4-78

No wonder Bernie Sanders got the boot from the commune he lazed around in.


Just get a Che Guevara book cover.


But John Lennon’s Imagine is about as commie as it gets.


True, but Lennon was a straight up capitalist.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Jack Kerouac wrote on the road on a roll of toilet paper. He lived on Woodhaven Blvd, Queens nyc in two buildings. First one was over a Bar&Grill and across the street on the top floor over a taxpayer which is now a volunteer Ambulance if it’s still there. Passed by many times while working.


Jack was a Republican and a devout Catholic. Seems like his Buddhist days were a phase or experimentation. His last years really were a shame, but college kids, struggling writers and intellectual types today try to paint him as a homophobe, racist and chauvinist.

They can’t write, so they rewrite…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

If the LibTards can get away with burning conservative symbols of worship (flag & bible), can we burn THEIR symbols of worship (themselves)? Only fair & fitting.

I vote “Aye”

A Proud Infidel®™

Well, we DID kinda burn their favorite Sacred Cow by getting Roe Vs. Wade overturned, next ought to be Affirmative Action!


Well we have seen a recent increase in burning buildings and pulling down statues….


How is this anything like burning books?

And the people calling for banning books right now is republicans,
Which is much closer to burning books than removing traitor battle streamers from US Army guidons.

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We don’t burn books, just don’t think gay porn in school is good idea. The left has caused enough mental health problems, maybe leaving kids alone would be a good idea.


I’ve seen not a single call for banning books. What I have seen is a call for schools to keep classroom books age appropriate. Nobody is ransacking the library. Do just a little research. There are instances of parents reading passages from books intended for children’s classes in school board meetings. They were ejected because the content was considered too profane or too obscene for the meeting. Now, let’s just think about this. If the content is too obscene or profane for a meeting attended by adults, exactly what makes it appropriate for grade school children? Again, no calls for banning. Calls for age-appropriate behavior. The books are still available in the library. Still published. The fire department has not been called to dispose of these books. Un-knot your panties. Your fraudulent roots run deeper than any Confederate roots.


Research? Lars?!

Everyone knows that’s not necessary at UCB. Parrot the leftist socialist party line and get handed your piece of paper from the most prestigious degree mill west of the Mississippi.

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Who on the right called for burning books? Shut up, asshole.

Oh! You mean the books aimed at little kids, teaching them sex positions, how to put on condoms and makeup for their pedophile groomers. Yeah… we know you love that shit.

A Proud Infidel®™

Oooh look, our babbling village idiot is back parading his brainwashed stupidity for all of us to see!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

In keeping with the spirit of increasing lawlessness throughout the country, if the streamers become not authorized, will the units HAVE to remove them? Or could the unit leadership choose to keep them on the unit flag anyway?

Apparently that squid bitch does not grasp that according to an act of congress, back in the 1950’s as I recall, confederate soldiers were designated as American soldiers as well. Thus her stupid crap has no credence.

USMC Steve

There it is.


Here’s another one, Devil Dog. BCD beat me to it, was trying to find the source that listed all of the Resolutions/Laws passed by Congress, starting with the 1906, 1929, then the 1957. This subject was touched on in comments with ninja the other day and a lot of Un-Reconstructed Rebels (many of us that are Veterans of US Military Service) have been following this. Yet another assault on American History. And, lest we forget…Old Abe himself started the process with his “…with malice toward none and charity for all” speech.

Anybody notice how the crime, particulary the b on b crime has dropped off since the destruction of War Memorials has continued? Anyone? Bueller?

Hell, I gots to go. Y’all play nice and I’ll rejoin the flame war later, if the haters show up.



The soldiers are but not the armies.


The commies are trying to re-write history, sow discord, and impose a tyranny upon us.

The thing is – reality don’t play. When they hit reality, it makes an impression. Of pain.


This is not just childish; it is willful and malicious. These hateful bastards want to keep picking at scabs until they hemorrhage.


MAN! Don’t wanna see it but CW 2: Memetic Screwbaloo kicks off the “I told you so”s are gonna be sweeter than saccharin.

This is histrionic dehistoryifying to give the soft-skulled pussy bitches a ‘W’, so I’m telling you now: when the pendulum returnith, they will get animated and much, MUCH violenter.

Momma DONT cook.jpeg

There are some topics where I just can’t see the other side’s point of view. That list of topics has been greatly increased in the last 4 years, of course. This one, however, I can see the point.
I think I’m going to go against the grain on this one, but I don’t see this as erasing history. The Civil War is unlike any other war in our history for reasons that don’t need explaining. The uniform that we wore (for the veterans amongst us) was on the Union side. In the case of these battles, those units so affected by this ruling were on the enemy side.
Now please don’t get into an argument about the Civil War – that would not be value added in this conversation. I just think there is room for nuance in this conversation.
Do I think they should be doing this at the exclusion of all the other things wrong right now? No
Do I automatically trust the intent of those pursuing this? Not at all
I can just see the other side of this – and in 2022, that is exceedingly rare.


Having said all that, I guess my final feeling on this would be to oppose it. It comes down to what I said near the end. I don’t trust the people doing this.


I can see an argument “us versus them” as valid, contingent on the conditions of, and recompense to, a nation divided by Politic run amok: 

We see, therefore, that War is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means. All beyond this which is strictly peculiar to War relates merely to the peculiar nature of the means which it uses. …But however powerfully this may react on political views in particular cases, still it must always be regarded as only a modification of them; for the political view is the object, War is the means, and the means must always include the object in our conception.

If West Point was more Clausewitz and less CRT, perhaps divorce of War and politic wouldn’t be, making moot these decisions antithetical to healing a Great Divide of We the People from We the People.

Ultimately this incivility is indicative of a controlled gov that intends to once more.



They shouldn’t have been on the guidons of US Army units anyway.


Spoken like a “might makes right” authoritarian scumbag.

Do you even history bro?

I bet this keeps you up at night, well, this and the moans of your girl friend getting railed by her MAGA boy friend.


Yes, I read history, you haven’t. You get your history off bumper stickers.


Yeah, the commie version by Howard Zinn.


I would wipe the floor with you in answering test questions on any period in US history and about nearly any subject in US history.

Except maybe “which Confederate Generals were the sexiest, and you wish had an OnlyFans account.”

I am sure you would have a lot more to say in response to that question than I would.

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So hostile. Are you doing ok bud?

Its the internets, not a dick, don’t take it so hard.


He’s such a hateful little man.

A Proud Infidel®™

True, and he obviously hates himself as well, thus his psychological projection.

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe he could chill a little if he’d just take about two dozen of those corncobs out of his ass that he goes through life with?


He eats his corn on the cob the long way.




That’s it I am leaving and never coming back.


Ok, I’m back.


Welcome back.




Larsie boasts, “I would wipe the floor with you…”

More psychopathic overconfidence and braggadocio… 🙄 


If you are such an expert in American history then you would know in the mid 19 th century that a citizens first loyalty was to his state not the federal government. You would also know most poor to middle class people never traveled more than 75 miles from home and fought for their home and family. Loyalty to a federal government was not nearly as important as home. So stop calling them traitors, most confederate soldiers weren’t very ideological and fought for home. They would have been traitors not to at that time.


Sick burn, bro.

The North was pure as the driven snow. You’re right, I SEE THE LIGHT!

You’d fit in here. Most of my neighbors are blinded by their emotions too, devoid of logic, and would do anydamnthing to have reality align with whatever is expedient.

Intemperate bastards all.


Remember, the cuttlefish lives in a proggy parallel universe. History in his world is whatever he says it is.


Oh, I know!

Thank God our forefathers didn’t have the internet or else many of the lessons-learned thru antiquity would be laying on the cutting room floor.

Even now, the contortionists are attempting the greatest PSYOP in history, villainizing anyone who dares to not buckle in to the crazy train.

We have a moral obligation to think for ourselves, never yield that ground.


“You get your history off bumper stickers.”

Ol’ Poe believes he saw that cliché on a bumper sticker the other day… 🤔 

Last edited 1 year ago by Poetrooper
A Proud Infidel®™

‘Ol Major Moonbat has a PhD in Idiocy!


I saw a sticker the other day that suited you perfectly:

“Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re a dick”.

It may not be historic, but it is accurate.

Last edited 1 year ago by SFC D
A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, you got your history from the propaganda comic books your perfessers sold you!


As David Horowitz observed long ago, “in every progressive, there is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”


Such bullshit.

You literally support an explicit authoritarian and Viktor Orban was a key speaker at CPAC.

Also he was Trump’s guest guest at Mar A Lago.

And your con artist trust fund prep school MAGA cult cleric Tucker is a propagandist for Orban.

The authoritarianism in the MAGA movement is clear and explicit.

So stop projecting and gaslighting you jackboot fetishist.

Last edited 1 year ago by Commissar

Businesses have a right to refuse service to the Coloreds.

(they also have to expect the Free Market to respond to acts egregious to Freedom)

I like my jackboots, I get to keep my jackboots.

A Proud Infidel®™

“So stop projecting and gaslighting you jackboot fetishist.”

Here you go projecting yet again, grammatical errors and all!  😄 


You do realize that your side is hugely authoritarian and the real threat to freedom and democracy? It’s amazing that you don’t see what is right in front of you.

Green Thumb

I usually stay away from you , but Fuck You!

A lot of CSA Soldiers were absorbed into Union units after the war. And a lot of CSA Soldiers are buried at ANC. And we still recognize the CSA MOH and other awards and campagin credit.

So FUCK you.




And the horse he rode in.

I’m trying to be more inclusive.


And knock the “states rights” bullshit. The confederate states fought against states’ rights relentlessly in the decades prior to secession.

Why? Because they were trying to claim states don’t have the individual right to abolish slavery or provide amnesty/safe haven for slaves.

This was about slavery. Not states rights.

And the confederate constitution was explicitly anti states rights. While it said the states enter into the confederacy as sovereign states, they must commit to a PERMANENT confederate federal government, and…

“This Constitution, and the laws of the Confederate States made in pursuance thereof, and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the Confederate States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.”

The cosntutuon also explicitly created PERMANENT slavery with no state right to abolish it.

Skivvy Stacker

West Virginia seceded from Virginia.


Some of us were republics before we got quilted.

Skivvy Stacker

MacKinley Kantor suggests in his 1961 book “If The South had Won The Civil War” that Texas would probably have reasserted it’s independence from the Confederacy at some point, and declared itself The Second Republic of Texas. I kind of wonder if perhaps California might have followed suit. Interesting alternate history to consider when thinking we know that history is set in stone.

A Proud Infidel®™

“The cosntutuon also explicitly created PERMANENT slavery with no state right to abolish it.”

What the ever-lovin’ mousefuck is a “cosntutuon”, Major moonbat?


Whenever you start talking to yourself it gets weird.

Since you are the only one who mentioned “state’s rights”; Who the fuck exactly are you talking to?


Do we get rid of Rodgers RANGERS? He did fight for the British during the revolution?


Since Bobby fought against The Second-Worst Insurrection of All Times, the Looney Leftbots will lionize Rogers by naming ‘marital aids’ after him.


We can’t forget history. As far as the Blue and Grey streamers maybe teach soldiers of unit history. I have followed this page long before most and this is the first time i have felt the need to post. If you want an audio reason to retain the Blue and Grey listen to Lucero, The attic tapes, the Blue and Grey. Maybe we need to understand that history is important for many reasons.

Anna Puma

The self-selected ‘elites’ are telling everyone – “My way or nothing!”

They prefer to burn it all down instead of giving one single millimeter of respect for anyone else’s differing opinion.

So who’s the real bigot?

But what do I know, am just a bio-mechanical anime nekko-grrl. Nyah.


At least 1 infantry Battalion in the TXARNG is going to be hit with this also

Prior Service

Personally, I regard the confederacy as a bunch of traitors. However, if a unit lineage includes confederate roots, and that lineage includes battle streamers, then that unit should display them on their colors. If you don’t want to display the earned streamers, change the unit designation to reflect a “clean” lineage. Don’t remove a unit’s history. What’s next, pull the campaigns on the western frontier? Pull Spanish -American and Mexican wars because there’re unsavory?


Can’t judge people of a different time by the standards of today. Loyalty to one’s home was far more important to people in the mid 19th century than to a far off federal government. Failure to fight for one’s home would have been a great sin to someone who probably never traveled more than 70 miles from home in his entire life. Poor and middle class people were not very ideological back then. Different time, different circumstances, not traitors, don’t judge.

Prior Service

I get the local populace and should have reflected that in my post. The leaders of the confederacy made a willful decision. That’s different.