Move Over Ultra-MAGA, Time for Dark Brandon

| August 10, 2022

Give Me 87,000 IRS Agents

Straight from the fevered minds of White House staffers, this meme was originally released on Twitter by disgruntled proggies after PINO Joe’s administration’s demonstrated inability to achieve their far, far left goals. Dear God. The Dems too called him Brandon, but added death ray eyes.

Dark Brandon

Suddenly, mainstream Democrats are embracing “Dark Brandon” as their own, rebranding PINO Joe from dottering geriatric to a kind of political cult terminator. Pays your money and takes your reality.

What is the ‘Dark Brandon’ meme that has taken the White House by storm?


The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” started off as a dig at President Biden that spread quickly online and became a political slogan adopted by the president’s critics on the right, including former President Trump.

The phrase became popular among Trump’s base after a TV commentator mistakenly interpreted the crowd’s background chanting of “f— Joe Biden” as “Let’s Go Brandon,” in support of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown.

But recently, the use of the phrase has shown signs of shifting.

The White House has attempted to reclaim the “Let’s Go Brandon” catchphrase in the wake of recent wins by the Biden administration via a new “Dark Brandon” meme that has flooded the internet.

Uncomplimentary “Dark Brandon” memes first started to make the rounds online shortly after Biden was elected president, according to Politico.

But on Sunday, new imagery started to gain popularity on Twitter — one that was complimentary. Some shared images of Biden as “Dark Brandon” — ominous, darkly lit, Terminator-esque images of the commander in chief with bright red eyes.

“Dark Brandon is crushing it,” tweeted deputy White House press secretary Andrew Bates, who shared a photo of Biden with laser red eyes that said: “Your malarkey has been going on for long enough, kiddo.”

The Hill

Yeah, no.

If you spend any significant time online — and particularly in the nebulous, insufferable realm of Politics Twitter — you’ve probably met him: 79-years-old, a full head of silver hair, an immaculately tailored suit, and, frequently, a pair of sizzling red laser-eyes. He’s “Dark Brandon,” President Joe Biden’s alpha-male bizarro, and the latest star of the White House’s ham-fisted effort to convince people that the septuagenarian commander-in-chief is actually a Super Cool Badass Dude™.


In reality, the meteoric rise of the Dark Brandon meme — a liberal effort to reclaim the already-lame “Let’s Go Brandon” shibboleth popular among MAGA conservatives — is a cautionary tale. With a distinct air of “How do you do, fellow kids?,” the White House officials and allies sharing the meme are effectively distracting from the actual substance of a newly passed bill that will genuinely help people. Dark Brandon’s roots in Chinese propaganda and distinctly alt-right aesthetics only further draw attention away from the very thing the meme was deployed to celebrate.

That’s obviously not what the Dark Brandon tweeters are going for. In the Biden-stan circles where Dark Brandon currently frequents, he’s a master tactician who cottons no bullshit while crushing Republican obstruction with ruthless efficacy. He’s a way for die-hard Democrats to claim they’d been right about Biden all along, while simultaneously serving as a fantasy stand-in for the embattled president we actually have.

Rolling Stone

Even Mother Jones is unimpressed.

Not since Hillary Clinton dabbing on ‘em has a meme been so brutally murdered in public the way “Dark Brandon” was on Monday when several administration officials, and high-profile Democrats, started tweeting photos of president Joe Biden with laser eyes.

Mother Jones

Let the record show, Liberal Suspects, the sources of my articles. When you’ve lost Mother Jones

I thought whispering into the mic was creepy.

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FUCKIN’ earworm warning next time, you SoB!



Bookmarked this shit to drop in the Liberal Reddit Threads. FUCK THEM!


Be careful, there is a method to their madness.
The walls have ears, it’s good to just sit back, get some popcorn and watch until the tar and feathers come out !!!
That probably won’t be long now.




What Sapper3307 shared with us:


Backup in case the first video is taken down:




Cute! Where’d you find that one? Or, did you cation it yourself? I’m sure our two resident progs won’t enjoy the humor.



Found the meme on the Internet…

We thought it was hilarious!!

Have to admit that we think they will get a kick outta the meme.. 😉  😎 


Absolutely. Not much of a ‘meme’ person myself, but I think that’s pretty funny.



We think C will also like it.

We feel you both DO have a sense of humor.

Sometimes laughter/jokes CAN unite folks no matter the disagreement.

Thank You, LC!


Taking the internet by storm? By drool, they meant.


Dark Brandon is the call sign to change Bi-Dungs depends!


“…mistakenly interpreted…“, ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Fuck you.


Welp, he is evil. And he is the poster boy for terminating the American Republic. Plus sh^t is dark. Sounds about right.

PHUQUE HEEM…and his handlers.


Spew Alert! Somewhere in Berkeley, Commissar is “rubbing” one out. 😬 


He has no job, so that’s the only form of deposit he’s capable of making at a bank.


Hope Lars doesn’t sprain his wrist.


I hope this link works, it’s fire:



RGR 4-78

If you wanted a more truthful MEME, you should have Joe and Jill in the picture and Jill with the red demon eyes controlling the doddering old fool.


Possible the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. The doddering old degen can’t even put his jacket on, or remember where he is. Trump Is going have fun with this on.

Green Thumb

I am offended.


It’s gonna get wild now.
I said before the 2020 election that all bets were off on the ability of the governed will turn that theft of an election into a tsunami of Trump support.
Looks like I was right.

AW1 Rod

Dark Brandon. Yeah. Right.

You can put whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on a turd and call it a sundae, but it’s still just a piece of shit.


This is gonna be fun!


I will be REDDIT banned any moment for this one,


Post on Facebook to test the theory. Knuckledragging my life away is always getting banned for an article he/she calls shit I post on Facebook.

Let us know your results.


As expected,!



You mustn’t challenge their ideas between juice box and nap time.

Thems cranks little fucks.


This was a fake, but really funny. The idea was Jill and Joe were at a presentation giving remarks and Joe heard the chimes of the ice cream truck and wandered off, following the truck in a trance-like state. It looks real. Some news organization actually fact checked it.


AW1: In the headline, you misspelled “Dork.”


These Dark Brandon memes are great.


Nice Nazi eagle symbol they put in the background. Not surprised they put that in there. It goes well with this administration.


Wow! AWSOME catch and I agree! I didn’t even notice it!


Didn’t vote for him, won’t again.