Medals of Honor for soldiers who perpetrated Wounded Knee massacre may be rescinded

| July 22, 2022

The usual suspects are once again pressing with revising correcting history. Army Times has the story;

Lawmakers took a step last week towards taking back the nation’s highest award for valor from Army troops who perpetrated one of the most infamous Native American massacres in U.S. history.

The legislation to revoke the medals passed the House of Representatives as an amendment to the fiscal 2023 defense policy bill. Similar attempts have made it this far before, however, only to be stymied during compromises between the House and Senate versions of the bill.

Some 20 soldiers received the Medal of Honor following the Dec. 29, 1890, massacre near Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota, where troops from the 7th Cavalry and accompanying artillery units killed hundreds of Lakota men, women and children.

The U.S. troops had nearly completed confiscating weapons from a Lakota encampment when a struggle with a reportedly deaf man sparked a chaotic one-sided firefight.

When the smoke cleared, dozens of cavalry troopers were wounded or killed by friendly fire — likely from their artillery — and hundreds of Lakota were dead.

Rep. Kaiali?i Kahele, D-Hawaii, was the legislation’s primary sponsor, though other members of Congress, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Rep. Reuben Gallego, D-Ariz., have pushed for similar legislation in the past. Kahele is a Native Hawaiian.

Dubbed the “Remove the Stain Act,” the legislation’s advocates, which include more than a dozen Native American tribes and groups, say it’s a long-overdue step to right a historical wrong.

More at the source.

I’ve previously written about one Wounded Knee-related Medal of Honor. Private William Othello Wilson, who was a corporal at the time of his gallantry in action, was not involved in the massacre. He was hundreds of miles away. This man, the last black man to have received the honor for actions on American soil, is always listed among the “Stain” as the Congresswoman calls it.


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With all the pressing issues our nation is facing on the world stage today this bullshit is front and center for them?


Another chance to call America “racist” for Democrats.


Those medals were the worst kind of race politics. I’m not sure how revoking them will make the world a better place. But it is worth a shot.


Vitue signaling at it’s finest. Did the troops that actually participated in the Wounded Knee Massacre deserve the MoH? No…they didn’t! Paint Trooper Wilson with the same brush? No…they shouldn’t!

I agree with Deckie. We got waaaaaaay yonder more important things to concern ourselves with these days. And how many other “Awards” have been given recently that were politically motivated and given to individuals that didn’t deserve them. A certain past POTUS that was given a prize comes to mind.


Repairing 1890 isn’t going to make 2022 and the years ahead any better. Things happened, medals were awarded… revoking them doesn’t erase the past like some time machine timeline altering magic.

And yes! The Nobel Prize lost the last shreds of its meaning or credibility for me when it was awarded to Barack Hussein Obama.


During his first weeks in office when he had done nothing at all except take the oath of office and move into the White House.


Remove the Stain. Is Biden being impeached?


I thought “Remove the Stain Act” meant a declaration that Congress, or at least the FIB, is illegal…

See you in the Reeducation Camp!

Hack Stone

Hack was under the impression that the “Remove The Stain Act” was proposed to remove Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress from the Smithsonian Institute exhibit of notable dresses in American history.


This one? (From the Jeffery Epstein Collection)


We should develop a secret handshake or subtle sign so we can identify each other covertly in the Reeducation Camp.


I’ll be in the corner, making shivs.
Come find me brah.


I have it on great authority: Wars are bloody.

Maybe our ‘illustrious’ ”leaders” shall be reminded that removal of Arms from We, the People, tends to get… uncomfortable.

But hey, let’s tear down every vestige of hard-fought lessons-learned by Our History.

I promise it’ll end well.

Slick Goodlin

Historical note:
Until World War 1, the Medal of Honor was the U.S. military’s only medal to recognize perceived acts of valor.
As a result, many were awarded and some later rescinded for acts that would by sketchy by todays standards.

Last edited 1 year ago by Slick Goodlin

The older I get the more recent the history that is being
either erased or edited by leftists.
Elizabeth Warren? The fake indian? Just like Jeff keeps sayin,
this shit can’t get any better.


On a similiar scale..

Here We Go Again…What’s Wrong With This Picture? (See below the sentence from the article).

Next thing you know, the Jefferson Memorial AND Mount Vernon will be reworked…and Jefferson’s AND Washington’s pictures will be taken off the $2 and $1 Bill…

“Jefferson, Madison’s homes become woke monuments attacking Founding Fathers’ legacies”

“Visitors at Monticello are now greeted by a faceless black man framed in a very large painting which was commissioned in honor of Juneteenth. Complementing that artwork are books sold on the Monticello property by critical race proponents like Ibram X. Kendi and Ta-Nehisi Coates…”


Considering the shameful actions of UVA and the ramping up of false aggrievements in Charlottesville, I give it short time before the Stasi Culture Negation Team heads up the hill and removes the Huwite SupReeeme shrine of Monticello.

After the last trace of it is carted of by a BIPOC trash company a Cup o’ Food will be placed there in the name of Saint Fentanyl Floyd.

One must destroy before one 6buids 6ack 6better.


Think the Buffalo soldiers will have awards revoked?
9th CAV
10th CAV
24/25 INF


Just wait. In another 80 years the Medals of Honor awarded during the Vietnam war will be rescended because all recipients were imperialists who murdered peaceful farmer-peasants.

Last edited 1 year ago by rgr1480

Wouldn’t every MoH in the ETO from WWII be invalid because they didn’t liberate Dachau by 07JUN44?

Man, it really hurt typing that on many levels, namely because there is someone out there…


My dads Air Medals for dropping bombs on the poor innocent
German people will be rescinded. His grave will be desecrated.


Don’t forget try/convict Paul Tibbets, Curtis LeMay, Teddy Roosevelt, Douglas MacArthur and Sherman retroactively for war crimes… they’ll do that, too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Why don’t they just dig up all the corpses of the soldiers and conduct courts-martial on each one of them? Kind of like the cadaver synod Pope Stephen VI conducted for Pope Formosus, who had been dead for several months….

Go ahead and court martial each and every one of them for a hate crime….that will ‘remove the stain’


Let’s have a kangaroo court trial in D.C. conduct the trial with one of their “impartial” juries of dedicated progs of the Deep State. That way the Deep State will be assured of convictions and the death penalty. How about a public hanging of all the remains en masse, like that hanging of the Lincoln assassination conspirators?


Yes, let’s rewrite history that progs don’t like. How about we charge all the soldiers that were in the battle of hate crimes and murder. Then convict them in a District of Criminals trial court in a jury trial; and the federal judge can retroactively sentence them to death. Yeah, that’s the ticket, cuz it just feels right.

Prior Service

I propose an amendment to the Remove the Stain Act which will provide lifelong free dry cleaning for the POTUS’s pants.