Military dog retired and reunited with handler

| July 19, 2022

A feelz-good heart-throbber of a military dog who was injured on duty – he accidentally swallowed a bee and had to be rushed to the base vet to be resuscitated. The article is a bit murky – supposedly the pup was blinded, but recovered sufficiently to finish his tour and be reunited with the lady pictured above in New Mexico (and enjoy seeing the Grand Canyon?)

While serving together, Akim had a near-death experience after accidentally swallowing a bee and suffering from an extreme allergic reaction. SrA Jenna leaped into action as Akim went into anaphylactic shock, picking up the 70-pound dog and running him to the veterinarian at the base. Thanks to her quick action, Akim survived. SrA Jenna spent the next two days by his side and even slept with him in his kennel to keep him company. From that day forward, SrA Jenna always had an EpiPen on hand.

Tragically, Akim lost his eyesight when he was resuscitated and in recovery. He eventually regained some of his vision and was able to perform his duties on base again, but it never returned fully. This unfortunate incident formed a lifelong, unbreakable bond between Akim and SrA Jenna, and the pair have been inseparable ever since. SrA Jenna knew she wanted to be the one who gave him a forever loving home when he finished his years of service.

American Humane Society

According to the timeline, they were separated in 2021 and reunited in 2022, so there is probably another handler involved. But at least he’s with someone who cares for him – I read that many military working dogs don’t get that option.

Warning – if you read the article, be sure your insulin is right – as a AHS release, it is pretty syrupy. However, seeing his escort, I am entertaining ambitions of becoming a rescue dog.

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AW1 Rod

Another Megan Leavy story. Sort of.

I have a blind dog. He gets along just fine. The thing about animals is that they don’t feel sorry for themselves. They just adapt, and get on with it.

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One of the horses consumed a bee yesterday afternoon, on the way from the paddock to her stall. She’s a big ol’mare and started to do some dance moves and gymnastic stuff, like someone on bath-salts. I decided to let her go and get it out of her system.

She ran right for her stall. Some grain and sweet feed seem to assuage the initial anxiety.

Glad to know that Akim survived his encounter and has been well provided for ever after.

One of the stupidest things I have ever lived to remember doing was thinking that putting the lawn tractor on top of yellow jacket nest (underground) would chop them up. This will not work, do not try it.

AW1 Rod

Did the same thing with a hornet’s nest when I was a dumb kid. Blew it out of a tree with a 20 gauge.

The result was suboptimal.

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Robert Szrama

oWe put a shop vac at the entrance to the yellow jacket nest in our property. Left it there for a day, running, and voilà no more bees.


Yeah, that could work! I switched to diesel fuel 🙂


But you immediately seen the error of your waze! Ain’t doin dat agin are ya? Those little devils will track you down and kill you in your sleep! Load em in WartHogs and save ammo $.


Nice! Any team that works that well together deserves recognition.

Also, just had the notion I don’t commit enough crime on Air Force installations.
Gonna work on it, wish me luck!


Military Phony retired and reunited with handler?
Not really on topic,
but a parody on the article title
is a good fit to what I found.

Over at Twitworld MP,
an Arizona Oath Keeper
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to (try to) UN-PHONY a phony.

Did anything come of this?
Old phony caught trying to re-phony a new crowd?
Or bail himself out with the old crowd?

Oath Keepers of Yavapai County AZ

Replying to @MilitaryPhonies
How does one dispute a “phony” record that is not phony?
What is your appeal process?
Who can we talk to about correcting your record?
7:02 PM · Jan 1, 2022·Twitter Web App

Oath Keepers of Yavapai County AZ

Jan 1

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Please respond to YCOathkeepersxx @ gmailx
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You have an incorrect record. – Jamex Arroyx
(end paste)

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2022 01 01 Twit MP Oath Keepers of YC AZ 1.jpg

Yep, I’d be her little lap dog. Akim is the epitome and poster dog for the term “Lucky Dog”.