Thomas Wayne Hudson – Even After Death, The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

| July 17, 2022

You may recall Thomas Wayne Hudson – aka “The Walking Veteran” – the man that ‘walked’ across the United States *cough* pulling that silly little wagon accosting a cause for veterans. Strong rumor has it that he got several rides along his trip, so some doubt was cast upon his credibility for claiming it was a walk across the U.S.

Anyway, he claimed he was a Vietnam Veteran, but his official military records did not support that claim. Later, he claimed he was in Vietnam for one day – which represents about enough time to land, eat peanuts, grab an Orange Crush soda at the airport, and secure a connecting flight. Are we to believe he went out to his unit, checked in, got new orders, checked out, returned to the airport, and had enough time to make his new flight out of there?

After being confronted about all of this, Thomas went so far as draft up an apology from Military Phony and posted it, seemingly to discredit all claims against him.

Anyway, ol’ Thomas died recently and took his lies with him to the grave.

Jonn Lilyea wrote about him here and his recent death was reported here.

So, anyway, it seems Hudson is not getting a funeral because his daughter is claiming he was a wicked man, even claiming he was a pedophile.  The following was posted to “The Walking Veteran” Facebook group, which Thomas ran when he was alive.

Apparently, a daughter that Hudson claimed was killed in a car accident came back from the dead and explained why the family was not giving him a funeral, citing physical abuse and child molestation.

We cannot substantiate any of these claims, but it makes for some interesting drama. I was swayed by the story about his need to videotape everything and running extortion scams on people he has been close to.  This was underscored by observing his run at the bus station for being thrown out and the museum that offered to display his little wagon.

So, if any of you were planning to attend his funeral, we suggest you wait to see how this all unfolds before you spend your hard-earned money.  The daughter is taking a beating (metaphorically) by people basically claiming that Hudson was just short of being a saint.  However, I’m doubting that anyone will be able to comment that they don’t pre-approve their posting.

You can follow the funeral controversy at “The Walking Veteran” Facebook group.

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You know where he went:


Fronds first!


Watching “Hitler” wear a French maid’s outfit made me giggle uncontrollably, but when the Hawaiian steel guitar music started up I completely lost it! 🤣

Hack Stone

Hack Stone personally knows two Marines who were convicted and sent to prison for molesting their own daughters. How can a man betray his own daughter like that.

The first dirtbag was released from prison in California, and last Hack saw, he had a warrant for failing to register his address in compliance with sex offender laws. He is probably living under an overpass somewhere in California.

Dirtbag #2 is still employed by the Florida Department of Corrections, and his employment contract making license plates is through 2024 or so, at which point he should be about 61 years old. Plenty of time for him to put those skills he learned behind bars to good use.

The Stranger

Which skills: his plate-stamping skills or his cocksucking skills?


Salad tossing… with croutons and marmalade!

The Stranger

Ok. I’m confused. I can figure out the croutons part, but marmalade?

Hack Stone

It is used as a lubricant if you run out of I Can’t Believe It’s Not KY Jelly.



You’re in this until Thunderdick cums and your about out of jelly.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Hopefuly the Hudson family tree didn’t have him related to Henry


May this POS be tormented by the Barbed Cock of Satan for all of Eternity as his worthless soul burns in Hell.

The Stranger

I’ll keep it simple…Fuck. This. Guy.


Says he spent one day in the Viet of the Nam. Yeah, right. It took over two days at the 22nd Repo Depo for an assignments officer to get my orders to ship me to An Khe. So, it his trip to RVN was determined to be some admin foul-up, it likely would have taken a week to ship his ass back to “The World.”


Took me a week to go from Cam Rahn Bay to Da Nang via
Bien Hoa toTan Son Nhat then back to Ben Hoa then to Da Nang. Seemed like a typical experience.


I sat around the terminal at Tan Son Nhut watching the 1st Cav debark from flights from Cambodia for several hours and then rode a C-130 while seated on the cargo floor to An Khe, arriving about dusk.

Forest Green

“One Day in Viet Nam”

While attending Amphibious Warfare School, I had cause to pound on the hatch of one LtCol Thomas Edmond Noel. Without all the “who shot John”, I noticed the LtCol Noel wore a Navy Cross ribbon on a rather sparsely populated ribbon bar. He had none of the usual Viet Nam ribbons you might expect to see. He wasn’t old enough to be a Korean or WWII vet, so I asked where he earned his Navy Cross.

He smiled and said he was part of a fly-in replacement draft from Okinawa to Viet Nam and upon landing, was greeted by a Capt who said the perimeter was under fire, assigned 30 or so Marines, and told to doubletime up to the line.

He said he took the adhoc Plt, secured a hill, held it until relieved late in the day, and was medivac’d the next day back to Oki. Don’t know if this is all true, but that’s waht he told me.

I guess he made the most of his “One Day in VN”.

Forest Green

He also said he was endlessly harrassed as a 2ndLt walking around with a Navy Cross, NDSM, and vitually nothing else on his ribbon bar. An almost daily occurance for years.


What happened to his CAR

Forest Green

He was wearing it. I just focussed on the NC.


Ho Lee Kao!


Holy Crap!

A Proud Infidel®™

Whatever happened to “SERENITY NOW!”?


A Proud Infidel,
Reserved for the aggravation
when encountering turds
still living & still phonying.

For those of you who never heard of “Serenity Now!”….


Still an admin of that phony FakeBook group,
on the Book of the Fake.
You know, because
Mr. Airman 1st Class 26 months in the Air Force
IS “The Walking Veteran”.

With nosediving health in 2022,
TWH took to FakeBook
with 3 long FakeBook Live selfie videos in April 2022.
Total over 6 hours long.
The little I sampled,
he was after the Governors of 2 states,
apparently over his assisted living care.

Last photo alive (on the Book of the Fake),
he’s wearing a VIETNAM ERA VETERAN ballcap.

Page closed to stranger comments, and more,
TWH specifically put comment restrictions
on the FaceBook Lives,
but all is open to clicks.

Now headed over to that phony group,
with the orange steps “no memorial or funeral” post,
where others are already at it tangling.


But wait. There’s more!
(Just like a bad TV commercial.)

He also had a YouBoob Chunnel. And his last, from 2021,
a 10:49 collage of photos, is loaded with PHONY.

Not only the various bullshit caps, but a
whole pile of leather vest bling, but without the vest.

Like an idiot savant, but without the savant.

Chances are,
there are nuggets of gold here, that I missed.
Enduring 45 seconds (of the 10:49)
was more than enough for me.


[Saying Goodbye To The Walking Veteran54 views
Apr 22, 2021]

Green Thumb

Bury his sorry ass out behind All-Points Logistics.


Then push a dumpster over the hole.

Hack Stone

Have him stuffed and displayed in the lobby of All Points Logistics. Even in the afterlife he can still inspire men, women, and whatever other genders that Phil has on the payroll.


It’s better he has nothing… than THIS.
Honor Guards and visitors
who were tricked and fooled.
And, a number of phony enablers,
especially members of the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass,
who knew all along.

(NO Book of the Fake required.)
Elko Daily Free Press was live.June 12, 2021 ·
“Master Sergeant Les Brown” Memorial

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61
Daisy Cutter

Sometime in the future a grade school class will take a field trip and be gathered around looking at the “Walking Veteran” wagon… NOT!

Josey Wales

Thomas Wayne Hudson.


Josey Wales’ Redbone Hound